8 Best Softboxes for Speedlight in 2023

Often, photographers find their best outdoor shots to be marred by bad lighting. If this sounds familiar, then you’re in need of a softbox.

Photography is tricky. Be it extreme shadows or excessive light, anything apart from optimal lighting conditions can prove disastrous for the most interesting images. In order to fix this, a softbox is mandatory.

As one of the most useful items in a photographer’s toolkit, a softbox serves a variety of needs. While some are perfect for nature photography, others work best in studios and for portraiture.

However, with the sheer number of models available in the market, selecting the right one for your needs can be difficult. This is why we’ve done the legwork and picked the 8 best ones for you.

Without further ado, let’s get straight to the reviews!

Best Softboxes for Speedlight

Whether you’re a professional photographer or a hobbyist, these softboxes offer a range of features and benefits that can enhance your photography. So without further ado, here’s the list of the 7 best softboxes for Speedlight.

1. Fotodiox F60 Quick-Collapse Softbox – Best for Studio Photography Beginners

Our first recommendation is from one of the most trusted brands in the photography industry. A highly functional and reliable piece of equipment, this softbox from Fotodiox also scores high in terms of operational efficiency. What’s more, its incredible features are hard to come by and offer great value for money.

Right off the bat, this model impressed us with its capacity to disperse light. It features a six-sided design along with a deep parabolic draft that allows for even distribution of the available light to give you a soft glow. Also, the internal diffuser may be removed to soften the light further. This mechanism is the reason why the softbox works well in a studio setup.

Moreover, when it comes to mounting, Fotodiox’s model proves to be versatile. Fitted with a pistol grip flash, it can be mounted on stands and be operated hand-held with equal ease. In addition to such efficient functioning, the unit is also easy to assemble and requires little effort. Ideal for portraits, it is a reliable device that delivers a commendable performance.

Last but not least, Fotodiox’s product constitutes a sturdy construction and is hexagonal in shape. Lightweight and durable, it is also perfect for macro photography and makes for the ideal companion for photographers who are just starting out.

The only concern about this otherwise wonderful softbox is that the body is slightly plastic-heavy and may not hold up in all situations, which in turn, can affect its durability. However, it has a lot to offer and is an excellent device for studio photography. So, no way are we striking it off the list!

Size (inches): 24×24 | Shape: Square | Compatibility: Universal | Mount Type: Rod and Ring | Foldable: Yes | Weight (lbs): 1.8 | Material: Nylon | Diffusion Material: Silver reflective interior

2. Altura Flash Diffuser Softbox – Best for Handheld Control

Sometimes, you’ve got to use your own hands! And Altura’s softbox is precisely what you need for such occasions. Incredibly efficient as a handheld unit, it is one of the best products from a well-known brand and promises to deliver.

There is no dearth of reasons to be impressed by Altura’s product. As a handheld softbox, it is quite a nifty item and allows for great flexibility in shooting. This makes the unit a go-to choice for seasoned photographers who like a greater degree of control over their shoots.

Also, the softbox is designed with versatility in mind and fits most Speedlight brands in a manner that is snug and sturdy. It can be mounted directly on the flash and is adaptable enough to allow for strategic shooting. Because of this, the photographer will have no problem bouncing light off the ceiling or wall and focusing it on the subject.

Moreover, this is a unit that also offers great portability and ease of operation. When not occupied, the softbox can be folded and attached to the flash, or completely collapsed for easy storage. Whatever your requirement may be, Altura’s product is sure to deliver.

The only aspect that the unit falters in is its size. Considerably smaller than its market counterparts, it is designed only to work on flash heads that have smaller dimensions. However, it is devoid of any functional flaws and for that, we’d recommend it by all means!

Size (inches): 6×5.7 | Shape: Rectangular | Compatibility: Universal | Mount Type: Velcro strap | Foldable: Yes | Weight (lbs): 0.1 | Material: Nylon | Diffusion Material: White diffuser panel

3. Waka Flash Diffuser Light Speedlight Softbox – Best for Unfavorable Lighting Conditions

Next up, we have an excellent product from Waka, a brand that has been around long enough to have established a name for itself. Exceptionally well-equipped to tackle unfavorable lighting conditions, this nifty softbox is a worthy addition to any photographer’s toolkit.

