111 Cool Drawing Ideas For An Adventurer`s Heart

Is your heart aching with desperation to go on yet another adventure but you just can’t find the opportunity? While we may not be able to give you a break from work, we can show you some fantastic illustrations coming from the hearts of adventurers like yourself. Check out these cool drawing ideas, carefully curated by us to ease your restless mind full of wonder.

111 Drawing Ideas For An Adventurer`s Heart

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1. Around The World in 360 Degrees

Wouldn’t you want to go on a grand voyage across the world? You might be not ready yet, but it surely can admire this beautiful sketch of a 2D view of the planet.

1. Around the world in 360 degrees

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2. Journey Into The Centre of The Solar System – An Artist’s Sketch

Ever felt like you should be the center of the universe? Well, this artist certainly lived their dreams while drawing their vision on a piece of paper.

2. Journey into the centre of the solar system – an artist's sketch

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3. Let’s Run Away Together, Into The Wild

Remember the movie “Into the Wild”? Well, this amateur sketch of an RV with luggage and a surfboard perch above might make you reminiscent of the classic.

3. Let's run away together, into the wild

via campingandhikingcircuit.com

4. Of Peace, Love, and Psychedelia by Dorothy Thompson

The 70s hippie culture, the fascination for extraterrestrials, and the force of nature that binds together the entire planet summed up in just a few sketches.

4. Of peace, love, and psychedelia by dorothy thompson

via mon.tattoo

5. Life in a Bottle by Natalia Camacho

A thought-provoking sketch showing a human heart inside of a bottle supporting a plant. What did the artistry to convey? Maybe we are close to Mother Nature than we think.

5. Life in a bottle by natalia camacho

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5. A Romantic Date With Oneself Out in The Woods

Take yourself out on a date and enjoy the calm of the woods. When the moonlight shines down on the ground, the world transforms into paradise.

5. A romantic date with oneself out in the woods

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6. A Misty Shore From The Sea By David Powell

A need sketch of a shore as seen from a distance in the sea. The waves seem rather intimidating, don’t you think?


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7. River, Tree, and Mountain Coexisting Peacefully– David Powell

David Powell, with his penchant for simplistic sketches, shows the harmony of numerous elements of nature. You need to give this a serious look to understand the beauty really.

7. River, tree, and mountain coexisting peacefully– david powell

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8. A Love Triangle with Nature and Heaven– Unknown Artist

A scenic mountain portrayed beautifully inside of triangular lines. If this is not what you call artistic skills, then what is?

8. A love triangle with nature and heaven– unknown artist

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9. A Night in The Woods

“KEEP IT SIMPLE” – when life can be so easy going, why make it complicated? Look at this enchanting sketch of a camping site and a bonfire to fuel your imagination of living detached.

9. A night in the woods

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10. Bliss Amidst Nature by David Powell

Another beautiful illustration of a campsite encapsulated in a circle drawn by David Powell. The jagged edges of the fern trees break the monotony quite a bit.

10. Bliss amidst nature by david powell

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11. Illustration Of a Campsite

Another scene of a campsite with the river flowing in the middle. You can see how beautiful this sketch would look if turned into a logo.

11. Illustration of a campsite

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12. Remnants of a Fading Flame By David Powell

Minimalist illustration has never been so classy! Who knew that David Powell could work of magic by drawing a simple bonfire on white paper?

12. Remnants of a fading flame by david powell

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13. Bliss Amidst Nature by David Powell

13. Bliss amidst nature by david powell

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14. In Love With Camping By David Powell

David Powell returns with yet another illustration of a camping site, this time taking a more orthodox approach to creativity. This work of art is special, yet not overbearing.

14. In love with camping by david powell

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15. A Clear Moonlit Night by The Woods

A tent, towered by a cliff at a distance, and the full moon showing her might in all glory. Is this what a beautiful night out in the woods look like?

15. A clear moonlit night by the woods

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16. Follow Me into The Lonesome Night By David Powell

David Powell’s liking for a quiet night out in the woods seems to have no end. This beautiful illustration just shows the artist’s creativity.

