6 Best 4-Cycle Weed Eater Tools Reviewed

The Pryoma 40 cc Gas powered brush cutter is overall one of the best 4-cycle weed eaters on the market today. It is closely followed by the versatile Troy-Bilt Gas String Trimmer. But if you are looking for the best fuel efficiency, I suggest going for the Ryobi Straight Shaft Trimmer.

Maintaining your lawns does not have to be a difficult task if you use the right weed eater. 

Today, many people choose to go for weed eaters that have a 4-cycle structure. Such string trimmers are way more efficient and can help you quickly clear all the tough grass and weeds. 

But which string trimmer should you go for? In this blog post, I will walk you through the top 6 options that are worth your consideration. Let us begin!

Best 4-Cycle Weed Eaters

1. Proyama 40cc Gas Powered Brush Cutter Best Overall

The Proyama 40 cc brush cutter is one of the best gas-powered weed eaters on the market today. Since I was looking for an option that excels in terms of performance but also does not emit a lot of pollutants, the EPA Certified engine of this brush cutter impressed me. 

This weed eater has a powerful 1.5HP 4-cycle engine which does not require any fuel mixing. After putting it to the test, I discovered that the engine of this Proyama brush cutter provides decent power with an easy starter, which allowed me to trim bigger branches effortlessly. 

The Proyama cutter will suit individuals who are older in age or suffer from any physical condition that does not allow them to work with heavy equipment for long durations. Its handlebar is quite easy to handle, and the quick-release split shaft makes it convenient for storage and transportation. Hence, even though this cutter is powerful and heavy, it will work effortlessly if you correctly set your harness. 

The overall process of assembling the Proyama Gas Powered Brush Cutter is easy if you follow all the instructions in the guide manual properly. However, if you get stuck at any step while using this cutter, you can reach out to this company’s responsive customer care service.

But if you are accustomed to using the kill switch of such machines, you might find it a little difficult to get used to the on/off switch of the Proyama Brush Cutter. That said, I would recommend this weed eater to anyone who expects decent power and performance from the machine but also cares for the environment!

Brand: Proyama | Item Weight: 16 lbs | Engine Displacement: 40 cc | Fuel Tank Capacity: 1.1 L

2. Troy-Bilt Gas String Trimmer Most Versatile Trimmer

If you have a large yard, I would suggest that you try out the Troy-Bilt Gas String Trimmer. The 17 cc engine of this trimmer provides you with ample power for all your substantial trimming jobs. 

One of the major standout features of this trimmer by Troy-Bilt is its attachment capability. This can allow you to customize your trimmer to cater to your needs and preferences in the best ways possible. For instance, I added a brush cutter attachment to clear out the weed-affected regions of my yard- which made the job quite easy. 

Another thing worth noting is that the cutting width of this gas string trimmer is about 17 inches. Hence, you can effectively trim the regions around trees, flowers, and so on. This Troy-Bilt weed eater is also decently lightweight for its size, which is why you will be able to handle it even for long durations.

If you are not a fan of tugging on the cord several times, the SpringAssist Technology of this Troy-Bilt weed eater can help you with an effortless engine startup. However, it is not the most silent trimmer on the market, and you might notice some annoying noises being emitted from the string trimmer while you work with it.

Brand: Troy-Bilt | Item Weight: 15 lbs | Engine Displacement: 17 cc | Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.38 liters (approximately)

3. Ryobi 4-Stroke 30 cc Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer Best for Fuel Efficiency

If you are looking for an efficient and reliable trimmer, you should definitely consider the Ryobi Gas Trimmer. It helped me maintain my lawn properly and has several standout features that give it an edge over its competitors. 

The powerful engine of this string trimmer will provide you with plenty of torque and will easily cut through tough grass and weeds. Additionally, this 4-stroke engine of the Ryobi gas trimmer is also one of the most fuel-efficient options out there on the market. Since you can enjoy a long run-time on a single gas tank, you can save up decently on your fuel costs. 

