39 Super Cool DIY Paracord Projects for the Adventurous

If you are a DIY fanatic and have a knack for survivalist living, then you’ve probably heard of parachute cords, also universally known as “paracord.” This is a type of cord that is lightweight, exceptionally strong, and can be used for a broad range of purposes. No wonder they’re famous among military personnel, and even everyday people alike!

So, where exactly are we getting with this article? Well, for the overenthusiastic DIY fanatic inside of you, we’ve got a collection of exciting DIY paracord projects to pursue in your free time. We’ll cover everything in this guide – from belts and whips to lanyards and weapons, and even cool gifts you can make out of paracord.

So, keep on reading to know more about this wonder material!

The brief history of paracord and its utility

Parachute cord or paracord gets its name from the parachutes soldiers used to deploy in the World War II. The number 550 affixed before paracord denotes the breaking strength of 550 lbs. As you can imagine, the strength of these cords is unparalleled. Also, the parachutes were lightweight owing to another beneficial property of the cords.

And the lightweight allowed soldiers to deploy the chutes on the battlefield and wrap them up for later use. Besides, soldiers could even use them to create shelters, use as sewing string, strap a variety of gear to their heavy duty vehicles and various other purposes.

Cool paracord projects that you can get started with right away follow, see the gallery below !

DIY Paracord Projects

1. Paracord Rock Sling 

This is more of a hobby project rather than an utilitarian one because let’s face it, why in the world would you need a slingshot in this day and age? But if you have given using this item a thought, you’d be glad to know that the range of an average projectile shot using the sling is more than that of a bow. Pretty impressive, right?

 Paracord projects 36

Find out the DIY details right over here.

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2. Paracord Wallet 

Think that a paracord wallet will outlast a regular leather wallet? You bet! Aside from looking incredibly gorgeous, these purses have the traits to last a very long time. Not only is this DIY paracord project practical, but can also be accomplished in few easy steps. You can stay assured that all your essential cards and cash will have a snug fit inside of the new wallet.

 Screen shot 2014 03 12 at 12. 56. 13 pm

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3. Paracord Bandolier 

For an expert gunslinger, nothing but the best should suffice. This is why you must carry a paracord bandolier that holds your ammunition without adding extra weight. Besides, when you take a bandolier, you don’t have to worry about carrying the ammo boxes as either.

 Screen shot 2014 03 12 at 12. 51. 23 pm

Use the DIY paracord project mentioned here to craft your very own paracord bandolier.

via instructables

4. Paracord Backpack Strap Wrap 

For tying up loose ends on different gear, use a paracord strap wrap. All you need is paracord of varying lengths and use them depending on the thickness and the amount of strap you want to cover. You can start anywhere between 1 or 2 m and go up all the way after 15 m if needed.

 Screen shot 2014 03 12 at 12. 23. 11 pm

Find the complete guide right below.

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5. Paracord Multi-tool Pouch 

Being the owner of a multi-tool already puts you in the league of gentlemen who like to stay prepared at all times. Since the multi-tool is an indispensable item in the outdoors, you must make sure it is protected at all times. Luckily, you can make a pouch for your multi-tool using paracord as well.

These pouches add a protective covering to your most valuable survival gear so that it serves you even longer.

 Screen shot 2014 03 12 at 12. 22. 40 pm1

Just follow these instructions mentioned in this DIY guide to know more.

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6. Paracord Drawstring Bag 

Everyone knows the drawstring bags are useful, but very few know how to make one of these using paracord. This simple project doesn’t involve any complicated knots because you can complete the design using overhand for the most part.

 Screen shot 2014 03 12 at 12. 19. 12 pm1

If you’re a fan of DIY paracord projects, then you can utilize the tips mentioned below to create many different types of sacks, using different knots.

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7. Paracord Self Defence Key Fob 

If you didn’t figure out already, Paracord and self-defense equipment go quite well with each other. In fact, you can use paracord to make a sturdy monkey fist to keep with yourself at all times. Believe us when we say that these babies have the power to knock the lights out of any possible attacker.

An added advantage is that you can carry this weapon in plain sight with no concealing as it doesn’t look like a weapon.

 Screen shot 2014 03 12 at 12. 16. 47 pm2

Gift yourself this item by following these instructions.

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8. Paracord iPhone Cable 

Very few things can be as frustrating as the phone cable breaking all of a sudden. Now you can use paracord to avoid such catastrophe! Not only do these custom sleeves protect your iPhone cable, but also ups the overall longevity of the item. Oh! Did we mention that the cables look dope as well when covered by paracord?

Well, you better believe it.

