Blackout Shades: 13 Best Blackout Curtains Right Now | Buyer’s Guide

Remember all the times when you were mercilessly woken up by the harsh rays of light coming in through your window curtains and blinds?

Well, we do too.

This is a well-known, pretty irritable scenario that has happened to all of us.

But trust us when we say that all hope is not lost! Technology has given us a winning product in the form of a blackout curtain. It can block out the maximum amount of light that would otherwise penetrate through regular curtain fabric.

However, the real challenge here is to find the one that best suits your purpose without costing too much. And that is why we are here with an extensive guide on some of the best blackout curtains which you can get today.

Simply read on to know more about the best linen blackout curtains!

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Best Blackout Curtains

Best blackout curtains

1. NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains

These thermal insulated curtains from NICETOWN are considered one of the best blackout blinds you can find on the market right now. These are known to block out almost 90% of light, keeping your room cool and comfortably dark in those precious, sleepy moments early in the morning!

NICETOWN Thermal Insulated Grommet Blackout Curtains for Bedroom (2...
  • SERVE WELL: Curtains impede 85%-99% light and UV...


We have to admit that getting to test these curtains got us excited. Well, not all of us want blackout curtains for just protecting our sleep, you know? And if you get our drift right now, then you’ll be pleased to know how much light it can actually block out.

These curtains are made from a 100% dense microfiber polyester base that features a triple-weave technology. This triple-weave blackout fabric ensures that it not only blocks about 80%-90% light but also provides an essential balance between outdoor and indoor temperatures.

It keeps the interiors cool amidst the scorching summer heat. And during winters, the insulative material of the curtains doesn’t let the heat escape from the interiors.


The dark color of these curtains block out the harmful UV rays of the sun and protects the furniture, flooring, or artwork (if there is any) in the room.

One of the things that we found the curtains really help with is accentuating the lighting in the room. It prevents any glare effect on the TV or computer screens while viewing, and even reduces the noise coming from outside.

However, one thing that irked us about these curtains is that they wrinkle and crease pretty easily. And due to this, these may look worn out after a point of time.


Made with high-quality polyester microfiber

Triple-weave design blocks out about 90% of heat and light

Ensures a comfortable temperature balance between indoors and outdoors

Helps protect interiors, artwork, and furniture from sunlight


Wrinkles and develops creases

2. AmazonBasics Room Darkening Blackout Curtains With Tie-Backs

AmazonBasics brings you this brilliant set of blackout curtains with tie-backs at a pretty budget-friendly price tag. The color range for these curtains includes vibrant hues that block out the piercing early morning rays, ensuring a comfortable time for you.

Made from premium-grade polyester, these darkening curtains also provide ample insulation during cold weather.

Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtains with Tie Backs...
  • 2-pack of 100% blackout curtain panels for...
  • Creates energy-saving insulating barrier against...


One of the things that we really liked about these curtains is that they are entirely opaque. This ensures a quality-material weave and complete privacy, unlike most other translucent curtain weaves.

These curtains feature 2 panels of triple-weave fabric that block out around 80% of sunlight, heat, and noise. They create an energy-saving barrier that neither lets the heat come into the room during summers nor does it let the heat escape from your room during winters.

We love the pretty tie-back design of these curtains that consist of 2 Velcro ties. It contains no stiff liner, and the rod pocket fits all standard curtain rods. In fact, you can even use these with decorative curtain rods, for that matter, and the curtains will work just fine.

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You get a gorgeous color range for these curtains from the brand. It consists of elegant dark colors which look wonderful and efficiently blocks the UV rays out. These will not fade even after a prolonged period of use. We also liked the fact that these curtains do not crease or wrinkle too much, which retains a fresh appeal about them.

However, we did have an issue with the whites and lighter shades of these curtains. These may not be able to block out much light or heat. But the darker ones work just fine.