16. Follow me into the lonesome night by david powell

via delta-breezes.tumblr.com

17. Fun With Hammocks by The Campfire By David Powell

Nothing can be more relaxing than swinging in a hammock, while out with your best buddies for camping. Look at this picture and tell us if it doesn’t make you want to be there.

17. Fun with hammocks by the campfire by david powell

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18. A Beachside Odyssey by David Powell

Enough of the forests; beach lovers gaze upon this illustration, and we promise you’ll instantly be transported to a beachside, with cool winds and rolling waves.

18. A beachside odyssey by david powell

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19. Camping During Spring vs Camping During Summer

The title of this image is pretty much self-explanatory. The image shows the difference in the scenery in summer and spring. We bet there are fans of both the seasons.

19. Camping during spring vs camping during summer

via davidrollyn.tumblr.com

20. Camping Alone at Night

Camping alone might have some risks, but the wisdom and peace of mind you gain from the tranquility are the greatest rewards anyone can get out of life.

20. Camping alone at night

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21. Sam Larson Draws His Ideal Portrait of a Campsite

Sam Larson tries his hand in drawing a campsite with only one tent, a bonfire, and some fern trees in the background. The impact this image makes is noteworthy.

21. Sam larson draws his ideal portrait of a campsite

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22. Woods, Mist, and Beyond– All Make for An Interesting Campsite

What is your dream camping place? Is it near a cliff overlooking the ocean, in the midst of a forest, or in your imagination floating high among the clouds? If you can dream it, you can do it!

22. Woods, mist, and beyond– all make for an interesting campsite

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23. Camping by The Riverside

Very few things can be soothing to the brain than camping right beside a river. The sound of the flowing water is sure to calm your tired nerves.

23. Camping by the riverside

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24. Camping Life – Happy Life

Living simply, or simply living? We say both! This image with an RV, a bonfire, a tent, and the crescent moon in the distance speaks a thousand words on living.

24. Camping life – happy life

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25. Watching Sunrise Across The Cliffs

This enchanting illustrative painting might not seem blindingly obvious, but a closer look reveals a sunrise beyond some high cliffs.25. Watching sunrise across the cliffs

Source Unknown

26. Following The Footsteps of Mother Nature

How innovative is this design of portraying nature through the paws of a mighty beast? Is it a lion, tiger, or a giant grizzly? We leave the thinking up to you.

26. Following the footsteps of mother nature

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27. A Quaint Night Out With Oneself

27. A quaint night out with oneself

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28. Going Around The Globe, In All Directions

This inspirational image shows a 2D version of the Earth’s map with North, South, East, and West pointed in directions. We don’t know what exactly it signifies, but it sure looks great!

28. Going around the globe, in all directions

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29. Floating Dreams With a Dandelion by FineCigars

Don’t you love blowing dandelions? Well, check out this artist’s rendition of the blowing of dandelions in action in a fine sketch of black and white. Looks beautiful!

29. Floating dreams with a dandelion by finecigars

via finecigars.deviantart.com

30. Switching on Nature’s Lightbulb by tayla_ob

A thought-provoking piece of art showing the growth of a light bulb with trees and birds flying inside. The idea must have come to the artist’s mind as Eureka.

30. Switching on nature's lightbulb by tayla_ob

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31. A Day Inside of a Light Bulb

Another beautiful sketch within the confines of a light bulb shape shows mountains and the sun living harmoniously. Pretty neat, right?

31. A day inside of a light bulb

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32. The Religion of Nature in Sketches

What can be a bigger religion than the religion of Mother Nature? Here you see a highly popular religious symbol spectacularly portraying the forces of nature.

32. The religion of nature in sketches

via beautysync.org

33. Of Hearts and Heartbreaks

When fantasy and reality collide, you get something that is thought-provoking. One half of the heart is intact and the other half is decaying. Could this mean heartbreak?