 Screen shot 2014 03 12 at 12. 12. 40 pm

To add more protection to your cable, make the paracord sleeves by following the instructions mentioned here.

via snapguide

9. Paracord Army Men 

This fun little project will no doubt make you a favorite among the little ones in your house. After all, who doesn’t like to play with small toys? The steps involved in creating these army men holding gun-like figures are surprisingly simple.

Psst… you’ll have to add gunshot sounds using your voice.

 Screen shot 2014 03 12 at 11. 14. 35 am

You can make them in a quick amount of time by following the instructions mentioned in this guide.

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10. Paracord Water Jug Harness

Like the simple setup? Well, you can even customize it for jugs of various sizes and use it as a highly convenient tool to carry pitchers where you please. The best way to make use of the harness would be to tie them anywhere in your backpack while you’re on a camping or hiking trip. There is nothing too complicated to this project.

 Screen shot 2014 03 12 at 12. 02. 19 pm

Just follow the instructions here to learn more.

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11. Paracord Eyeglass Lanyard 

Have problems keeping your glasses in place? Now you can use paracord to make eyeglass lanyard that can hold your trusty glasses hug tight to your face or dangle lightly on your chest. Even though this method makes use of the only paracord, you can bring other materials into the mix as well, including cord of different colors.

However, be prepared to answer a lot of questions from curious onlookers.

Screen shot 2014 03 12 at 12. 00. 36 pm

To make this one-of-a-kind item, follow the instructions carefully in the tutorial mentioned here.

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12. Paracord Lanyard 

The beauty of a 550 paracord lanyard is that it’s not only built to last a long time but also gives you a chance to experiment with a couple dozens of colors. Yes! If you’re a freak for aesthetics, then this method is must try. You can also try adding a tracer, a micro-paracord braided in, for additional utility.

Paracord projects 25

You can find this easy to follow paracord project here.

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13. Paracord Hammock in a Nalgene 

This multipurpose creation goes beyond the usual hammock and camping routine. Create a highly durable paracord hammock and use it alternatively as a food net to keep animals away. You can also use it as a temporary shelter or make do fishing net if the situation demands.

Screen shot 2014 03 12 at 11. 53. 03 am1

Check out these instructions and make the item as you like.

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14. Paracord Bow Sling 

Who would have thought you could make a bow sling out of paracord as well? For those who are into archery or game hunting, they can use these slings to keep their bow close and their hands-free.


This high 50 cord bow sling can be easily made by following the instructions mentioned here. Go ahead and check it out before your next practice session in the wilderness.

Instructions here.

15. Paracord iPhone Case 

Protect your phone from falls and scrapes by making a paracord phone case. The uniqueness of this project lies in its simplicity as you can finish it just by using a few knots. The paracord will remain wrapped tight and provide a protective covering to your phone. You may use different colors to change up the look as well.

Paracord projects 22

Click below to read the complete instructions.

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16. Paracord Bottle Net 

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast and love to go hiking, biking, paddle boating or do any other adventurous stuff; you need to keep your water bottle with you at all times. And the best way to keep the water bottle strapped to your body is by using a paracord-made bottle net. This crafty contraption will give you multiple attachment options as well as peace of mind.

Plus, it looks great as well, don’t you think?

Screen shot 2014 03 12 at 11. 30. 16 am

Make your very own paracord bottle net using the instructions mentioned here.

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17. Paracord Double Monkey Fist Bookmark 

Never lose track of your reading progress ever again with this multipurpose paracord monkey fist bookmark. While the item itself is pretty basic, its looks are something that people can’t help but admire. For those of you who love to play with ties and knots, an evening set aside for this project will suffice.

We can guarantee that your favorite novel will become even more interesting when you’re using this handmade bookmark.

Screen shot 2014 03 12 at 11. 28. 05 am

While the technique used can prove to be challenging for some, you can complete the project by following the instructions mentioned below.

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18. Paracord Dog Collar

Ever heard of the King Cobra weave? We’re going to use this weave to turn paracord into a good dog collar. What separates this weave from others on our list is that it is extra strong and can add thickness and padding. Basically, the comfort level is much more than what one would get out of a regular Cobra leave.

No matter what size your pooch is, we can guarantee that he/she will love it when you take them out on a walk.

Screen shot 2014 03 11 at 9. 47. 08 am2

Create your very own dog collar at home by following this DIY tutorial below.

Instructions here.

19. Paracord Leatherman Pouch 

Keep your trusty Leatherman safe and secure inside of a custom-tailored paracord pouch. In addition to keeping your trusty set of multitool is safe, this pouch can also be tweaked to hold a broad range of items such as emergency torches, food cans, and even mobile phones. Making this contraption is extremely simple, and it doesn’t require any fancy technique.

Just a few basic knots one after another and you’ll be all set to go.

