Motorized Wheelbarrow: 7 Best Motorized Wheelbarrows of 2023

Whether you’re a passionate DIY gardener or a full-time contractor, the importance of a reliable motorized wheelbarrow isn’t very unfamiliar to most.

These machines tend to be very useful while handling construction/gardening/renovation jobs, mainly because they enable you to haul heavy materials without straining your back muscles. So, who wouldn’t want a motorized wheelbarrow to make their lives easier?

Now, most customers believe that buying a high-performance variant is very easy, but we beg to differ. If you’re not experienced in this field, then it can get a little tricky to choose the product that best suits your needs.

Don’t worry – that’s why we’ve personally tested and selected 10 of the most efficient models, each offering something new and unique. Also, we’ve added a detailed buyer’s guide to walk you through the essentials before buying a motorized wheelbarrow.

Now, without any further ado, let’s jump in!

Best Motorized Wheelbarrows

So, whether you’re a contractor, gardener, or homeowner, here’s the list of the 7 best-motorized wheelbarrows to help make your work easier.

1. MAKITA XUC01X1 18V X2 LXT Motorized Wheelbarrow – Best For Efficiency

When reliability becomes the primary factor, Makita is a brand that American DIY enthusiasts rely on for the best deals. The XUC01X1 power wheelbarrow is the ultimate one-stop solution to your personal needs, that too, under a very negotiable price bracket. Want to check out its best features? Read on!

Not your average wheelbarrow, this product makes maneuverability a cakewalk, despite its heavyweight body. 

It has been equipped with a single driving wheel for easy transportation. The large-sized wheel makes it a lot more comfortable to be driven around in both regular and uneven terrains while offering excellent grip and traction. As a bonus, you can also adjust the rear wheels as per your preference. 

Similar to our previous recommendation, this model also comes with flexible power options for best-in-class user convenience. Simply put, although it usually runs on a single battery, you can mix it up and include another battery to ensure higher power for long hours. Also, while testing, we’ve found out that on a single battery, it can smoothly run up to 60 minutes.

The best part about it is undoubtedly its engine – the premium Makita motor enables it to offer significant torque and punch to be driven around on any surface. It’s capable of revving up to 2.5 mph, that too, on a maximum of 12-degree incline surface. If that doesn’t describe power, what else does?

Despite being a relatively durable and robust product, it might not be the best option for heavy-duty professionals or contractors. That’s because we’ve found its cargo bed to be comparatively smaller, which makes it stressful to finish large-scale jobs in a short time. 

Power Source: Battery | Load Capacity: 290 lbs | Dumping Mechanism: Manual | Hopper Dimension: 3 cu ft | Wheel Type: Pneumatic

2. YARDMAX Track Barrow Heavy-Duty Motorized Wheelbarrow – Best for Professional Contractors

For hardcore professionals and contractors, YARDMAX has recently launched a full-fledged hulk that can get the hardest of jobs done with the utmost ease. As the name suggests, this product is a very reliable heavy-duty track barrow that can support a minimum load of 660 lbs. Yes, you read it correctly – a minimum!

First of all, this product looks like an absolute powerhouse and its appearance itself gives you the much-needed confidence boost to take on heavy-duty jobs. It has been designed while strictly following industrial standards, which makes it overkill for personal/small-scale jobs.

Just like every other Yardmax heavy-duty equipment, this product also ranks very high in durability. The all-steel construction and rust/corrosion-resistant finish make it last very long, offering the highest value for money. 

If you’re wondering where the wheels are located, let’s be clear – it doesn’t have any. Yes – and as an upgrade, you get best-in-class tank tracks for optimal stability and security. This way, the product can easily offer all-terrain traction and be driven around uneven and rough surfaces without care.

Speaking of motor efficiency, it’s surprising that Yardmax has managed to engineer an all-electric motor that powers this heavy-duty machine smoothly. It supports an incredible weight-carrying capacity, possibly due to the multi-speed transmission the engine is capable of. It can take a maximum weight of 1100 lbs, making it the most reliable recommendation.

Despite manufacturing such heavy-duty equipment, YARDMAX has neglected the quality of an elementary criterion that affects its overall efficiency, which is its latch pin. It breaks off very quickly, making it stressful for the users to control it in the long term.

