B House / Infraestudio

Architects: Infraestudio
Area: 366 m²
Year: 2022
Photography: Laurian Ghinițoiu, Mauricio Chavez
Design Team: Anadis González, Fernando Martirena, David Medina, Gerardo Guillén
Contractor: Alexis Igarza Espinosa
Carpentry: Andy Suarez
Structural Engineer: Yosuany Almaguer
City: Havana
Country: Cuba

The Havana Cliff House, a residential building designed by Infraestudio in Havana, Cuba, embraces its natural surroundings while preserving the charm of an existing old house. Completed in 2022, this weekend retreat leverages its cliffside location to offer stunning sea views and integrates elements inspired by aboriginal cabins and traditional tobacco-drying houses of Western Cuba.

B house / infraestudio

Situated on a cliff to the west of Havana and surrounded by the sea, this residence cleverly camouflages within its environment despite its considerable size. It preserves the dimensions and structural elements of an old house formerly on the site, such as a 14m x 14m perimeter, a gabled roof, and a surrounding portal.

Designed primarily as a weekend getaway, the house features extensive openness to the surrounding landscape. This openness allows occupants to fully experience the location’s panoramic views while providing the capability to secure the house when returning to the city.

The architectural inspiration for this project came from two traditional Cuban constructions: aboriginal cabins, where the roof serves as both shelter and living space, and tobacco-drying houses covered entirely with palm wood.

The layout includes a ground floor designated for public spaces, encompassed in a 14 x 14m area devoid of walls or columns. The main bedroom is suspended from above, creating a dramatic aerial effect, while guest rooms are discretely situated below ground, illuminated by a slender, elongated patio.

This structure employs a portico without enclosures and two 14m beams, enabling the house to rest solely on its perimeter. This design choice resulted in a dwelling that combines the natural beauty of palm wood with the modernity of glass and reinforced concrete, achieving a blend of visibility and seclusion.

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Address: Havana, Cuba

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