BenQ ScreenBar Plus Reviewed – A light to rule them all

The perfect computer desk lamp doesn’t exist, or so you thought. But take a look at the BenQ ScreenBar and you’ll see what we mean.

You may be wondering why a desk lamp is such a big deal. However, it’s easy to see the challenges once a computer comes into the picture.

There are all sorts of constraints. With the monitor taking up most of the surface, it’s a task to find the right spot for a lamp. Then there’s that added worry of reflection and screen glare!

To counter such issues, what we need is a specialized lamp that stays out of the way and does a good job of lighting the scene. This is precisely what the ScreenBar offers! It casts light in a way that eliminates glare and is easy on the eyes. What’s more, it’s equipped with a ton of clever features.

BenQ ScreenBar Plus e-Reading LED Computer Monitor Light Bar with...
  • DESKTOP DIAL: Built-in ambient light sensor in the...
  • SPACE SAVING: Breakthrough design mounts on top of...

Come, take a look!

BenQ ScreenBar Review


Why Buy This Product?

The BenQ ScreenBar is one of the best things that could happen to your computer and workstation. With an ergonomic design, high-functioning features, and attractive additions, it leaves you with hardly any room for complaint. If you read on for an in-depth discussion of its attributes, you’re bound to be as convinced as we are!

Unique Design

With an 18-inch long cylindrical arm, it sits pretty right above your computer screen with a sturdy counterweight resting on the back of the monitor. You need not worry about the drive sliding off; it’s fixed well in its place and unless you really make an effort (read: smack it), it’s staying put!

Also, for greater convenience, the arm rotates up to a few degrees. While it’s not much, it allows you to shift the angle by moving the monitor mount by a margin, thus offering a more customized experience.

In addition to that, the ScreenBar is USB-powered and must be plugged into the computer which acts as the power source. When not in use, it is easily charged using a 5V 1A phone charger.


Crisp Lighting

Working well into the wee hours of the night is never again going to pose a problem if you have this product installed. BenQ’s light is steady, free of flickers, and has no problem illuminating the workspace alone while leaving out the screen. It steers clear of apparent hotspots, and blue light is more or less switched off on the warmest setting.

Even in the case of a multiple-monitor setup, rest assured that no light will leak onto the adjacent screens. Also, the light from this lamp is radiated in one straight beam, so much so that it is only your desk space that is illuminated; the rest remains dark.

Lastly, the ScreenBar is capable of automatically storing the last setting in its memory, a feature that comes in handy during power cuts!

Auto-Dimming Quality

In compliance with the regulations outlined by the American National Standard Practice for Office Lighting, BenQ’s lamp has a default output of 500 lux of brightness. However, with the unique auto-dimming feature, it gauges your needs with respect to surrounding lighting conditions and dims or brightens accordingly.

The feature is especially helpful on overcast days where fluctuations in cloud density can cause lighting conditions to change by the hour. To ensure adequate lighting, the ScreenBar responds in a timely manner and is sensitive enough to detect the slightest changes.

Also, for the one who trusts their own gut the best, you can always use it in the manual mode after having turned auto-dimming off!


Adjustable Temperature

In the ScreenBar, along with brightness, the temperature of the light emitted can also be tailored as per your needs. By default, it produces a bright, cool white light within the range of 6500K. But at the touch of a button, it can be changed to 2700K in the same shade as that of warm white reading lights.

The range of temperature is considerably wide and produces a variety of shades of white, depending on surrounding conditions, individual requirements, and eyesight.

No Disturbance to the Webcam

Most task lights get in the way of the computer’s webcam, but you won’t face such a problem with BenQ’s ScreenBar! The tiny camera can stay right where it has always been.

This feature is especially useful to users with a single monitor as otherwise, in terms of relocation, they are only left with the option to attach a webcam separately in a rather unwieldy manner and position.

On the other hand, the light’s top portion is made broad and flat in order to ensure that most webcams fit on it without a hassle. Also, the unit is sturdy enough to accommodate the camera’s weight, so no need to worry about mishaps here!

What Could Have Been Better?

As you must have realized by now, we are thoroughly pleased with BenQ’s product and for good reason! In this computer desk lamp, we found absolutely no functional flaws, and it is only by a stretch that a couple of things come to mind that could be improved upon.

One, the package does not come with a USB power plug, and including one would make charging far more convenient as it could be easily plugged into a wall socket. The other area manufacturers could possibly look into is the price. It sits on the steeper end of the scale and may not suit all budgets.

However, the product does much more than sufficiently lighting up one’s workstation and, if you ask us, the features on offer definitely justify the hefty price tag!


  • Adjustable brightness and temperature
  • Ergonomic design
  • Securely fits any monitor
  • Steady, glare-free light


  • Doesn’t include an adapter
  • Expensive


BenQ’s ScreenBar is for those who like their workstations to reflect their personal taste; it’s the ideal solution for the ones running low on desktop space. Of course, there are shortcuts to getting the job done, but once you’ve laid eyes on this nifty little product, the bar is set very high.

Be it bright, focused, and customized lighting or a beautiful, sleek design, the ScreenBar delivers and with class! It also scores points for durability and power-efficiency, and offers an all-round experience that’s hard to beat.

As difficult as it is to find fault with, we’ve gone over the lamp with a fine-toothed comb. The only aspect that could be upgraded is the lack of a power adapter that many customers may expect. Also, the expensive price tag could likely put off a few others.

However, given the ingenuity of its features, if we say that the ScreenBar is a worthy buy, are we really wrong? Don’t think so!

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