8 Best Home Safes for a Secure Future | Buyer’s Guide

When a thief gets an entry to any typical house, the excitement to steal is similar to that of a child’s visit to a candy shop. And it doesn’t take them long to raid any house owing to their experienced eye for expensive products.

For many homeowners, the fear of being burgled can bring nightmares. The mere thought of losing precious belongings could run a shiver down the spine.

But intruders aren’t the only danger to your stored possessions. You also need to keep your valuables out of reach of fire and water. The best option to safeguard valuable items at home is by investing in a home security safe.

It’s not only preventative insurance, but it also protects your contents without having to bear additional replacement costs.

We understand that it can get challenging to find a quality safe, especially in a market that is flooded with products having similar features. To simplify this process, we’ve compiled an informative guide to the best safes that are ideal for home use.

Best Home Safes

When it comes to protecting your valuables and important documents at home, having the right home safe is essential. Home safes come in a variety of sizes, features, and price points to suit every budget and security need.

If you’re in the market for a home safe, here is the list of the 8 best home safes to help you make the best decision.

1. Stalwart Digital Safe – Best Lightweight

This home safe is thoughtfully designed, and it’s pretty lightweight so you can move it around easily. It can be a wall safe or a floor safe, to avoid any tampering. It’s equipped with a touch, LED-lit keypad that makes it easy to open the safe even in the dark.

it also includes two backup keys that make it convenient to open the safe when you’ve forgotten your password.


We wanted a compact and portable safe to place anywhere without worrying about its location or storage space. This electronic digital safe helps to protect our treasured belongings and jewelry without waking up to the fear of theft.

We safely mounted this piece in one of the corners of our closets, and we didn’t have to ask for any professional help.

The compact design makes it relatively simpler to handle this product, and we can easily shift the location. Moreover, the feature that we appreciate the most is the automatic alarm system that operates for 20 seconds when there are three failed password attempts. This additional aspect was the main reason that we opted for this product.

It has an LED-lit keypad so even if there is a power failure and there isn’t any light we can open the safe conveniently. We can opt to either set a master or guest passcode, which should be 3 to 8 digits long.

For the quality and price range, we can say that this product is one of the best security safes that are available in the market.

Lock Type: Combination | Dimensions: 12″D x 13.5″W x 19.75″H | Size (cu ft):0.03 | Display: Extra Large Digital | Material: Alloy Steel | Weight (lbs): 41.7 | Waterproof: No | Fireproof: Fire Resistant

2. BARSKA Mini Safe – Best Handgun Storage

If you’re looking for a safe to keep your knife or handgun, the BARSKA Mini is a suitable option, it can work as a gun safe. It comes within a reasonable price range, and it has a biometric lock along with some basic features that make it an excellent safe for the house.

This safe has a compact design that fits perfectly in small storage spaces, it can also be mounted as a wall safe.


We wanted a battery-operated safe with a compact design, that could be discreetly mounted or kept inside a cupboard. And when we were reading the reviews on some of the quality safes of 2022, we found the BARSKA Mini safe to be an ideal option for us.

This safe can store a maximum of 30 fingerprints, which is easy to access, especially for our large family.

It also comes with backup keys, so we don’t have to worry about the fingerprint scanner not working during emergencies. We can safely store the keys in the hidden keyhole, and thieves won’t be able to locate this spot easily.

It doesn’t require any adjustable shelves, and the small size is suitable for us because of the items that we generally store in this safe. Overall, this safe is pretty good for our home, and we can trust the quality of this product.

Lock Type: Biometric | Dimensions: 11.25″D x 14.75″W x 5″H | Size (cu ft): 0.23 | Display: N/A | Material: Alloy Steel | Weight (lbs): 21 | Waterproof: No | Fireproof: Fire Resistant

3. Viking Security VS-50BLX Fingerprint Safe – Best for Biometric Lock

Viking Security offers the most top-notch locking system that is upgraded to a 500 DPI optical sensor. This feature provides fast access, and it’s suitable for both office and home protection.

It has a time-out period that enables automatically after the safe records ten failed fingerprint attempts. The anti-theft protection design also includes a pry-resistant hinge bar, deadbolt, and steel bars to protect your valuables.


