4 of the Best Mahl Sticks of 2023 Reviewed

When you’ve been painting for a long stretch of time, you realize that it’s a lot of pain to take.

When dealing with oil paints, in particular, your hands are sometimes on the verge of giving in to the pain. Hence, it’s best to give those hands a rest and go in for Mahl Sticks, which are designed to comfort and support your arms while painting.

However, with an umpteen number of such sticks on the market, it’s difficult to know which kinds of Mahl sticks to go in for when you’re new to painting.

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Today we’re going to review the best Mahl sticks on the market – and follow it up with a small buyer’s guide so you can make an informed choice while buying your own Mahl stick.

Let’s begin with the reviews!

Best Mahl Sticks

Best mahl stick used by dali

1. Creative Mark Professional Mahl Stick

If you’re on the lookout for a reliable, attractive, and professional quality Mahl Stick, this is one of your best bets. With a varnished aluminum finish, this product gives you the luxurious feeling of leather, while making sure the stick does not slip from your hand. It can easily extend up to 35.5 inches in length.

Creative Mark Professional Mahl Stick for Painting, Drawing &...
  • Made of varnished aluminum, this expandable mahl...
  • Leather covered cork end rest will not slip like...

The stick is easy to hold and keeps hands steady even on large canvases. One problem might be that after continuous use, the stick has a tendency to unscrew. The leather covering is made from real animal hide and hence gives a rustic and antique vibe – while the aluminum material on the inside is fully modern. Overall, it’s a wonderful Mahl Stick that will last years easily.

2. 70044 3/8″ Aluminum Mahl Stick 36″ by Excel Blades

If you prefer function over form, have a look at this full-aluminum Mahl Stick, which is also a standard 36” in length. Unlike many competitors, it comes with a safety cap on top which is shatter-resistant, thereby giving you an extra level of security and safety when painting. The blade is made of carbon-honed steel, and the body is aircraft-grade aluminum.

Excel Blades Aluminum Mahl Stick for Painting, Painter Hand Rest, 30...
  • PAINTERS HAND REST: This mahl stick hand rest is...
  • ARTISTS NECESSITY: A necessity if painting fine...

It’s a three-piece stick, but unfortunately, it cannot be adjusted for length. All three pieces screw in together with precision and consistency. The width is enough for your arm to rest comfortably. At the same time, the stick is light enough to not be noticed while painting. If you travel, the three pieces are very easy to carry – making it the best Mahl Stick for those on the go.

3. Creative Mark Artist Hand and Wrist Leaning Bridge

If you’re bored or get uncomfortable using Mahl Sticks, this is another product that provides comfort to your hands while painting. This is more suited to those who work sitting down and it is meant to be rested on laterally rather than vertically. It is transparent and made of acrylic – thus it’s lightweight and sturdy enough for long work hauls.

Creative Mark Artist Leaning Bridge Hand and Wrist Leaning Bridge...
  • This transparent stable and sturdy heavyweight...
  • Rest your hand on bridge, not your art

It comes in two variants, one is 24 inches and the other is 31 inches long. It also features drawing-level lines to help you draw and color with charcoal, pencil colors, or pastels. This particular bridge helps you prevent smudges and blemishes from appearing on your work while making sure your hands are always comfortable even after long painting sessions.

4. Artists Mahl Stick by Frisk

There’s a particular sense of quality that this Mahl Stick has in spades. As most people do not prefer wood or aluminum, this Mahl Stick has been given a brushed steel and copper-colored finish. It is one of the newer entrants to this space, but it brings a two-piece design and a suede leather covering for the resting end which allows you to paint without worries.

Frisk Artists' Mahl Stick
  • A very useful aid, particularly when you need to...
  • This lightweight metal art tool has a cork head...

This particular stick is around 36 inches long, and the screwing process between the two pieces is smooth and holds for long hours without getting unscrewed. Bear in mind, however, that with time the threads on the screws tend to loosen up. It is a bit heavy, being around 1.3 pounds in weight. It is a value-for-money addition to any artist’s toolset.

Best mahl sticks

Buying Guide For The Best Mahl Sticks

With this, we wrap up today’s set of reviews of the best Mahl Sticks of 2023. Besides the reviews, It’s best to know which factors play an important role in deciding which Mahl Stick you should buy given that there are numerous such sticks on the market today.

Your Mahl Stick will stick with you (pun unintended) for years to come, hence it’s good to know the role the following factors play while purchasing it.

  1. Price

The Mahl Stick should strike a balance between cost-effectiveness and delivering a long-term reliable yet comfortable painting experience. Most Mahl Sticks are cheap, but often have quality issues – avoid these since they end up ruining your art rather than helping you create it.

  1. Length of the stick

If you’re used to large canvases, you’ll be needing the full-length 36-inch sticks on the market. For medium and small canvases, you can look up 21 to 24-inch Mahl sticks, which are long enough to support you for long hours.

  1. Materials of the stick

As you’ve seen, Mahl Sticks come in a variety of materials like leather, aluminum, and steel. It’s purely a personal choice here – go with the material which you feel most comfortable painting with. All have their separate benefits and disadvantages.

Bringing it all together

We now come to the end of today’s discussion about the best Mahl Sticks of 2023. Mahl Sticks are an essential part of any artist’s toolset, and following the reviews and guide above, you will easily find a Mahl stick that will serve you well for years of trouble-free use. Happy creating!

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