The Story of Feng Shui of Full Glass Front Doors

When you’re building the home of your dreams, it’s a given fact that you’ll make sure to keep everything up to the mark. And feng shui is one such factor that plays a crucial role in creating a vibrant, powerful, and positive energy in any place. 

This mainly helps replicate the universal energy, Chi, in your indoor environment by maintaining a balance between the elements of earth, wood, fire, metal, and water.

So, when you’re installing a new glass door, it’s important to pay close attention to such a detail as it can bring enormous improvement in your space.  With the auspicious flow of energy inside the house, it will sustain the health, wealth, and peace of mind of all people living in the house.

So, without further ado, let’s delve closer into the topic!

Glass Front Doors Feng Shui

The story of feng shui of full glass front doorr

Feng Shui of Your Front Door

The front door is the main harbor, acting as the entryway for ‘Chi,’ a term referring to the universal energy that permeates everything around us. This refers to the energy that is present inside and outside our homes as well as inside our bodies. 

And since the front door acts as the “Mouth of Chi,” it influences the energy surrounding it and that which enters the house. This is why you need to ensure that you’re picking a sturdy, well-balanced, and powerful front door allowing it to welcome positive energy. It should have the right proportions, without being too small or big for your home or office. 

By the end of the day, if your space has sufficient powerful Chi, you’ll notice positive changes around you and in all the different areas of your life. These include your physical health, business, and personal life. Moreover, front doors are generally said to be the powerful protectors of energy levels. That’s mainly because the front door is what demarcates the inner world from the world outside. 

Furthermore, your front door is also considered to be the official entry point of energy, which makes it essential for you to properly set it up in your house. We say this because when you walk in through or out the front door, you’ll make way for positive energy and new opportunities to reach you. 

The story of feng shui of full glass front doors

How do the full glass front doors work?

When you have a glass front door, it offers you the perfect view of the outside world, but the main concern is related to its fragility. As most of you can already understand, this is a see-through door, which gives you minimal protection from the kinds of energy that make their way inside. So, your house will harbor all types of energy: be it positive, negative, in-between, etc. 

But a glass door can be a hindrance if you think that it’s making you feel insecure and uncomfortable in your own space. This is because anyone can peek inside your home, which doesn’t necessarily invite very good feng shui. If you are looking for beautiful and more secure modern glass door designs, then you should check out this segment on sliding glass doors.

The front door can affect your work and health if you don’t feel safe while sleeping, with the fear of having an intruder walk into your space. So, you need to pay attention to different factors when you try and assess the feng shui of the area for your front door installation.

This is why you should have a clear understanding of the fact that no particular “thing” actually exists on its own, but it is instead a connection of several factors around it. 

Therefore, a full glass front door that is strengthened by the right design elements and is entirely supported will help create a good or neutral feng shui.

The story of feng shui of full glass front door


Now that we’ve come to the end of our guide, we hope it has helped you understand how to keep a balance between the different feng shui elements. It works more like the building blocks that attract positive energy in your space. So, when picking a full glass front door, don’t hesitate to weigh out the design elements to create good feng shui in any area.

Till next time!

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