Works really well, blocking about 80% of sunlight

Protects the interiors from UV lights

Doesn’t fade, wrinkle, or crease

Pretty affordable


The whites and lighter shades may not be able to block out light all that much

3. Classic Belgian Flax Linen Darkening Curtains

Next up, we have these absolutely stunning Belgian flax linen curtains to talk about! Manufactured using 100% Belgian flax fibers, these crip linen curtains are undoubtedly what everyone’s bedroom dreams are made of!

And not only do they look this good, but they also work efficiently to block out about 85% of light.

Exclusive Home Belgian pp Sheer Textured Linen Look Jacquard Pinch...
  • Overall fabric width of 50" at bottom of panel...
  • Belgian sheer drapes offer a luxurious textured...


These Belgian Flax Linen curtains make a dynamic style statement for any bedroom décor scenario. These are made from natural Belgian flax fibers that keep the environment safe and fresh from pollutants, blowing in from outside. This is extremely beneficial for people suffering from dust, pollen, or hay allergies.

The blackout window curtains feature a high-quality and durable 100% polyester blackout panel that blocks about 80%-85% harsh sun rays. These linen curtains are specially treated with an enzyme wash that softens the fabric and gives it a beautiful, dated look and feel. This also ensures maximum resistance against harsh UV rays.

The curtain’s 3-in-1 construction offers 3 types of hanging options. These include the standard pole pocket, hanging loops, and ring top variation. These options make it a pretty versatile curtain design. The set also includes curtain hooks for the purpose of hanging window curtain panels.


These curtains are sold as individual panels. They can feel a bit on the heavier side, and it may take a bit of an effort to put them up or take them down.

But, we really wish that these curtains came at an affordable price tag. These are quite expensive, and thus, may not be a comfortable deal for the wider public.


Beautiful crisp linen designs, yet soft to the touch

Comes with a 100% polyester blackout lining

Beneficial especial for people suffering from allergies

Makes a great bedroom décor statement

Offers versatile hanging options


Quite expensive


4. Deconovo Thermal Insulated Blackout Window Curtains

Deconovo is a recognized brand of home décor solutions that provide quality products to fulfill every requirement.

The thermal insulated blackout curtains from the brand are known for their quality and efficiency in blocking out light, especially for their stunning range of colors.

Deconovo Rod Pocket Blackout Curtains, 38 x 54 Inch, Greyish White...
  • BASIC INFORMATION - Package contains 2 panels....
  • DESIGN and TEXTURE - This solid color blackout...


These Deconovo blackout curtains are made using a purely polyester base. They feature a silver-coated side that looks beautiful and serves a pretty functional purpose at the same time!

These, in fact, block out around 85-90% of harsh lights, creating a well-defined insulative barrier. They help in maintaining a stable temperature indoors in hot and cold weather alike. We liked that the curtains provide absolute privacy. These are completely opaque and may feel heavy owing to the material.

We tested these in terms of noise reduction as well as minimizing glare-effects on the screen. The curtains do block out a perceivable amount of noise and do fine with minimizing harsh glares on the screen.


Deconovo offers a wide range of vibrant shades for its blackout curtains. From rich, luscious colors to pleasant, summery hues, you can get it all! Our personal favorite was the vibrant crimson shade that looked ravishing in a neutral-toned bedroom.

However, the one thing that does irk us a little is the texture of the material. It seems to lint and wrinkle quite a bit, and that makes us worry about whether it will fade and look worn-out with time or not.

Also, it is a bit on the higher end of the price spectrum.


2-panelled curtains manufactured with 100% polyester base

Blocks out about 85% of light and UV rays

Maintains a stable indoor temperature in all atmospheres

Different size options available

Minimizes outside noise and glare effects on the screens


Textures wrinkles and lints

A bit expensive

5. Exclusive Home Medallion Window Curtain Panels

These exclusive Home Medallion window panels have earned a place on our list owing to their stunning pattern and color. You can pair them up with any kind of décor element in your bedroom. And, trust us, it will look beautiful with other colors and styles!

