The 5 Best Laser Engraving Machines for Tumblers, Cups, Mugs | Full Buying Guide

Laser-engraved personal items like tumblers, cups, and mugs are trendy nowadays. They’re great for gifting and even offer business opportunities. An engraving machine is thus the ideal investment for this type of craft.

If you want to expand and improve on your laser engraving journey, engraving tumblers, cups, and mugs is a stepping stone to further experience and success.

While laser engraving is usually common on flat surfaces because of its focal length, there are surefire ways you can work with laser machines and cylinders. Finding the right engraver is one of them.

I’ve gathered the best laser engravers for tumblers and the like, as well as a comprehensive guide to finding the best one for you.

Best Laser Engravers For Tumblers, Cups, & Mugs

Finding the right machine for your laser engraving projects can be tricky.

That’s why I’ve tested a bunch of different laser engravers to see how they work with cylindrical objects.

One of these could be the best laser engraver for tumblers for your business or hobby.

Here is the list of the 5 best laser engravers for tumblers, cups, and mugs that can help you to create unique, personalized items quickly and easily.

1. ORTUR Laser Master 3 – Best Laser Engraver for Tumblers Overall

The Ortur Laser Master 3 is one of the most reliable laser machines on the market. It’s versatile, has decent laser power, and is highly durable. These make it the best laser engraver for tumblers, in my opinion.

While it does have a lower engraving speed, it will laser engrave tumblers and cups precisely and accurately thanks to its 0.01 mm precision and 20,000 mm per second speed.

You can easily laser engrave tumblers with a single tap on your phone thanks to its dedicated app, which you can access online.

The downside of this laser engraver for tumblers is how its rotary axis is sold separately. However, Ortur’s attachments don’t usually cost too much money.

Whether working with enamel mugs, steel, or other materials, you can easily get the job done with this laser engraver.

Type of Laser: Diode | Power of Laser: 10 W | Work Surface: 400 x 400 mm | Dimensions: 25.98 L x 9.45 W x 7.87 H | Weight: 12.82 lbs | Materials Engravable: Metal, Acrylic, Wood

2. xTool D1 Pro Upgraded Laser Engraver with RA2 Pro 4-in-1 Rotary – Best Value

If you want to engrave cups and tumblers with the best engraving speed possible, this is the laser engraving machine for you.

It can engrave workpieces at high speeds despite working with a diode, meaning better business delivery time for professional users. It also saves you time, which is vital if you’re engraving for fun.

This machine can easily engrave ceramic cups, stainless steel, acrylic, and other materials. It’s versatile and can perform with 0.01 mm high precision, giving you the best results.

The downside of this laser machine is that it can require prior experience. However, this is a great option if you’re a small business wanting to laser engrave cups more efficiently.

This laser engraver is worth its price, especially with all its capabilities and features.

Type of Laser: Diode | Power of Laser: 20 W | Work Surface: 430 x 390 mm | Dimensions: 39.5 L x 14.75 W x 5.1 H inches | Weight: 25 lbs | Materials Engravable: Acrylic, Fabric, Leather, Granite, Glass, Ceramic, Coated Metals

3. LaserPecker 2 Pro Laser Engraver – Best Budget Pick

The LaserPecker is one of the most affordable laser engravers for tumblers, cups, and mugs. It’s handheld and portable, making laser engraving much easier, regardless of your experience level.

Its laser power can handle a wide variety of materials, including wood, leather, and metal alloys. You can easily engrave complex shapes and logos onto any surface.

It uses galvanometer technology, which helps the machine reach speeds of up to 36,000 mm per minute! It’s efficient, compact, and easy to use.

It’s simple to use and beginner-friendly. Thanks to its app, this engraver will have you tumbler engraving in seconds with just a tap.

It also has unique features for safety and efficiency. The most notable one is its plastic hood, which protects the laser head and beams. It serves are your enclosure while tumbler engraving.