If you were looking for a cordless string trimmer that is detachable, too, the one by Ryobi is worth a try. You can easily swap out its trimmer head for other attachments, such as an edge, cultivator, or blower. 

The design of this string trimmer includes a straight shaft, which allows you to trim even the tough-to-reach regions effortlessly. However, this string trimmer sometimes gets overheated when used for long periods.

Brand: Ryobi | Item Weight: 12.25 lb | Engine Displacement: 30 cc | Fuel Tank Capacity: 11 oz

4. Honda 35 Cc Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer Best Value for Money

For people who do not mind spending some extra bucks if the product provides them with enough value, the Honda straight shaft string trimmer would be a good option. It has several features that make it stand out from its competitors. 

One such feature is the 360-degree inclinable engine. This means you can use this string trimmer by Honda by rotating it in any position you want. Using this feature, I was able to trim weeds and grass on the difficult terrains of my yard with ease and precision. 

The flexible inner driveshaft is another important component of this string trimmer since it provides it with shock resistance and also comes with a lifetime warranty. Hence, it is designed to withstand heavy use for long durations effectively. 

Further, the bike handle grip design of this Honda string trimmer can provide you with better balance, control, and comfort. This is something you must be looking for in the best weed eater options!

However, some people find the weight of this string trimmer too much for their liking and consider the process of adjusting the shoulder harness difficult. But with this weed eater, you will not feel fatigued even after working for a long period.

Brand: Honda | Item Weight: 16.1 lb | Engine Displacement: 35 cc | Fuel Tank Capacity: 21.4 oz

5. Black Max 30cc String Trimmer Best for Hassle-Free Assembly

The Black Max String Trimmer can help you upgrade your yard or lawn maintenance routine. It is designed such that you have an extended reach due to the straight shaft and an easy-to-load bump feed to unspool and re-spool the line. The powerful 30 cc engine of this string trimmer eliminates the need to mix gas and oil, thus saving you from the efforts of the process. 

I found the operator’s manual of this string trimmer to be extremely concise and straightforward, which is lacking in most trimmer manuals. As a result, assembling the entire trimmer, from joining the string trimmer head to working with its ergonomic handle, was quite easy to complete. 

The Black Max String trimmer provides you with six options with the HART PowerFit attachments, including a blower, brush cutter, edger, hedge trimmer, cultivator, and pole slaw. Hence, you can easily replace your old and rusty tools and upgrade your lawn maintenance routine. 

This string trimmer is designed such that it will cause you as little fatigue and stress physically as possible. For instance, the over-mold grip of this string trimmer provided ample comfort as I used this trimmer across my lawn. 

However, it is worth noting that this option is not one of the most durable string trimmers out there on the market. Several users complained online that their Black Max string trimmer broke down over time quicker than they expected.

Brand: Black Max | Item Weight: 12.25 lbs | Engine Displacement: 30 cc | Fuel Tank Capacity: 11 oz

6. Salem Master 31cc Gas Powered Weed Eater Best for Convenience and Comfort

Sometimes, you only need a gas weed eater that can provide you with good tensile strength and decent impact resistance while not compromising your comfort. If you can relate, I would suggest that you try out the Salem Master W31 cc weed eater. 

One of the biggest concerns while using a weed eater can be the risk of injuries. Hence, the super shock absorption design of this weed eater reduces the scope of potential injury and fatigue caused by vibration – which is why it is so comfortable to use.

The Salem Master gas-powered weed eater also comes with a translucent fuel tank. Due to this, I was able to keep track of when I needed to refill it without exhausting it completely. Also, the 31cc engine of the cordless string trimmers of this brand makes cutting weed and tough grass easy and efficient. 

This weed eater also comes with a baffle that is easy to remove, preventing debris from splashing – making significantly less mess than other weed eaters.

