Bakrajo House / ZAKAA Architecture

Architects: ZAKAA Architecture
Area: 200 m²
Year: 2021
Photography: Deed Studio
Manufacturers: Geberit, Kalekim, Knauf, Mirage Porcelain, Namachin Brick, Qaradagh Stone, Saray Aluminum, VitrA
Lead Architects: Zardasht Aziz, Kaiwan Kawa
Engineers: Halgurd Abdulbasit, Awdang Mahdi
City: Sulaymaniyah
Country: Iraq

Bakrajo House, designed by Zakaa in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq, features a flowing white brick facade that creates shaded alcoves, ensuring privacy while allowing natural light. The three-storey home blends solid exterior forms with spacious, well-lit interiors. Completed in 2021, the project highlights Zakaa’s focus on aesthetic beauty amid regional instability.

A sinuous facade clad in thin white brickwork defines Bakrajo House in Sulaymaniyah, designed by Zakaa. This three-storey dwelling maximizes privacy while feeling open and spacious.

Bakrajo house zakaa architecture

The front facade’s flowing shapes embrace the entrance and thin windows, creating alcoves that allow light while protecting from overlooking. Some alcoves form balconies or shade terraces, while others house small planters.

Bakrajo house zakaa architecture

Inside, curving white walls and embedded ceiling lighting mirror the facade’s shape. A living area opens onto a garden courtyard at the rear. Zakaa emphasizes the house’s solidity from the outside while maintaining openness and natural light inside. Privacy was a key concern, allowing the family to sit without being seen from outside.

Bakrajo house zakaa architecture

The ground floor features a large living, kitchen, and dining space, alongside a white metal staircase against a stone feature wall, separating it from a bathroom and bedroom.

Four additional bedrooms are located above, with two at the rear opening onto a balcony surrounding the garden spaces and two at the front with access to balconies formed by the facade’s folds.

The facade design is not a direct extrusion of the floor plans but an architectural statement. The alcoves facilitate light and air flow in various directions.

Bakrajo house zakaa architecture

Zakaa responds to the region’s predominantly function-led architectural approach due to instability and conflict by focusing on aesthetic beauty. In a country often rebuilding due to wars and economic instability, Zakaa aims to create architecture that offers a new perspective and moments of enjoyment.

Bakrajo house zakaa architecture
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Address: Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

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