Screen shot 2014 03 12 at 11. 19. 42 am

Observe the technique mentioned in this guide to make a customized paracord Leatherman pouch.

via instructables

20. Paracord Chair 

You don’t always have to have a wooden chair having a wooden seat, you know? Use paracord to create seats the next time around to give yourself the same degree of comfort as any other material. This simple project involves taking wooden rectangles attached in shape of a chair and using woven paracord to build the support base.

Don’t sweat it seeing the picture below.

Screen shot 2014 03 12 at 11. 17. 43 am

The process is quite easy, and all you’ve got to do is follow the instructions mentioned in the following link.

via instructables

21. Paracord Laptop Harness 

Call it yet another useless invention if you will, but laptop harnesses are something you can make using paracord in your free time. What’s the benefit? You can store the laptop as you please without any risk of getting damaged.

Oh! Be prepared to answer a lot of questions as well to those who see your new contraption.

Screen shot 2014 03 12 at 11. 12. 42 am

Follow the instructions mentioned below to get started.

via instructables

22. Paracord Dog Toys 

Now you don’t have to visit the pet shop every time you want to get your K9 companion a new toy. Just gather up some paracord of different colors and make new toys for all kinds of dogs. Just be sure to scale the diameter of the paracord rope to suit the size of your dogs, and you’re all good to go.

You can try out this DIY paracord project in many different ways and create several types of toys depending on your preferences. Rest assured, your furry friend will like it enough to keep you busy for a long time.

Screen shot 2014 03 12 at 11. 10. 18 am

via instructables

23. Paracord Snare Trap

When it comes to surviving in the wild, nobody can do it with nuts and berries alone. You need meat in ample quantities to get energy. Having a snare trap in a situation like this will allow you to catch game of small sizes and keep yourself fed.

Title image snare trap 011

Luckily, this DIY tutorial will teach you how to create a basic paracord snare trap from scratch.

Instructions here.

24. Paracord Koozie 

Caution: pursue this at your own discretion because you need a lot of paracord rope for this one. If you’re feeling in the mood to try out something “out of the box,” make a comfy little Koozie for your favorite can of beer using nothing but paracord. Hey! Nobody is saying you can’t use the koozie to keep your soda cans cold as well.

Screen shot 2014 03 11 at 11. 32. 15 am

Check out this comprehensive DIY paracord project.

via instructables

25. Paracord Tent Rigging 

Stuck in a downpour but got some regular ol’ tarp and paracord with you? Well, you may be in luck today because you can use paracord to turn the tarp into a makeshift shelter. The most crucial feature of the paracord – its strength – will allow the tarp remain in its place throughout the night and keep you dry inside.

Screen shot 2014 03 12 at 11. 08. 17 am

Start this DIY paracord project by following this tutorial.

via instructables

26. Paracord Hanging Chair 

Turn those lovely evenings of relaxing on the swing into an even more reliable option by creating a hanging chair out of paracord. All you need to do is add some pallet boards and a comfortable, yet sturdy chair will be at your disposal. Be warned though; these chairs aren’t quite the looker that many people expect.

Of course, you can tweak the construction and the color of the paracord rope to lend different looks to the hanging chair. How do you make one?

Screen shot 2014 03 11 at 11. 12. 13 am

Simple! Just follow the steps here.

via instructables

27. Paracord Watchband 

If you’ve already got a watch dial, pimp it up by switching it with paracord made bands that add an element of style and grit. Not to mention that your watch will entirely become a survivalist gear and an envy of many onlookers who lay their eyes upon it. This unique and functional tool is definitely one of our favorite paracord projects!

You can experiment with two colors of your choice or stick to one for a more gritty kind of a look if that’s something you fancy. Rest assured, the quality of the end product will be something that blows your mind.

Img 00672

Check out the tutorial here to find out how to make this fantastic contraption come to life.

Instructions here.

28. Paracord Survival Tin Pouch 

For the ideal pocket-sized survival kit, use up your ol’ sturdy paracord ropes to construct a survival tin pouch for your Altoids. This bag will not only keep the item protected from all dangers but also keep you ready at all times. Altoid tins act as the perfect containers for many survivalists and outdoorsmen by holding small items of utility.

The best aspect of an Altoid is that they can be shut down tight and have very little chances of popping open at odd times.

Screen shot 2014 03 12 at 12. 03. 57 pm

Just follow this guide to create your very own paracord survival tin pouch and keep it handy at all times.

via instructables

29. Paracord Bracelet [Quick Deploy Survival Kit] 

While there is no lack of tutorials that teach how to make smart deploy survival bracelets, our personal favorite is The Blaze Bar. What makes this bracelet accessible is that it is effortless to unravel and takes no longer than just a few seconds. Of course, this bracelet version looks the apart as well as you can see in the image.