Type of Laser: Diode | Power of Laser: 5 W | Work Surface: 4 x 196 inches | Dimensions: 5.91 L x 5.91 W x 8.66 H inches | Weight: 10.03 lbs | Materials Engravable: Wood, Alloy, Leather, Glass, Metal, Bamboo

4. ATOMSTACK X20 PRO Laser Engraver with Rotary Roller – Best Multi-Purpose Engraver

This multi-purpose engraver is great for tumbler engraving and so much more. It’s one of the best, especially if you’re working with different materials.

It can easily engrave on coated Yeti mugs and other tough metallic surfaces. It allows you to expand your business or hobby a lot easier.

You’re sure to get higher accuracy and precision with this machine. It has a 0.01 mm accuracy and can easily engrave on coated stainless steel tumblers and cups.

Its air-assist technology is great for cooling the machine down. It also makes your tumbler engraving process much faster and your success more assured.

It’s lightweight yet durable, thanks to its aluminum alloy build. You can easily bring it around and set it up wherever you want.

The downside of this machine is that the rotary device is sold separately. Luckily, it’s affordable, like most of Atomstack’s accessories.

Type of Laser: Diode | Power of Laser: 20 W | Work Surface: 400 x 400 mm | Dimensions: 22.44 L x 23.62 W x 10.63 H inches | Weight: 11 lbs. | Materials Engravable: Wood, Vinyl, Metal

5. SFX Fiber Laser Engraver Machine – Best Premium Engraver

When it comes to the price and complexity of engraving, this SFX fiber laser is the best option, especially if you’re working with tumblers.

Its laser has a JPT source, allowing it to have a wide frequency range.

You can easily use this laser engraving machine on a wide range of materials and receive excellent marking results every time.

This engraving machine also comes with an air-cooling design. Unlike other laser machines, you won’t need to do much for this one when it comes to maintenance.

While it costs a lot for tumbler engraving, it’s guaranteed to give the best results thanks to the technology it uses.

Type of Laser: Fiber laser | Power of Laser: 50 W | Work Surface: 175 × 175 mm | Dimensions: 31.1 L x 20.08 W x 31.89 H inches | Weight: 131.7 lbs | Materials Engravable: Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Nylon, etc.

Best Laser Engraver For Tumblers, Cups, & Mugs Comparison Table

Product Type of Laser Power of Laser Work Surface Dimensions Weight Materials Engravable
ORTUR Laser Master 3 Diode 10 W 400 x 400 mm 25.98 L x 9.45 W x 7.87 H inches 12.82 lbs Metal, Acrylic, Wood
xTool D1 Pro Diode 20 W 430 x 390 mm 39.5 L x 14.75 W x 5.1 H inches 25 lbs Acrylic, Fabric, Leather, Granite, Glass, Ceramic, Coated Metals
LaserPecker 2 Pro Diode 5 W 4 x 196 inches 5.91 L x 5.91 W x 8.66 H inches 10.03 lbs Wood, Alloy, Leather, Glass, Metal, Bamboo
ATOMSTACK X20 PRO Diode 20 W 400 x 400 mm 22.44 L x 23.62 W x 10.63 H inches 11 lbs Wood, Vinyl, Metal
SFX Fiber Laser Engraver Machine Fiber laser 50 W 175 × 175 mm 31.1 L x 20.08 W x 31.89 H inches 131.7 lbs Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper, Nylon, etc.

Buying Guide For The Best Laser Engraver For Tumblers, Cups, & Mugs

While there are many great laser engravers on the market, it’s important to know how they work and what they can contribute to your laser engraving systems.

These are the factors I consider while looking for the best laser engraver for tumblers.

Laser Type

There are 3 main laser types used in engraving. They all have strengths and weaknesses which affect how they engrave your workpieces.

  • Fiber Laser: This is commonly used for more heavy metal substances. It’s also one of the most expensive types of laser.

  • CO2 Laser: This is one of the most versatile types of laser machine you can use on most materials.

  • Diode Laser: This is the smallest laser, typically used for wood, ply, and vinyl.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the laser type you’re investing in is important in order to make the most out of your machine.

Material Compatibility

There are engraving machines made specifically for jewelry customization or woodwork. It’s important to be aware of your material’s compatibility with your machine before getting to work.

Putting a workpiece in the wrong machine can be dangerous, especially if it is flammable.

