The Barn – An Exemplary Piece Of Modern Architecture

If you’ve not heard about the daughter-father duo Andrea and Lindsay Moore, let’s give you a quick glimpse into the work profiles of these architects.

However, if you are an admirer like us, you may know about Ross Farm, their uptown boutique accommodation in South Gippsland. Honestly, it’s not unusual if you know about them as this premium property is considered as the one of the most awe-inspiring accommodations in Australia.

The plot includes three buildings named – the Dairy, the Cabin, and the Barn. You may book one building or the entire property, depending on the number of guests. Among the trio, the Cabin is the smallest including one bedroom, whereas the Dairy is the largest with three bedrooms.

But our discussion today will solely focus on the Barn, featuring two bedrooms that can accommodate up to four lodgers. While all three structures share the same architectural DNA, the Barn makes a statement by incorporating granite, pitched ceilings, and an eye-catching floor-to-ceiling glass rear wall.

Without further ado, let’s take a better look at the luxuriou Barn.

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A Complete View Of The Barn

Earlier, the Ross Farm was a dairy estate with three worn down buildings. Lindsay Moore acquired the abandoned dairy farm back in 2005. While the initial plan was to build a new house on the one-hectare area, he changed his mind when he realized that the place was a tourist hotspot.

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Soon enough, he got together with his daughter, Andrea, a skilled interior architect who heads Studio Moore. And they revamped and instilled new life to this forgotten property.

The Kitchen

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The kitchen is a significant part of the establishment. And as such, we can see that the Moores have pulled out all stops to create a unique cooking area in the Barn.

We like the interplay of the granite paving stones and brass sheeting, which makes it appear almost monolithic. Truth be told, it almost seems like the entire kitchen area is hanging off the wall.

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Meanwhile, the granite and marble accents add a visual appeal that’s vibrant yet sophisticated.  Besides, all the appliances are installed in the brass panels to create a neat look.

Andrea said, “I wanted to introduce granite as one of the main interior materials inspired by the natural landscape of our beautiful Wilson’s Promontory National Park, which is just down the road, known for its giant granite boulders.”

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We are very impressed with the thoughtful addition of the Integrated Single Dish Drawer from Fisher & Paykel. It’s an integral part of the furniture set, perfectly complementing the interiors.

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However, there’s another appliance that streamlines the kitchen area. Perched on the pink granite marble, the Fisher & Paykel Induction Cooktop, stands out with its sleek design and high black finish.

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Lastly, this appliance also deserves an honorable mention. The Fisher & Paykel built-in oven seamlessly blends with the overall decor.

The Living Area

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The Barn does not have a separate enclosure for a living room, which is interesting, given the old world charm of the location. The double-story height adds more dimension to the living area and creates the illusion of more space. Frankly, that’s pretty clever.

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The most striking bit is that nearly all the furniture in the house was custom-made. Therefore, you can’t really ignore the eye for detail here.


You will immediately notice that the entire establishment is lined with Oriented Strand Board (OSB), which essentially provides more volume and form to the double-story structure.


Connecting the two floors, the spiral staircase also serves as an attractive centerpiece on the lower level.

The Bedrooms


The bedroom upstairs includes several ornamental details that will charm you from the get-go. Also, the elements on the lower level like the OCB boards and minimalist layout are present here as well.

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The Bathrooms

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The sink in the upstairs bathroom has won us over with its high, circular design. Meanwhile, the round mirror above it perfectly matches with it.

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Plus, the bathtub beautifully syncs with the overall design theme.

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Andrea explained, “I was determined to make the bathroom beautiful, as many accessible bathrooms are extremely utilitarian.” And we agree that she pulled off a remarkable job.

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She further added, “We had brass grab rails manufactured for the space, and I exaggerated the use of these throughout the bathroom, together with floor-to-ceiling pink granite.”

Summing It Up

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Undoubtedly, the Barn is a state-of-the-art accommodation that can give a whole new meaning to your vacation. Architecture and design enthusiasts will surely appreciate the effort that went into its creation.

But the inspiration does not end with them; in fact, any visitor who plans to go there will cherish their stay for a long time.

As is evident, the Barn is slightly different from the other two establishments at the Ross Farm. That said, the Moores had to rebuild the structure instead of simply remodelling it. However, they retained the tin exterior. Also, they lifted the roof level to add the mezzanine.

Another stunning feature we want to talk about are the highlighting windows that offer a gorgeous view of the Tarwin Valley while welcoming the warm northern light.

Overall, the Barn is genuinely one of a kind, and all credit goes to Andrea and Lindsay Moore for designing it so beautifully.

Till next time!

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