10 Best Carports of 2023 | Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you reluctant to buy an expensive car because you do not own a garage where you could park it safely?

If yes, you are not alone! There are tons of people who do not have the luxury of a garage. While it may not be an issue for some, the majority of car owners would prefer to have a sheltered space; even more so if they live in an area that is prone to heavy rainfall or snowfall. 

Buying or building a garage may be impossible, but getting a carport is not! A carport is a free-standing, roofed structure that can offer much-needed protection for vehicles from extreme weather conditions. 

So we have listed 9 of the best car port options you should consider, followed by an informative buyers’ guide.

Best Carports

We have used each of these car canopy recommendations extensively to gain a clear understanding of their pros and cons.

Without further ado, let’s dive into all the details you need!

1. ShelterLogic Peak Style AutoShelter

The numero uno spot on our list of best carports goes to the Peak Style AutoShelter from the renowned ShelterLogic brand. This is not the only ShelterLogic product on this list, but it is the best (in our humble opinion).

After all, a carport with side panels that go all the way down to the ground isn’t very common!

ShelterLogic 10' x 20' x 8' All-Steel Metal Frame Peak Style Roof...
  • DURABLE FRAME: Made from an all-steel metal 10 x...
  • MADE TO LAST: Bonded with a premium powder-coated...


It took two of us about eight hours to assemble this carport. It can be a bit tricky sometimes, but if you follow the instructions carefully, you should be able to DIY without paying for professional help.

The ratchet-tight cover tensioning system is advertised to ensure a drum-tight cover, but clearly, it isn’t flawless.

Despite being careful about measuring and tightening every mount and support, we noticed that the top panels started sagging in a couple of spots. These spots accumulated some snow in the winter.

The dry and light snow was carried away by the wind, but we had to step in to push up and slide off the wet and heavy snow. 

Other than this small snag, we found this carport to be an absolute masterpiece! The all-steel frame and the 5-foot, five-rib spacing make it extremely durable. We especially liked the Easy Slide Cross Rail system, which helps lock down the cover and allows continuous cover tightening.

Lastly, the sandstone-colored polyethylene cover is UV-resistant and 100% waterproof.

  • It comes with a 1-year warranty
  • In spite of having a polyethylene cover, it is one of the most durable carports on this list
  • It features the Easy Slide Cross Rail system for smooth operation
  • Durable frame, which is built to withstand all weather conditions 
  • Its cover is not drum-tight, and the roof panels tend to develop some saggy spotsomes with an expensive price-tag
Type: Closed | Coverage: Sandstone cover | Frame: Metal, Wood, Alloy Steel | Dimension: 10′ x 20′ x 8′ | Warranty: 1-year

2. Palram Vitoria 5000 Carport & Patio Cover

The next carport we have picked for you comes from the reputed brand of Palram. The Vitoria 5000 Carport & Patio Cover is easily one of the most durable and user-friendly options you will find on this list. It measures 10 feet wide, 16 feet long, and 8 feet high.

Palram - Canopia Vitoria Carport
  • Stylish and durable Carport to protect your car or...
  • 197” length x 114.5” width x 94.5” height


Straight off the bat, the Vitoria 5000 Carport is very easy to install. We faced no hassle with the assembly, thanks to the clear instructions and quality parts. However, you will need another pair of hands when you want to install its legs.

Someone will have to stand on a ladder and hold one end of the unit high enough to attach the legs.

We especially liked the top-notch polycarbonate roof panels on this carport. It offers 100% protection from harmful UV rays and keeps your car cool during hot summer days. Moreover, its built-in rain gutters help keep its surroundings dry during rainfall. 

The durable structure of this carport features an anthracite powder-coated, rust-resistant aluminum frame coupled with galvanized steel connectors. You’ll appreciate the thoughtful inclusion of anchoring and footpads.

If you want to get a carport that does not have the conventional tent-shaped design, the stylish Vitoria 5000 is the perfect option. It looks great with nearly all kinds of house exteriors.

  • A 10-year limited warranty backs it
  • It features one of the most durable builds you can find
  • It is specially designed to make installation quick and easy
  • Unlike most steel and aluminum carports, it can be relocated easily
  • It is one of the most expensive carports on this list
  • It is too small to accommodate anything larger than standard consumer vehicles 
Type: Open | Coverage: Polycarbonate panels | Frame: Aluminum Structure | Dimension: 16.42′ x 7.88′ x 9.54′ | Warranty: 10-year

3. Caravan Canopy Domain Carport

The next carport we have hand picked for you comes from the reputed brand of Caravan Canopy. The Domain Carport is a bestseller on Amazon and is available in two colors – white and black.