We wanted a security safe that comes with an exceptional quality performance and we were ready to stretch our budget for it. Our colleagues suggested the brand Viking Security.

It has an accessible design that can save up to 32 fingerprints which makes it pretty convenient for our home. The tightly sealed body is a reflection of how carefully this safe has been constructed.

For added security, the locking deadbolts are reinforced and motorized with two solid steel locking bars. Moreover, it uses a 20mm deadbolt that ensures that the files and other valuable documents are kept secure.

When it comes to space, there isn’t any shortage because it includes three adjustable shelves.

It just comes with a one-year warranty, but that’s not a problem because we have been using this safe for about 6-7 months without any issues. All in all, it’s a value-added product, and you can be sure that no one can easily open the bolt without knowing the password.

Lock Type: Biometric | Dimensions: 12″D x 14″W x 20″H | Size (cu ft): 1.94 | Display: LCD | Material: Alloy Steel, Metal | Weight (lbs): 43 | Waterproof: No | Fireproof: Fire Resistant

4. Honeywell Security Safe

This safe has a compact design, and it comes with some excellent security features. It’s equipped with a programmable digital lock mechanism along with two steel live locking bolts and pry-resistant hinges that provide added security. It also has 7-year warranty coverage.


We purchased this safe with a good discount, and it’s relatively easy to operate. It comes with a carpet interior base that prevents the steel from scratching the jewelry or damaging other valuables.

We had to create a 3 to 8-digit PIN to store your valuable items safely, and we also have the option to use the emergency keys.

It has a compact, sturdy steel design, and we have conveniently mounted the safe in our closet. But we wish the Honeywell Security Safe was slightly larger for storing more items.

However, the overall quality of this safe is excellent, especially when we consider the durability and security features of this model.

Lock Type: Keypad | Dimensions: 9.41″D x 12.8″W x 8.5″H | Size (cu ft): 0.27 | Display: Keypad | Material: Alloy Steel | Weight (lbs): 13 | Waterproof: No | Fireproof: Fire Resistant

5. SentrySafe Security Safe

This battery-powered home safe has a solid steel construction, an anti-drill door, and four live-locking bolts that offer complete protection. It has a digital locking system that uses a programmable PIN of up to 1-8 digits.

For interior organization, there is a total of three shelves that offer sufficient safe storage for your business and personal needs.


We had the option to select from three different sizes; the smallest size was ideal for our home. The digital locking mechanism is not the only mode of security that this product features.

It’s also equipped with bolt-down hardware and a pry-resistant door that provides additional protection.

It has a key rack that makes it simple for us to organize our keys in the safe. We are quite happy with our purchase. The adjustable shelves are basic; there isn’t anything significant about them, but we find them suitable for storing important documents, jewelry, gadgets, etc.

Moreover, it features a relocking device that prevents any drill attacks. Plus, the storage capacity is sufficient enough for our home, and it’s a reliable product.

Lock Type: Keypad | Product Dimensions: 15.4″D x 16.1″W x 24″H | Size (cu ft): 2.2 | Display: Keypad | Material: Alloy Steel | Weight (lbs): 81.57 | Waterproof: No | Fireproof: Fire Resistant

6. SentrySafe CHW20221 Home Safe

The SentrySafe’s home safe has a portable design that you can carry anywhere by using the handle. And it weighs approximately 20 pounds. It can withstand high temperatures for about 30 minutes and water for up to 72 hours.

It features an anti-tampering lock that needs to be opened with a key that should be kept carefully to prevent thieves from opening the safe.


When we were looking for a safe that could be easily taken around with us, there weren’t many options that we could find. This was one of the best products within a reasonable price range and it has a superior construction.

It comes with a built-in carrying handle that makes it more convenient for us.

Plus, the compact size makes it simple to place this safe in our wardrobe to prevent theft. It has a continuous waterproof seal that completely insulates the interior of the safe and keeps our documents free of mold or mildew.

The manufacturers claim that the safe can protect valuable items for at least 72 hours when it’s submerged in water.