33. Of hearts and heartbreaks

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34. An Illustration of a Wavy Scene By Osman Mansaray

Once again, a wavy scene is illustrated within the confines of three fourths a circle. The cliff, the wave, and the birds flying never looked so serene in unison before.

34. An illustration of a wavy scene by osman mansaray

via straytogether.co

35. The Lone Wolf Howls at Midnight By Eva Svartur

Eva Svartur has made a fantastic sketch of a moonlit night with a lone wolf out on a hunt. Imagine what you may, but the idea of this image is indeed unique.

35. The lone wolf howls at midnight by eva svartur

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36. A Scene by The Lighthouse By Osman Mansaray

Osman Mansaray once again manages to take our breath away with a lighthouse scene with roaring waves and flying birds. Does this remind you of any movie?

36. A scene by the lighthouse by osman mansaray

via straytogether.co

37. A Simple Depiction of Nature By David Powell

The master of minimalistic art, David Powell, draws a simple cliff a river and a tree using as few lines as possible. Is there any way you can beat his minimalistic style?


via 30andbroke.com

38. A Boat by The Island By David Powell

Once again, the master – David Powell – conjures up magic using few strokes of his pencil. Can you depict an island with a boat nearby it in a simpler way? We bet not!

38. A boat by the island by david powell

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39. Watching The Milky Way From The Desert

We are made of stars, and to the stars we shall return. This beautiful sketch shows the beauty of our universe as seen from the desert. Imagine spending a night there!


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40. Let’s Fly Away Like Paper Planes

Let’s go! This simple yet effective sketch urges you to leave your woes behind and go out exploring. After all, you only live life once.

40. Let's fly away like paper planes

Source Unknown

41. Camping by The Seaside By David  Powell

Wow! What an amazing sketch once again by David Powell, and this time showing a camping scene near shore. As you can see from the canoe the river is nearby and the person is probably comfortably tucked inside the tent.

41. Camping by the seaside by david  powell

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42. Camping on The Clouds By David Powell

How do you feel about living in the mountains or perched above a high cliff? Your dreams of floating among the clouds will finally come to life. This is what the image portrays.

42. Camping on the clouds by david powell

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43. “I feel so high; I feel I can almost fly” by David Powell

David Powell clearly has some fascination with “high living.” Using imagination, he has now depicted the idea of literally living on top of clouds. Wouldn’t it be great if dreams could turn into reality?

43. "i feel so high; i feel i can almost fly" by david powell

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44. Postcards From Mother Nature By Sam Larson

Postcards from nature, for people who love nature. This beautiful sketch shows three postcards of three different scenes, done to close perfection.337dacb40b7d422b63c39a3ee21bdad9

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45. Rhapsody of Calm and Chaos Defined in Sketches By Unknown Artist

The perfect triangle shows scenery with trees in the distance and a river flowing right down the middle. You’ll find such picture perfect scenes in real life quite easily. What follows are a series of sketches that portray the force and beauty of nature, which are not easily described in words.

45. Rhapsody of calm and chaos defined in sketches by unknown artist

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46. When The World is Your Camping Spot By Osman Manray

Camping enthusiasts love nothing more than finding a calm place to pitch their tent and get lost in thoughts. For them, the universe could serve the same purpose.

46. When the world is your camping spot by osman manray

via straytogether.co

47. Geometry and The Universe by Insta_Blackwork

Who would have thought you can blend geometrical patterns with sketches of the universe? Apparently, this artist did, and they did it in the most spectacular fashion possible!

47. Geometry and the universe by insta_blackwork

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48. Camping In the Middle of Nowhere yet Perfectly at Peace

Take one look at this image and you’ll be reminded of the old West and sultry desert scenes. The cactus in the sketch makes all the difference.

48. Camping in the middle of nowhere yet perfectly at peace

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49. Swinging In an Hammock, by The Campsite By David Powell

Another scene showing an isolated yet relaxing spot, complete with a hammock and a bonfire. All you need is a guitar and some Bob Dylan songs to tune.