Exclusive Home Chateau Striped Faux Silk Grommet Top Curtain Panel...
  • Chateau drapes offer a wide horizontal stripe...
  • Includes: Two (2) curtain panels, each measuring:...


Although we weren’t quite sure about this one, we went ahead and tested it on the word of one of our team mates who happened to have these back home.

And we must say, we weren’t disappointed by the overall result!

These blackout curtains definitely steal the show with their design. It has a cool-tone, steel-grey neutral base that literally goes with any color whatsoever! The delicate and intricate medallion pattern frames your window elegantly, creating a beautiful and pleasant look.

The double-panel curtains are made of a high-quality polyester base that makes it a pretty durable thermal insulated fabric.

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It does block out a substantial amount of light, preventing it from disrupting your sleep or whatever it is that you’re up to at that point of time.

A certain thing that we really like about this is that the double panels are substantially long, offering a good amount of fabric material. This makes it suitable for long Georgian-styled windows.

These curtain panels feature 8 matte silver grommets that compliment the rest of the look of the curtains.

The only thing that we are concerned about is that it doesn’t have enough texture on it to block out noise or minimize glare. Also, the fabric fades out after a point of time.


Made of a high-quality thermal insulative polyester base fabric

Comes in an attractive grey tone color

Complements all kinds of home décor elements

Extra-long panels suit long window frames well

Blocks out a substantial amount of light


Doesn’t minimize glare on screens or outside noise

May fade after a point of time

6. Dot Linen Blackout Curtain Panel by PillowFort

The Dot Blackout Curtain from PillowFort offers a classic light-blocking curtain solution for the kids’ room! It comes with a beautiful dotted pattern made up of multiple colors and efficiently filters natural light to provide a comfortable atmosphere in the room.


This Dot Blackout Curtain panel is made up of 80% polyester and 20% cotton that makes for a very comfortable, lightweight material. And although we think that it is best suited for a kid’s room owing to its designs, you can even hang it up anywhere in the house, for that matter.

The curtains have a 100% polyester and foam backing material that acts as an insulative layer in the colder months. It traps the heat inside, keeping it comfortable in the cold weather.

These panels filter out the harsh lights and UV rays from outside to keep it comfortable indoors. This dims the effect of strong natural lights, creating a calming atmosphere within.


The curtains also block out a certain amount of heat, maintaining a balance between the temperatures outdoors and that on the inside.

We really like the overall design of these curtain panels. It is a very fun, bright design that adds pops of vibrant colors to the room. This is one of the things that makes it suitable for a playroom or even a nursery. The curtains come with a rod-pocket feature which makes it easier for you to hang them up.

However, on the downside, these curtains may lose their shine fast and wrinkle.


Beautiful multicolored design

Blocks harsh lights and heat

Comfortable material doesn’t feel heavy

Maintains a stable temperature in all seasons


May swiftly lose shine and look worn-out

7. IKEA Marjun Darkening Blackout Curtains

The IKEA Marjun Blackout Curtains provide decent light-blocking functions at a very affordable price tag. These are some of the fastest-selling blackout curtains that cater to the wider public.

Made from a high-quality mixed-polyester base, the Marjun curtains do fair well in maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature.

No products found.


Similar to the Target curtains, we did have doubts about the quality of these Marjun curtains. However, put to the test, these curtains provided a decent amount of resistance against lights.We really like the dark blue, satin finish on the curtains that complement neutral tones in the bedroom, and also makes it pretty soothing on the eyes.

The curtains are sufficiently thick and heavy that provide complete privacy. It darkens the room well, keeping the heat at bay. It is effective in blocking both summer and winter drafts, keeping the temperature stable and very comfortable inside the room.

The Marjun blackout curtains do block out a good amount of morning light, but it may not be very efficient in reducing noise. The glare-minimization provided by the curtains is decent enough.