When it comes to heat resistance, it can withstand about 1550 degrees Fahrenheit for about half an hour. Moreover, it’s an ETL-verified design so we can also keep our USB drives, hard drives, and other digital storage items in the safe.

Lock Type: Lock | Dimensions: 14.3″D x 15.4″W x 6.6″H | Size (cu ft): 0.28 | Display: N/A | Material: Captured Fire Insulation | Weight (lbs): 20 | Waterproof: Yes | Fireproof: Yes

7. AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe

Amazon’s home safe comes in three different sizes so you can select one according to the things that you plan to store. It comes with steel construction and a scratch-proof carpeted floor.

And for the locking mechanism, uses programmable digital access along with two override keys in case of an emergency.


We opted for the 1.2-cubic foot safe that is fire-resistant and has a compact design. The electronic lock mechanism makes it easy to access our stored valuables. We also received a pair of backup keys that come in handy if there is an issue with the electronic keypad.

For better security it has pry-resistant hinges and two live-door locking bolts, so we don’t have to worry about thieves using a pry to open the safe.

Moreover, for the fire resistance part, it can withstand the heat of about 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for a maximum of 20 minutes. We can rest assured that our possessions will be safe in the event of a fire break out.

To optimize the storage space, it comes with adjustable shelves that help to separate larger items from our documents or money.

Lock Type: Keypad | Dimensions: 13.8″D x 14.17″W x 19.67″H | Size (cu ft): 1.24 | Style: Keypad | Material: Alloy Steel | Weight (lbs): 66.88 | Waterproof: No | Fireproof: Fire Resistant

8. AdirOffice Home Safe 

AdirOffice comes with three different security safe options that differ based on their size and color. It’s spacious enough to store your jewelry, documents, and money.

It has a simple number lock mechanism. It also includes two emergency keys making it convenient to open the safe if you forget the PIN.


When we were looking for quality security, our friends recommended this product. And after checking out the quality of this safe, we can assure you of its long-lasting strength and durability.

It‘s equipped with a programmable keypad that makes it easy to customize the PIN and lock away our valuable items.

The feature that makes this safe stand out amongst the rest is the built-in digital screen. This display has three different signals that show whether the safe is locked, unlocked, or has a low battery.

And if we leave the safe unlocked, it sounds like a warning alarm which is a bonus to ensure better safety.

Moreover, the carpeted floor helps to protect our jewelry and other items from damage and scratches. It’s a good quality safe that fits our limited budget.

Although we keep praising the electronic lock feature, it also comes with two live door bolts, pry-resistant concealed hinges, and a pry-resistant steel door.

Lock Type: Keypad | Dimensions: 13.8″D x 14.2″W x 20.5″H | Size (cu ft): ‎2.32 | Display: Keypad | Material: Alloy Steel | Weight (lbs): 39 | Waterproof: No | Fireproof: Fire Resistant

Best Home Safe Comparison Table

Product Lock Type Dimensions Size (cu ft) Display Material Weight (lbs) Waterproof Fireproof
Stalwart Digital Safe Combination 12″D x 13.5″W x 19.75″H 0.03 ‎Extra Large Digital Alloy Steel 41.7 No Fire Resistant
BARSKA Mini Safe Biometric 11.25″D x 14.75″W x 5″H 0.23 N/A Alloy Steel 21 No Fire Resistant
Viking Security VS-50BLX Fingerprint Safe Combination 12″D x 14″W x 20″H 1.94 LCD Alloy Steel, Metal 43 No Fire Resistant
Honeywell Security Safe Electronic ‎8.1″D x 12.2″W x 7.9″H 0.28 Keypad ‎Alloy Steel 13 No Fire Resistant
SentrySafe Security Safe Combination 15.4″D x 16.1″W x 24″H 2.18 Keypad Alloy Steel 81.57 No Fire Resistant
SentrySafe CHW20221 Home Safe Key 14.3″D x 15.4″W x 6.6″H 0.28 N/A Captured Fire Insulation 20 Yes Yes
AmazonBasics Fire Resistant Safe Combination 13.8″D x 14.17″W x 19.67″H 1.24 Keypad Alloy Steel 66.88 No Fire Resistant
AdirOffice Home Safe Electronic 13.8″D x 14.2″W x 20.5″H ‎2.32 Keypad Alloy Steel 39 No Fire Resistant

Buying Guide For The Best Home-Safe

Choosing the right home safe is an important task. Whether you are looking to store valuable items, documents, or cash, you want to make sure that your possessions are safe and secure. The right home safe should protect from theft, fire, water damage, and more.