The biggest USP of this product is that it comes in two shapes – rectangular and circular – to ensure that it fits most Speedlight brands. Versatile and highly functional, it employs cutting-edge technology to diffuse light as needed. To that end, the interior is fitted with a diffuser lining over the PVC that offers optimum lighting conditions. 

Moreover, the variation available in its shape means that the photographer can experiment with the kind of effects they wish to incorporate into the images. Put simply, they have more options for lighting and are able to work with a variety of fill lights in order to achieve the desired look.

Last, but not the least, this is not a product whose fitting you need to worry about. The softbox has a Velcro strap attached to it for ease of operation, one that ensures a tight fit on most flash heads. Additionally, it offers excellent portability and is easy to collapse and store away when not in use.

While the softbox from Waka certainly has its perks, it could improve the durability of the unit. Some parts are prone to breakage and also fit a few Speedlights better than others. However, there isn’t another fault to find with this excellent product and we’re more than willing to bet on it.

Size (inches): 9×7 | Shape: Rectangular | Compatibility: Universal | Mount Type: Velcro strap | Foldable: Yes | Weight (lbs): 0.1 | Material: Nylon | Diffusion Material: White diffuser panel

4. Westcott Rapid Box Softbox

Westcott’s excellent product is our last recommendation for you. Despite being on the more inexpensive end of the range, it lives up to the brand’s reputation of constructing high-quality and high-functioning camera equipment. Read our review of it to learn more!

Westcott is a trustworthy brand that, over the last few years, has garnered quite the fan-following among photography enthusiasts as well as seasoned professionals. As one of the more inexpensive models from the company, the Rapid Box functions as a handy tool to have around and also an efficient one.

Ergonomically designed to deliver, it comes with an in-built speed ring as well as a tilting bracket that allows for versatility and control during indoor as well as outdoor shoots. The unit disperses light in a balanced fashion to ensure that images are well-filled out and devoid of unsavory shadows.

Last, but not least, the construction is sturdy and it has one of the simplest installation procedures among the products on this list. Setup is a matter of minutes and you’re all good to go! An ideal softbox to include in the kit while traveling, it is a lightweight device that promises to deliver.

The only cause for concern in this sturdy piece of photography equipment is that the shaft and folding system block light. This may result in uneven lighting which, in turn, could affect the dispersion. In such cases, we’d recommend contacting customer support directly to be able to resolve it.

Size (inches): 26 | Shape: Octagonal | Compatibility: Universal | Mount Type: Rod and Ring | Foldable: Yes | Weight (lbs): 2.8 | Material: Nylon | Diffusion Material: Silver reflective interior

5. Triopo KS55 Portable Softbox

The Triopo KS55 portable softbox stands out as our favorite due to its versatility, ease of use, and professional-quality performance. Its collapsible construction makes it the perfect companion for on-the-go professional shoots.

The fully-expanded 21.6-inch (55 cm) diameter makes it comparable to regular softboxes often found in studios. Its octagonal shape is ideal for portraiture, as it diffuses light effectively and creates circular catchlights that make your subject’s eyes sparkle. We especially appreciate the included egg-crate grid, which helps to create moodier photos by concentrating light on your model and preventing it from spilling into the background.

The included handle adds further versatility, enabling handheld speedlight use, along with a mounting hole for an umbrella light modifier. The softbox even comes with a carry bag for added convenience.

What Could’ve Been Better?

While the Triopo KS55 offers many fantastic features, it may not be the best option for those who require larger softboxes for an even softer light.

Size (inches): 22×22 | Shape: Square | Compatibility: Universal | Mount Type: Rod and Ring | Foldable: Yes | Weight (lbs): 1.1 | Material: Nylon | Diffusion Material: Silver reflective interior

6. Neewer Octagonal Softbox

The Neewer octagonal softbox is another excellent option for product and portrait photography, particularly in a studio environment. Its larger size and detachable diffusion panel make it great for achieving softer light and increased control over highlights and contrast.

We love the Neewer softbox’s 32 x 32 inches (80 x 80 cm) size and octagonal shape, which together produce beautiful catchlights in your subject’s eyes, making it perfect for headshots and portrait photography. The detachable internal diffusion panel further enhances the softbox’s light control, allowing you to fine-tune your photo’s highlights and contrast.

The Neewer softbox is exceptionally user-friendly, with its easy-to-use umbrella-like opening and closing mechanism which also makes it highly portable. Additionally, it includes a speedlight bracket, making light stand attachment a breeze.

