19 Best Modern Wall Clocks To Consider In 2023 | Reviews

Wall clocks might have ceased to be a necessity with the emergence of smartphones, but they can certainly make for a visually appealing décor piece. 

The wall clocks today come in a multitude of modern styles suited for various décor settings ranging from classic and elegant to farmhouse chic. So, every homeowner can find a piece to adorn their home that accords with their needs and preferences. 

But the availability of such a vast range of designs and styles can also make finding a suitable option difficult. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to the best wall clocks boasting a modern and contemporary design. 

So, without further ado, let’s get started! 

Best Modern Wall Clocks

To help you find the perfect wall clock, we have put together a list of the 19 best modern wall clocks.

1. Infinity Instruments Square 9-Inch Wall Clock 

In love with mid-century modern décor? Then you should definitely consider this square wall clock that adds a retro vibe to any room from the moment it’s installed. 

Flanked by a rich green frame of plastic that looks elegant anywhere, this clock features a silent sweep quartz movement that minimizes the ticking sound. As such, it’s a great choice for bedrooms and living rooms alike. And thanks to the clear letters contrasting over a beige background, the clock offers easy legibility. 

Material: Plastic | Color: Green | Theme: Retro,Mid Century | Type: Analog | Dimensions: 9.5″W x 1.88″H

2. Stephanie Imports Modern Minimalist Wall Clock 

Our next pick is this minimalist clock from Stephanie Imports that’s marked by a chic wood-on-white style and unpainted natural wooden hands. It’s a perfect choice for those who want to introduce a natural element to a rustic-style room. 

Moreover, the 0.2-inch thick white Forescolor dial provides a clean look to the wall clock while making it stand out among the wall décor. Weighing less than a pound, the clock is quite easy to hang on a screw or nail and moves with a smooth high-torque sweep motion. Suffice it to say; you won’t hear the often annoying ticking sound typical of ordinary wall clocks. 

Material: Wood | Color: Wood, White | Theme: Modern,Minimalist | Type: Analog | Dimensions: 11.4″W x 11.4″H

3. Objectify Ombre Teal Wall Clock

Featuring a rare teal-colored dial, this wall clock available on Etsy can add a touch of oceanic blue to the décor. Interestingly, it’s made from Radiata Pine plywood, a sustainably-produced variety, with the color digitally printed using fade-resistant pigment ink. And the wood grain is reflected on the surface, making it look all the more elegant. 

Plus, the Etsy artist behind this creation can customize the clock for no extra charge in case you want a different color scheme and font. Furthermore, it’s available in sizes of 7.9, 11.2, and 15-inch diameters. 

Material: Wood | Color: Teal | Theme: Ombre,Art,Modern,Personalized | Type: Analog | Dimensions: 12″ Dia

4. Anthropology Large Clear Crystal Agate Wall Clock

This charming circular wall clock made from clear crystal agate comes bordered with brass and has brass hands too. 

Such a design is, in effect, created by electroplating the edges and hands with thick brass. Note that the circle measures 10 inches in diameter and is powered by a quartz mechanism that ensures silent ticking throughout. And the sturdy hook at the back makes it easy to hang on any wall.  

Furthermore, you can get this elegant clock in two additional border finishes, viz. silver and rose gold. It can even be customized to sport Roman numerals, personalized text, or Arabic numerals.   

Material: Agate | Color: Marble | Theme: Crystal | Type: Analog | Dimensions: 10 ” Dia

5. Lemnos Men’s Pace Walnut Cuckoo Clock 

Up next is this pared-down and minimalist version of traditional cuckoo clocks, presenting an excellent combination of traditional charm and modern design. This clock has minimal moving parts, which is why it’s much less likely to weaken or wear out over time.  

Crafted using high-quality wood, this walnut-hued clock incorporates volume controls and a light sensor to prevent any chiming at night. Apart from that, it comes in a diameter of 12 inches, is mountable by a strong hook incorporated in the structure, and includes two D batteries. 