When you start searching for security for your home, you might feel overwhelmed by the plethora of available options. But, with a clear picture of the features that you’re looking for, it gets easier to find the right safe that suits your needs.

Here’s the list of things that you need to consider before purchasing a safe for your home:

1. Types of Protection

Before you select the safe, you should first focus on the kind of protection that you’ll require be it resistance against fire, water, or tampering.

  • Water-Resistant– If your residential area is prone to floods, you should opt for a safe that can float and is also water-resistant.
  • Fire-Resistant– This safe is built to protect the stored items from actual fire and high temperatures. It’s best to check the maximum internal temperature that the safe can withstand.
  • Tamper-Proof– Most safes are designed in a way that they can endure impact or a good amount of force. However, you should check the quality of the deadbolts that have been used.

2. Types of Locks

When it comes to keeping your valuables safe, it is important to choose the right type of lock for your home safe. There are a variety of locks available for use in home safes, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Combination Lock

Combination locks are one of the most commonly utilized locks in a home safe. They are relatively simple and straightforward in their design and use.

A combination lock is a lock mechanism that is operated by a combination of numbers, letters, or symbols that are entered into a keypad. The combination can be changed whenever the user wants to do so, and they can be used in both combination and key entries.

The main advantage of a combination lock is its convenience and cost-effectiveness; it is relatively inexpensive and easy to install. Additionally, combination locks are very secure and can be difficult to pick. 

Pros: Inexpensive, easy to use, secure

Cons: Security may be easily breached by someone with knowledge of the combination.

  • Electronic Locks

Electronic locks are a type of lock that utilizes electronic components to open and close. These locks are usually operated by a remote control or a keypad, and some may even be operated by a biometric fingerprint scanner.

The main advantage of electronic locks is that they provide extra security to a home safe; they are difficult to pick and may even offer additional features like tamper alarms. Additionally, they are relatively easy to install and may be easier to use than a combination lock. 

Pros: Extra security, easy to install, tamper alarms

Cons: May be easily breached by someone with knowledge of the code.

  • Biometric Fingerprint Safe

Biometric fingerprint safes are a type of home safe that utilizes biometric technology to open and close the safe. These safes use a biometric fingerprint scanner to scan a person’s fingerprint and then compare it to a database of authorized fingerprints.

The advantage of this type of lock is that it provides an extra layer of security; it is impossible to pick or breach the safe without the proper fingerprint. Additionally, biometric fingerprint safes are relatively easy to install and use. 

Pros: Extra security, easy to install and use

Cons: Expensive, requires batteries and regular maintenance.

  • Mechanical Locks

Mechanical locks are one of the oldest types of locks utilized in a home safe. These locks are operated by a key which must be inserted into the lock and turned to open it.

Mechanical locks are considered to be very secure; they are difficult to pick and cannot be breached without the proper key. Additionally, they are relatively inexpensive and easy to install.

Pros: Inexpensive, secure, easy to install

Cons: Keys may be easily lost, copied, or stolen. 

3. Types of Home Safes

Home safes are an important item for protecting your valuables and irreplaceable items. With so many different types of home safes available, it can be daunting to decide which one is right for you.

In this article, we will explore the various types of home safes and help you make an informed decision. 

Wall Safes

A wall safe is a secure storage compartment that is installed within or between the walls of a home. Wall safes are typically made of steel or other durable materials and are designed to protect valuables from unauthorized access.

They can be accessed by a combination lock or key, and some models also feature a biometric scanner. The main benefit of a wall safe is that it offers more security than other types of safes.

Wall safes are difficult to detect because they blend into the wall and can’t be seen from the outside. Additionally, wall safes are designed to be durable and resistant to tampering and fire.

However, wall safes have some drawbacks. They may be difficult to access in an emergency due to their location and the fact that they require a combination or key to open. Additionally, wall safes are more expensive than other types of safes due to their construction and installation.