Power Source: Gasoline | Load Capacity: 1100 lbs | Dumping Mechanism: Hydraulic | Hopper Dimension: 7.9 cu ft | Wheel Type: Track

3. DK2 Power Big Dump 1,100lbs Capacity Electric Dump Cart – Best for Budget and Capacity

Let’s be honest – YARDMAX machines can be a little costly. So, what does one do when they need a Track Barrow, but can’t afford one? Don’t worry; the DK2 Power Dump Cart is what you should choose if you’re searching for excellent power at a comparatively cheaper rate.

An essential feature of this product is that just like the Yardmax track barrow, it can also haul a maximum of 1,110 lbs. If you’re pursuing a full-time contractor job, then it’s a little cheaper option to consider.

As a bonus, you also get a sealed bucket that cancels the machine’s chances of tipping over while carrying a heavy load. The carry-all bucket is also very spacious, which makes it very suitable for professional jobs.

Moving on, the build quality of this product is incomparably strong and durable. To be exact, as it is heavy-duty equipment, it features all-steel construction for higher longevity. Apart from that, it is also coated with a corrosion-resistant finish, which enhances the overall product life significantly. 

Furthermore, this product’s power source includes 48v 20ah batteries, which help it deliver such monstrous performance. While testing, we’ve found that it can be used continuously for 6 hours on a single charge. Speaking of which, it consumes around 5 hours to be charged ultimately.

Last but not least, the iconic DK2 engineering formula includes a hydraulic electric ram for easy hauling, which saves you from excessive trouble.

Keep in mind that this product is guaranteed to cause issues if you don’t have plenty of storage issues in your workspace. Also, it’s a little unnecessary for DIY personal jobs. So, we wouldn’t recommend it for anything other than 100% pure commercial jobs.

The support and warranty of this product have been reported to be problematic,  build quality of the aluminum parts has also been reported as being subpar.

Power Source: Battery | Load Capacity: 1100 lbs | Dumping Mechanism: Hydraulic | Hopper Dimension: 85 x 46 x 42″ | Wheel Type: Pneumatic

4. XtremepowerUS 7hp Track Wheel Barrow

Meet the XtremepowerUS 7hp Track Wheel Barrow, a compact and powerful tracked wheelbarrow designed to help you maneuver heavy loads across tight job sites. With its all-terrain traction and zero-turn radius, transporting up to 850 lbs. of materials has never been easier. This motorized wheelbarrow is perfect for almost any DIY application.

We loved the XtremepowerUS for its ability to easily and safely transport heavy loads through tight spaces and across job sites. The all-terrain traction provided by the tracks delivers stability on uneven, muddy, and wet grounds, while the zero-turn radius contributes to easy maneuvering without damaging the ground. Powered by a 7.0HP XtremepowerUS Series engine, it features a multi-speed heavy-duty transmission (3 forward speeds plus reverse with high/low), making it adaptable to various work conditions. The solid steel hopper, frame, and handles ensure durability, making this motorized wheelbarrow suitable for professional landscapers and contractors alike.

While the XtremepowerUS 7hp Track Wheel Barrow checked off many boxes on our list, its maximum load capacity of 850 lbs. might be limiting for some tasks. Additionally, this motorized wheelbarrow is on the expensive side, which might not appeal to everyone.

Power Source: Gasoline | Load Capacity: 850 lbs | Dumping Mechanism: Manual | Hopper Dimension: 32.5 x 23 x 11.5 | Wheel Type: Track

5. SuperHandy Wheelbarrow Utility Cart

Introducing the SuperHandy Wheelbarrow Utility Cart, an environmentally friendly and powerful utility cart designed to ease your material handling tasks. With its 24V brushless motor, battery, and 13” all-terrain pneumatic wheels, you can transport loads up to 330 lbs on inclines of up to 12°.

We were impressed by the SuperHandy’s ability to transport materials up inclines of up to 12° with a maximum load capacity of 330 lbs. Its environmentally friendly 24V brushless motor and battery provide reduced noise and vibration resistance, making it a quiet and efficient choice. One charge offers between 2-5 hours of use, depending on the task difficulty. Equipped with variable speeds including reverse, the SuperHandy has improved close control and maneuverability, perfect for various types of terrain.