Material: “” | Color: Engineered Wood” | Theme: Brown | Type: Wood | Dimensions: 12″ Dia

6. Une Ligne Wall Clock

Another rare and striking wall clock to opt for is the Une Ligne, which features a line drawing of a woman on its dial rather than any actual number. 

Owing to the creative design, this wall clock doubles up as a wall art piece in addition to providing the desired functionality. Note that it comes in a slightly smaller size than many options on our list, making it ideal for small and large walls. 

Moving on, this clock is constructed using shatter-resistant, premium-quality materials that help enhance its longevity. It’s also available in frame colors such as black, white, or natural and may come with either white or black hour and minute hands. 

Material: Wood | Color: Whtie | Theme: Traditional | Type: Analog | Dimensions: n/a

7. ConcreteGeometryUA Modern Concrete Wall Clock

If you want to impart a chic industrial touch to the room décor, look no further than this modern concrete clock handcrafted with care. The clock features stylish details and a sturdy round concrete base which provides excellent strength. 

Moreover, the design has a unique rugged vibrancy to it and makes a striking statement in both homes and office spaces. Another point worth noting is that this timepiece is sanded thoroughly to enable a smooth texture. That said, the edges aren’t entirely smooth and come with little imperfections that add to the overall charm.

Material: Concrete | Color: Customizable | Theme: Modern | Type: Analog | Dimensions: n/a

8. Schoolhouse Electric Clock

Drawing inspiration from the durability and classic look of industrial wall clocks, this Schoolhouse model can beautifully accentuate any room. Its design is marked by a thick border available in a range of bright colors, including yellow, persimmon, and sergeant green. And contributing to its superior durability is the use of a spun steel case, a steel dial, and a domed glass lens. 

Furthermore, it includes a red-colored continuous sweep second hand apart from the elegantly designed hour and minute hands. 

Material: Steel | Color: White, Brown | Theme: Industrial | Type: Analog | Dimensions: 17.5″ Dia

9. Flor Wall Clock

This much-appreciated modern accent piece can beautifully complement any minimalist décor style. Coming with a diameter of 12.6 inches, it’s basically designed like an overblown gingham cloth and is available in two appealing colorways. 

Moreover, this clock runs with a continuous sweep mechanism, ensuring a silent operation throughout. It’s also easy and quick to hang for anyone, with the required hardware included in the package. However, you’ll have to purchase an AA battery separately as that isn’t included. 

Material: Wood | Color: Red, White, Brown | Theme: Scandinavian | Type: Analog | Dimensions: 12″ Dia

10. Joss & Main Wall Clock

Combining the chic style characteristic of farmhouses with a modern minimalist design, this oversized wall clock from Joss & Main can elevate any room. Notably, it’s constructed with a sturdy iron frame and enhanced with a golden graphite finish. Such a build quality imparts a charm akin to reclaimed art pieces that don’t diminish its glam appeal.   

Interestingly, this 40-inch clock comes in an open-circular silhouette and has large Roman numerals with slender tick marks lining the dial. Even hanging the clock is a breeze, as you’ll need to suspend it from the nails through the spaces between the numerals. 

Material: Iron | Color: Antiqued Gold | Theme: Farmhouse Chic | Type: Analog | Dimensions: 40″ Dia

11. Henning Koppel Wall Clock

Next on our list is this iconic Scandinavian timepiece named after its creator, the leading Danish designer Henning Koppel. Featuring a clear dial with beautifully tapered jet-black hands, it remains just as striking and contemporary as when it was brought forth in 1978. 

Adding to the beauty of its design are the distinct black time points and a stainless steel border. The latter is actually a part of the durable understate steel case supporting the clock and is built to last for the years to come. 

Notably, the face and hands are made of high-quality ABS plastic, while the clock works through a precision sweep movement that ensures the desired quality and soundlessness. 