The curtains offer you two options for hanging them up. You can either use a curtain rod or a curtain track for this purpose. This versatile aspect keeps it simple and easy for the users to change their curtains.

The heading tape on the panels makes it easy for you to create beautiful pleats using RIKTIG curtain hooks. You can even hang the curtains on the curtain rod through hidden tabs or with rings and hooks.


Has a beautiful dark blue color with a satin finish

Blocks out a good amount of light and heat

Keeps the temperature comfortable

Versatile hanging designs


May not block out noise

8. Silvana Grey Silk Blackout Curtain Panel

The grey silk blackout curtains from Silvana do a decent job of blocking the harsh morning light during that precious early morning sleep. Made of a pure silk base, these cool-grey Silvana curtains make a beautiful decor statement anywhere in the house, along with maintaining a stable temperature indoors.


These Silvana grey curtains were the first silk ones in the blackout range that we tried out. And, right off the bat, we must say that the texture of these curtains feels great to the touch apart from looking absolutely gorgeous! The steel-grey tones of the curtains make for a soothing visual and complement all types of bedroom colors.

These grey curtain panels have lines with light-blocking polyester which effectively filter natural light, dimming down its strong glare. This keeps the atmosphere in the room cozy, cool and comfortably dark, ideal for resting or unwinding after a hectic day.


One of the things that we really like about these curtains is that they offer a very natural, pure silk base. Much like the Belgian Flax Linen curtains that we had reviewed before this, the Silvana silk curtains provide a safe solution for all who suffer from dust or pollen allergies. These help block out such allergens that generally enter the room with the wind.

The curtains are easy to put up given their versatile hanging options. You can use any standard curtain rod or decorative one for the purpose.

However, the only issue with these curtains is that they need high maintenance. These have to specifically be dry-cleaned or spot-cleaned, which could be an expensive procedure.


Has an attractive grey color

Filters and dims harsh natural lights

Maintains a cool atmosphere indoor

It is a safe product for people with dust allergies


Requires dry-cleaning only

9. Evelyn Linen Blend Blackout Panel

The Evelyn Linen Blend Blackout Panel is an exclusive product from Pottery Barn Kids, which is a reputed store for baby-care products. We understand that when it comes to shopping for babies, one has to be very specific and careful about the product quality. And this is where these blackout curtain panels score significantly, providing efficient protection against heat and light for your sleeping angels.

Evelyn - Embossed Thermal Weaved Blackout Curtains Valance- Room...
  • IDEAL VALANCE SIZE: Measuring 54 x 18 inches, this...
  • BLOCKS 97% OF SUNLIGHT: These unique curtain...


The Evelyn linen curtains, to our surprise, worked as well as some of the regular curtains on this list when we put them to the “light-test”. The curtains are made using a natural cotton-linen blend, done in an intricate tight weave that dims the glaring effects of natural lights. The polyester blackout lining on the curtains does a good job of guarding the room against heat and light, maintaining a cool temperature in the nursery.

The curtain panels come in 4 different sizes, which is a pretty useful thing. This way, you do not have to worry about getting the ideal size for the window frames in your nursery.

The color range provided by the brand is also pretty attractive. The curtains are available in eight soft colors with a lovely, playful pattern. These ideally complement any kid’s room or nursery, adding a vibrant tone to it.


Also, one of the essential factors about these curtain panels is that they consist of only environmentally-safe dyes. This is indeed a considerable pro about the brand, as it assures you of zero chemical contact for your child’s well-being.

A most significant advantage of these curtains is that they feature a 3-in-1 hanging method. This allows you to use a number of hanging elements for the curtains, including pole pockets, drapery hooks, and standard curtain loops.

However, the only downside to these curtains is that they need to be dry-cleaned. This may add to the already expensive tag that these curtains come at.