Brand: Salem | Item Weight: about 20 pounds | Engine Displacement: 31 cc | Fuel Tank Capacity: 110 L

4-Cycle Weed Eater Comparison Table

4-Cycle Weed Eaters Brand Item Weight Engine Displacement Fuel Tank Capacity
Proyama 40cc Gas Powered Brush Cutter Proyama 16 lbs 40 cc 1.1 L
Troy-Bilt Gas String Trimmer Troy-Bilt 15 lbs 17 cc 0.38 liters (approximately)
Ryobi 4-Stroke 30 cc Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer Ryobi 12.25 lb 30 cc 11 oz
Honda 35 Cc Straight Shaft Gas Trimmer Honda 16.1 lb 35 cc 21.4 oz
Black Max 30cc String Trimmer Black Max 12.25 lbs 30 cc 11 oz
Salem Master 31cc Gas Powered Weed Eater Salem about 20 pounds 31 cc 110 L

Buying Guide For The Best 4-Cycle Weed Eater

1. Engine Power

The efficiency of your string trimmer will be strongly influenced by its engine power. You should purchase weed trimmers by considering what engine power range would best suit the region where you wish to use your string trimmer. 

For instance, if you want to use string trimmers on large yards with dense vegetation, it would be best to stay within 30 to 40 cc of engine power. This amount of power would help you get rid of stubborn weeds like Poaceae. 

On the other hand, if you want to purchase a string trimmer to maintain your small backyard, you can go for lesser engine power to save up on costs. 

2. Shaft Type

The shaft type of your string trimmer should also influence which weed wacker you choose to purchase. When we talk about the 4-cycle weed wackers, there are mainly two kinds of shafts – straight and curved shafts. If you are tall and require decent reach from your string trimmer, it would be best if you went with the straight shaft string trimmers. 

However, since I was looking for a more comfortable option to help me get rid of weeds and grass from constricted regions, I prefer the curved shafts. Similarly, you can choose one based on your needs and preferences.

3. Weight

A weed wacker can be quite heavy in weight; hence, it is an important aspect to remember while you purchase the string trimmers. Say, if you want to purchase a cordless string trimmer, it would be best to choose one with an even weight distribution so that you can balance yourself properly. 

If you are well-built and do not have any issues working with a heavy trimmer head, then you can prioritize the workability of your weed wacker. However, if you are of smaller stature or are not capable of using heavy equipment, you should only go for the best lightweight weed eater options on the market.

4. Noise Level

An annoying thing about most – even the best – weed eaters is that they can be quite noisy when you work. Many people find it extremely disturbing to work with gas trimmers that are loud enough to blow your ears out. 

Hence, it would help if you considered going for a 4-cycle lawn mower that has noise-reduction features. You should look for vibration reduction systems, sound-dampening materials in the engine housing, and mufflers in your lawn equipment in your gas-powered string trimmer.

5. Durability

If you plan to use a weed eater regularly (or even routinely), it is crucial that it is durable enough to withstand frequent usage. Since you will be investing a decent amount of money in purchasing your ideal trimmer, check its description thoroughly and assess whether it is durable enough for you.

Moreover, you should check for user reviews online to see if the people who have received your choice of the trimmer are satisfied with its durability.

6. Maintenance

Apart from checking out aspects like compatibility with superchargers and so on, it is also crucial that you consider the amount of maintenance that would go into the product. This is especially important if you do not have much leisure time to keep checking your weed eater at regular intervals. 

If you stay busy most of the time, it would be best if you go for string trimmers that can be in decent condition without much maintenance. For instance, you can invest some extra money and go for options that do not require you to carry out constant inspections, etc.

7. Price

Finally, one of the most significant factors you should keep in mind while searching for the best string trimmers is their price. The costs of such 4-cycle gas trimmers can vary greatly, up to hundreds of dollars. 

While it is true that the best string trimmers may come with expensive power equipment, it is also worth noting that there are plenty of alternatives on the market. It would help if you narrowed down all your preferences and priorities and then looked for other trimmers that will not blow a hole in your pocket.

What is the difference between a 2-cycle and a 4-cycle weed eater?