Material: Steel, Plastic | Color: White | Theme: Contemporary | Type: Analog | Dimensions: 15.75″ Dia

12. Rin Steel + Wood Wall Clock

Utilizing a rare and long-lasting combination of wood and steel, this Japanese wall clock from Rin finds a place among our favorites. It’s characterized by a unique blend of modern and classic styles that’s equally suited for modern kitchens and urban workspaces. 

Coming with a dial made from warm and natural wood, the clock is backed by a strong metal frame and uses metal hands colored in white. Notably, some variation in the tone and grain of wood is expectable owing to the use of natural wood.  

As for its dimensions, the clock measures around 10.4 inches in diameter and has a thickness of 1.7 inches.

Material: Wood, Metal | Color: Ash | Theme: Scandinavian | Type: Analog | Dimensions: 10.4″ Dia

13. Oak Delta Clock

If you have a fascination for fully wooden clocks and want to go for a design that will stand out, the Oak Delta Clock will be a no-brainer. 

The geometric shape of this clock is, in effect, inspired by the intriguing sundials that can tell the time with shadows. In fact, the different wooden shades incorporated in each of the “folded” surfaces of the clock create shadowplays upon exposure to sunlight. 

Note that the clock measures 11 inches in diameter and runs with a silent sweep movement to tell the time silently. 

Material: Wood | Color: Oak/ Black | Theme: Sundial | Type: Analog | Dimensions: 11″ Dia

14. JALL Digital Clock

When installed in a room, this digital clock would seem like a sleek version of the iPad on the desk or a wall displaying the day, time, and date. The best part about this timepiece is that it’s simple to read and hence the perfect pick for households with elderly people or kids. Moreover, the display is quite large, ensuring that anyone can read the text from a distance. 

Other significant features of this clock include an auto-dim option that enables automatic brightness adjustment and daily alarm settings.    

Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene | Color: White | Theme: People | Type: Digital | Dimensions: 8.5″W x 6.75″H

15. FirsTime & Co. Shiplap Wall Clock 

Looking to add a smaller wall clock that can infuse a farmhouse-like feel into the room? Then this model from FirsTime & Co. is another great pick in addition to the Joss & Main wall clock. 

It’s crafted out of high-quality wood and sports a distressed white coloring on the dial, which lends the ultimate classic appeal. Finally, its large black Roman numerals and distinct time points complete the look. 

Material: Wood, Metal | Color: White | Theme: Farmhouse | Type: Analog | Dimensions: 18″ Dia

16. RiteSune Large Modern Wall Clock

If you’re on the lookout for a larger model to cover a bigger space without making it look too cumbrous, this simple wall clock with an outline design can do the trick. 

Measuring 21 inches in diameter, it comes in a minimal black frame that can go well with any room décor. Note that there’s also a built-in hook to facilitate seamless hanging. Moreover, the clock features a silent, continuous sweep motor that ensures you aren’t annoyed due to the ticking. 

Material: Metal | Color: Black | Theme: Antique | Type: Analog | Dimensions: 21″ Dia

17. Sukeen Digital Alarm Clock 

Another digital wall clock we found worth including in our list was this mirrored model from Sukeen that comes with LED lights and dual charger ports. Notably, the clock display doubles up as a convenient small mirror and features adjustable brightness settings that help keep your room dark for comfortable sleep.

You can also choose to buy the clock in either a white or a black base, and it has a backup battery of its own too.  

Material: Steel | Color: White | Theme: Modern,Minimalist | Type: Digital | Dimensions: 6.2″W x 3.3″H

18. Plumeet Large Wall Clock 

For homeowners who love to add diverse décor pieces with very vibrant colors, this 13-inch striking purple wall clock will be an ideal fit. Moreover, this clock can be great for kids’ rooms as it can help them learn to tell the time. 