Blocks out maximum heat and light

Contains only environmentally-safe dyes

Offers versatile 3-in-1 hanging methods

Made with natural cotton-linen blend

Available in four different sizes


May be an expensive buy

Can only be dry-cleaned

10. Best Home Fashion Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain

These are a pair of beautiful thermal insulated blackout curtains from the brand, Best Home Fashion that you can easily find on Amazon. The major advantage of this curtain panel is that it provides you with the benefit of the triple-weave design at a pretty affordable price. It efficiently blocks out a large amount of heat and light, creating an insulative barrier for all seasons.

Best Home Fashion Basic Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains - Antique...
  • Features an innovative triple weave fabric...
  • Energy efficient, insulation, noise reduction,...


The thermal insulated blackout curtains from Best Home Fashion offers a good amount of coverage against sunlight and UV rays. What we like the most about this curtain panel is its straightforward design and texture.

Unlike many commercial-grade blackout curtains that may bring up a lot of unnecessary “extras”, these give you what you primarily expect from them. And that includes the innovative triple weave polyester fabric design that blocks out the damaging rays of the sun. It has a very basic, plain-black design and tone that reduces maximum glare effects.

This also helps you to view computer or TV screens comfortably. And the material of the curtains, if not as durable as most other models reviewed here, does fare well for maintaining a stable temperature balance between indoors and outdoors.

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It helps keep the winter drafts at bay, putting an insulative barrier to prevent heat from escaping. While, in summers, it does block out a good amount of heat from burning up the atmosphere inside. It protects your belongings from the harmful UV rays and lets you relax and unwind by creating a cool atmosphere.

Yet, even with all this, we have to admit that the material on this doesn’t seem to be very durable.


Offers decent shielding from light and heat

Plain black design reduces maximum glare effects

Allows both rod pocket hanging and back tab designs for hanging

Protects interiors from harmful UV rays

Creates insulative temperature barrier


Not a very durable option; wrinkles and creases

May not look very appealing

11. [email protected] Blackout Faux Silk Curtains

Next up on our list is this absolutely gorgeous pair of faux silk blackout curtains which are a fine combination of style and efficiency. These blackout curtains from [email protected] offer you all the benefits of a pure silk drapery without being super high-maintenance in any way. They provide superior shielding against the harsh rays of the sun, creating a cool and comfortably dark atmosphere in your room.

Extra Long Pure White, Wine and Gray Drape Custom Made 50 and 100"...
  • This listing is for 1 panel of custom made satin...


The blackout curtains, in our opinion, deliver substantially on almost all of the claims of the brand. These are made using 100% high-quality polyester that is given a stunning, superior satin or “silk” finish. This helps these curtains score really high on the aesthetic appeal of their design that compliments any kind of bathroom décor.

These curtains sure do a decent job of blocking out a good deal of light and heat, keeping your indoors cool and dim. These come with a triple-layer texture which actually absorbs a substantial amount of heat and light. This protects your interiors and belongings from the damaging UV rays of the sun.

And, we also noticed that it significantly reduces glare effects on your screens thanks to its dark tones. These curtains also reduce a good deal of noise coming from outside, thus allowing you to rest well.


A major pro of these curtains is that they are absolutely opaque which ensures complete privacy for your room. These can be hung up using any standard or decorative curtain rod or hoop which makes for a pretty versatile arrangement for putting the curtains up.

However, the one thing that should be addressed over here is the heat-absorbing factor of the curtains. This, undoubtedly, could be an immense insulative benefit in winters. But, in summers, it can be a very stifling situation given the heavy fabric, which doesn’t really make it very breathable.


Beautifully designed and colored curtains

Blocks away about 80% of sunlight

Offers versatile hanging options

Provides decent insulation during winter


Heavy material can be stifling during winters

12. HLC. ME Printed Thermal Blackout Curtain

HLC.ME is a reputed brand that provides beautiful and quality curtains of all types at a very reasonable range. The printed blackout curtains from the brand work really well for providing insulation during colder seasons. These feature the triple-weave innovation that effectively blocks a good deal of light.

