.PSLAB and Aesop have collaborated with Melbourne based studio KTA, on the lighting design of the newly opened Aesop store in the Melbourne Emporium, a precinct featuring a mix of local and international fashion, culture, food and art.

The overall design of Aesop Emporium is distinguished by a singular use of native Australian spotted gum timber. The sustainably sourced hardwood ply creates an intimate, calm and immersive space. The warm hue of the timber combined to the warms of the lighting design compliments Aesop’s displays.

Aesop emporium store /. Pslab
© Derek Swalwell

.PSLAB used tailor-made, site specific lighting products to match the uniqueness of the space and highlight the tone of the new store. Both the LED projectors and the composite suspended light fixtures were developed as a solution to the space providing mobility and purity to the store.

Aesop emporium store /. Pslab
© Derek Swalwell
Aesop emporium store /. Pslab
© Derek Swalwell

The projectors and decorative shades are rotatable, insuring the flexibility for the products displayed. A custom solution of fitted supporting brackets was created to mount all fixtures in the tailored made perforated wooden ceiling, giving the space a clear, clean finish. This unique intervention brings to light both the purity of the wood and the unmatched Aesop products.

Project Details:

Location: Melbourne, Australia
Type: Interiors Lighting
Design Practice: Kerstin Thompson Architects ( KTA )
Lighting Design: .PSLAB
Photos: Derek Swalwell



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