19 Best IKEA Alternatives to Check Out Right Now

We all love IKEA! Their modern aesthetics and Scandinavian design have robbed all of our hearts.

But what if you are looking for some modern furniture stores and IKEA is too expensive for you? Or you don’t find it worthwhile to spend 2 hours putting everything together? You may even want to be different from your neighbors but still want modern aesthetics.

For all of these reasons and many more, you might want to look for IKEA alternatives, stores like IKEA but different, in terms of style, pricing, and design.

To lessen your efforts and ease up this hunt, we have brought to you the 18 Best Ikea Alternatives that you should check out right now!

Don’t keep yourself waiting. Read now!

Best IKEA Alternatives

From sleek modern designs to affordable furniture pieces, here’s the list of the 19 best IKEA alternatives that can help you create the perfect home decor without breaking the bank.

1. Urban Outfitters

Urban outfitters 1

Some may erk to the name of Urban Outfitters as they are known to be quirky and young in their design philosophy.

Even though their outfits have a Coachella vibe, their items of furniture are impeccably gorgeous if you are a fan of modern design.

With a Bohemian but modern aesthetic, they also carry a hint of the 70s and the soul of California.

It’s a sister company of Anthropologie, a brand known to be the ladies’ favorite, and CB2, another decor and furnishing company. And the affordable nature and similarity of design principles are a testament to that affiliation.

2. AllModern

Allmodern 1

AllModern is the one-for-all furniture store if you are looking for modern furniture. They have the biggest collection of items of modern furniture and you can find something that is suitable for you no matter what.

There’s so much flexibility in terms of price point that it doesn’t matter if you wanna save a few bucks, you can still find something you love.

Our only piece of advice for this site will be to have patience. Due to its immense size, you might have to do a significant amount of digging to get something you like.

Otherwise, there is no reason to not love this one-stop shop!

3. CB2 by Crate & Barrel

Cb2 1

CB2 is the younger and cooler sibling of Crates & Barrel. It features a more hip and cooler modern furniture set and decor items.

The brand has been known to let talented artists and designers fulfill their wildest and most ambitious projects.

The designs usually feature the most popular modern decor hues and the architecture of the furniture is just gorgeous.

The brand has been a favorite among young professionals, who want the cleanest and most modern-looking aesthetics in their apartment; even though the brand is a bit more expensive than IKEA.

But, ultimately, for the sub $200 range, you’ll find quality designs and material choice that is sure to make people gasp in awe.

4. Blue Dot

Blue dot 1

Blu Dot is a furniture store and decor brand that was founded by two college grads who were looking for clean design and a pleasing modern aesthetic without breaking their bank accounts.

If that is not a testament to the company’s values to provide affordable furniture without compromising on quality and looks, we don’t think anything else can persuade you.

Their design signature is clean, minimal, and modern. The colors are a little warmer than some other modern furnishing brands but the overall looks seem to work incredibly well.

If the theme of affordability and minimalism attracts you, then these affordable air conditioners – that can almost go unnoticed – from Tiny House are bound to pique your interest.

So, if you are in search of handsome items of furniture and gorgeous decor at an affordable price, we think you’ll fall in love with Blu Dot.

5. ferm LIVING

Ferm living 1

The designs of this brand seem to have a personal touch on top of its overall Scandinavian style.

The company was founded by Trine Anderson in 2005 and it delivers premium quality furniture at a reasonable and fair price.

You can find something for every room of your house and you’ll never regret committing to this brand.

The offers will seem even more lucrative if you buy a balanced set of furniture and decor, with a fair amount of interest in smaller decor and accessories.

Overall, the clean look, the minimal design, and the fair pricing are bound to make you love this brand.

6. Muji

Muji 1

Muji is like the IKEA of Japan, a furniture store that you will surely remember after the first encounter. It’s a company dedicated to the true spirit of craftsmanship and adheres to the concept of simplicity.

Even if its overall aesthetic is minimal and clean, the company itself doesn’t follow a minimalist style.

Their philosophy is to be simple and flexible with their design philosophy. They want to imitate the idea of an empty bowl which is capable of encompassing any idea or aesthetic in a truly versatile sense.

What is more important for us is that they provide affordable and modern-looking furniture and decor items that are hard to resist.

Go ahead and take a look at these magnificent furnishing products that can embody your personality in your home.

7. H&M Home

Hm home 1

H&M Home is a trendy and affordable furnishing brand just like its clothing counterpart.

They have some of the most interesting items of furniture that we have laid our eyes upon. Their products look modern and trendy.

The brand doesn’t have a deep design philosophy that you can follow or nod your head with, but they do have unbeatable prices and provide items with impeccable quality and great looks.

You’ll find almost everything you may need with H&M Home – Cushions, beddings, vases, etc. And all of these things are available at unbelievable prices.

Don’t keep yourself waiting, try out H&M Home to make your home trendy at a cheap price.

8. West Elm

West elm 1

If you want unique pieces of items of furniture to represent your style faithfully, you won’t anything more satisfying than West Elm.

West Elm is not about hot bargains and unbelievable deals, they focus on creativity and style and try to provide it for a reasonable price.

The brand commits to working with artists and designers who want to create something unique, instead of cloning the industry cliches.

The result of this is an incredibly unique style that adorns all of their furniture and decor items. Moreover, you can get all of this for a fair price easily, especially, if you keep an eye out for sales.

Overall, West Elm is a brand that can make your home look unique and special, and fortunately, you won’t have to shell out extraordinarily for that anymore.

9. Etsy

Etsy 1

For the opportunists and bargain hunters, we bring you Etsy! If you don’t already know about Etsy, you are missing out because the deals are gorgeous and you can get a beautiful piece of decor for just a few dollars.