HLC.ME Lattice Print Decorative Grey Blackout Curtains 96 Inch Long -...


When we tried these curtains out, we were really pleased to find that they came with a sufficient length of fabric. The issue with the curtain length is something which we often face, especially when it comes to cheaper models.

These curtains can be easily used for longer and larger window frames without the hassles of attaching any extra lengths to them. We love the lattice prints on the curtains which make a sophisticated appeal, reflecting a refined personal taste in bedroom décor.

The curtains are made using 100% polyester that really does a decent job in blocking out both heat and light. The triple-weave design of the curtains makes for a good shade against harsh lights, as well as absorbs a substantial amount of heat with it.

The curtains do reduce glare effects, making it easier for you to work on your computer or watch TV. But the noise-reduction factor is actually not that great compared to most other models on this list.


One of the things that these curtains do is score high on thermal insulation. They create a decent level of insulative barrier, maintaining a stable temperature indoors. This temperature barrier keeps the indoors well-insulated, especially during the colder months.

The one issue that we had with these was the texture of the fabric. It is pretty thin and doesn’t seem very durable. Due to this, these also wrinkle and crease very fast.


Does a decent job of blocking out sun rays

Looks pretty charming and complements most bedroom tones

Easy to hang up; supports standard curtains rods and hoops

Could be machine-washed


Fabric is pretty thin and wrinkles fast

13. MIUCO Double-Paneled Solid Blackout Thermal Curtains

The final pair of blackout curtains on our list is this beautiful one from MUICO. These thermal blackout curtains are probably the most inexpensive ones on our list. And yet, these put up a substantial shield between the sun and you, to let you enjoy those precious moments of morning sleep!

MIUCO 2 Panels Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Grommet Window...
  • DESIGN STRUCTURE - Includes 2 panels, each 52 inch...
  • SUN LIGHT CONTROL - Innovative triple-weave...


The one thing that really pops out about this curtain set is the absolutely vibrant color. These come in a range of beautiful shades which makes them versatile for any sort of room décor.

The curtains are pretty opaque and provide absolute privacy in every way. These have a comparatively wider hemline on both sides and the bottom, which gives them a classic appeal.

These curtains come with a triple-weave design that blocks out harsh rays and UV lights. It filters natural light to produce a soft-dimming effect that keeps the room comfortably darkened and cool. These curtains could even be used in the nursery or in a playroom, given their bright colors and blackout capacity.


The curtains allow any standard or decorative hanging rod, for that matter. These can also be machine-washed, which dismisses the need for expensive dry-cleaning.

The thermal insulation provided by these curtains is pretty decent as well. These keep the indoor environment dimmed and pleasant in any season, preventing exposures to extreme outdoor temperatures.

Yet, we did notice that the darker colors did a more effective job of blocking the light than the lighter ones, which didn’t quite seem to hold up well.


Beautiful designs and vibrant colors

Blocks out more than 85% of sun rays

Reduces glare effects and noise

Could be machined-washed


Light colors don’t block as much as darker shades

Wrinkles and lints

Best blackout curtain 4

Buying Guide for the Best Linen Blackout Curtains

And like everything else, you will come across an unending range of blackout curtains out there in the market. That is precisely why it could get difficult for you to get just the ideal blackout curtains for your home.

So, to help you make a well-informed decision, we are attaching this buyers’ guide that will let you know about all that you should look for when buying a blackout window curtain!

1. Curtain light-blocking efficiency

This is undeniably the entire point of getting a blackout curtain in the first place. While buying one, you should check-out its capabilities of blocking light. High-quality blackout curtains will be able to block anywhere between 80% to 90% of sun-rays coming through. There are also some “total black” curtains which can block about 99% of light.

High-quality blackout curtains come with an internal woven layer of thread that blocks out maximum light and helps keep the room comfortably darkened.

2. Curtain material and durability

No matter what kind of blackout curtain style you are going for, do make sure that it is made using quality materials. The quality of the fabric will determine the overall strength and durability of your blackout curtain.

