Baftar Dermatology Clinic / AsNow Design & Construct

Architects: AsNow Design & Construct
Area: 110 m²
Year: 2022
Photography: Nimkat Studio
Manufacturers: Palermo Ceramic, tscoglass
Lead Architects: Ehsan Tavassoli, Solmaz Tatari
Lighting Design: AsNow Design & Construct
Electrical Engineer: AsNow Design & Construct
Designer: Nila Shahmohammadi
Detail Design Team: Nila Shahmohammadi, Amir Hossein Najimi
Executive Manager: Armin Shahmohammadi
Presentation: Neda Jahantab
Mechanical Engineer: Mehdi Mehrarvaran
City: Tehran
Country: Iran

Baftar Dermatology Clinic, designed by AsNow Design & Construct in Tehran, has transformed the medical office space with a concept reflecting the treatment process and the doctor’s expertise. Completed in 2022, the design integrates texture, layers, and sensitivity. By exposing structural elements and utilizing a mesh layer, the space achieves flexibility and coherence. A vaulted design enhances functionality, while a green frame at the corridor’s end improves spatial quality. The semi-transparent treatment box contrasts with the rough mesh texture, sparking curiosity among visitors.

Baftar dermatology clinic / asnow design & construct

The interior design of Baftar Dermatology Clinic, envisioned by AsNow Design & Construct, seeks to embody concepts related to the treatment process and the expertise of the doctor. This approach considers features such as texture, layers, purification, elegance, sensitivity, and flexibility.

To bring these ideas to life, the design uses physical similarities and thoughtful contrasts to engage the senses within the limited spatial box. The process started by stripping away unnecessary elements, including walls, ceilings, and utility coverings, to reveal the structural components of the space.

This approach exposed the roof’s slab network and implemented a new mechanical and electrical system, creating a flexible shell. The cohesive shape of the space was achieved with a mesh layer, which was cut to accommodate the treatment box.

A key challenge was a disproportionate corner with a view of sycamore trees and a long access path connecting treatment rooms to a private space for the doctor and staff. The corridor, ending with a view of the trees, provided an opportunity to form a green frame, enhancing the spatial quality.

The vaulted space meets the functional needs of the small medical office, with a staff dressing room enclosed by two doors in the arch wall. This design element can block the visitor’s view of the private rest area when necessary.

The treatment box, a semi-transparent glass structure, contrasts with the rough mesh texture. Visitors in the waiting area see the glass box, which piques their curiosity about the treatment area. This shiny, hygienic space aligns with the overall curved design, incorporating cut arches.

Baftar dermatology clinic / asnow design & construct
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Address: No.33, Mohri St, Vali-e-asr Ave, Tehran, Iran

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