Floor Safes

A floor safe is a small safe installed on the floor and is often used to keep important documents and other valuables secure from theft. Floor safes are concealed, making them more difficult to access than other home safes.

This makes them ideal for those who need an extra level of home security for their most sensitive items.

Its benefits include its ability to blend in with the floor and not draw attention to itself. It also offers a greater level of security than other home safes, as it is more difficult to access and break into.

In addition, It can be installed in a variety of locations, including garages, closets, and other hidden areas.

They are usually more expensive than other home safes on the market, and installation can also be costly. In addition, They can also be difficult to access, especially if they are installed in an area where a person cannot easily kneel or bend down.
Overall, a floor safe is an excellent choice for those who need extra security for their most important documents and valuables

Digital Safes

A safe box is a crucial component of any home security system. It is designed to keep your valuables, documents, and cash secure from theft, fire, or other potential risks.

One of the most popular types of safes utilized in homes is the electronic digital steel safe box, which is not only secure but also convenient to use. This type of safe can be opened by entering a unique code into a keypad, making it easy to access your valuables at any time.

One of the primary benefits of a safe box is that it provides a secure location to store your valuables.

This can include important documents like passports, insurance policies, and birth certificates, as well as items of high monetary or sentimental value like jewelry or family heirlooms. Home safes can protect these valuables from theft, fire, or other potential hazards.

While there are several benefits to owning a safe box, there are also some drawbacks to consider. One potential issue is that a safe with only a digital keypad could be susceptible to hacking or malfunctions, potentially locking you out of your safe.

To address this, some safes now come with a secondary locking keypad, providing an added layer of security and peace of mind. When choosing the best home safe for your needs, consider factors such as size, level of security, and any additional features that may be important to you.

Fireproof Safes

Fireproof safes are an essential item for anyone who wants to protect their most valuable items from fire damage. They are designed to withstand temperatures of up to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit, making them a great choice for those who live in areas prone to fires. 

Fire safes are made with materials that can withstand high temperatures, so even if the surrounding structure is destroyed by fire, the safe protects its contents.

One popular type of fire safe is the fireproof waterproof safe, which is designed to protect against both fire and water damage.

One of the main benefits of a fire safe is that it provides peace of mind knowing that important documents and valuable items are protected from damage in the event of a fire.

For example, a home safe for documents can ensure that important paperwork such as deeds, wills, and insurance policies are not destroyed in a house fire. Some models of fire safes also come with additional features such as secondary locking mechanisms for added security.

While fire safes have many benefits, there are also some drawbacks to consider. One potential issue is that they may not provide adequate protection against theft.

To fully protect valuable items, a safe with additional security features such as a locking mechanism or alarm system may be necessary. When looking for a fire safe, it’s important to consider what features are most important to you and your needs.

A fire safe with secondary locking mechanisms can provide an added level of protection and peace of mind.

Biometric Safes

A biometric safe is a type of safe that uses biometric technology, such as fingerprint recognition, to grant access to the safe. Biometric safes are one of the best home security solutions for protecting valuable items and important documents.

These safes are widely utilized in homes, businesses, and government organizations.

One of the main benefits of a biometric safe is the high level of security it provides. Biometric technology ensures that only authorized individuals can access the contents of the safe, as the safe relies on a unique biological trait such as a fingerprint, iris scan, or facial recognition to unlock the safe.

This eliminates the need for keys or combinations and reduces the risk of theft or tampering. Additionally, biometric safes are available in a variety of sizes and styles to meet different needs and budgets.

However, one potential drawback of a biometric safe is that it can be more expensive than traditional safes. Additionally, biometric technology requires a power source, which means that the safe may require batteries or electricity to operate.

This could make it difficult to access the contents of the safe during a power outage. When looking to find a safe that suits your needs, it’s important to consider what features are most important to you and whether a biometric safe is the best option for your security needs.

Electronic Home Safes

Electronic home safes are becoming increasingly popular due to their convenience and security features. These safes use a combination of digital and mechanical locks to give you peace of mind when it comes to keeping your valuables secure.