A few users have reported potential damage to the SuperHandy Utility Cart’s frame after particularly rough or demanding use, which raises concerns about its durability over time.

Power Source: Battery | Load Capacity: 330 lbs | Dumping Mechanism: Manual | Hopper Dimension: 4 cu ft | Wheel Type: Pneumatic

6. SuperHandy Utility Service Cart Power Wagon Wheelbarrow

The SuperHandy Utility Service Cart Power Wagon Wheelbarrow is a versatile and powerful choice for your hauling needs. Designed with twin 2Ah/4Ah rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, this electric wheelbarrow can transport up to 500 lbs in weight with a three-wheeled design and 13” pneumatic tires for optimal grip and balanced weight distribution.

We admired the SuperHandy Power Wagon’s ability to transport up to 500 lbs with its 48V Li-Ion all-electric brushless motor system. Its three-wheeled design and 13” pneumatic tires offer excellent grip and balanced weight distribution, making it easy to move materials across different terrains. Additionally, the modular cargo bed allows the wheelbarrow to be converted into a flatbed, greatly increasing the range of items you can transport.

There have been a few reports of lengthy delays when awaiting replacement parts. Although these seem to be relatively isolated occurrences, it’s something worth noting.

Power Source: Battery | Load Capacity: 500 lbs | Dumping Mechanism: Manual | Hopper Dimension: 6 cu ft | Wheel Type: Pneumatic

7. Landworks Utility Service Cart Wheelbarrow Power Wagon

The Landworks Utility Service Cart Wheelbarrow Power Wagon is an incredible option for those who need substantial load capacity and impressive towing capacity. With its Li-ion brushless motor, rechargeable battery, and durable alloy steel frame, this Power Wagon is prepared to handle even the most challenging conditions.

The Landworks Power Wagon shines with its 500 lbs maximum load capacity and a staggering towing capacity of up to 1000 lbs. Its 48V Li-ion electric brushless motor system and durable alloy steel construction contribute to its powerful performance, while the option to add a second Li-ion rechargeable battery boosts usability. The added feature of a modular cargo bed allows it to switch into a flatbed seamlessly, increasing the range of items you can transport.

While we found the Landworks Utility Service Cart Wheelbarrow Power Wagon to be impressive overall, some buyers reported challenges with unclear instructions, which could lead to difficulties during assembly.

Power Source: Battery | Load Capacity: 500 lbs | Dumping Mechanism: Hydraulic | Hopper Dimension: 6 cu ft | Wheel Type: Pneumatic

Best Motorized Wheelbarrows Comparison Table

Product Power Source Load Capacity Dumping Mechanism Hopper Dimension Wheel Type
MAKITA XUC01X1 18V X2 LXT Battery 290 lbs Manual 3 cu ft Pneumatic
YARDMAX Track Barrow Heavy-Duty Gasoline 1100 lbs Hydraulic 7.9 cu ft Track
DK2 Power Big Dump Battery 1100 lbs Hydraulic 85 x 46 x 42″ Pneumatic
XtremepowerUS 7hp Track Wheel Barrow Gasoline 850 lbs Manual 32.5 x 23 x 11.5 Track
SuperHandy Wheelbarrow Utility Cart Battery 330 lbs Manual 4 cu ft Pneumatic
SuperHandy Utility Service Cart Power Wagon Wheelbarrow Battery 500 lbs Manual 6 cu ft Pneumatic
Landworks Utility Service Cart Wheelbarrow Power Wagon Battery 500 lbs Hydraulic 6 cu ft Pneumatic

Buying Guide For The Best Motorized Wheelbarrow

Let’s face it – nobody’s an expert! It’s okay not to know everything about everything. And in case you’re not familiar with the essential features to cross-check, we’d be more than happy to guide you through it.

Here’s a concise list of the critical factors to consider before buying a motorized wheelbarrow.

  1. Weight Carrying Capacity

As obvious as it gets, the most important criterion determining whether the wheelbarrow is worth your consideration is its loading capacity. It refers to the maximum weight it can carry without breaking down or malfunctioning. For DIYers and ordinary gardeners, anywhere between 300-400 lbs are more than enough. However, as a professional, you should always choose models that can carry over 600 lbs.

