10 of the Best Bean Bag Chairs to Soothe Your Nerves

best bean bag chairs

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Whether it is to sink in and relax after a long day’s work, gear up for a gaming afternoon, or to watch a good flick in comfort, bean bag chairs can make your experience a whole lot better.

If you don’t have one yet, you may want to rethink!

That’s because bean bag chairs is the universe’s way of saying, “give yourself the comfort you deserve.”

But every purchase comes with a riddle of when, where, and how.

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And we want to help you with buying bean bag chairs!

Every bean bag has its own unique characteristics, and so, it’s important to know what caters to your needs.

Here are our 10 best bean bag chair picks to make your buying experience a little easier.

Best Bean Bag Chairs

1. Big Joe King Fuf Comfort Suede

Big Joe Lenox Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag, King, Black
  • Filled with super-cozy Ahhsome Foam
  • Easy to re-fluff for lasting comfort

This bean bag chair, available in six other attractive solid colors, is not only fashionable but also leaves you impressed on the utility-front. It comes with a holder that one can use to easily move the bean bag between multiple rooms. It also comes with pockets that can hold a small book or magazines.

Moreover, there is a pocket to hold bottles, giving this bean bag an edge over others in functionality. Bean bags can get often annoying as they lose their shape after a few uses. But Big Joe has seen to this issue, filling the bean bag with UltimaX beans that conform to your body shape.

The USP about this bean bag chair is its durability with double-stitched covers, and tough, water-resistant exterior. Big Joe also does its bit for the environment, by complying with the Zero Landfill component of the Zero Waste program.

2. Gold Medal Large Leather Look Tear Drop Bean Bag

When a bean bag is around, it is not hard to imagine kids jumping right onto it and collapse into a state of ease. Once a child has experienced the comfort of a bean bag, it quickly becomes their favorite chair. This teardrop shaped bean bag is particularly kid-friendly. It will become a definite hit if you have kids around.

It provides excellent support and comes with a child-safe zipper. This vinyl bean bag does not disappoint adults either. With its (virgin expanded) polystyrene beans, this bean bag provides enough fluff and also compression to stay durable. It’s also quite versatile when it comes to the look and feel.

This bean bag chair can be put into any room of your home and they’d instantly give it a cozy, yet sophisticated appeal. That’ll only make you feel even better about owning a comfortable chair that everyone loves.

3. Large Cozy Sack 5-Feet Bean Bag Chair

Cozy Sack 5-Feet Bean Bag Chair, Large, Navy
  • It’s all about the FOAM: Cozy Foam’s long...
  • It really is about the FOAM: Cozy Foam is made...

Different bean bags cater to different needs. Be it size, look, support, or durability. This product packs all good things in one. Other than its commendable size, this bean bag is also child-safe, has protective lining and can be machine washed among many other features. This impressive 5-feet sized bean bag tastefully furnishes your spacious room.

The microfiber can also serve as a lounge chair because of its sophisticated look. As for colors, you will be spoilt for choice. This product is available in 19 different colors and patterns. If you fancy subtle colors, then there’s black, Buckskin, Denim, Earth, Olive, Lime, Grey, and Hunter.

If you are looking for something fancier, there’s Leopard print, Tiger Print and Zebra print to choose from.

4. Lumaland Luxury 6-Foot Bean Bag Chair with Microsuede Cover

Lumaland Luxury 6-Foot Bean Bag Chair with Microsuede Cover Dark Grey,...
  • Lumaland Luxury Bean Bag Chair with ultra-soft and...
  • A real Big Size Sofa - a lounger to fit all kinds...

Available in Brown, Dark Grey, Navy Blue, Red, Purple, Light Green, Light Blue and classic Black, this luxury bean bag chair is gorgeous to look at. Pick your favorite to add more charisma to the look and feel of your home. The item is incredible versatile and can be used to furnish any room.

Beyond its elegant looks, the bean bag feels wonderful as well. Long movies or gaming sessions are nothing to worry about as this bean bag keeps your well-being in check. It is made with foam that reflects your body heat, thereby ensuring comfort with health.

The Lumaland bean bag is designed for diverse activities. You do you, and the bean bag takes care of the rest.

5. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair: Large 3' Memory Foam Furniture Bean Bag -...
  • FUN FOR EVERYONE: A great size for both kids and...
  • OVERSIZED SACK: 36 x 36 x 24 inches - Collapse...

Work, watch, game, read, chill by yourself or with company– whatever you do, this bean bag allows you to do it with comfort. This massive bean bag spells individual letters of ‘comfort’ at first sight. Made of high quality, light and fluffy foam, you can instantly imagine yourself getting transported to a place of relaxation.

It’s called the ‘Chill Sack’ after all. The Chill Sack has enough space for three people. So needless to say, it is roomy. But it is not too big for one person either. After all, aren’t bean bags all about stretching out and finding comfort?

The Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair is available in 12 gorgeous colors like Camel, Charcoal, and Cinnabar leaving you to choose the color that would blend effortlessly with other furniture in your home. Allow yourself to stretch, spread out, cozy-up and chill with this large, fantastic product.