Electronic home safes are also usually waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about your items getting damaged by water. These safes come in a variety of sizes and styles, making it easy to find one that fits your specific needs.

One of the benefits of an electronic home safe is the convenience it provides. With an electronic lock, you don’t have to worry about keeping track of keys or remembering complicated combinations.

Additionally, electronic home safes often come with additional security features, such as four live-locking bolts, which provide added protection against unauthorized access.

However, one potential drawback of electronic home safes is their reliance on electricity. If the power goes out, you may not be able to access the contents of your safe until the power is restored.

Electronic home safes can also be more susceptible to hacking or other forms of digital intrusion, so it’s important to ensure that your safe is properly secured and protected.

Overall, electronic home safes are an excellent security solution for your valuables and are among the best home safes of 2023.

Gun Safes

A gun safe is an essential security device for any gun owner. It stores firearms and ammunition in a safe, secure location away from children and other unauthorized individuals.

Gun safes are specially designed to ensure that your weapons are inaccessible to anyone not authorized to have them. They come in a variety of styles, sizes, and security features, so you can find one to fit your specific needs.

One of the main benefits of a gun safe is that it keeps safe in a hard-to-reach place. Most gun safes are designed to be mounted onto a wall or other solid structure, making it difficult for an intruder to access the safe.

Additionally, many gun safes come with additional features such as combination locks, biometric locks, and motion sensors to further increase the security of the safe.

Another benefit of a gun safe is that it serves as a deterrent to potential burglars. Having a gun safe in your home sends a message that you take your firearm security seriously, and may discourage a burglar from attempting to gain access to your firearms.

If you are looking for a gun safe, there are a few things to consider. First, you should make sure to hide your safe in a location where it cannot be easily seen or accessed.

You should make sure that the gun safe you choose is fireproof, as this will protect your firearms from any possible damage in the event of a fire. Finally, you should also make sure to choose a gun safe with an appropriate security level for your needs. 

Overall, a gun safe is an excellent security device for any firearm owner. It is important to choose one that meets your security requirements and is sure to keep your firearms safe. Utilizing a gun safe in your home will help to ensure the safety of your firearms and the security of your family.

4. Size

Home safes are designed to keep valuable items secure, but they come in a variety of sizes and types. Each size of the safe has its advantages and disadvantages, and it’s important to know which size is best for your needs.

Here we will discuss the different sizes of home safes and the best home safe options available. 

  • Small Home Safes

Small home safes are the most popular type of home safe and are generally used to store cash, jewelry, important documents, and other small valuables. They are typically easy to install and can be utilized in your home or office.

When looking for the best small home safe, look for one that is fire and water-resistant, has a locking mechanism, and is easy to install.

Some of the best small home safes also include a portable safe box with LED keypad and an internal light so that you can easily access your valuable items. 

  • Medium-Sized Home Safes

Medium-sized home safes are larger than small home safes and are typically used for storing larger items like guns, cameras, and other electronics.

They also tend to offer more security features than smaller safes. Some of the features to look for in a medium-sized home safe include fire and water resistance, anti-theft technology, and reinforced doors. 

  • Large Home Safes

Large home safes are the largest type of home safe and are designed to store larger items like jewelry, important documents, and firearms. These safes are usually made of steel and offer maximum security.

They also tend to be the most expensive type of home safe. Some of the features to look for in a large home safe include fire and water resistance, tamper-proof locks, and reinforced doors. 

  • Portable Home Safes

Portable home safes are designed to be easily transported, making them ideal for those who want to store their valuable items while traveling. These safes typically feature a combination lock, a fire and water-resistant design, and lightweight construction.

They are also usually smaller than other types of home safes, so they are more convenient to bring with you wherever you go. 

5. Rating

When selecting a home safe, it is important to consider the ratings. A cash rating is a rating that indicates how much cash the safe can hold. Fire rating is the amount of time the safe can withstand a fire.

Torch and drill resistant (TDR) rating indicates how difficult it is to break into the safe. 

  • Cash Rating

Cash rating indicates how much cash the safe can hold. When selecting a home safe, it is important to consider the cash rating and make sure it is enough to fit your needs. 

