SCube / AGi architects

SCube / AGi architects
© Nelson Garrido

In order to create private and independent houses for each family -comprising of three young couples with two small children each-, AGi architects have divided the plot into two units, composed of two houses that are mirror images of each other, named S2 and S3. These units are separated by a staircase leading towards the third house, located at the higher level. The third house is positioned on top and across from the two residences, enjoying a large roof terrace with direct views towards the sea. Each of the three houses enjoys an individual outdoor area that is open to the sky, privacy from its neighbor, and extended sea views.

SCube / AGi architects
© Nelson Garrido

The highly dense program in the intertwined houses is manipulated to create outdoor spaces which harvest the prevailing winds and enhance their circulation within the courtyards, allowing people to comfortably reside in them. The building is carefully situated to protect its exposure to the sun on the southern façade, whilst increasing shaded space on the northern side to frame views out to the sea as well as create a pleasant outdoor environment.

SCube / AGi architects
© Nelson Garrido

The outdoor spaces on the ground floor and the roof terrace of the third house on the upper level are the main distinguishing elements and spaces of this project; from which the three houses are organized around them. They are beach houses designed to optimize and enhance the outdoor experience.

S Cube chalet is developed into three levels:
1- S2 and S3 houses comprise of mirrored program, occupying two levels:
Ground floor. Main bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room and a large courtyard open to the sea.
First floor. Two bedrooms, bathroom and a terrace with side views to the sea, designed as a playing area for children. Terraces of both houses are visually separated by a grid.

SCube / AGi architects
© Nelson Garrido

2- S1 house is developed in two separate levels illustrated below:
First floor. Main bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, living room, and a terrace connected to the S3 terrace.
Second floor. Two bedrooms, bathroom and a large terrace facing the sea.

The flooring, stairs and dividing wall between S1 and S2 are all are cladded using Indian sandstone. Interior walls and ceilings are finished using plaster and paint, whilst handrails are cladded with wood.

SCube / AGi architects
© Nelson Garrido

The interiors have been designed by AGi architects. All materials used in the S Cube project are locally manufactured. The loose furniture produced by Spanish brands, supplied by Gunni & Trentino.

Project Details:

Location: Kuwait
Type: ResidentialHouses
Architects: AGi
Design Team: Joaquin Pérez-Goicoechea – Nasser B. Abulhasan – Salvador Cejudo
Team: Robert A. Varghese – Abdul Hafiz Mohammed – Mónica Marqués – José Ángel del Campo
Area: 750 m2
Date: 2007-2011
Photos: Nelson Garrido


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