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The HP DesignJet Studio Printer has become the talk of the town with its stunning design, making it a piece of “furniture that prints” as Dezeen dubs it.

And rightly so, since it is available in a wooden or steel finish, you can choose whichever variant matches your existing décor, a high-end printer that offers countless benefits for architects and designers. It is, without a doubt, the most beautiful plotter an architect could have.

However, it costs a bomb, so we were wondering if it is really worth it! And if it is, is it an ideal home and office printer for you?

We’ll answer these questions and more in this extensive review of the 24-inch HP DesignJet Studio Printer, but if you have already decided on this epic plotter please let us know in the comment section below and we will gladly assist you!

Let’s start with the basic highlights!

HP Designjet Studio Review

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If you want a printer that effortlessly handles multi-size projects and offers high-speed printing, look no further. The printing speed of the HP DesignJet Studio Printer is just 26 seconds/ page for an A1 plot. 

Available in two sizes and colors, this large-format printer features a petite body to conveniently fit in your home/office and still make a style statement!

HP Designjet Studio Printer Strengths

Founded in 1939 and split in 2015, HP was one of the first US companies to advocate that employees, customers, and the community are as invested in company performance as its shareholders. Thus, it is no surprise that it ranks among the best workplaces for women and minorities and remains a favorite among users. 

The HP DesignJet Studio Printer is one of the brand’s excellent range of electronics that allows you to work smart, not hard.

Let’s take a look at some of its features.

  1. High-speed Printing

As mentioned earlier, this plotter by HP facilitates rapid-speed printing, which allows you to be more productive. Not only does it print an A1-sized design within 26 seconds, but it also holds the page for a short while to let the ink dry. 

Truly, this printer stands true to its motto of “Think big, print easy”!

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  1. Crystal Clear Prints

Even with its quick operation, the large-format plotter manages to print crisp, smudge-free designs. It offers a resolution of 2,400 x 1,200 dpi with its 1,376 nozzles, which is as good as some of the other premium printers out there.

Plus, the HP Bright Office Inks allow your designs to be printed with 65% more saturation and 31% more accuracy than other competing printers. Although cross-checking the exact difference is difficult, we were pleased by the vivid color reproduction and clean-cut lines.

Overall, the performance and print quality of this unit is fit for architectural plans and sketches. While it does print glossy, colored photographs and art prints, the results are not quite vivid and realistic. But considering that this printer was designed keeping in mind the needs of architects and engineers, we were quick to overlook this minor drawback. 

  1. Smart And Stylish Design

This HP plotter is built to complement the rest of the furniture at home while offering the best performance. Available in two sizes (24-inch and 36-inch) and colors (wood and steel), this device looks as good as a high-end piece of furniture. 

The entire body of the printer is matte white, while the top features a wood/steel finish, making it fit the trendy modern aesthetic of most households. But despite its sufficiently large build to accommodate A1-sized sheets, this product features a fairly small footprint. 

Additionally, the plotter comes packaged with steel tubes and a piece of plastic fabric. You can screw them together to build a stand for the printer or place the printer as is on a table. However, we recommend using the stand as it holds the device at the perfect height, allowing the printed scrolls to roll out and drop into the catch tray.

Although the print-outs occasionally fall on the floor, overall, the design is very well thought out.

Other than that, the front panel of the printer features four inkjet cartridges, topped by a spindle for loading paper. Also, the rear end dons connections for USB data, Ethernet, and mains cables.  

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  1. Touchscreen Interface

The interface of the DesignJet Studio plotter adds yet another touch of convenience! 

Albeit a bit too small for the large printer, its ease and responsiveness leave us short of any complaints. All you have to do is tap lightly on the screen, and your printer will be ready to take your commands.

  1. Connectivity

Adding to the previous point, the printer is accompanied by the HP Smart app, further enhancing its ease of use. The app is compatible with Android and iOS devices, so you can print designs and stay productive on the go.

Moreover, the printer is equipped with Wi-Fi Direct, AirPrint, and HP Click, ensuring all-around connectivity and multiple printing. On the other hand, the device does not offer Bluetooth connectivity and features no USB ports. Even so, we think its smart connectivity features are unmatched. 

  1. Easy Operation

Although setting up the printer requires some time, from there on, it’s a smooth ride. 

The plotter uses dye-based ink and can print up to 101 A1-sized scrolls with 20 ml of ink. It boasts a built-in memory of 1GB that can print files in URF, HP-GL/2, CALS G4, HP-RTL, and JPEG format. But, note that the printer does not support Adobe PostScript.