While a 4-cycle weed eater has a four-stroke engine to complete a combustion cycle, a 2-cycle uses only a two-stroke engine. This means that the 4-cycle weed eater requires a separate oil chamber to lubricate the engine. 

On the other hand, a 2-cycle weed eater depends on the oil that is mixed with its fuel in order to lubricate its engine. As a result, the 4-cycle alternatives are more fuel-efficient and produce less smoke emissions as compared to the 2-cycle weed eaters. The former also has a longer lifespan than the latter.

How to maintain my 4-cycle weed eater?

You can follow several measures to maintain your 4-cycle weed eater properly. For instance, make sure you change your trimmer oil, air filter, and spark plug periodically. Additionally, you should check the fuel filter for any signs of blockage. 

Ensure that the cutting head of your trimmer does not have any wear and tear; if it does, fix it immediately. Further, store the trimmers in a secure and dry location.

Can a beginner use a 4-cycle weed eater?

Yes, a beginner can use a four-stroke weed eater. However, it is worth noting that if you are not an expert in using this tool, go for the models that are specifically designed to be user-friendly and safe. 

As a beginner, you should consider certain features – like considering human factors and ergonomic concepts to design handles, reducing vibrations, etc. – while purchasing weed eaters. Similarly, easy start mechanisms and a comfortable grip on the trimmer handle can help you narrow down to the best user-friendly options on the market.

Which is better – an electric battery-powered or gas-powered 4-cycle weed eater?

The choice between an electric battery and gas powered weed eater should strictly be made based on your personal needs and preferences. When we look at the electric ones, it is evident that they are quieter, don’t produce emissions, and require less maintenance. 

On the other hand, gas-powered weed eaters have enough power to clean large yards at once and have stronger batteries than the former. It would be best to note down your preferences and then choose between the two kinds of power of the four-cycle trimmers.

What is the noise level of a typical 4-cycle weed eater, and how can it be reduced?

Generally, the noise level of a typical four-cycle weed eater can lie within the range of about 70 to 110 decibels. The upper limit of this range can be quite harmful to hearing if you are exposed to the noise for prolonged periods. 

One of the best ways to reduce the noise level of such weed eaters is to look for trimmers that come with noise-reduced features. These include mufflers, sound-dampening materials, and so on. Further, you can also wear ear protection like ear plugs to prevent the risk of damage to your hearing.

Are 4-cycle weed eaters expensive?

Typically, 4-cycle trimmers are more expensive than alternatives like 2-cycle weed eaters. However, the cost of a four-cycle weed eater can vary depending on various factors such as brand, features, and size. 

For instance, if you purchase MTD products like Troy-Bilt trimmers, you may have to pay more compared to a cheaper brand with no mark in the market. However, investing in a value-for-money option can help you save money in the future by minimizing maintenance costs. Hence, it would help if you considered investing only in good-quality options.

How does the diameter of the cutting head affect the performance of a 4-cycle weed eater?

The diameter of the cutting of a weed eater can strongly affect the performance of your 4-cycle weed eater because it determines the width of its cutting swath. A larger cutting head diameter means you can cut larger regions in less time – but they can also be heavier. 

Hence, you must assess your needs by measuring your yard before deciding on your choice of diameter of the cutting head. If you have a small or medium yard, you should consider staying in the range of 14 to 16 inches. However, you can go for diameters of length 17 to 18 inches in case of larger yards.


Based on my personal experiences, I feel that the Proyama 40 cc Gas powered string trimmer is one of the best 4-cycle weed eaters out there. However, I would also recommend the Troy-Bilt trimmer for homeowners looking for a versatile option and the Ryobi 4-stroke trimmer for people who want the best fuel efficiency. 

Weight, shaft design, cutting power – you should carefully narrow down your priorities according to these factors and pick the ideal weed eater. The options mentioned on this list offer a diverse range of features to the users, and you can choose your favorite based on their features.

That is all for today, goodbye! 

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