6. Big Joe Original Bean Bag Chair

Big Joe Lenox Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag, King, Cobalt
  • Filled with super-cozy Ahhsome Foam
  • Easy to re-fluff for lasting comfort

Do you like space? So much so that you do not wish a chair to occupy much of it? This isn’t an ‘Eat the cake and have it too’ situation. Individual preferences are what Big Joe as a brand is known to cater towards, and this bean bag chair is a prime example.

Here’s a bean bag that is the best pick for anyone who wants something cozy but cannot have the bean bag occupy too much of their space. It is a perfect fit for a cozy corner. But don’t let the size fool you. This bean bag is large enough to fit two people.

It isn’t excessively fluffy thus making it lightweight and easy to transport from room to room. Big Joe works around consumer preferences with utmost quality. It has double-stitched covers and UltimaX beans. The Original Bean Bag chair is unique and does not disappoint, at all.

7. Sofa Sack-Bean Bags Giant Bean Bag

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair: Giant 4' Memory Foam Furniture Bean Bag -...
  • FUN FOR EVERYONE: A great size for both kids and...
  • OVERSIZED SACK: 48 x 48 x 30 inches - Collapse...

A piece of art brings with it an air of elegance. A taste in art defines character. Furniture too, adds character to your home. A tastefully chosen bean bag can transform your home into a space that invites style.  The Sofa Sack is one such bean bag. It comes in a classic shape that appeals to almost anyone.

It is cozy and will adorn your drawing room or office space. It looks great in front of the home theater or next to a rack of books. When you look beyond the exterior, this bean bag chair offers soft foam that lasts long. Give yourself a comfortable experience wrapped in a beautiful softcover each day.

8. LUCID Oversized Shredded Foam Lounge Chair

LUCID Oversized Shredded Foam Lounge Chair - Khaki
  • Adult-size lounge chair is perfect in theater...
  • A reinforcing strap keeps the back in place and...

Shredded Foam is one of the most sought-after fillings for bean bags. As the name suggests, the foam is torn into tiny pieces giving the bean bag a heavenly feel and making it easily moldable, meaning it will love to conform to the shape of you, better than the hit pop song. Lucid does a splendid job in using shredded foam in their bean bags for maximum softness.

As bean bags are extremely cozy, it is only obvious that it should allow for people to do things they love as they relaxingly situate themselves in the chair. This oversized bean bag’s brilliant feature-the reinforcing strap, allows you to do just about anything with your back right in place. Go ahead, pick up that guitar and chill. Lucid has got your back-literally.

9. Big Joe 0010656 FufFoam-Filled Bean Bag Chair, Large, Cocoa Lenox

Big Joe Lenox Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag, Large, Cocoa -
  • New and improved: we've heard your comments, and...
  • Built in handles: We've added handles to Our Fuf...

Big Joe makes yet another appearance on this list. And why will it not? A great brand knows to listen to its customers and supply for their unique demands. Changing their game, Big Joe struts back into the market by improvising their oversized bean bags.

The bean bag now sports thick, long-lasting skin. A confident “more” in precedes each of its previous features—more durable, more comfortable, and more luxurious.

One of the drawbacks of many bean bags is that they need to be refilled to remain fluffy. This item by Big Joe though does not need that. It never needs to be refilled! In addition, the bean bag does not disappoint on the utility front either. The bean bag comes with a nice handle that allows you to carry it around easily.

This new, upgraded fluffy seat earns brownie points for being eco-friendly as well as contributing to those in need. Produced at a Zero Landfill Facility, made with upcycled foam, and 10% of profits made going for charity, you can say that Mother Earth and her children find comfort too.

10. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair: Giant 5′ Memory Foam Furniture Bean Bag

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair: Giant 5' Memory Foam Furniture Bean Bag -...
  • FUN FOR EVERYONE: A great size for both kids and...
  • OVERSIZED SACK: 60 x 60 x 34 inches - Collapse...

Going through an exhausting process in pursuit of comfort is quite ironic, isn’t it? All that irony can now stretch its own legs and relax, for this bean bag chair is here to impress. Chill Sack, available in 34 brilliant colors almost immediately seems to say, “Search no more.”

Indeed, with Microsuede fiber that is synonymous to fine craftsmanship, shredded foam for maximum softness, and hand-picked fabrics, there is no arguing that this bean bag chair is a one-stop shop.  It fits in anywhere from dorm rooms to drawing rooms.

It is safe to say, if this is not the perfect bean bag for you, it will most definitely set the standards for one.

So, which one will you buy?

In conclusion, it’s safe to say these products come with many attractive features such as affordable pricing, soft, supple touch, and easy portability. And now that you have all the products listed as 10 best bean bag chairs, we hope your buying experience will become a breeze.

So, what are you waiting for?

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  5. I will definitely buy the chill bean bag it so inviting and comforting for an h aching body.I like the relaxing characteristics associated with it.

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  10. I dont own a bean bag chair but I have always wanted one. The Big Joe King Fuf does look really comfortable and i won’t mind getting one for myself, since I have always desired owning one.


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