House LS / UR Architects

House ls / ur architects
© Fien Muller

The plot is located on the chaotic backside of a ribbon development in a typical Belgian village, between a greenhouse, an orchard, farmland and free standing houses. The old small single row-house with blind façades facing north and south has stables to the back and an improvised veranda in between. The plot is accessed through a service path in the south east corner.

House ls / ur architects
© Fien Muller

The concept reinforces the existing house and goes along with the dream of rural living. In a first phase, with a very limited budget, a wider, more comfortable home is made initiating the extension into the stable space. A second phase of the project integrates this space completely (delivery end 2014). The authenticity of the place is made liveable for a contemporary resident.

House ls / ur architects
© Fien Muller

The existing veranda gives place to a living space which brings house and stables together in a linear organization. A void connects as a hyphen both volumes. One large steel structure with a double sliding windows joins dining room, living room and working-space and opens them up to the sunny southern garden. A double height space on each side increases openness and clarity.

At a later stage a carport in front of the closed part of the south façade will shield the large private garden from the access.

Project Details:

Location: Moerzeke, Belgium
Type: Residential – Houses
Area: 170m2
Architects: UR Architects
Team: Nikolaas Vande Keere, Regis Verplaetse, Ana Pontinha
Photos: Fien Muller

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