We were a bit confused after seeing mixed reviews but decided to give it a try, and we weren’t disappointed!

Quictent 10'X20' Heavy Duty Carport Car Canopy Party Tent Boat Shelter
  • ✅【WARRANTY】1. Lifetime WARRANTY Replacement...
  • ✅【Extra-thick Polyethylene Fabric】Reinforced...


The first thing to note about the Domain Carport from Caravan Canopy is its extremely reasonable price. We were slightly skeptical about its quality right after seeing its price. It is the best bargain you will find when it comes to carports!

But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for! Do not expect this carport to withstand harsh winds or heavy rainfall. We recommend this carport to anybody who does not have to put up with extreme weather conditions where they live.

It was fairly straightforward to assemble this carport.

Getting to the specifications, this carport features a steel frame with a 1.375-inch diameter and six legs. The cover is made of a heat-sealed, waterproof polyethylene material that is UV-treated inside and out.

We especially liked its peak height of 8 feet and 9 inches, which is more than most of the other options on this list.

  • It is one of the most reasonable carports out there
  • Assembling it is reasonably straightforward
  • The frame has a durable build with large foot-pads
  • Its cover is waterproof and UV-resistant
  • It is not durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions 
Type: Open | Coverage: Extra-thick Polyethylene Fabric | Frame: White Powder Coated Tubes | Dimension: 10′ x 20′ x 8.7′ | Warranty: Lifetime

4. Quictent Heavy Duty Carport Gazebo with Windows

If you are looking for a Carport that looks and functions somewhat like a gazebo, go for the 10’ x 20’ Heavy Duty Carport Gazebo from the reputed brand of Quictent. It is available in a serene white color. You can choose from four height variants – 8.6’, 8.7’, 9.1’, and 9.2’.

Quictent 10'x20' Heavy Duty Carport Gazebo Canopy Garage Car Shelter...
  • ✅【WARRANTY】1. Lifetime WARRANTY Replacement...
  • ✅【6 Removable Sidewall】6 removable sidewalls...


After quite a bit of thinking and reading mixed reviews, we decided to place an order for this gazebo-style carport from Quictent. The first impression matters, and it was a resoundingly positive one for us.

It arrived neatly packed in two large boxes. The wooden brackets in the boxes eliminated the chances of any shipping damage to the steel poles.

You will get a steel frame, a top cover, necessary assembly parts, two sidewalls with windows, and two front/back doors in the boxes. Assembling it is a two-person job that could take around two days on average. 

We especially liked this carport because it is much more than that – it can be used as a party tent. Each sidewall has three large windows that let in light. However, these windows do not open, so you will have to keep the front or back door (or both) open should you choose to have a party in it.

It is made of UV-resistant, waterproof polyurethane material. And its heavy-duty steel frame is rust and corrosion-resistant.

  • One of the few carports with fully covered sides
  • It is 8.5 feet high, which is more than most of the other carports
  • It comes with lifetime free replacement for pegs, connectors, ropes, and so on
  • It is made of UV-resistant, waterproof polyurethane materials
  • It is not the most durable carport on this list 
Type: Open/Closed | Coverage: Polyethylene | Frame: powder coated steel | Dimension: 10′ x 20′ x 9.5′ | Warranty: Lifetime

5. King Canopy Universal White Carport

The next carport on this list comes from the reputed brand of King Canopy. It is one of the most affordable options we could find. It is available in three colors – white, tan, and green. You can expect it to have everything that a standard polyethylene carport has.


We weren’t looking for a fancy or extremely durable carport because the primary purpose of getting one was to prevent our car from getting extremely hot during the summer. So we wanted to buy a reasonable carport that would be used seasonally.

And the Universal White Carport from King Canopy was the best bet!

Assembling it was not difficult; it took two of us around three hours to get it up. The size of this carport tends to be a bit of a gift as well as a curse. The peak of the canopy is almost nine feet tall, which is more than most of the other options we have reviewed.

However, each of the six posts is about six feet tall. 

You may not be able to park a large, rectangular vehicle under this carport because of its short poles. But other than that, we don’t think you should face any significant issues with this carport.

Do not correlate its low price with its quality – it is an excellent product. However, it’s not meant to last as long as some of the other (much higher-priced) options. The posts are made of 20-gauge steel, which is lighter than nearly all the other recommendations on this list.

