5 Best Lawn Mower-Snow Blower Combos in 2023

The Husqvarna Two-Stage Snow Thrower is the best tractor-snow blower combination, featuring a highly adjustable chute and easy assembly. Alternatively, the user may go with NorTrac Snow Blower for small tractors or the Victory Snow Blower for remote controls and large clearing widths.

Removing snow with a shovel is not only a time-consuming process but can also be quite tiring.

And that’s why many people opt to purchase a lawn mower-snow blower attachment to remove snow from their yards. These tractors are noticeably smaller than regular ones, and they can be stored in a garage quite easily.

Let’s look at some of the best lawn mower-snow blower combinations available in the United States market.

Best Lawn Mower-Snow Blower Combos Reviewed

1. Best Overall: Husqvarna Two-Stage Tractor Mounted Snow Thrower

The Husqvarna Two-Stage Snow Thrower can be combined with tractors from the same brand for efficient snow clearing. It is a spacious snow thrower model with a clearance intake of 42 x 20 inches, allowing it to pick up a large amount of snow.

Featuring an easy-to-adjust chute, the Husqvarna Group snow thrower can be a flexible snow-clearing device. It can be assembled or disassembled quite easily through the use of mounting and pulley frame brackets.

Additionally, you can find a replaceable wear plate and skid shoe sets included in case the device sees some damage. The skid shoes and wear plate can be replaced using common tools found in a garage for simplicity and convenience.

Note that the Husqvarna snow thrower may not be compatible with older tractor models, something you must check for before purchasing.

Tractor Compatibility: Tex-style tractor frames | Snow Thrower Size: 42 inches | Lift Type: Manual

2. Most Efficient Combo: NorTrac Snow Blower

If you wish to make fewer passes across the driveway while clearing snow, consider looking at the NorTrac 3-Pt. Snow Blower. With a 60-inch clearing width, the device is capable of clearing out plenty of snow, reducing the number of passes required to clear it.

The NorTrac snow blower has a throwing distance of 40 feet, which can be adjusted as per your requirements. Its manual-crank chute can rotate at a 340-degree angle to help you direct the snow where needed. The device also has a 5-position adjustable chute deflector for added control over the collected snow.

You can use the NorTrac snow blower attachment with 25-40 HP tractors for maximum effectiveness.

While testing the snow blower, we noticed that the position of the adjustment crank might pose a slight issue. The crank may occasionally drag over the main housing of the device, which can be a slight inconvenience.

Tractor Compatibility: 25-40 HP tractors | Snow Thrower Size: 60 inches | Lift Type: Manual

3. Best Remote Controlled Option: Victory 84” Snow Blower With Hydraulic Discharge Chute

The Victory Snow Blower provides you with remote control technology to adjust the output chute of the 84-inch clearing width. Its output chute can open up to 9 inches at the press of a button, and it has an auger diameter of 17-½ inches.

This snow blower is primarily operated by a hydraulic gas engine with an oil flow of 18-27 GPM. And it is compatible with 50-100 horsepower tractors, making it suited for larger tractors.

The Victory Snow Blower has a 24-inch 4-blade open centrifugal fan (high-speed impeller) for high-powered snow blowing. Of course, the scraper blades also make it rather heavy at 72 pounds, which can make transporting it somewhat difficult.

Moreover, the snow blower also costs a lot of money, making the cost a point of contention for some.

Tractor Compatibility: 50-100 HP tractors | Snow Thrower Size: 84 inches | Lift Type: Electric lift

4. Best Snow Blower for Heavy Snowfall: John Deere 44-inch Two-Stage Snow Blower Attachment

Certain areas face heavy snow storms throughout the winter, resulting in a large amount of snow in the garden. If you live in such a space, then the John Deere Two-Stage Snow Blower may be an option for you.

The John Deere Snow Blower is designed to be effective at all times, be it wet, heavier snow, or deep snow conditions. It features a low-speed wood auger that sizes crushed material, siphoning it into the second-stage blower.

Moreover, its high-speed rotor can provide you with consistent snow placement in all weather conditions. The John Deere snow blower can throw snow up to 50 feet away, which can be adjusted to fit your needs.

