Garret Valencia

Garret Valencia

Garret Valencia is an internationally renowned Chef and an absolute kitchen master. His creative take on oriental cuisine has earned him critical acclaim for his innovative recipes and passion-fueled cooking.

Having gathered a wealth of knowledge over the years spent perfecting his craft, Garett’s unparalleled ability to create bold flavors makes every dish he creates irresistible.


From the sunny streets of Los Angeles, Garret Valencia stepped up to pursue a career as an acclaimed chef. His passion and culinary curiosity led him to New York, where he earned his degree from the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park.

This highly-skilled professional cook is well-versed with kitchen knives and everything kitchen needless to say but he mastered advanced knife skills for creating unique dishes, specialized dishes


Garret Valencia is a culinary connoisseur with an impressive mastery of oriental cuisine. From top restaurants to exotic locales around the world, he loves discovering new cultures and flavors — which find their way into his unique dishes.

He’s passionate about sourcing fresh ingredients and using spices and herbs creatively that always delight customers. Garret is driven to find new ways to bring global tastes together — making each dish something special.

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