49. Swinging in an hammock, by the campsite by david powell

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50. The Ocean Bleeds With Moonlight

What a breathtaking image! We’ve heard that the moon and the sea are best of friends, but never imagined an artist could capture their relation in a more spectacular way than this.

50. The ocean bleeds with moonlight

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51. An Artist’s Portrayal of The Rocky Cliffs

Chaos and beauty combine into one, in this unique sketch of nature. The dots of different shades lend this image its uniqueness.

51. An artist's portrayal of the rocky cliffs

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52. “Little Sketch on The Bus” By drawntosketching

It might take some serious challenge to doodle something as beautiful as this while riding a bus. Just take a look at it – isn’t this the most precious thing you’ve ever seen?

52. "little sketch on the bus" by drawntosketching

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53. Come With Me to The House in The Woods

Who wouldn’t like to have a house in the woods? Their own abode of serenity, a place of calm amidst the storm. If this sketch doesn’t make you want to build a house like this, then you’re probably not a lover of teacher after all.

53. Come with me to the house in the woods

Source Unknown

54. Home is Where The Heart is by Jared Kohn

Another beautiful sketch portraying Mother Nature in a unique fashion. The artist who drew this seems to have projected his thoughts of “the perfect place” to stay in a white paper canvas.

54.  home is where the heart is by jared kohn

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55. Into The Upsidedown of Nature by Jared Kohn

A scene that looks straight out of the TV show Stranger Things! Do you fear going into the world of upsidedown? Well, this artist certainly has taken a liking for it.

55. Into the upsidedown of nature by jared kohn

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56. Reflected by The Moon; Captured by The Eyes

The crescent moon captures the reflection of a mountain scene. This image is not only unique, but very soothing to look at.

56. Reflected by the moon; captured by the eyes

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57. The Gentle Beast Becomes One With Nature By Unknown Artist

The silhouette of a deer becomes the perfect canvas for painting a starry night in the woods. We don’t know what this effect is called, but it sure looks Rad!

57. The gentle beast becomes one with nature by unknown artist

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58. Oh Deer! Where Are My Flowers?

Don’t you love deers? Some tribes revere these gentle beasts as spirits of their ancestors and do everything necessary to protect and love them. The artist seems to share the same impression.

58. Oh deer! Where are my flowers?

via society6

59. Sketch of a Wolf Kissed by The Miracle of Nature

This is one image that leaves us speechless. How on earth did anyone think of adorning the face of a wolf with flowers? Whoever did it, did so without realizing that they may have created a masterpiece.

59.  sketch of a wolf kissed by the miracle of nature

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60. A Kaleidoscopic View Into a Beautiful Soul

Did you ever think a kaleidoscopic pattern can be as beautiful as this? Well, we say that it’s the flower patterns making the difference as well as the artistry that has gone into it.

60.  a kaleidoscopic view into a beautiful soul

via uncivil-awakenings.tumblr.com

61. Nature – The Giver and Taker of Life

A thought-provoking sketch of a lion half alive, half decomposed, surrounded by flowers and leaves. This art possibly implies how nature holds the power to give and take life. Gaze into the soul of this animal and you’ll see what the artist had intended to portray.

61.  nature – the giver and taker of life

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62. Going Around in Circles of Life, to Witness The Beginning and The End

A beautiful sketch of what seems to be portraying the circle of life. Birds, trees, and other plants of various types surround this circle-like shape, giving it a truly magnificent aura.

62. Going around in circles of life, to witness the beginning and the end

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63. Dead in The Woods Where Crows Feast

A haunting sketch of what looks like a scene in the forest with nothing but dead trees and a whole lot of mist. The crows flying at to the element of horror and mystery.

63.  dead in the woods where crows feast

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64. A Half Moon Style Painting of a Natural Scene

Nothing much to explain here – it’s just a beautiful image drawn within a half moon shape. Despite the ambiguity, you can clearly see the river flowing in the middle of the scene.