When looking for the best laser engraver for tumblers and other materials, make sure they’re compatible with your medium.

Investing in a more versatile machine can help you handle different kinds of materials.

Material Recognition

Some machines are smart enough to know the material you’re working with by simply scanning the product’s barcode.

It can automatically adjust its settings to what will be compatible with your material.

It helps reduce wasted materials since you wouldn’t need a lot of takes to get your desired results. It also enhances your laser’s quality and accuracy while working with your workpiece.

Always test the laser before using it on your workpiece, EVEN IF the machine has already modified the settings. It will ensure that the machine’s settings will yield your desired results.

A professional or someone who has previously worked with these machines can easily modify the settings of their laser machine to get optimum results.

If you’re unfamiliar with adjusting your machine’s settings, investing in a machine that recognizes the material for you is best.

Power Consumption and Source

Engraving machines require a lot of power to function. Some rely on batteries, while others will have to be plugged in and rely on your electricity.

Diode lasers are usually powered by batteries. They work with smaller items, so they don’t need much power to function.

On the other hand, a CO2 carbon dioxide laser or fiber laser engraver would need a lot of power. They usually rely on electricity, which can rack up your monthly bills.

It’s important to remember that the larger your engraver is, the more power it will consume.

Extra Features

When spending on a laser engraving machine, it’s important to consider the cost of the machine and its add-ons.

These features can make your laser engraving process smoother and easier, especially if you’re working on a lot at once.

When you engrave tumblers, you will need a rotary attachment or kit to help. It keeps any round or oval-shaped object in place while working.

You can also look into a camera and image capturing. This feature will let you capture any design with the camera and upload it directly to your machine’s software.

Other features that get rid of debris or store harmful fumes can also be included when purchasing a machine.

These extra features tend to cost a lot. Some can be bought with the machine, while you may have to buy others separately.

Steps to Using Laser Engraving Machines

Laser engraving on a tumbler shouldn’t be too difficult, especially with how user-friendly most machines are today.

You’ll easily be engraving away, especially with this guide I’ve made, which can help you get the best results.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on laser engraving your designs onto cylindrical objects like tumblers and cups.

1. Ideation and Designing

There are many ways to make a design for your engraving project.

While this step requires a high degree of creativity, there’s a lot of inspiration online which can help you visualize how your art will look.

When designing, consider how the markings will look on your surface and how efficiently they will be engraved onto the machine.

You usually design it on the following computer modeling programs:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Onshape
  • Inkscape
  • DraftSight
  • Lightburn

Make sure you save the design in a format compatible with your laser engraving software.

2. Choosing Your Material

The material of your tumbler or cup must be compatible with your laser engraver and go well with your design.


Add temporary paint onto the surface of plain steel to prevent the laser beam from being reflected.

Most machines usually work with various materials.

However, it’s best to double-check that your tumbler or cup’s material will work with your machine for safety and to get the best results.

3. Set Up Your Laser Engraving Machine

Once your materials and designs are ready, it’s time to set up your machine and import your design onto it.

Adjust its settings as needed. These will depend on your material, design, and the machine you’re working with.

Some machines may have some standard settings in place. If those don’t fit with your desired results, try looking into the following:

  • Laser strength
  • Speed
  • Cut depth
  • Line thickness
  • Number of passes

Make sure to test everything you’ve set onto a similar material to see its effects. It will prevent wasting actual workpieces, especially if you’re going to sell your final product.

Continue adjusting the settings and trying it on your test material until you get the desired results.

The best part about these machines is their ability to store the best settings. This feature will help you work faster, especially if you’re working in bulk.

4. Place Your Cup Onto The Rotary Attachment

When you have everything set, place your workpiece onto the rotary roller.

This tool ensures that your tumbler or cup stays in place while your machine engraves it.

At this time, it’s also best to adjust the height of your engraver and your focus lever. Doing this ensures that your precision stays at its maximum.

5. Laser Engraves Your Design

Hit start and let your machine do its job for the final engraving.

It may take a few minutes to engrave your design onto a tumbler. The time would usually depend on how complex your design is and the power of your laser.