Note that each color comes in contrasting white 3D numbers that are more easily readable than that of many other standard wall clocks. Additionally, the model comes with hooks and has a large slot at the backside to enable easy hanging. 

Material: Plastic | Color: Black | Theme: Modern | Type: Analog | Dimensions: 13″ Dia

19. Foxtop Silent Round Wall Clock 

Prefer a minimalist yet elegant wall clock for your room rather than an exceedingly bright option? Then this non-ticking model with silver numbers and a gray face is another dependable option to consider. 

Notably, the clock base and back are made of plastic to prevent any damage during humid weather conditions. And the model also comes in three variants, including black, rose gold, and silver so that you can easily zero in on a suitable metallic color.  

Material: Plastic | Color: Gray | Theme: Modern | Type: Analog | Dimensions: 12″ Dia

Best Modern Wall Clocks Comparison Table

Product Material Color Theme Type Dimensions
Infinity Instruments Square 9-Inch Wall Clock Plastic Green Retro,Mid Century Analog ‎‎9.5″W x 1.88″H
Stephanie Imports Modern Minimalist Wall Clock Wood Wood, White Modern,Minimalist Analog ‎‎11.4″W x 11.4″H
Objectify Ombre Teal Wall Clock Wood Teal Ombre,Art,Modern,Personalized Analog ‎‎12″ Dia
Anthropology Large Clear Crystal Agate Wall Clock Agate Marble Crystal Analog ‎‎10 ” Dia
Lemnos Men’s Pace Walnut Cuckoo Clock “Engineered Wood” Brown Wood Analog ‎‎12″ Dia
ConcreteGeometryUA Modern Concrete Wall Clock Concrete Customizable Modern Analog ‎‎n/a
Schoolhouse Electric Clock Steel White, Brown Industrial Analog ‎‎17.5″ Dia
Flor Wall Clock Wood Red, White, Brown Scandinavian Analog 12″ Dia
Joss & Main Wall Clock Iron Antiqued Gold Farmhouse Chic Analog 40″ Dia
Henning Koppel Wall Clock Steel, Plastic White Contemporary Analog 15.75″ Dia
Rin Steel + Wood Wall Clock Wood, Metal Ash Scandinavian Analog 10.4″ Dia
Oak Delta Clock Wood Oak/ Black Sundial Analog 11″ Dia
JALL Digital Clock Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene White People Digital 8.5″W x 6.75″H
FirsTime & Co. Shiplap Wall Clock Wood, Metal White Farmhouse Analog 18″ Dia
RiteSune Large Modern Wall Clock Metal Black Antique Analog 21″ Dia
Sukeen Digital Alarm Clock Abs White Modern,Minimalist Digital 6.2″W x 3.3″H
Plumeet Large Wall Clock Plastic Black Modern Analog 13″ Dia
Foxtop Silent Round Wall Clock Plastic Gray Modern Analog 12″ Dia

How should you hang a wall clock?

Firstly, keep in mind that smaller and lightweight clocks generally come with hanging mechanisms and can be hung using a picture hook and a nail. But in case of larger and heavier clocks, the best way is to screw them directly to the stud with the help of a drill. Alternatively, you may use wall anchors.

How do you get a wall clock fixed?

In the case of a battery-operated wall clock, the first step will be to check the batteries and replace them if needed. Thereafter, you’ll have to clean the dust, grime, or dirt on the interior of the clock with the help of a cotton bud and rubbing alcohol.

But if that doesn’t work, it’s best to replace the inner core with a new one. You can also seek help from a watch repair shop, but they are less common nowadays. So, make sure to conduct some research to find such a reliable shop in your region.


On that note, it’s time for us to wrap up. We hope you enjoyed this intriguing journey through the world of modern wall clocks as much as we enjoyed researching and reviewing them. 

So, go ahead and deck up your favorite room at home with a timepiece of your choice. Just keep in mind the wall size, the clock design, and your preferred features before deciding. That said, take your time before picking the best clock from our selection! 

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