Further, the automatic cutter, sheet feeder, roll feed, sheet feed, and media bin ensure that you get high-quality prints without lifting a finger! The most you would have to do is change the paper roll, even that being quick and easy with the automatic lining. 

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  1. Environmentally Conscious

HP claims its plotter to be “the first net carbon neutral HP DesignJet plotter.” However, the fact that the device is made of just 10% recycled plastic does not fit right with its lofty claim.

But, again, the ink cartridges are recyclable, and small steps matter, so we admit that HP is making some effort to reduce its carbon footprint. 

  1. Warranty

HP offers a limited warranty of two years and may even provide 90 days of technical phone support. However, the latter offer may vary for different countries, so we recommend confirming it before purchasing the printer. 

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What Could’ve Been Better?

Although this plotter is quite steeply priced, we believe its top-notch performance makes it a valuable investment. However, no device is free from faults, and there are a few in the HP DesignJet Studio Printer that you must know of before purchasing it.

First off, other than the price of the printer itself, the ink cartridges are quite expensive, too. So, getting just four complimentary cartridges is quite a bummer. However, since most architectural sketches do not require much ink, you could be saving up in the long run.

Moreover, as mentioned earlier, this plotter does not print out the best-quality photographs. The difference between line drawings and photographs is the realistic, 3D effect, which this printer fails to recreate. So, we do not quite recommend this device for photographers.

How To Choose A High-end Printer?

Large-format printing has become a necessity for many. Especially with art-based small businesses (sticker shops, t-shirt printing, etc.) emerging every day, even young adults and students are looking for a cost-effective plotter.

However, in all reality, plotters are pretty expensive. Even the HP DesignJet Studio Printer is priced at $1,799 (24-inch unit). So, we’ve compiled some crucial factors that you must keep in mind before buying a high-end printer.

  1. Size

Wide-format printers are available in sizes of 24-inch, 36-inch, 44-inch, and 60-inch. Depending on the size of materials to be printed, you must carefully pick a printer that accommodates your needs.

We recommend a 36-inch unit for engineers as it is suitable for most types of construction documents.

  1. Print Quality

To ensure the print quality, you must know the resolution that the printer offers, along with the droplet size and number of cartridges of ink used. Needless to say, higher resolution produces better-quality prints.

On the other hand, the droplet size is inversely proportional to the picture quality. This implies smaller drops create higher-resolution images and vice versa. 

When it comes to the number of ink cartridges, try opting for a higher quantity. While buying a printer from physical stores, we recommend requesting a print sample. That’s the only foolproof method of analyzing the quality and making an informed decision.

  1. Connectivity 

This factor is essential to ensure seamless printing, even when you’re out of your office/home. Thus, besides WiFi connectivity and cloud storage, some connectivity features may be more suitable for specific projects.

For instance, the traditional USB connections are a must for printers equipped with USB ports that allow connectivity with hard drives, cameras, and other devices. Additionally, these USB ports are a boon for places with unstable internet connections. SD card slots also offer similar offline connectivity.

Another interesting connectivity feature is the Wi-Fi Direct mode. This mode of connection links the printer with a nearby device for fast and secure print commands.

  1. Printing Speed

Speed is key for large-scale businesses. Since plotters deal with large scrolls of sheets, these devices take more time to get the job done than regular printers. However, nobody wants to wait for hours to print designs, especially when you’re on a deadline. In this aspect, the HP DesignJet Studio Printer has the edge over most large-format printers out there.

But, if budget is a constraint, you can always look at other options. Consider your workload and the corresponding print quality while opting for low-speed printers.

  • Contemporary design with small footprint
  • Easy-to-use controls and touchscreen interface
  • Rapid speed printing
  • Crisp print quality
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for photographers

Hp designjet studio 24in printer review 1

We admit, buying the HP DesignJet Studio printer is quite a blow to the budget. Adding to that is the recurring expense of ink cartridges, which are not typically cheap either. 

However, considering the stylish design and practical features on offer, we cannot deny that this plotter is worth every penny. Unlike most bulky plotters, the Studio series adds to the overall aesthetic of any space.

Additionally, it offers seamless connectivity, so you can send print commands even when you’re out and about. And let’s not forget the very sharp print quality, making this plotter a must-have for practicing and professional designers, engineers, and architects. 

So, try out this functional device at work or home, and let us know what you think about its performance. 

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