  1. All-Terrain Functionality

Let’s not forget that contractors and gardeners are often required to work on muddy, wet, and uneven surfaces. That said, it’s essential for the wheels to ensure maximum stability on all terrains. You shouldn’t choose a product whose tires fail to offer excellent treading for optimal grip and balance.

  1. Gas/Electricity Power Source

Being a motorized product, the product has to rank very high in engine efficiency to be worth anybody’s consideration. Most of the products offer excellent power, considering they’re gas-powered. These are, in fact, the most common models to be sold in the market. However, it’s wiser to opt for models that run on electricity, as they are more eco-friendly.

  1. Motorized Wheelbarrow Build Quality

Motorized wheelbarrows regularly deal with pebbles, stones, water, and mud. That said, the product is required to feature an all-steel construction to ensure an optimal product life. If it features a rust-resistant finish for enhanced protection, it’s even better.

  1. Battery Life of Motorized Wheelbarrows

Last but not least, if you are using an all-electric motorized wheelbarrow, you have to be sure that it offers satisfying battery life. In case you’re someone who intends to use it continuously, go for products that offer around six hours for battery backup. Otherwise, you can settle for alternatives that offer around 2 hours of battery life.

What maintenance is required for a motorized wheelbarrow?

Regular maintenance such as oil changes, tire pressure checks, and battery maintenance is required for motorized wheelbarrows to ensure optimal performance and longevity. It’s important to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines for your specific model.

What type of dumping mechanism is available on motorized wheelbarrows?

Motorized wheelbarrows may have either manual or hydraulic dumping mechanisms, depending on the model and brand.

What type of wheel is best for a motorized wheelbarrow?

Pneumatic tires are a popular choice for motorized wheelbarrows because they provide better traction and shock absorption than solid tires.

Can motorized wheelbarrows be used on steep slopes?

Some motorized wheelbarrows are designed for use on steep slopes, while others may not be suitable. It’s important to check the manufacturer’s specifications before using a motorized wheelbarrow on a steep slope.

Are motorized wheelbarrows more expensive than traditional wheelbarrows?

Yes, motorized wheelbarrows are generally more expensive than traditional manual wheelbarrows due to the added features and functionality.

What are the benefits of using a motorized wheelbarrow?

The benefits of using a motorized wheelbarrow include increased efficiency, improved productivity, reduced physical strain on the user, and the ability to transport heavier loads over longer distances.


Thank you for reading our comprehensive guide on the best-motorized wheelbarrows. We hope you found value in learning about the options available and their diverse features.

Our expert testing and hands-on experience with these wheelbarrows have given us the confidence to make a well-informed decision on which ones to recommend to you.

Out of these 7 best-motorized wheelbarrows, here are the top three expert recommendations:

  • Best for Efficiency: MAKITA XUC01X1 18V X2 LXT Motorized Wheelbarrow is an ideal option for those who require a reliable and efficient motorized wheelbarrow at an affordable price. Its popular metal engine, along with adjustable rear wheels, and two-speed forward transmission offer great value for money.
  • Best for Heavy-Duty Use: YARDMAX Track Barrow Heavy-Duty Motorized Wheelbarrow is the right choice if you’re a professional or contractor looking for a robust and dependable motorized wheelbarrow. Its impressive 1100-lb load capacity, all-steel construction, and unmatched traction make it perfect for tackling even the most challenging jobs.
  • Best for Budget and Capacity: DK2 Power Big Dump 1,100lbs Capacity Electric Dump Cart is a good option if you need a heavy-duty, high-capacity motorized wheelbarrow without breaking the bank. With a 1,110 lbs carrying capacity and a sealed bucket for safe hauling, this wheelbarrow allows you to do your job without worrying about your budget.

Remember, choosing the right motorized wheelbarrow should be based on your needs and preferences. So, take the time to evaluate your requirements, and don’t be afraid to invest in a wheelbarrow that meets your performance expectations. With the right tool, you can tackle your projects more efficiently, allowing you more time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Good luck, and happy wheelbarrowing!

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