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Anton joined Architecture Lab in 2017 and ever since the platform grew exponentially becoming the global reference point in design for creatives around the world, ranging from DIY enthusiasts to interior designers, architects, engineers illustrator and design amateurs.



As sheer idealist architect, Anton founded in Homesthetics Magazine to save his favorite, inspiring architecture and design projects, post by post the website slowly grew into an authority in the niche, shaping years of marketing experience for the architect. Since 2017 his expertise has pushed Architecture Lab to new highs, greatly increasing the area of expertise of the website by inviting certified experts into the team and refreshing the curatorial process in his commitment to ensure the most trustworthy advice possible in the realm of architecture and design.

Today Anton spends most of his time online but he does occasionally disconnects with the architecture practice and the MKR.S studio where the smallest of details are at home. From AutoCAD, SketchUP or other 3D Rendering Software to post-editing in Photoshop and from laser cutting and laser engraving to full fledged architecture models, Anton enjoys being a part of all the design stages, learning and failing through trial and error permanently.


  • Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Home improvement
  • Drawing
  • Laser engraving

FUN FACT | Anton is a huge pencil and mechanical pencil geek, with a collection of more than 100 pencils and mechanical pencils, he enjoys the writing, drawing and drafting instruments like no one else.


Anton received UAUIM’s Master of Architecture in 2017 with an emphasis on Restauration and Industrial Heritage.

TITLE | CEO of Architecture Lab

Other Works -MyMove | Previously Freshome – E-architect

About Architecture Lab

Architecture Lab is a MKR.S Media brand, a website devoted to extraordinary design and aesthetics aiming to promote exceptional aesthetic values and sustainable design in all it’s shapes and sizes. Learn more about us and our editorial process and feel free to contact us if you would like to see something in particular on the website, our certified experts will get back to you with the most trustworthy advice as soon as possible.

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13 Best Mechanical Pencils | Reviews + Guide

Best mechanical pencils

Mechanical pencils are incredibly versatile tools that can be used for a variety of purposes. Whether you are an architect, designer, artist, or engineer, these pencils can make your job much easier. They do not need to be sharpened, often come with unique features, and generally last a long time.  And this guide on the …

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Rotring 800 VS Pentel GraphGear 1000 | Comparison Review

Rotring 800 vs pentel graphgear 1000

Rotring and Pentel manufacture the best mechanical pencils on the market, specifically designed for artists, architects, engineers, etc.  As a writer, I appreciate a mechanical pencil that enhances my writing experience with its advanced grip and precision. However, choosing the right mechanical pencil can be challenging.  To guide you, I have compared the Rotring 800 …

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Rotring 500 vs 600 vs 800 | Comparison Review

Rotring 500 vs 600 vs 800

Be it for drafting, writing or sketching – mechanical pencils are game changers when it comes to ensuring precision and speed. And Rotring is considered among the market leaders in this category with its 500, 600, and 800 models. But which one should you choose? Dive in to know! About The Brand – Rotring Rotring, …

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Uni Kuru Toga Vs Zebra Delguard | Comparison

Uni kuru toga vs zebra delguard

For draftsmen, architects, or designers searching for the best mechanical pencils, there are numerous options on the market.    Two of the most popular ones are the Uni Kuru Toga and the Zebra Delguard, which have unique features designed to provide a fantastic drawing or writing experience. But it can be hard to choose between …

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Rotring 500 vs 600 Comparison Review

Rotring 500 vs 600

If you’re looking to purchase a new mechanical pencil, there’s a good chance that you’ve come across rOtring. rOtring is a writing tools brand that has been making mechanical pencils for a few decades. And when looking into rOtring pencils, you may look at rOtring 500 and rOtring 600 as your starter pencil. But you …

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Staedtler 925 Vs Rotring 600 | Comparison Review

Staedtler 925 vs rotring 600

If you ask me, mechanical pencils are definitely an upgrade over conventional wooden pencils. I mean, they are far more convenient, versatile, and are better looking too. On that note, two of the best mechanical pencils today are the Staedtler 925 and the Rotring 600. That’s why I have compared these two in this brief …

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Pentel Graphgear 1000 vs 500 | Comparison Review

Pentel graphgear 1000 vs 500

GraphGear 1000 and GraphGear 500 are two of the best-selling mechanical pencils on the market. These pencils are often chosen by beginners as well as seasoned professionals for producing accurate technical drawings or by artists for creating fine art.  In this article, I shall discuss the salient features of each of these pencils so that …

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Best rotring pencil

If you know about mechanical pencils, you’d know how Rotring has been among the market leaders for years now. As such, its diverse product line has something for almost every need and budget. But which model is worth investing in? Let me help you answer that below. 6 Best Mechanical Pencils From Rotring 1. Best …

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Rotring 600 Vs 800 | Comparison Review

Rotring 600 vs 800

Rotring offers some of the best mechanical pencils for students, artists, architects, and more.  Despite being none of the above, even I can’t resist high-quality stationery products at times. And by far, Rotring mechanical pencils have helped the most in enhancing my writing experience! But when it comes to choosing between Rotring 600 and Rotring …

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Mechanical Pencil Lead Size Comparison

Mechanical pencil lead size comparison

If you know mechanical pencils, you’d know that they have varying lead sizes. However, a large number of people still need to be made aware of the different sizes of mechanical pencil leads available and each of their specific uses.  So, I have made an extensive comparative list where specifics about each pencil lead size …

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How To Fix A Mechanical Pencil?

How to fix a mechanical pencil

Mechanical pencils are known to be the best companions of several people, from students to professional artists. They are quite durable but require proper maintenance.  The lack of said maintenance can result in a few hiccups, commonly lead jams and bent tips.  Both problems can be solved with the help of some tools, a clean-out …

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Rotring Tikky Mechanical Pencil Review

Rotring tikky mechanical pencil

Mechanical pencils position themselves as a natural evolution of writing instruments that have been a part of our history since time immemorial. More recently, a good writing instrument has demanded precision and consistency far more than ever before. And mechanical pencils can function quite well in that role, especially with the convenience they bring over …

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Rotring 300 Mechanical Pencil Review

Rotring 300 mechanical pencil

Though traditional writing instruments have their own charm, the convenience of mechanical pencils is undeniable. Having to sharpen a traditional pencil is a chore you must perform every so often, and it can grow tedious very quickly. In contrast, all you need to do to keep the writing quality of a mechanical pencil sharp is …

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Modern Fuel Mechanical Pencil Review

Modern fuel mechanical pencil

The mechanical pencil market showcases some of the most innovative products ever produced in the stationery industry.  There are pencils that come with features like automatically rotating lead, single unibody construction, and more. The Modern Fuel pencil is among such options but successfully manages to differentiate itself from the competition.  It does this by bringing …

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Pilot The Shaker Mechanical Pencil Review

Pilot the shaker mechanical pencil

If you work for hours in a workshop marking measurements with a ruler, you need a mechanical pencil with great linework that doesn’t break easily. Vintage mechanical pencils have a charm of their own, but you can’t really use them every day. After all, those were quite fragile, limiting their usage to mere novelty. You’ll …

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Rotring 800 Mechanical Pencil Review

Rotring 800 mechanical pencil

Rotring holds a special place among brands specializing in manufacturing writing instruments for technical purposes.  Offering a wide range of mechanical pencils, it is known for providing quality products that are professionals’ and students’ favorites. No doubt, the rOtring 800 is one of the most popular options from the brand because of its performance and …

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