  • It is one of the most affordable carports available today
  • The peak height of its canopy is almost 9 feet
  • It can be assembled easily without any additional tools 
  • It is not as durable as we would have liked 
Type: Open | Coverage: Drawstring Cover | Frame: Alloy Steel | Dimension: 20′ x 10.67′ x 9.75′ | Warranty: 1-year

6. Ikuby All-Weather Foldable Carport

If you are looking for a small, portable carport, this Ikuby product will fit the bill perfectly! The All-Weather Foldable Carport features a unique shell design, which can be closed completely to shelter your vehicle from all sides.

It acts more like a retractable, foldable, portable, car garage that can easily be moved.

Ikuby Medium Carport, Car Shelter, Car Canopy, Car Garage, Car shed,...
  • Super Sturdy structure, high density of framework,...
  • Durable 600 D oxford fabric with PU coating,...


For those of you who want to park a small car safely but do not own a garage, this exceptional carport from Ikuby comes to the rescue! We bought it for our C5 Corvette, and it did not disappoint one bit.

Installation can be a bit tricky because the instructions are not the best. So we recommend that you do not install it alone. Unlike most of the recommendations on this list, this carport cover has a sturdy, polyurethane-coated 600D Oxford fabric.

You can rest assured that your car will be protected from the sun, wind, rain, and snow. 

Although it is foldable and retractable, it weighs around 170 lbs. It should come as no surprise though, given its folding steel frame. We wish it had a more durable build and did not use powder-coated, mild steel that can rust over time. Also, it is quite expensive for a small carport.

Essentially, you end up paying a premium for its unique, modern design.

  • It is one of the most portable carports you will find
  • It has a unique design which will catch the attention of every passer-by
  • It features a polyurethane-coated cover
  • It is quite heavy, weighing around 170 lbs
  • It is relatively expensive for a small carport
  • It used mild steel in the frame, which can rust despite being powder-coated
Type: Closed | Coverage: 600 D oxford | Frame: Mild Steel | Dimension: 19′ x 6.90′ x 8.50′ | Warranty: 1-year

7. ShelterLogic Barn Shelter

After the top two spots on this list, we are back with a ShelterLogic carport. The Barn Shelter is available in six size variants and two color options – green and grey. It is one of the few carports that comes with side panels that go all the way down to the ground, which offers more protection for your vehicle.

ShelterLogic 90153 Grey 12'x24'x11' Barn Shelter
  • Made of all steel DuPont thermoset baked on powder...
  • ShelterLogic's patent pending ShelterLock...


We purchased the 12 feet by 24 feet variant in green color. The instructions were not up to the mark, and it took two of us almost an entire day to assemble it, which is much more than the advertised 2-3 hours of assembly time. So the first impression of this carport wasn’t exactly favorable. 

However, once we managed to assemble it, we could not find much to complain about. It looks sturdy and rightly so! The all-steel frame and commercial-grade, UV-treated polyethylene fabric ensure that your car is safe even in extreme weather conditions.

We especially liked the thoughtful inclusion of universal footplates that ensure a robust connection of the frame to the ground anchors. You will not face any problems with the cover as the Ratchet-tight tension system ensures that it is taught and smooth.

Overall, this is one of the best large carports you can find today.

  • It comes with a ratchet-tite system to keep the cover smooth and taught
  • It offers excellent durability, thanks to an all-steel frame and UV-treated polyethylene fabric
  • It provides added stability with a stabilizer block at each of the rib connections
  • One of the best large carports out there
  • The instructions for installation are not as clear as we would have liked 
Type: Closed | Coverage: Polyethylene | Frame: Alloy Steel | Dimension: 12′ x 20′ | Warranty: 1-year

8. Palram Verona 5000 Carport

Most of the recommendations on this list have been canopy-style carports because it is a popular choice among buyers. However, this next pick from Palram stands apart from the competition. It is available in three size options, and you can opt for a flat or an arched roof.

Palram Verona 5000 Carport and Patio Cover - 16' x 10
  • Stylish and durable Carport to protect your car or...
  • 196.9” length x 117.1” width x 85.8” height


We bought the 16 feet by 10 feet variant of the Verona 5000 Carport. It is quite similar to the Vitoria 5000 we reviewed earlier. Assembling it isn’t as easy as it is for canopy-style, polyethylene carports. It took an entire day for the two of us to get it standing upright safely.

