Extension of Nya Nordiska / STAAB ARCHITEKTEN

Extension of nya nordiska / staab architekten

A company extension project in the historical old town of Dannenberg The special feature of this task is that the complex functional interconnections of the company’s headquarters must be brought into harmony with the historical architectural context and the small units of the old town.

Extension of nya nordiska / staab architekten

For example, the volume of the new building will be characterised by the style of the surrounding area, with its shed and gable roofs, and cast in its own unmistakeable new form. By taking up the volume of the existing roof forms in the surrounding area and varying their dimensions, a scale is created which is appropriate to each situation.

Extension of nya nordiska / staab architekten

With its uniform outer facade of reddish anodised metal, the building documents its organisational unity, its coherent design and its contemporary construction. It shows that a production location can also lead to an urban design enhancement in a dense town centre building environment.

Project Details:
Location: Dannenberg, Germany
Architects: STAAB ARCHITEKTEN – www.staab-architekten.com
Restricted implementation competition, 1st prize 2008
for performance phases 2 – 7
Start of planning / completion 2008 – 2010
Usable floor area 3700 m2
Photos: Marcus Ebener

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