Though the Neewer softbox is an ideal choice for studio environments, its size could make it challenging to use in tighter spaces.

Size (inches): 32 | Shape: Octagonal | Compatibility: Universal | Mount Type: Rod and Ring | Foldable: Yes | Weight (lbs): 2.4 | Material: Nylon | Diffusion Material: Silver reflective interior

7. Godox AK-R1 Dome Diffuser Kit

The Godox AK-R1 dome diffuser kit offers photographers an affordable and extensive choice of lighting options. It is compatible with various Godox speedlight models and includes a range of accessories that cater to different shooting situations.

The kit covers all your soft lighting needs with its various diffusers, including a flash dome, plates, snoot, color filters, and gels. The magnetic mounting system allows for quick and easy attachment and detachment of these lighting accessories.

Compatibility with Godox round flash units such as the V1-S and AD200, as well as the included speedlight bracket for common rectangular flash heads, makes the AK-R1 dome diffuser kit a versatile and cost-effective choice for both beginners and professionals.

The Godox AK-R1 is a valuable asset for those already using Godox speedlight products, but those using other brands may have to purchase additional adapters for compatibility.

Size (inches): N/A | Shape: N/A | Compatibility: Godox V1 and AD200 | Mount Type: Magnetic attachment | Foldable: No | Weight (lbs): 0.3 | Material: N/A | Diffusion Material: Various diffuser panels

8. MagMod Speedlight Diffuser

The MagMod speedlight diffuser is an excellent choice for both professionals and beginners who want a portable, high-quality softbox with various lighting accessories. Although on the pricier side, this kit offers an impressive range of features and advantages.

Included in the MagMod kit are three different magnetic light modifiers, a snoot, gels, and more, making it suitable for a wide array of shooting situations. One of the first to incorporate a magnetic mounting system, the MagMod diffuser securely attaches without needing screws, allowing for easy attachment and removal.

Additionally, MagMod now offers larger softboxes like the MagBox Pro which also feature collapsible designs and magnetic mounting systems for off-camera use.

What Could’ve Been Better?

The MagMod kit is a fantastic offering, but its relatively high price may deter some photographers from investing in it.

Size (inches): N/A | Shape: N/A | Compatibility: Universal | Mount Type: Magnetic attachment | Foldable: No | Weight (lbs): 0.1 | Material: Silicone rubber | Diffusion Material: Various diffuser panels

Best Softboxes For Speedlight Comparison Table

Product Size (inches) Shape Compatibility Mount Type Foldable Weight (lbs) Material Diffusion Material
Fotodiox F60 Quick-Collapse Softbox 24×24 Square Universal Rod and Ring Yes 1.8 Nylon Silver reflective interior
Altura Flash Diffuser Softbox 6×5.7 Rectangular Universal Velcro strap Yes 0.1 Nylon White diffuser panel
waka Flash Diffuser Light Speedlight Softbox 9×7 Rectangular Universal Velcro strap Yes 0.1 Nylon White diffuser panel
Westcott Rapid Box Softbox 26 Octagonal Universal Rod and Ring Yes 2.8 Nylon Silver reflective interior
Triopo KS55 Portable Softbox 22×22 Square Universal Rod and Ring Yes 1.1 Nylon Silver reflective interior
Neewer Octagonal Softbox 32 Octagonal Universal Rod and Ring Yes 2.4 Nylon Silver reflective interior
Godox AK-R1 Dome Diffuser Kit N/A N/A Godox V1 and AD200 Magnetic attachment No 0.3 N/A Various diffuser panels
MagMod Speedlight Diffuser Kit N/A N/A Universal Magnetic attachment No 0.1 Silicone rubber Various diffuser panels

Buying Guide For The Best Softbox

Photography is a passion that many harbor out of pure love. So, it’s no wonder that photographers want nothing short of the best for their cameras. With so many excellent products thronging the market, however, it can be a tedious task to choose the right model for your requirements.

In order to help you out a little more in that direction, we’ve compiled a brief but comprehensive guide, outlining the main factors to consider before investing in a softbox. Take a look!


This is a no-brainer when it comes to softboxes; you must buy the sturdiest model you can get your hands on, even if it means shelling out a few extra dollars. Believe us, it’s worth it in the long run.

