Find Refuge in 20 of the Most Extraordinary Ski Chalets in the World

It is easy to fall victim to spending fortunes in booking multiple rooms in a resort, or even to battling crowds in long chairlift lines and over packed trails.

But what is not easy to find, is the perfect, quiet vacation rental, ideal for a family get together or even a solitary retreat, especially during a winter escape.

And if you are dreaming of renting one such stunning mansion with a breathtaking view of the French, Swiss or Italian Alps, then we have got just the right list for you.
Today, we bring you 20 of the most extraordinary Ski chalets in the world!
Not only are these exquisite places a safe haven for skiers and hikers who couldn’t make it down the mountain to safety before the sunset, but they are also available to visitors to rent for a few nights at impressively low costs. 

So without much delay, let us get on with the list.

20 of the Most Extraordinary Ski Chalets in the World Follow 

  1. Le Refuge des Cosmiques

Created by the French physicist Louis Leprince-Ringuet in the 1930s, this refuge at 11,854 feet was initially used as an observatory for the study of cosmic rays. But the once shabby hut is now the point of departure of some of the most famous skiing routes including the Cosmic Couloir, which is a classic run for the most extreme skiers.

You can access the refuge by riding the Aiguille du Midi cable car, followed by, using a mountain guide to walk one hour from the top station. And if you can afford it, you are allowed to use the helicopter service for an extra fee.


  1. Rifugio Fanes, Val Badia, Italy

As luxurious as they come the Rifugio Fanes in Italy, maintains a perfect amalgamation of the rustic hut like feel and modern day luxury. With a menu that goes beyond just filling you up, it is a decadent feast for the glutton.   

Apart from a spectacular view of the mountains, this chalet will provide you with luxurious beds and hot showers, for just €39 half-board in a 10-person dorm or only €56 in an ensuite double room.


  1. Le Refuge du Requin

Situated 8,255 feet up on a rocky outcrop, this refuge is primarily made of stone and supports a beautiful balcony view which stretches from the Mer de Glace (Sea of Ice) to the Dent du Géant (Giant’s Tooth).

If you have a habit of enjoying that occasional glass of wine in the evenings, then you cannot ask for more, as the vast serenity of the French Alps will ultimately help you relax.

The Le Refuge du Requin opens from mid-January to mid-May and also in summer. It comes fully equipped and is accessed from the Aiguille du Midi lift with an easy descent by the Vallée Blanche.


  1. Riffelalp Resort, Zermatt, Switzerland

Containing one of the world’s highest outdoor swimming pools, the Riffelalp is ideal for the hiking purist. Present high on a mountain, it literally has no road access. The Riffelalp’s five stars and a splendid view of the Alps’ ultimate rock, the Matterhorn, make a visit essential.

Present in the heart of the Zermatt ski domain and can reach your goal by cog railway. And lodging for doubles from CHF410 is £245, which includes breakfast.


  1. Le Refuge de Lognan

Initially a military camp within the Grands Montets ski area, this stone refuge-hotel turned itself around as a haven for all weary travelers.

Situated in the tranquil and serene spot of Chamonix Valley, the Le Refuge de Lognan is world renowned for its New Year’s Eve party.

Accessing it is reasonably straightforward. It is just a short walk away from the Lognan cable car stop. It is ideal for a family expedition as it also provides catering upon request.


  1. Piesendorf/Kaprun Hütte, Europasportregion, Austria

This once ancient farmhouse is now transformed into a respectable mountain refuge. For a truly historic and rustic experience, the massive, gnarled beams and deep eaves evoke a sense of wonder that feeds one’s wanderlust.

It is ideal for a group or family who wants the chalet to themselves, as there is no general staff, and is entirely self-serve. For a week of hardcore adventuring along the slopes, it can be booked for a group of 10 from €1,050.


  1. Le Refuge de Leschaux

One of the most rustic little refuge on the list today. This rural shelter is present at the height of 7,976 feet. And is accessible from the Vallée Blanche and the Leschaux glacier.

The first refuge which was built was destroyed in an avalanche in the year 1954. But today they have built themselves up into a warm and cozy structure, clad in metal that houses 22 individuals in the summer, and 12 in the winter.


  1. Bivacco Gervasutti

For a year-round getaway, the Bivacco Gervasutti is perfect for a solitary retreat. Originally named after Giusto Gervasutti who was the pioneer of the hard route up to Grandes Jorasses during the 1940s.

This chalet is quite unique to the area it is in. Present in the upper Fréboudze Glacier region on the Italian side of the Mont Blanc massif, it is the most modernized and luxurious of the mountain chalets in that area.   

With a modern appearance, this futuristic hut was equipped with everything from solar power to the Internet since the time when Gervasutti replaced the original in 1948.


  1. Rifugio Guglielmina, Monte Rosa, Italy

Between the Alagna and the Gressoney, you will find the Guglielmina at a 2,880m height perched on the craggy Col d’Olen.If you are feeling adventurous, the Monte Rosa massif will provide you with one of the most thrilling adventures ever.

Located in an extraordinary setting of calm and serenity, the ease of access is worth boasting as well. Two significant lifts serve the area, and a new piste passes the front door. An equally extravagant wine cellar complements sumptuous food. For half-board, it is just €55.


  1. Ski Bridge Lodge: Breckenridge, Colorado

To keep its luxury rustic accent, the beautiful ski-in/Ski-out  Ski Bridge Lodge was made with especially reclaimed barn wood and Canadian wood beams.  

With Gothic artwork, grand window lines and a floor to ceiling stone fireplace, the spectacular living room even offers a magnificent view of the Colorado landscape.