With Etsy and its limitless online possibilities, you can find anything and everything to feed your furnishing needs. From designer products to generic decor items, Etsy has it all.

Etsy also always has lucrative deals that you can steal. But what you need to do is keep an eye out for them!

Ultimately, if you are a bargain hunter and love to casually buy furniture and decor items, you’ll have to be on Etsy!

10. Scandinavian Designs

Scandinavian designs 1

Scandinavian Designs is bound to scratch the itch for IKEA furniture. And given their products and their quality, you may love Scandinavian Designs even more.

You’ll surely find a mixed bag of designs here but with all of our experience with this brand, we have yet to find a single piece that is unsatisfying or unfair.

Moreover, if you have a knack for furnishing products then you’ll surely find some envelope-pushing furniture and decor items that are extremely inexpensive given their quality.

Anyway, if you are out for Scandinavian-style furniture and decor, then take a look at Scandinavian Designs because it’s definitely going to please you!

11. Dot & Bo

Dot bo 1

Looking for good furniture and decor products will surely lead you to this place.

It’s not just us, but dozens of critics and thousands of customers worldwide who have found Dot & Bo to be an excellent place for furniture shopping.

They curate a unique batch of furniture and decor items that are sure to catch your eye. And the best part is that their collection constantly keeps on updating.

Some of the offers we’ve gotten there were so unbelievably good that we have admitted that this retailer site can get you deals that no one else can.

So, no matter what your style is, if you like buying furnishing products in general, you’ll love Dot & Bo.

12. Structube

Structube 1

Structube is one of the most affordable furniture retailers that we have found. This modern furniture provider is so inexpensive that we even found sofas that are in the sub-$500 category.

But almost all of their designs look gorgeous. It doesn’t matter what room you plan to decorate – dining room, living room, or study room, you’ll find gorgeous furniture and decor items for everything.

They even lighting and art pieces, so that you can have an all-rounded decoration experience.

Overall, Structube is so rich in options that you can prepare your entire house only using the products that these guys provide.

13. Target

Target 1

Almost all of us are aware of Target and maybe the first thing that comes to your head when you think about modern furniture isn’t Target. But they have revised their products and it’s definitely worth your time now.

In recent years, Target has completely transformed its home decor section by selling authentic designs that are trendy and eye-catching but collaborating with notable designers and artisans.

You may not want to make Target your go-to spot for furniture shopping, but we highly recommend you check it out before you finalize your purchase elsewhere.

Because chances are that you’ll get the same product or something even better for a much cheaper price.

If you want to be light on your wallet, don’t shy away from Target because it might just have the perfect thing for you.

14. Kardiel

Kardiel 1

If you don’t care about spending a few extra dollars for the sake of uniqueness and top-quality materials, then Kardiel is sure to please you.

Their modern design and clean edges are bound to give you the modern aristocratic experience in your apartment.

Every single piece of their furniture is eye-catching, sleek, and bold. If you adorn your house completely with Kardiel’s furniture and decor items then your home will look photogenic like a gallery.

Overall, if you are not shy of reaching deep in your pocket and want to flaunt that in your house, Kardiel is the one to go for.

15. Article

Article 1

The article is about a company that works just for you. Their focus is to make expensive and modern furniture more accessible.

For that goal, they focus on cutting down the middleman and providing the products straight to the buyer.

As an end result, you as a buyer can get beautiful-looking furniture and decor items at a super cheap price. Their design and product collection are well-curated and extremely unique.

The items are of course more affordable than other options but if you happen to shell out a little more than you’d do at IKEA, then you’ve got something really unique for yourself.

16. Cotton On

Cotton on 1

Cotton On makes it on our list because we wanted to showcase a brand that excels at decor items.

While all the other entries on our list have a mixed bag of furniture as well as decor items, Cotton On specializes in trendy decor pieces. But be aware, they do have attractive furniture as well.

You can explain their decor collection as fun and modern. These items are perfect to spice up your home even if you are on a low budget.

The products are drop-dead gorgeous and the price tag is sure to pull you in to buy more.

17. Kids’ Brands

Kids brands 1

Till now we have talked about aesthetics and style that are more suited for an adult. But if you are in the pursuit of making your kid’s room drop-dead gorgeous, then the following two brands are sure to please you!

And here’s a little secret, if you like something you see here for yourself, take it. No one’s gonna know.

18. The Land of Nod by Crate & Barrel

The land of nod 1

The Land of Nod inherits the unique style and gorgeous designs from its sister companies, Crate & Barrel, and CB2.

Yes, this brand is made for kids and teens, and the pricing and designs reflect that orientation. But they do mention that their brand is for kids and people who used to be kids.

So, you might just love their decor and furniture items even as a fully grown adult. And if you want to know our opinion, it is enough to say that some of us constantly check out this brand for good deals.

19. PBteen

Pbteen 1

If you have a teen and you want to pick up the hippest and the coolest furniture and decor items, PBteen should be seriously on your watch.

The prices on the site reflect the demographic as well. The items are significantly cheaper than other brands, even though PBteen is a well-known sister brand of Pottery Barn and West Elm.

And given the inexpensive price set and gorgeous products, we are sure you’ll be lured to buy something for yourself.

So, don’t be shy because a good deal is a good deal.


So that’ll be all for this list.

We hope that you found our alternatives list helpful and enjoyed purchasing products at these IKEA alternatives. It goes without saying that IKEA is only one but there are plenty of “stores like IKEA”, there are many trying to replicate their success and scale.

We tried to give as many options as possible while making sure that all of them had something extra to offer.

With that, we wish you well in your endeavors and thank you for reading.

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