Bait Ur Raiyan Mosque / Cubeinside

Architects: Cubeinside
Area: 464 m²
Year: 2023
Photography: Asif Salman, Khandaker Ashifuzzaman Rajon
Manufacturers: Bangladesh Thai Aluminum, Crown Cement, Mirpur Ceramic, Nasir Glass, RAK
Lead Architects: Khandaker Ashifuzzaman Rajon, Shakhawat Hossain Rocky
Electrical Consultants: Thermo Ambient
Lighting Designers: Platform Solutions
Associate Architect: Mehri Farnaz
Construction Supervisors: Anis Khan Shanto, Abdullah Al Jaber
Structure Engineer: Amimul Ehsan
MEP & HVAC Consultant: Amimul Ehsan
City: Kalkini
Country: Bangladesh

Located in Kalkini, Bangladesh, the Bait Ur Raiyan Mosque, designed by Cubeinside, represents an elegant exercise in abstract semiotics applied to Islamic architecture. This small-scale mosque near the Arial Kha River leverages geometry to reinterpret traditional Islamic symbols such as domes and minarets, transforming them into modern, abstract forms. The design focuses on human-centered space that feels sacred yet intimate, primarily using local materials such as red brick and employing strategic lighting to elevate the spiritual ambiance. This project serves as a remarkable example of how traditional elements can be abstractly reimagined to enhance both the aesthetic and functional qualities of religious architecture.

Bait ur raiyan mosque / cubeinside

The Bait Ur Raiyan Mosque stands quietly on a typical rural site in Bangladesh, near the Arial Kha River. The design is a study in abstract interpretation of traditional Islamic architecture symbols. Geometry is the main tool used in transforming the form and spatial qualities of the mosque. A human-centric approach has been adopted to foster a community space, maintaining a sacred yet intimate scale, employing local materials like red brick, and utilizing lighting to enhance the spiritual atmosphere of the mosque.

Symbolism through geometric interpretation is crucial in Islamic art and architecture, which typically favors a symbolic or suggestive approach over literal representations. This mosque incorporates traditional elements such as domes, minarets, and arches, reinterpreted abstractly through the concept of “Abstract Semiotics.” This approach is manifested in measurable aspects like mass and space, and immeasurable aspects, adding a deeper perceptual level to the design.

Bait ur raiyan mosque / cubeinside

The dome of the mosque is designed as a floating structure that allows daylight to permeate the interior, creating an expansive sky-like experience. The minarets are sculpted as towering elements that reach skyward. The entrance is transformed from a traditional arch into a volumetric arch that is more welcoming. The design aims for a human-centric scale with a simple rectangular volume that conveys stability. The single-storey structure’s height offers an exceptional spatial quality, enhancing spirituality through both space and sensory experiences.

To achieve a timeless materiality, the mosque uses red brick and stone, continuing the heritage of Bangladeshi mosque architecture. The deep red of the brick contrasts softly with the surrounding greenery. While the brick forms the walls, floors and plinths are made of marble, which remains cool even during intense summer heat, contributing both aesthetically and environmentally. Indirect lighting is designed to enhance the spirituality by illuminating the walls and dome.

Bait ur raiyan mosque / cubeinside

The mosque relies on natural ventilation and lighting, utilizing large apertures to ensure an abundance of light and air, optimizing the environment for times when the mosque is less crowded, outside of the busy Friday noon prayers. A skylight enhances the prayer space’s ambiance, maintaining illumination throughout the day.

Bait ur raiyan mosque / cubeinside
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Project Location

Address: 38VM+JJ, Kadomtoly, Kalkini, Bangladesh

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