Forest House / Primus architects

Forest house / primus architects

Project Details:
Location: Asserbo, Denmark
Type: Residential – Houses
Area: 108m2
Architects: Primus Architects
Interior Design consultant, fittings, kitchen and bathroom: Louise de Fønss

Architect’s Statement:
The site is a long, slender plot facing the edge of a forest. The diagonal offers view of the heath.

The clients wanted to shut the house off to the adjacent buildings in order to have an exclusive experience of the forest.

Forest house / primus architects

They wanted the house to create a spatial frame for large dinner parties and at the same time provide intimacy. The section is an interpretation of the local building regulations in order to create maximum ceiling height and natural light.

Forest house / primus architects

The facade is a lapped cladding in solid oak boards treated with iron sulfate, which protects the wood and creates the weathered surface.

The furnishing of the interior is created by the skewing of the plan, which creates hidden storage space and a hidden entrance covered by oak panels.

Forest house / primus architects

The floor is polished concrete with built-in heating

Interior walls are made from wooden boards of slightly different thickness, creating a tactile surface that catches the light.

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