During our time testing the snow blower, we did find the lift controls to be out of reach of the tractor rider. Having to get off the tractor for lift controls can be a bit of a hassle.

Tractor Compatibility: 100-series lawn tractors | Snow Thrower Size: 44 inches | Lift Type: Manual

5. Best Snow Blower for Small Utility Tractors: John Deere 47-inch Snow Blower Attachment

Much like its two-stage counterpart, the 47-inch Snow Blower from John Deere is designed to tackle large snow removal tasks. It can pair with compact utility tractors for simple operation and storage.

The steel snow thrower attachment can be used in wet, heavy snow, and deep snow conditions. Its low-speed auger can size the crusted material while moving the ice toward the second-stage blower. 

Afterward, it can provide consistent snow placement in various snow conditions with a high-speed blower. This aspect of the device remains consistent, which means that it will throw snow equally as far away, even at low snow volumes.

That said, it’s better to use a smaller machine for low-volume snow removal tasks. Maneuvering this snow blower can be difficult in small areas, which may make it less effective.

Tractor Compatibility: X300 and X500 series tractors | Snow Thrower Size: 47 inches | Lift Type: Manual

Top Lawn Mower-Snow Blower Combinations Comparison Table

Lawn Mower-Snow Blower Combos Tractor Compatibility Snow Thrower Size Lift Type
Husqvarna Two-Stage Snow Thrower Tex-style tractor frames 42 inches Manual
NorTrac Snow Blower 25-40 HP tractors 60 inches Manual
Victory 84” Snow Blower 50-100 HP tractors 84 inches Electric lift
John Deere 44-inch Two-Stage Snow Blower Attachment 100-series lawn tractors 44 inches Manual
John Deere 47-inch Snow Blower Attachment X300 and X500 series tractors 47 inches Manual

Buyer’s Guide

Purchasing a lawn mower-snow blower can be quite confusing due to the sheer variety of models available on the market, especially for first-time buyers. This makes it imperative to keep a few factors in mind while browsing through different models to see which ones suit your needs the best. 

1. Compatibility

As a rule of thumb, one of the first things to consider while purchasing a lawn mower-snow blower is compatibility. Every product from brands like Cub Cadet and MTD Products comes with a list of compatible tractors. This gives you an idea of whether the riding snow blower can work with it or not.

2. Snow Thrower Weight

Secondly, you must consider the weight of the snow thrower attachment. Typically, lighter models are preferable due to their ease of assembly and transport. Be sure to check the weight rating while purchasing the snow blower.

3. Snow Blower Size

And lastly, consider the snow blower size before purchasing the product. The ideal snow blower size depends on how large the yard is and how much snow accumulates in it. Note that the larger the snow blower is, the more difficult it will be to maneuver it around in a yard or sidewalk.

What should the width of a snow blower be in relation to a tractor?

A snow blower must be wider than the overall width of a tractor by four inches or more. This allows the snow thrower attachment to collect all the snow without the tractor running into any left uncollected.

What is the working depth of a snow blower?

A standard snow thrower attachment can clear snow that is 6-9 inches deep. Some of the stronger snow blower attachments may be able to clear out 15 inches of snow at a time.

So, be sure to check the manufacturer’s specifications for more information on the working depth of the machine.

Can snow blowers be used on uneven ground?

Like some riding lawn mower, plow, and scraper models, snow blower attachments are typically not a great match for uneven ground. Each snowblower wheel will fail to find the necessary traction for clearing out snow safely.

Snow chains on each tire may help to a degree, but they are far from an ideal solution. This is more useful for a car than it is for a snowblower, after all.

So, as a rule of thumb, you must not use them on uneven terrain with too much gravel.


Based on our experience with the various snow blowers, we found the Husqvarna Two-Stage Snow Thrower to be the best product of them all. It can pick up a large amount of snow and has a consistent throwing distance, making it a flexible snow blower.

That said, based on the volume of snow you need to collect, you may also opt for the NorTrac or Victory snow blowers. The NorTrac device may suit a small or medium-sized tractor, whereas the Victory snow blower brings remote-controlled operation into the picture.

At the end of the day, the best lawn mower-snow blower combination depends on what you need from it.

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