You will appreciate the heavy-duty aluminum frame that is coated with a rust-resistant, anthracite powder. That, coupled with its galvanized steel connectors, offers unparalleled durability. It does require a robust and level surface to be installed. 

We especially liked the virtually unbreakable polycarbonate panels. These bronze-tinted twin-wall panels can withstand inclement weather and are shatter-resistant. Moreover, the thoughtful inclusion of anchoring and footpads is a definite win-win!

The built-in gutter heads ensure that there is no flooding around your car in the case of heavy rainfall. To cut a long story short, the Verona 5000 Carport is a premium option, ideal for those of you who have a more lavish budget.

  • It can be relocated easily
  • It is backed by a 10-year limited warranty and excellent customer support
  • It has polycarbonate roof panels and a sturdy aluminum frame
  • It features built-in gutter heads for effective rainwater drainage
  • It is a tad bit expensive 
Type: Open | Coverage: Polycarbonate Panels | Frame: heavy duty aluminum | Dimension: 16.41′ x 9.76′ x 7.15′ | Warranty: 10-year

9. Abba Patio Heavy Duty Carport with Removable Side Panels

The penultimate recommendation on this list is the Heavy Duty Carport from Abba Patio. What sets this option apart from the rest is the fact that it comes with removable side panels. You can effectively use it as a carport or a gazebo, depending on the requirements.

Abba Patio 12 x 20 Feet Heavy Duty Carport, Car Canopy Shelter with...
  • Made with polyethylene top cover, UV-resistant,...
  • Two detachable zipper doors can be easily removed...


We were looking for a large gazebo/carport when one of our friends recommended this beauty from Abba Patio. It measures 12 feet wide and 20 feet long, which meets our needs perfectly. It took us around three hours to assemble it.

The instructions were as clear as they could possibly be, and all the parts locked together easily. 

We strongly recommend that you get another set of anchors. Because the one included with this carport is not durable enough to hold it down if there’s a strong wind. Other than that, you won’t have to fret over anything when it comes to this carport.

The detachable zipper doors at the front, and the back can be quickly removed. We especially liked how easily collapsible this carport is. When it comes to durability, it features a 1.5-inch diameter steel frame and a waterproof, UV-resistant polyethylene top cover.

  • It is relatively straightforward to assemble
  • It features a heavy-duty, 1.5-inch diameter steel frame
  • It offers a peak height of 9.1 feet, which is more than most of the carports out there
  • Its removable side panels provide a great deal of flexibility
  • The included set of anchors is not as durable as it should be 
Type: Open/Closed | Coverage: Polyethylene | Frame: Alloy Steel | Dimension: 12′ x 20′ | Warranty: 1-year

10. ShelterLogic SuperMax Heavy Duty Carport

The final recommendation on this comprehensive list is yet another top-notch product from the reputed brand of ShelterLogic. The SuperMax Heavy Duty Carport is available in eight different size variants.

It is as good as (if not better than) any polyethylene carport you will find in the market. So what makes it tick?

ShelterLogic 12' x 20' SuperMax Heavy Duty Steel Frame Quick and Easy...
  • Easy-to-install swedged frame is constructed of...
  • Premium powder coat finish protects frame from...


We ordered the 12’ x 20’ Canopy-style variant of this carport. On delivery, we noticed that the box was slightly damaged. It might have been because the parts are quite heavy. We were relieved to see that none of the components had sustained significant damage, just minor scratches here and there.

It took two of us a little over four hours to assemble it. The instructions are relatively straightforward, and the installation video on the purchase page of the website helps a lot, so make sure you do not skip watching it. 

The 12’ width gave us the option to park our sedan and ATV side-by-side. However, we advise you to tread with caution if you are going to park more than one vehicle horizontally. You do not want to accidentally take out one of the poles and bring the entire structure down on top of your cars.

We especially liked the polyethylene cover, which is UV-resistant and 100% waterproof.