64.  a half moon style painting of a natural scene

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65. The Roaring of The Ocean Waves Captured Inside of a Full Moon

It’s fascinating how much artists experiment with creating scenes inside geometrical shapes. This one wonderfully displays a large, roaring wave in the middle of the sea.

65.  the roaring of the ocean waves captured inside of a full moon

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66. Just Some Outlines of a Cliff

It is as the headline of the image says – outlines of a cliff, probably sketched using pencils.

66.  just some outlines of a cliff

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67. Formation of The Mountains Through The Ages

The birth of the mountains drawn using minimum number of lines. Come to think of it, you cannot tell until the last image that the artist intended to draw a scene of the mountains.

67.  formation of the mountains through the ages

via torstan.deviantart.com

68. The River Flows Lazily Over The Edge

Ever heard people saying “think out of the box?” Well, this artist took it a little too literally and came up with this interesting sketch. The river flowing out of the geometrical shape portrays the artist’s unique thinking.

68.  the river flows lazily over the edge

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69. Giving You The Gift of Nature

Another wonderful sketch of a hand holding out a camping landscape. We bet the artist was really wishing he could escape the world and go pitch a tent when they drew this.

69. Giving you the gift of nature

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70. Let Us Be One Together and in Peace With Our Roots

Holding hands or two roots intertwining? It’s actually both! We believe this surreal sketch urges the viewer to accept nature as it is and become one.

70.  let us be one together and in peace with our roots

via iameltonfernandes.tumblr.com

71. Where Death Knells is Also Where Life Emerges

The elements of nature and the process of life wonderfully displayed in a highly illustrative sketch. Look at how the butterfly perches on top of the skull and the roots that go well beneath the ground. It’s the attention to details that steals the show.

71. Where death knells is also where life emerges

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72. My Heart is Like a Lotus Flower

Another fascinating illustration showing a lotus flower connected to a human heart. We wonder what the artist was thinking when they do this.

72.  my heart is like a lotus flower

Source Unknown

73. A Quiet Night Under The Stars Captured Inside of The Love Sign

Pretty simple to explain, don’t you think? All Sam Larson is trying to say is that he loves gazing at the mountains on a beautiful moonlit night.73. A quiet night under the stars captured inside of the love sign

via Pinterest

74. A Puny Boat Braves The Tumultuous Waves

Wow! It really takes some imagination to conjure a scene showing a boat being flung high by a powerful wave using only a few lines. Doesn’t this image take your breath away?

74.  a puny boat braves the tumultuous waves

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75. Breezing Away to Destination

A light-hearted image showing a boat sailing in the sea with high winds. It’s amazing what a few pencil strokes and a black highlighter can do.

75.  breezing away to destination

via tattoo-designs-tips.com

76. An Unusually Large Coconut Looms Over a Campsite

A scene of a tranquil campsite with an unusually large coconut handing over the tent. You can see that the shape of the coconut is competing with the size of the sun. Again, this image has been achieved using only just a few lines.

76.  an unusually large coconut looms over a campsite

via instagram

77. The Ideal Vacation Spot

A tent between two trees and under the supervision of a crescent moon. Can life get any better than this?

77.  the ideal vacation spot

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78. Up in Flames at Dead of The Night

A sketch that looks like a scene out of a fairytale, shows a house with his sloping roof with a bonfire in front and fern trees overlooking from the back. This image is truly magical to say the least.

78.  up in flames at dead of the night

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79. Make-A-Wish and We’ll Make It Come True

This is a simple yet sophisticated image saying Make-A-Wish. Everything element apart from the text has been drawn using pencil strokes.

79.  make-a-wish and we’ll make it come true

via artprojectsforkids.org

80. Encouraging You to Go Places and Wonder More

Using the perfect combination of soft and hard pencil strokes, the artist has managed to craft a neat portrayal of a mountain camp side at night. From the text “wander more” we can tell that they are urging the viewers to go out and live life.

