La Marque – The Timeless Brass Pen Collection You Need


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Every now and then we stumble upon something that reads instantly as timeless, sculptural, something able to hold the test of time.

La Marque is one such item, a time piece.

A pen that contradicts everything, an extension of your character, a unique lifetime pen, an instrument for life.

Unlike others, the collection has been designed to have nothing but the bare essentials, with no mechanisms or plastics that fade over time, just a precise mechanical build.  The product is an all brass build, no springs, no plastics.

La Marques are not your typical lightweight pen as the solid brass brings weight, character to a lost habit, writing.

The collection comes in three sculptural pieces entitled Quadrum, Octagon and Carbon, and three finishes, gold, silver, phantom, all brushed.

Cast a glance over the campaign over at Indiegogo and feast upon the simple, timeless design.


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