  • It is one of the biggest carports on the list
  • It comes with eight steel posts, which add a ton of stability and strength
  • It features a reasonably high clearance of 8 feet
  • Its built-in slip together swedged tubing enables quick and easy installation
  • It commands a hefty price tag for a polyethylene carport
  • Its packaging can be improved to ensure damage-free delivery
Type: Open | Coverage: Polyethylene | Frame: Alloy Steel | Dimension: 12′ x 20′ | Warranty: 1-year

Best Carports Comparison Table

Product Type Coverage Frame Dimension Warranty
ShelterLogic 10′ x 20′ x 8′ Closed Sandstone cover Metal, Wood, Alloy Steel 10′ x 20′ x 8′ 1-year
Palram – Canopia Vitoria Open Polycarbonate panels Aluminum Structure 16.42′ x 7.88′ x 9.54′ 10-year
Quictent 10’X20′ Open Extra-thick Polyethylene Fabric White Powder Coated Tubes 10′ x 20′ x 8.7′ Lifetime
Heavy Duty Carport Open/Closed Polyethylene powder coated steel 10′ x 20′ x 9.5′ Lifetime
King Canopy Open Drawstring Cover Alloy Steel 20′ x 10.67′ x 9.75′ 1-year
Ikuby Medium Carport Closed 600 D oxford Mild Steel 19′ x 6.90′ x 8.50′ 1-year
ShelterLogic 97054 Closed Polyethylene Alloy Steel 12′ x 20′ 1-year
Palram Verona Open Polycarbonate Panels heavy duty aluminum 16.41′ x 9.76′ x 7.15′ 10-year
Abba Patio Open/Closed Polyethylene Alloy Steel 12′ x 20′ 1-year
ShelterLogic 12′ x 20′ Open Polyethylene Alloy Steel 12′ x 20′ 1-year

Buying Guide For The Best Carport

A carport is a great way to protect your vehicle from the elements and keep it safe from theft. There are many types of carports available on the market, so it can be difficult to choose the best carport for your needs.

You must consider features such as size, durability, ventilation, assembly, warranty, security, style options, and price when selecting a carport. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to select the perfect carport for your property. 

Carport Features

When selecting a carport, you should look for one with strong beam construction and triple-layer ripstop fabric. Powder-coated steel is also an important material as it ensures that your carport won’t corrode or rust over time.

Make sure to look for Shelterlock stabilizers too; these are designed to keep your car safe and secure even in high winds. Additionally, you should look for a carport with removable sidewalls if you wish to have open sides during the summer months. 


When choosing a location for your carport, make sure that it is away from trees or other large objects that could potentially damage it in high winds or heavy rainfalls. You also need to make sure that your chosen spot has enough space for both the car and the structure of the carport itself. 


Carports come in various sizes and shapes, so make sure that you measure both your vehicle and the area where you want to install your new carport before making a purchase. If possible, look for a model that allows you to adjust it later on if needed. 


The best way to ensure that your new carport will last is by looking for one made from durable materials such as powder-coated steel and triple-layer ripstop fabric.

These materials will protect your vehicle from rain, wind, and sun damage while also providing added strength and stability when installed properly. 


If you plan on storing more than just a single vehicle in your new carport then make sure that there’s enough air circulation within it so that no mold or mildew develops over time due to moisture buildup inside of it.

Look for models with mesh windows or vents at the top of them so that air can easily flow through them without any obstructions. 


Some models of carports are easy enough to assemble yourself while others require professional help so make sure you know what type of assembly will be necessary before making a purchase decision.

Make sure that all instructions are clearly understood before attempting self-assembly as this could affect its overall performance if done incorrectly


Look for models with additional security features such as locks on doors or windows if required in order to keep any possessions stored inside safe from thieves or vandals who might have access to them otherwise. 

Style options 

There are many different styles of best outdoor Carports available on the market today; some feature walls while others are open at both sides allowing plenty of natural light inside without compromising their durability or strength in any way whatsoever.

Consider all available options before making a final decision based on what fits best with both your property and budget requirements 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the important considerations for selecting a carport based on weather conditions?

When selecting a carport based on weather conditions, it is important to consider the amount of sunlight and shade the carport will receive, the amount of precipitation and wind the area receives, and the temperature range of the area.

What should I be aware of when choosing a carport in an area with frequent sunshine?

When choosing a carport in an area with frequent sunshine, it is important to ensure that the carport is made of materials that are resistant to fading, heat damage, and other forms of weathering. Additionally, look for carports that are designed to provide adequate air circulation to reduce heat buildup within the structure.

What is the approximate cost range for carports?

The approximate cost range for carports can vary significantly depending on size, material, and other features. Generally speaking, carports can range from a few hundred dollars for a basic model to several thousand dollars for a larger, more customized structure.


There is no denying that a car canopy comes nowhere close to a garage in terms of security and protection. But the utility it provides as a basic shelter for cars cannot be overlooked!

We have included a wide range of carports in this guide – tall, affordable, durable, and versatile. And so on. And our buyers’ guide lists out all the factors that should help you select the best option that meets your needs and falls within your budget.

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