80.  encouraging you to go places and wonder more

via typographybyhand.tumblr.com

81. Preserve Mother Nature for The Sake of Entire Mankind

Sam Larson has once again created magic by fusing the elements of nature inside of a bearlike figure, signifying their harmonious relationship. It’s time that we treat a nature with respect for the sake of mankind.

81.  preserve mother nature for the sake of entire mankind

via Pinterest

82. Fox Dives for His Hunt While Nature Watches in a State of Calm

Ever seen Fox’s diving into thick ice in search of her prey? Well, this drawing wonderfully captures that breathtaking moment of fox leaping into the air. As you can see, some trees have been sketched within the boundaries of the Fox’s body.

82. Fox dives for his hunt while nature watches in a state of calm

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83. Your Daily Dose of Camping Served Over a Cup of Coffee

How unique is this sketch? If the first thought that comes to mind when you reach out for that morning cup of coffee is camping, then this drawing speaks volumes about the artist’s thought.

83.  your daily dose of camping served over a cup of coffee

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84. A Simple Scene of the Countryside

‘Keep it Simple’ is the motto of this countryside scene. You can see how comfortable the house is nestled with clouds and the mountains converging at the back. Blissful, wouldn’t you say?

84.  a simple scene of the countryside

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85. Nature Reclaiming What is Rightly Hers

There is nothing much to talk about in this scene. It just shows some elements of nature metaphorically breaking through the ringed planet. This illustration goes to show how the forces of nature triumph over all.

85.  nature reclaiming what is rightly hers

via Pinterest

86. Painting With Flowers and Petals

A simple sketch of paint tools replaced by some flowers and a slender branch. We wonder what the artists had in mind when he was drawing this.

86.  painting with flowers and petals

via Instagram

87. Night and Day are Just Perspectives of Mankind

A surreal sketch showing a mountain acting as a divide between night and day. What does the image portray? Probably that the concepts of the day and night are man-made and there is not much of a difference anyway.

87.  night and day are just perspectives of mankind

via Pinterest

88. To The Moon and Back in Perfect Circles

“To The Moon and Back” is the sketch of something that we probably don’t know. It’s unclear if the artist wanted to credit something or just made it out of imagination. All we can do is appreciate such creativity.

88.  to the moon and back in perfect circles

via instagram

89. Praise the Sun, the Wondrous Father!

Probably the most beautiful portrayal of the known universe that we have ever seen. Notice how the sun takes center stage and all the planets orbiting around it. Really leaves no doubt in your mind that the sun is the mightiest celestial body of all.

89.  praise the sun, the wondrous father!

via Pinterest

90. “Going Camping Once Again in My RV”

You’ve seen many camping sketches featuring an RV, but this one is special indeed. Not only is the sketch intricately drawn, but the details in the distance scene are astounding.

90.  “going camping once again in my rv”

via Pinterest

91. Creation of The Universe in One Simple Explosion

“And if your head explodes with dark foreboding tunes, I’ll see you on the dark side of the Moon.” The lyrics to the Pink Floyd song is the only thing that came to my mind when I laid my eyes upon this image.

91. Creation of the universe in one simple explosion

via aquarelismo.tumblr.com

92. Elements of Nature Depicted Through Sketch of a Lying Fox

It’s not uncommon for artists to depict natural scenes within sketches of animals. This one shows a wolf lying down and the sketch of a nature site.

92.  elements of nature depicted through sketch of a lying fox

via alfredbasha.tumblr.com 

93. My Heart is in Your Hands

It’s unclear what the grand image this tattoo is trying to portray. All we can make out is that it is somehow involved with the professing of love.

93.  my heart is in your hands

via google

94. Enter the Matrix – The Inescapable Urban Jungle

Gaze into the round framed sunglass. What do you see? No, it isn’t a trick question from The Matrix movie; you can clearly see the reflection of a city scene.

94.  enter the matrix – the inescapable urban jungle

via google

95. The Sun Shines Through the Clouds and Makes the Waves Rise

Using a lot of wavy patterns and only a few shades of lines, the artist has managed to capture a scene of the sun peeking through the clouds and falling upon high waves.

