Three-Bedroom Harlem Apartment / Danielle Colding

Three-bedroom harlem apartment / danielle colding

The project began with a recently gut-renovated, three bedroom apartment in an upscale part of Harlem. They layout was spacious, and the clients had a large number of décor ideas. Rashaan wanted all of these factors to be a part of Danielle’s design for the project: graphic, global, modern, and embellished. She is a Southern girl who loves lots of bling and is totally fearless about the process of decorating.

Three-bedroom harlem apartment / danielle colding

Danielle brought all of these requests into focus, using different influences in diverse ways throughout the apartment. For the living room and dining room, a modern vibe with global elements. Moroccan inspirations in the bedroom, and a minimalist kitchen with bright and bold colors. The end result was sleek, spacious, and urbane.
The first furniture purchases were from B & B Italia, which informed the color palette and inspired Danielle to use industrial concrete walls in the space. Because a concrete finish was cost-prohibitive, Danielle found concrete wallpaper that recreated the same look at a reasonable cost. Multiple accessories and an abundance of throw pillows brought the space together, especially those in Ikat fabric.

Three-bedroom harlem apartment / danielle colding

Danielle’s specialty is using a larger color palate, and making it all work together harmoniously. The office/library is a deep shade of blue, the living room grays, and the guest-bedroom black-and-white with a bold graphic design on the walls. The rugs in most of the rooms are textured.

As typical New Yorkers, the apartment had to be designed around the couple’s storage needs. A shoe closet was custom-built under the stairs, and within the main hallway. For the Master Bedroom walkthrough, Danielle employed Ikea wardrobes that helped define the awkward space. Affordable choices freed the budget for bigger, more dramatic purchases.

Three-bedroom harlem apartment / danielle colding

In Rashaan’s bathroom, preserved the existing tiles but with modifications. Purple amethyst tiles from Ann Sachs were installed on the floor, over the existing tiles. A vanity was ordered from Amazon, and painted white and the knobs changed to expensive crystal. Finally, silvery vinyl wall covering was installed to enhance the look of luxury. A simple project turned out to have a huge impact within the whole apartment.

Project Details:

Location: Harlem, New York, USA
Type: Interiors
Designer: Danielle Colding
Photos: James Ransom

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