Adventist Medical Centre – CWB / Napp Studio & Architects

Architects: Napp Studio & Architects
Area: 9,000 ft²
Year: 2024
Photography: Leon XU
Design Team: Aron TSANG, Frida LAW, Liselle NAM, Mayelle BERNAL, Ryan HUNG, Sean LAM, Tom KAM, Wesley HO
Signage Design: HATO
Builder: Medtech
Client: Adventist Health
City: Causeway Bay
Country: Hong Kong

Adventist Medical Centre – CWB, a healthcare facility designed by Napp Studio & Architects in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, redefines the concept of clinical spaces by prioritizing a nurturing atmosphere conducive to both physical and mental well-being. Completed in January 2024, this innovative design replaces the traditional sterile medical environment with a warm, welcoming interior that does not compromise operational efficiency. The design strategy employs natural elements and soothing colors to create spaces that ensure comfort and tranquility. Key architectural challenges were addressed by incorporating semi-open areas and maximizing natural light, enhancing the environment’s functionality and aesthetic. Through the thoughtful integration of space, materiality, and light, Adventist Medical Centre emerges as a pioneering model in healthcare design.

Adventist medical centre – cwb / napp studio & architects

Typically, medical facilities are characterized by highly sanitized, stark white interiors focused on operational efficiency, which can be less comforting to patients. Adventist Medical Centre – CWB challenges this norm by infusing the space with a palette inspired by natural elements. The design was envisioned to incorporate textures and colors reminiscent of canyons and pink lakes, utilizing an array of pinks and beiges to radiate warmth and security. This approach significantly deviates from the conventional clinical aesthetic, opting instead for a cozier and more serene environment that alleviates the discomfort often associated with medical visits.

Located within an office tower, the center had to address the challenge of a restrictive floor plan marked by large peripheral columns. The design strategy cleverly transforms this potential limitation into an advantage by creating semi-open spaces along the corridors, effectively generating an internal streetscape. This layout enhances the sense of openness and organizes the flow of movement to ensure that consultation and staff areas benefit from natural light, while operationally sensitive zones like surgery rooms maintain requisite privacy and control.

Adventist medical centre – cwb / napp studio & architects

The main reception lobby is thoughtfully designed as a welcoming area with a distinctive oval shape and limestone partitions, which offer both privacy and comfort. The building’s inherent constraints regarding ceiling height are creatively mitigated by a rippled ceiling design featuring a central light box, which visually expands the space both horizontally and vertically.

Further into the facility, the promenade leads from the main reception to a circular waiting area, where the design theme continues with soft, pale pink tones and terrazzo walls that curve into integrated seating. This area is crowned with a stretched ceiling that mimics a skylight, enhancing the ambient light and contributing to the overall calming atmosphere. The space is also equipped to accommodate various configurations, such as a circular auditorium setting for medical seminars, emphasizing flexibility and patient comfort.

Moreover, Adventist Medical Centre – CWB includes a discrete VIP area accessible through a separate entrance at the main lobby. This ‘secret zone’ provides an exclusive and tranquil environment for VIP clients, complete with booth seating and a personal refreshment bar, ensuring privacy and luxury in healthcare service. This project exemplifies how thoughtful design can transform medical environments into spaces that foster well-being and comfort, setting a benchmark for future healthcare interiors.

Adventist medical centre – cwb / napp studio & architects
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Address: 26th Floor, Lee Garden Two, No. 28 Yun Ping Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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