As it is located directly on the Snowflake Run trail of Breckenridge Ski Resort,  all you need to do is strap on your pair of skis and slide over.


  1. Rifugio Bella Vista, Val Senales, Italy

If accessibility and ease of transport is your primary concern, then the Bella Vista will be hard to miss. Conveniently situated right in the middle of the Val Senales ski domain, it is easily reached on skis irrespective of the remote rural setting.

The Bella Vista will be able to provide you with an excellent cuisine along with all modern amenities, if are look to bring your family over. Upgraded over recent years, the Bella Vista has additionally installed mirage-inducing mirrors which clad the outbuildings.


  1. Rifugio Guide del Cervino Plateau, Rosà, Italy

One of the highest located chalets that can be skied to, the Rifugio Guide del Cervino Plateau stands at the height of 3,480m. Accessible with skis after riding the lifts from Cervinia or Zermatt, the extreme altitude may be a problem to some, as it might deprive you of any form of sleep.

Irrespective of the harsh weather present all year round, the beauty and the necessary comforts of the refuge makeup for a wonderful experience.

The cold nights bring with it bitter elements, and to brave them to see a close-up view of a string of peaks illuminated in the dusk afterglow, is one of the most breathtaking experiences in the world.


  1. Cabane du Mont-Fort, Verbier, Switzerland

Famous for its terrace lunches to day skiers, not only does the Cabane du Mont-Fort provide reasonable accommodations at an affordable rate it acts as a pit stop for ski tours as well.

Next time when you go parading with the rest of the crowd to try and get into Verbier’s legendary freeride terrain before any other skier. Why not give this refuge a try to replenish your exhausted batteries. At just from CHF52 (£31) for a dorm bed, you can have a more energetic start to the rest of the skiers.


  1. Les Rives D’Argentiere Chamonix, France

This is where the city meets the woods. You can either look to rent out one of the individual cabins or book the whole collection which can accommodate up to 50 people, if you are looking to host a small reception or a symposium, the small cozy setting is ideal.

Just moments away from the nearest ski lift at the famed Les Grand Montets. The Les Rives D’Argentiere Chamonix will support all modern amenities like a pool, hot tub, sauna, cinema room, games room, wine cellar, Nespresso machines and free Wi-Fi during your stay.


  1. Rifugio Regina Margherita, Monterosa, Italy

For the extreme solitary experience, you possibly cannot do better than renting a visit at the Rifugio Regina Margherita in Italy. As the highest mountain hut in the Alps, the Margherita is very remote in a serene rural setting.

At the height of 4,554m, it is quite a daunting task, physically and mentally to get used to the absolute isolation. The big metal cables that stretch over the top of the building holds on to the ridges, making it an anti-storm architectural device.


  1. Chalet Day Johns: Alta, Utah

Usually, during winter getaways, children do not tend to have a good time as they usually end up bored. So if you are planning to bring your kids along then, the Chalet Day Johns has you covered.  

With a deluxe entertainment room that boasts a 65-inch television, a spa room, and full gourmet kitchen, the kids will never be happier on any other trip.


  1. Whare Kea Chalet, New Zealand

For an experience in the Southern Alps, this standard outpost of Whare Kea Lodge down on Lake Wanaka will let you experience a spectacular panoramic view right from the living area.

Giving the feel of a personal oasis, the presence of a cozy bed and comfortable lodging make the refuge not just a beautiful place to retreat but to explore as well.

Bookings are possible only in conjunction with a stay at the Whare Kea Lodge, prices from NZ$6,200 (£2,265) for a double, including a helicopter, guide, and half-board.


  1. Num Ti Jah Lodge, Canada

The Num Ti Jah Lodge will give you the hunting experience you always desired. Accessing it from Canada’s Icefields Parkway is surprisingly easy via the single road linking Jasper and Lake Louise.

The Num Ti Jah will help you explore Bow Lake and the foot of the Crowfoot Glacier by snowshoes, or cross-country skis. Its spacious rooms have a vintage “steam” central heating and a restaurant. Initially built by the hunter-guide Jimmy Simpson it now is a safe refuge for all weary hunters.


  1. Villa Maria Luisa: Cortina D’Ampezzo, Italy

Situated conveniently in the middle of the Dolomites portion of the Southern Limestone Alps Cortina is one of Italy’s most famous ski towns.

Historically the region had hosted the 1956 Winter Olympics, the Villa Maria Luisa sitting at its heart is a warmly cozy experience for a winter getaway with an ineffable view of the Italian mountains.


  1. Brighton Chalet: Alta, Utah

One of the most tastefully decorated and elegant chalet in our list today. The vibrant, colorful interior of the Brighton Chalet will do you more than leaving an everlasting impression.

From a gourmet kitchen to a luxurious bed, and living area, this refuge will provide all. If you are looking to sit back with your family in the living to enjoy a panoramic view of the mountain slopes or strap on your boots and ski directly to the base of the Alta Ski Area, the Brighton experience will be beautiful either way.


Final Thoughts

If you are looking for decadent pampering in one of the most luxurious refuges, or just a course solitary retreat in the remotest cabins, the world is full of extraordinary ski chalets. We have just hand-picked our top 20 favorites.

However, beyond location and architecture, another fundamental aspect of selecting the perfect ski chalet is its interior comfort and tranquility. Much like homes, chalets, even those located in relatively peaceful areas, benefit significantly from soundproofing. This ensures a serene, distraction-free environment, whether for relaxation or work. If you are looking to soundproof a room at home do check out our article on the matter.

We hope this short vacation article will put some color in your holiday plans this year.

Till next time!  

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