The Beginner’s Guide To Creating An Eco-Friendly Home

    The Beginner's Guide To Creating An Eco-Friendly Home

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    As research improves and climate change deniers find it harder and harder to reject the overwhelming evidence pointing to the destruction we’ve done to our atmosphere, the need for environmental solutions becomes increasingly pressing with each passing day. In fact, even if you don’t believe the climate change consensus, it’s undeniable that we waste huge amounts of resources every day, and logic dictates that if you consume something more quickly than it can be renewed, then you’re in for trouble.

    In a world which is rapidly running out of materials, given that we consume in excess, what is the answer? Well, believe it or not, you shouldn’t be running for the hills and living a life without consuming anything ever again. We need food and other resources to survive. The key is simply to moderate our usage of things which are verging on essentially being luxuries, and this all starts in the home. In fact, one of the most most important resources you’re depleting through wastefulness is your money. If you’re wondering how you can create a cheap, eco-friendly house without turning your back on civilisation, then here are some top tips.

    The beginner's guide to creating an eco-friendly home

    A smaller build

    If you’re building a house from scratch, then the simplest place to begin in terms of keeping it eco-friendly is to maintain a small size, as explained in this article. Sustainable houses are far more efficient if they’re small, as the heat is more easily contained in such a small space. If you’re looking to keep costs down not only in terms of day to day living but with the initial build itself, then this is a good place to begin.

    The beginner's guide to creating an eco-friendly home

    Energy efficiency

    When it comes to creating a green, environmentally-conscious household, electricity and energy sources are often the first things which come to people’s minds. It’s undeniable that the energy we consume plays one of the biggest parts on our carbon footprint, and this should be one of the defining factors of an eco-friendly home. You could check out if you’re looking for solar panels as an energy-efficient solution which could save you money in the long term. Of course, there’s far more to running an energy-conscious, green household than installing solar panels or using other forms of renewable energy.

    Being eco-friendly is about respecting the environment, and this can only happen when we stop being wasteful of precious resources and commodities which are in short supply. Even solar panels and wind turbines have to be built out of materials which come from the earth, so the key to running a smart, green home is to never waste electricity or other energy-consuming devices. In fact, investing in more efficient appliances could go a long way to reduce your energy bill and waste far less energy. You don’t need to throw away your current appliances until they’re old and depleted, of course, as that would otherwise be wasteful too.

    The beginner's guide to creating an eco-friendly home


    A small investment today for a huge return every month. That sounds great, and it all begins with insulating your property, as explained over at Trapping more of the potential heat which tries to escape your home will keep your energy bills smaller each month, and you’ll have made back the money on your loft and wall insulation within a couple of years. After that, you’ll be saving money forevermore.


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