Paracord projects 8

To make one for yourself, all you’ve got to do is follow this tutorial from start to finish.

via diyprojects

30. Paracord Snowshoes 

Want to pimp your snowshoe? Now you can do it using nothing but paracord for the webbing. The classic snowshoe can now be a contemporary work of art that people won’t stop admiring. Just to be clear; this snowshoe will perform the same way as the regular ones do.

Screen shot 2014 03 11 at 10. 55. 18 am

Just follow the tutorial down below to understand the basics of weaving.

via instructables

31. Paracord Bundle Compression Strap and Handle 

Okay, we’ll leave it up to you to decide if you want or do not want to make this one. For all we know, this simple and handy tool can come in many uses. Say, for example, you can use it to keep your tarps and sleeping bags all bundled up in a tight way that is also easy to carry. You even don’t need too many tools to make one yourself.

Depending on the purpose of usage, you can experiment with the color of the paracord. Say for instance you like to go camping; a darker colored paracord, in this case, would be a wiser choice than a lighter one because the color would not to look dirty after extended use.

You can use lighter colors to create a bundle compression strap for indoor purposes since there is little risk of getting dirt on it.

Screen shot 2014 03 11 at 11. 16. 42 am

To make yourself one of these useful tools, follow the comprehensive guide that follows in the link below.

via instructables

32. Paracord Giant Monkey Fist 

Monkey fists are excellent for self-defense and can prove to be critical in a do or die situation. Now, you can pack even more power in your punches using a paracord made monkey fist that is not only light and sturdy but also carries enough power to stop your attacker in their tracks. Be warned though; this isn’t your regular defense mechanism.

This is indeed a hard-core device that you should only use if a situation like that arrives.

Featured image giant monkey fist 03

Instructions here.

33. Paracord Rifle Sling 

Are you a person of the great outdoors and like to keep your rifle handy at all times? Well, now you don’t have to use up both your hands in holding the weapon as you can use paracord to make a rifle sling. And the best part is that you can use the contraption both as a rifle sling and as an emergency paracord whenever you wish.

Screen shot 2014 03 12 at 11. 37. 33 am

Making this is pretty straightforward; just follow the instructions here to learn more.

via stayingprepared

34. Paracord Bullwhip 

For all the ranchers and hunters out there, we’ve got some news for you! Did you know you can craft up a nifty bullwhip entirely made out of paracord? Well, it’s true. So if you’ve got a few ropes lying around the barn, get busy with some knotting and braiding.

In the end, you’ll have a kick-ass bullwhip made of paracord instead of leather.

Screen shot 2014 03 11 at 10. 51. 22 am

And if you don’t know beyond the basics of knotting, check out this guide right here.

via instructables

35. Paracord Keychain [With a Secret Compartment] 

What’s better than a cool-looking keychain that makes people go wow? That’s right! It’s a neat looking keychain with a hidden compartment inside. As you can see, this tiny survivalist item has the capability to store small yet essential items such as matches, cash, keys, and different things that are of slim nature.

This DIY paracord project requires only these items:

  • 3x 5ft paracord strands [ experiment with different colors if you want ]
  • A pencil
  • A key ring
  • Either a lighter or a match

Screen shot 2014 03 11 at 9. 41. 33 am12

Once you have these items in stock, just click on this guide by DIY projects and follow their lead. It’s not rocket science; all you need is a bit of patience.

Instructions here.

36. Stylish Paracord Belt 

Forget about leather! Check out this suave and sturdy paracord belt that goes incredibly well with the red patterned top and distressed jeans. If you’ve got more than 50 feet of paracord rope, try making a belt out of the material. Believe it or not, this belt isn’t only for fashion, but also can act as a survival rescue belt having Slatt’s rescue weave.

The best feature of these belts is that they can be deployed in few moments!


To create your very own paracord belt, follow the instructions mentioned below.

Instructions here.

37. Paracord Survival Grenade  

Whoa! Hold on there! A grenade? Relax; this is obviously not an actual grenade but more of a container that can hold a lot of your survival equipment. See how beautiful the paracord-made handle looks on the soft brown texture of the grenade body. You can also see that wires of different color have been used to make the handle.

1 paracord survival grenade from inventorsspot

If you want to create something like this, click on this link and follow the tutorial. There isn’t anything too complicated in this creation.

via InventorsSpot

38. Paracord Knife Grip  

We don’t need fancy descriptions for this one. This is just a regular creation that will let you get a better grip on your knife handle. So, no more risk of chopping your finger by accident while running your knife through carrots.

2 homemade paracord knife grip from survivallife

Protect yourself now by following these instructions.

via SurvivalLife

39. Paracord Coasters 

Just regular coasters, except that it’s made of Paracord. You only take minutes to make one of these.

3 diy paracord coasters by ideastand

Follow the instructions here.

via IdeaStand

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