  • Fire Rating

Fire rating is the amount of time the safe can withstand a fire. It is important to select a safe with a fire rating that is suitable for your needs. 

  • Torch and Drill Resistant (TDR) Rating

Torch and drill resistant (TDR) rating indicates how difficult it is to break into the safe. It is important to select a safe with a TDR rating that will deter burglars and make it difficult to break into. 

6. Portability

When it comes to protecting your valuables, it’s important to consider the portability of a home safe. A small safe box can conveniently be moved from one location to another, making it an ideal solution for apartment dwellers or anyone who needs to secure their belongings in a different location. 

Home safe portability is an important factor to consider when looking for the best safe for apartment dwellers. The size and weight of the safe will determine how easy it is to bring the safe with you while traveling.

A small safe box that can easily fit in a suitcase can be taken on vacation or moved to a new residence. 

In addition to being portable, a home safe adds an extra layer of security to your belongings. A safe box can be locked with a key or combination lock and can be used to store cash, jewelry, important documents, or any other valuables you wish to keep safe. 

When shopping for a home safe, it’s important to consider the portability of the safe. A small safe box is the most convenient option for apartment dwellers or those who need to secure their items in a different location.

Home safes also provide an added layer of security for your valuables, and can be locked with a key or combination lock.

7. Additional Features

There are several additional features to consider when selecting a home safe. Look for a safe with interior shelving or drawers to help organize your items.

If you’re looking to store firearms or other weapons, you’ll want to look for a safe with a gun rack or holster. Additionally, some safes come with a built-in dehumidifier to further protect your items from moisture. 

8. Quality

The quality of a home safe is an important factor to consider when making your selection. Look for a safe that’s constructed with heavy-duty steel and comes with a warranty from the manufacturer.

Additionally, make sure the safe is certified by UL or another independent testing laboratory. This will help ensure that your safe is built with quality materials and meets the highest standards of safety. 

9. Installation

When it comes to installation, you’ll want to make sure the safe is properly secured in the desired location. If you’re mounting the safe to the wall or floor, make sure the bolts are long enough and securely fastened.

Additionally, you may want to consider the services of a professional locksmith to ensure the safe is properly installed and functioning. 

What type of safe should I get?

The type of safe you should get depends on what you plan to store in it. If you plan to store cash, jewelry, or other small valuables, a small home safe or a wall safe may be sufficient.

If you plan to store larger items such as documents, firearms, or electronics, a larger safe such as a floor safe or a gun safe may be necessary.

What is an ETL rating?

An ETL rating is a safety certification given to safes that have been independently tested and verified to meet certain safety standards.

ETL stands for Electrical Testing Laboratories, and their ratings indicate how long a safe can resist various types of attacks, including fire, burglary, and explosion.

What is a home safe made out of?

A home safe can be made out of various materials such as steel, concrete, or a combination of both.

Fireproof and waterproof safes are usually constructed with multiple layers of insulation and protective barriers to withstand extreme heat and water damage.

Where is the best place to put a safe in your house?

The best place to put a safe is in a hard-to-reach place, such as a closet floor or behind a piece of furniture. By hiding the safe, it makes it harder for potential thieves to find and access the safe.

What happens if I lose the key to my home safe?

If you lose the key to your home safe, depending on the type of safe you have, you may need to contact a locksmith to gain access to the safe.

Some safes may have alternative ways of access, such as a combination or a biometric scanner, which can be used instead of the key.

Can home safes be breached?

While home safes are designed to be secure and protect your valuables, they can still be breached.

It’s important to choose a safe that is rated to withstand the type of threats you are most concerned about, such as theft, fire, or water damage.


From the list of 9 best home safes, here are the top three expert recommendations. The Stalwart Digital Safe is an ideal option for those who want a compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use safe.

The BARSKA Mini Safe is a good option for those who want to keep their guns or knives secure.

The Viking Security VS-50BLX Fingerprint Safe is the right choice for those who want a top-notch locking system, which is ideal for both office and home protection.

All three safes are of excellent quality and worth investing in. However, it’s important to choose a safe that suits your specific needs, so go through each product’s features and benefits before making a decision.

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