95. The sun shines through the clouds and makes the waves rise

Source Unknown

96. Stop Working; Start Living!

Another Wander More sketch urging to live your life to the fullest. The quintessential camping tent, and fern trees along with the mountain overlooking from a distance are all present.

96.  stop working; start living!

via bloglovin.com

97. Land of the Rising Sun

The sun rises magnificently over a tall mountain, dispersing the clouds and dispelling darkness. You have to admire how effortlessly the artist has portrayed this serene scene.

97.  land of the rising sun

via Pinterest

98. Asking You to Go Out and Explore

98.  asking you to go out and explore

via delta-breezes.tumblr.com

99. Of Aliens, Conspiracies, Peace, and Love

Many scenes depicted in many different circular formations. What you make out of it is entirely up to you.99. Of aliens, conspiracies, peace, and love

via instagram

100. Taking My Jeep on an Adventure Once Again

Very few things can be as exhilarating as riding a jeep into the wild. After all, the brand made its name in the off-road cars industry by appealing to a niche audience.

100.  taking my jeep on an adventure once again

via wideopencowbell.tumblr.com

101. Living inside the RV; Living on the Edge

RV lifestyle, though fun, is not for everyone. It is for seasoned travelers or the Gypsy at heart who cannot imagine living life within man-made boundaries. This simple yet beautiful sketch is a tribute to that sort of lifestyle.

101.  living inside the rv; living on the edge

via instagram

102. Into The Wild in Four Different Strokes

A picture is worth a million words, and this one doesn’t need any description to go with it.

102. Into the wild in four different strokes

via behance

103. Geometrical Patterns Brought to Life With Sketches

The collection of excellent sketches confined within geometrical patterns. The sketch of the sleeping fox in the middle is our favorite; which one is yours?

103.  geometrical patterns brought to life with sketches

via instagram.com

104. Simple Sketch of a Pond and a Camping Site

A beautiful camping spot drawn using only a few sketches. You can clearly make out the two campers canoeing in the middle of the pond while the bonfire burns nearby shore.

104. Simple sketch of a pond and a camping site

via davidrollyn.tumblr.com

105. A Wolf Howls at The Dead of Night

The Howling Wolf, the crescent moon, and lots of natural elements surrounding the scene. This sketch doesn’t need any description.

105.  a wolf howls at the dead of night

via instagram

106. Girl Meets Wolf – Their Fate Locked Together

Is this a scene from The Little Red Riding Hood? Hard to tell because the wolf figure in the image does not appear to be malevolent. We have to appreciate the artist’s idea though.

106. Girl meets wolf – their fate locked together

via fubiz

107. Jared Kohn Works Up a Genius Sketch Once Again

Jaren Kohn the master illustrator has no lack of work to be crowned among the league of jewels. This is one such sample! We leave its interpretation up to you.

107.  jared kohn works up a genius sketch once again

via Pinterest ; Jared Kohn

108. The Classic RV That Defined the 70s

An image with colors for a change! Doesn’t this RV remind you of the good old 70s?

108.  the classic rv that defined the 70s

via imgarcade.com

109. An Astronaut’s Plaything

An astronaut standing still with a balloon? Oh wait! That’s not a balloon, but the texture appears like that of the Moon. Again, it’s hard to tell what the artist was aiming to portray with this sketch.

109.  an astronaut’s plaything

via everythingyoutouchyoudontfeel.tumblr.com

110. Running With The Runner

The word RUN, written as if the R itself was running. Nothing more to say, really.

110. Running with the runner

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111. Traveling Alone Through the Mountain- A new Beginning

111. Traveling alone through the mountain- a new beginning

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For those who are adventurous at heart, there can be no greater joy than setting off into the wilderness to take a long break from city life. Be it with your friends or alone, the respite you get from living away from home is priceless! We hope that our collection of art from some wandering souls were able to inspire you to travel once again in search of the unknown.

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