Z5 / Agence Christophe GULIZZI

Z5 / agence christophe gulizzi
© Luc Boegly

The site is an asparagus field between the Luynes Prison and the American Cemetery on the edge of the industrial estates of Milles, near Aix en Provence.
We are in an area with protected status (Château de Lenfant XVIII s) subject to recommendations by the ABF (Architectes des Bâtiments de France) with mandatory conditions on alignment and size.
The plot of land marks the urban boundary of the town.

Z5 / agence christophe gulizzi
© Philippe Ruault

Symbolic Value, Representation, Sense And Meaning Of Project:
To enter into the Z5 universe is to embrace a dream. It’s about rubbing shoulders with one’s idol.
It is a symbolic project.
It is about the unconscious, based on strong emotional values and expressions of identity.
A showcase initiative with a collective sense and meaning.

Z5 / agence christophe gulizzi
© Lisa Ricciotti

We are entering into iconology, into an emotional state.
A metaphysical question.
Is ZZ an architectural model?

Project Organisation On The Plot:
The project carries a dual responsibility.
That of rooting itself in the local area and an architectural style which embodies the aura of ZZ.

Z5 / agence christophe gulizzi
© Philippe Ruault

You do not enter into the Z5 universe like you would that of Mickey Mouse.

The project takes root following a very specific staging. Its approach, its discovery is an initiation exercise, a precondition to sharing emotions.

Starkly blatant, this spatial process makes no concessions to aesthetics and from the axis of the access road, enables one to gradually discover the main building. In black concrete, it is the centre of gravity; it occupies the plot as a number 10 occupies the pitch.

Z5 / agence christophe gulizzi
© Philippe Ruault

Each child who comes here must have eyes that light up and fall asleep at night with the feeling of having met his/her idol.

Architectural Vocabulary:

It is a dark and charismatic building
Linked to a specific contextual and political location.

Radical, not postmodern, neither affected nor pretentious.
It assumes its status. No camouflage, no wall of greenery.

Z5 / agence christophe gulizzi
© Luc Boegly

The main material is light.
Following a traditional layout from the Mediterranean house to the patio, we are in permanent relationship of coming out of the shadows and emerging into the light.
Far from neo-modern trappings and poverty as a political ambition.

Project Details:

Location: Milles, France
Type: Sports – Public
Architects: Agence Christophe GULIZZI – www.gulizzi.com
Commissioned by: SCI 5ZS_Zinedine Zidane
Cost: 7,000,000.00 € (excl. VAT)
Duration of construction work: 10 months

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