In addition to considering the material of the unit, a useful tactic could be to keep the internal mechanism safe within a solid outer cover. Many professionals use nylon covers for the same as it is highly durable.

Budget and Price Range

With softboxes, you may not always hit the nail on the head; photography equipment is often a matter of trial and error. That’s why, instead of splurging on the most expensive model as a newcomer, it’s best to try out a mid-range model and see if it meets the requirements. In most cases, photographers use a combination of softboxes, so it makes more fiscal sense to allocate the budget accordingly.

Portable or Fixed Soft-boxes?

This is one of the most pertinent questions that arise in any conversation on softboxes and the issue depends entirely on one’s individual requirements and preferences. If you tend to travel on shoots, it’d be wise to pick a compact model that weighs considerably less. However, for indoor shoots fixed softboxes work just as well.

Speedlight Softboxes Inner Color

The inner side of most softboxes is painted either white or silver. The white lining allows for subtle lighting and is an excellent choice for indoor shoots that demand a neutral setup. On the other hand, silver makes for vibrant lighting that is rich in contrast. Both have their unique uses and aesthetic appeal and it’d be advisable to carefully gauge the needs of the shoot before making a selection.

Size and Shape for Softboxes for Speedlight

These are crucial factors that greatly impact the nature and quality of the image. Dependent mostly on the subject, the size of the softbox determines the kind of lighting it provides. Larger models lend a soft glow to subjects while smaller ones lead to greater contrast. Multiple subjects usually call for more than one softbox as there’s no one-size-fits-all formula when it comes to this particular unit.

Shape, on the other hand, determines the amount and nature of the dispersion of light. Squares, octagons, strip lighting, and rectangles are popular shapes used by photographers. Softboxes are also available in parabolic, circular, and hexagonal shapes, however, these are far and between.

What size softbox should I choose for my speedlight?

The size of the softbox will affect the size and direction of the light. Smaller softboxes are more portable and easier to use for close-up shots, while larger softboxes are better for group shots or full-body portraits. A good rule of thumb is to choose a softbox that is at least twice the size of your subject.

How do I attach a softbox to my speedlight?

There are different mounting systems available for softboxes, including rod and ring systems, velcro straps, and magnetic attachments. The specific attachment method will depend on the softbox and the speedlight model. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to ensure a secure and stable attachment.

Can I use a softbox outdoors?

Softboxes can be used outdoors, but it’s important to consider the lighting conditions and stability. Windy conditions can cause the softbox to move or fall over, so it’s important to use a sturdy stand or weight the softbox down. Additionally, softboxes may not be as effective in bright sunlight, so it’s important to experiment and adjust the settings accordingly.

How do I care for my softbox?

Softboxes are typically made of lightweight and durable materials, such as nylon or silicone rubber. To keep your softbox in good condition, make sure to store it in a clean and dry place when not in use. Avoid exposing the softbox to moisture or extreme temperatures, and clean it with a soft cloth or brush if needed.

What are the benefits of using a softbox with a speedlight?

Using a softbox with a speedlight can soften harsh light and reduce shadows, resulting in more even lighting and natural-looking images. Softboxes can also help create catchlights in the eyes, which can add a more professional and polished look to portraits.


Firstly, I would like to express my gratitude for giving this article a read! I know that finding the perfect softbox for your speedlight can be quite challenging, but I’m confident that you’ll be very pleased with the products we have discussed here.

So, thank you for allowing me to share my experiences testing these fantastic softboxes, and I hope I gave you valuable insights to make the best decision for your photography endeavors.

Out of these 8 best softboxes for speedlight, here are the top three expert recommendations:

  1. Fotodiox F60 Quick-Collapse Softbox is an ideal option for those who are starting out in studio photography and looking for an easy-to-use and versatile product.
  2. Altura Flash Diffuser Softbox is a good option for photographers wanting greater control and a handheld unit that fits smaller flash heads perfectly.
  3. Waka Flash Diffuser Light Speedlight Softbox is the right choice if you need optimum lighting in unfavorable conditions and can make do with varying fittings on different Speedlight brands.

Photography is a rewarding creative pursuit, and having the right equipment can make all the difference in your final images. As you continue to explore the world of photography,

I hope you find the perfect softbox to fit your needs and elevate your skills. So go ahead, invest in one of these incredible softboxes, and let your creativity shine through in every photo you capture!

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