Vinícola Cuna de Tierra / CCA

Vinícola Cuna de Tierra / CCA

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Vinícola cuna de tierra / cca

Using the winery’s name as a concept driver (Cuna de Tierra) and its connection to the context, the design process explores the relationship between wine development, the site, the user and the main material in use; poured soil, which indeed completes the necessities required in such program.

Vinícola cuna de tierra / cca

The project discovers the association between the site and the particular needs of the wine manufacturing process focusing in the material and structure where it can be housed.

Vinícola cuna de tierra / cca

By working with independent structures, the project explores the possible interactions and tensions created between the volumes, the voids between them, and their relation to the functional process of the winery, allowing room for any expansion needed in a near future.

Project Details:
Location: Cuna de Tierra, Mexico
Type: Industrial
Area: 1800 sqm
Years: 2011 – 2013
Collaborators: Ignacio Urquiza, Bernardo Quinzaños, Camilo Moreno, Aida Hurtado, Felipe Arguelles, Ricardo Vega


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