Once the laser engraving is complete, wait a while before taking the tumbler out of the machine. Remove any temporary paint or residue from the process.

What’s the Difference Between a Laser Engraver and Plasma Engraver?

A plasma engraver is an older type of laser engraving machine. It uses a plasma torch or flame to melt a metal surface to create your image.

On the other hand, a laser engraver makes use of optic light to cut through a material. It also allows the machine to precisely shape and form your image onto the surface.

A laser engraver is more expensive than a plasma one. However, it can give more precise cutting with a minimum of 0.002 inches. You can also use them on a variety of materials.

Plasma is more affordable. However, it’s typically used for materials that conduct electricity. A plus side of this machine is it can cut through copper, which a laser can’t do.

What’s the Best Laser Engraver for Stainless Steel Cups and Tumblers?

It’s best to use CO2 or fiber lasers to engrave stainless steel tumblers and cups. However, it may also depend on other components of your workpiece.

A CO2 laser can easily engrave on materials with paint or enamel coating. However, stainless steel mugs and tumblers need a laser marking spray to prevent the tumbler from reflecting the laser beams.

A fiber laser is made to engrave on uncoated metals. You won’t need to add anything to your stainless steel tumblers and cups. However, the machine can be quite expensive.

However, a diode is multi-functional if you don’t want to restrict yourself to these materials. Many high-powered laser engravers work with this technology.

What’s the Best Laser Engraver for Glass Cups and Mugs?

CO2 lasers are the best for glass. They can easily laser engrave and etch on glass cups, champagne flutes, beer mugs, and more etching.

On the other hand, glass can be difficult to engrave with a fiber laser because it can reflect the laser beam. The engraving depth can be inconsistent due to the glass’ composition.

It’s best to check out the laser engraving machine’s compatibility with glass to find the right laser engraver. It can vary with laser engravers.

What’s the Best Laser Engraver for Ceramic Mugs?

Colorful ceramic water glasses include glaze coatings and other chemicals to achieve their beautiful appearance.

Before considering the laser engraving machine for this cup, check out its makeup. Some of these coatings can be dangerous for humans.

If it’s safe for laser engraving, you can use a fiber or CO2 laser to work on it.

Mug coatings often produce inconsistent results. Once you find laser-friendly ceramic mugs, it’s best to stick to mugs from the same brand to keep things consistent.

Can I Engrave Paper/Plastic Cups?

Plastic cups are usually made from a polymer chemical material, which can be difficult to work with. It can have dangerous chemicals mixed in with your liquids.

Check the number at the bottom of your plastic cup. If it has the number 05, it’s made from polypropylene, which is heat-resistant. This component allows you to laser engrave on plastic.

You should also ensure you’re using food-grade plastics. It will ensure that no harmful substances will mix with your drink once you use the cup.

On the other hand, paper cups are not recommended for laser engraving. There are different reasons, depending on the kind of paper cup.

A wax-coated paper cup would melt in high temperatures. Paper cups with plastic linings can have cancer-causing materials which the high temperatures of laser machines can activate.

Laser machines and these kinds of cups are not the usual pairings for Do-It-Yourself (DIY projects. Be careful when considering these materials for your laser engraving projects.

How Do I Use Laser Engravers on Yeti Mugs?

Yeti mugs are bare stainless steel tumbler mugs that may need a bit of preparation if you’re planning to engrave on them.

While fiber lasers are made to work with metal, they would still need help with this type of steel. The same can be said if you’re working with a CO2 laser.

A Yeti mug reflects lasers that require oxidation to mark its materials. It’s the same as using bleaching powder and other oxidizing chemicals onto them.

For the process to work, it’s important to coat your mug with laser-markable chemical coating or temporary paint before placing it onto the machine.

This buffer layer between the metal and the laser allows the machine to work its magic.


Tumbler laser engraving has become a lucrative business option. It’s amazing what people are willing to spend on high-quality, personalized everyday items.

It doesn’t matter if you’re one of those small businesses thinking of expanding to this side of engraving or a hobbyist who enjoys this type of craft.

Looking for the best laser engraving machine will help you go a long way in producing the best etches and markings possible.

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