Netherlands Forensic Institute / KAAN Architects

Netherlands forensic institute / kaan architects

Located in Ypenburg, The Hague, the NFI is a glazed volume in a steel box set in a typical Dutch motorway landscape.

The building is a high security bulwark and an eye-catcher. It yields a corridor spread over four floors with cellular offices and laboratories. Size and location of each laboratory can be adapted to suit changing demands and conditions.

Netherlands forensic institute / kaan architects

The NFI has been cut open horizontally and seems to accommodate a glass volume. The steel box acts as solar shading. Light penetration is different on each side. The glass volume seems to lie just off centre because the steel cantilevers around the building are not equally deep.

Netherlands forensic institute / kaan architects

The architectural and spatial expressions of the interior are determined by material and colour. Form and space are virtually without properties, except in the part adjacent to the entrance, where an auditorium, library and conference room is stacked on top of one another.

Project Details:
Location: The Hague, The Netherlands
Type: Offices
Location: The Hague, The Netherlands
Program: offices, labs, auditorium, parking, cafeteria and weapon storage
Design: 1999
Completion: 2004
GFA: 28.529 sqm
Client: Rijksgebouwendienst DGEO
Architects: KAAN Architects –
Team: Allard Assies, Henri van Bennekom, Valéry Didelon, Gabriella Fiorentini, Michael Geensen, Artsje Hijlkema, Kees Kaan, Carl de Leeuw, Eric van Noord, Hannes Ochmann, Vincent Panhuysen, Björn Scharwei, Kartsen Schellmat, Dikkie Scipio, Heidi Serbruyns, Kim Sneyders, Pasquale Talerico, Thierry Voellinger, Martin Zwinggi
Photographs: Luuk Kramer

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