Since these curtains will be in direct contact with the sun all day long, you need to make sure that they have a strong weave, color, and texture to them. Otherwise, the curtains will get sun bleached and worn out in no time.

3. Curtain energy-efficiency

Quality blackout curtains can do a fantastic job of providing thermal insulation in your home. Not only does this keep the atmosphere in your home comfortable, but it also cuts down on the energy-bills which pile up due to the ACs and coolers in our place.

Thicker blackout curtains will have higher insulative capabilities than those that are comparatively thinner. These thick blackout curtains will resist more light and heat energy, cutting down on the total amount of heat that generally transfers into a space. These trap in the optimum heat required to keep an area comfortable, creating a balance between indoor and outdoor temperatures.

4. Curtain ease of cleaning and maintenance

This is definitely a vital point to consider while buying blackout curtains. Because the ease of cleaning and maintaining them will determine if the curtains will return your money’s worth or not.

Some curtains could be easily machine-washed and dried, while some others may need to be cleaned by hand or dry-cleaned. Now, dry-cleaning or spot-cleaning can be expensive and in some cases will require special treatments. These costs can pile up on the cost of the curtains itself, making it an expensive investment.

Also, if the curtains have a delicate fabric, then you may have to take special care and precautions while handling them. This can amount to a lot of hassles and physical labor. So, it’s always a better idea to determine such factors before you decide on any particular type of blackout curtain.

Blackout Curtains Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Should You Invest In A Blackout Curtain?

Blackout curtains have several advantages that make them suitable for use in almost any room. For instance, they can limit your exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun by blocking the sunlight from entering the room. This may well prolong the life of your interior furniture and paint.

They can also help regulate the interior temperatures, thereby helping with the energy efficiency of air conditioners in summers. Moreover, blackout curtains provide optimum privacy, especially if you have glass doors and windows while adding to the décor of the room.

What Are The Differences Between Blackout Curtains And Drapes?

Although many people think that a blackout curtain and drape are essentially the same, there are certain differences between the two. While the former is always made of double-lined fabric and woven tightly, the latter may or may not be stitched the same way. Besides, blackout curtains have insulation properties on both sides, which is not the case with drapes.

But the biggest difference between them is the purpose of use. People who want to completely restrict the entry of light in their rooms should go for blackout curtains rather than drapes.

What Are Blackout Curtains Made Of?

Some of the most commonly used materials for these curtains include polyester, cotton, polyester blend, and nylon. Polyester is the most preferred material since it doesn’t shrink when washed and offers more longevity, better sturdiness, and easy maintenance. 

Similarly, polyester blend materials (like polyester linen) make the curtains resistant to dust. Such curtains are also hypoallergenic and durable. On the other hand, cotton curtains are more affordable, and nylon ones are usually lightweight.

Can These Curtains Cancel Out The Outside Noise?

Blackout curtains can’t cancel out exterior noise, but they may restrict it to a certain extent. This is possible due to the light insulators present on the back panel of the curtains, which can generally absorb some noise. 

The noise-blocking capacity of these curtains will also depend on the type of material you’re opting for and their overall thickness. 

How To Maintain Blackout Curtains?

The maintenance routine of the curtains largely depends on the material they are made for. For instance, polyester and nylon curtains can be machine-washed in lukewarm to cool water with a mild detergent. Likewise, cotton and linen curtains can be hand-washed with a mild detergent that’s completely dissolved in lukewarm water.

For best results, it’s always recommended to follow the cleaning instructions provided by the brand. 

Blackout Curtains Conclusion

And that was it for our extensive guide on some of the best blackout curtains you can get for your home right now!

We hope this was a useful guide for you and that we were able to help you pick the most suitable blackout curtains for your home.

And although picking the right one could get a bit tricky, with a little knowledge about the product, you will certainly land nothing short of the best for yourself!

Till next time!

Best blackout curtains

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