7 Best Magnetic Screen Doors of 2023 [Buyer’s Guide]

Magnetic screen doors have become increasingly popular as an effective and convenient solution to a variety of household problems. These innovative products provide a seamless barrier against bugs, dust, and other airborne particles, while still allowing for easy access in and out of your home.

They also offer a hands-free entry and exit, perfect for those times when you’re carrying groceries, have children in tow, or just want to enjoy a gentle breeze without the hassle of a traditional screen door.

When choosing the best magnetic screen door for your home, there are several factors to consider:

Size and Compatibility: It’s important to measure the door frame where you plan to install the magnetic screen door, ensuring it is compatible with the product dimensions. Some magnetic screen doors are designed to fit standard door sizes, while others offer adjustable features to accommodate a wider range of door frames.

Material and Durability: The quality of the material used in the construction of the magnetic screen door is crucial, as it affects its longevity and performance. Look for options made from durable materials such as fiberglass, polyester, or heavy-duty mesh to ensure your screen door can withstand daily use and resist wear and tear.

Magnet Strength and Seal: A well-designed magnetic screen door should have strong magnets that create a reliable and secure seal when the door is closed, keeping bugs and dust out while still allowing for easy passage. Check customer reviews and product specifications to ensure the magnetic screen door you choose has a good reputation for a strong and effective seal.

To help you find the perfect magnetic screen door for your home, we have compiled a comprehensive buying guide in the form of a listicle.

Our recommended products section showcases the top magnetic screen doors on the market, each carefully reviewed and evaluated based on the factors mentioned above, as well as customer feedback and overall value.

Dive into our list and discover the ideal magnetic screen door that meets your needs and enhances your home’s comfort and convenience.

Best Magnetic Screen Doors

Here is the list of the 8 best magnetic screen doors that will help you keep your home bug-free.

1. Flux Phenom ‎1 Magnetic Screen Door Closure – Best for Ease in Installation

As one of our first recommendations, we have the Flux Phenom ‎1 Magnetic Screen Door Closure for you. Even if you do not have any prior experience working with it, you can get it installed in no time. This magnetic screen door will surely make your life a lot more comfortable.

The best thing is the quick and easy installation process. Everything that you might require to get it going is included in the package. So you would not need to hit the local supermarket to get them. And to make your work even smoother, there’s a video guide available. 

Moreover, if you have a large family with many kids and pets, this item is perfect. It is suitable to handle much traffic and can withstand considerable wear and tear. Even if your little ones go through the screen door many times, it won’t get damaged at all.

In addition to that, it is perfect for keeping mosquitoes and other insects from entering your room. The mesh is pretty fine and allows fresh air to enter easily but stops unwanted insects. It also allows you to see the outside view and does not restrict your vision at all. 

This is one of the finest products we tested. However, we were a little disappointed with the quality of the packaging. The box in which it arrived was a bit damaged. We expected it to be better, given the product is so good. 

Material: Polyester Mesh | Color: Black | Size: 38×82″ | No. of Magnets: 26

2. Apalus ‎BF003 Magnetic Screen Door – Best for Versatility

To get all the bugs out of your house while enjoying the fresh air, the Apalus ‎BF003 Magnetic Screen Door is an excellent choice. It is a valuable addition to your home during the summer months. Rest assured, you can enjoy the beauty of this fantastic product for many seasons to come.

After testing, we have concluded that the magnet is highly efficient and facilitates automatic closing. And we cannot stop raving about the durability of the curtains. They are pretty sturdy and completely windproof. So, there’s no need for you to worry about them swaying in the wind and getting torn. 

Additionally, this item is highly versatile. It has an alternative for all kinds of doors. Be it single doors, campers, or sliding doors; it is suitable for everything. So you do not have to buy different products for different purposes. And if you have pets in your house, even they can pass through the curtain quite comfortably. 

Moving on, this product does a great job of keeping flies and insects away. No one likes flies swarming in their living room or the dining space when they have their food. And once you install this item, you can completely get rid of that trouble. 

With a bit of investment, you can create a healthier environment for your family. But before you do, you should know that this item is not easy to install. You might need the help of a tutorial video to have it installed successfully. 

Material: Polyester Mesh | Color: Black | Size: 36×83″ | No. of Magnets: 28

3. MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door Fit Door – Best Fireproof and Durability

If you are on the lookout for an efficient fireproof option, you can check out the MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door Fit Door. In the past few years, it has won the hearts of many with its durable build and stellar looks.

It goes without saying that fiberglass options are much sturdier than polyester screen doors. Their longevity is better, and they can also resist damage more efficiently.

So, it is a good idea if you want to replace your wooden door with a fiberglass screen. The benefit is that the use is completely hands-free, and when you are carrying grocery bags through the door, it gets pretty convenient. 

Furthermore, the magnet is super smooth and works noiselessly. The design is incredible, and the hook and loop hasp makes it totally windproof. Only after conducting multiple tests on wind resistance did the manufacturer approve the product. The magnet, therefore, protects the screen door from wind pretty efficiently. 

Also, we were pleased with the fact that this product is fairly easy to install. It takes minutes to put it up and take it down too. If you do not require it much during winter, you can conveniently roll it up and store it away. 

The only thing that requires improvement is their customer care service. When we reached out to them with some queries, they took days before getting back to us. We would have scored them higher if they improved on this count. 

Material: Fiberglass Mesh | Color: Gray | Size: 38×99″ | No. of Magnets: n/a

4. Homearda Magnetic Screen Door

For the ones who are on a budget and want to keep their homes bug-free, the Homearda Magnetic Screen Door is an excellent choice. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, the installation will be child’s play. Read more to know about what this product is offering.

The quality of the product is what makes it stand out among its contemporaries. It is top-notch and does not get disrupted even when the wind speed is high. The strength it has is pretty impressive and does not get ripped by regular wear and tear. 

Also, it comes with in-built gravity sticks that are installed at the bottom end of the mesh door. This prevents the mesh from blowing open in case there is a harsh wind. Because of this, you can also close the door immediately without any hindrance. 

Moreover, the item is super easy to install. All you have to do is tape it to the door wall, and you are good to go. And we were highly impressed by their customer service. They provide 100 percent customer satisfaction, and in case you are not pleased with their product, they offer a complete refund. You get your full money back, no questions asked. 

We would have given the product more brownie points if it was a little more versatile in size. We noticed that if the doors are big, the item might be a little tight. It is best suitable for smaller doors and windows. 

Material: Fiberglass Mesh | Color: Fiberglass | Size: 36×82″ | No. of Magnets: 26

5. Mkicesky Magnetic Screen Door Closure Fit Door Size

Don’t you hate it when the screen door rips open? Install the Mkicesky Magnetic Screen Door Closure Fit Door Size, and you will never face this problem again. Because it is made of fiberglass, there’s no chance that it will get torn easily.

There’s no debate that fiberglass meshing is costlier than polyester. But if you look at the netting quality that Mkicesky brings to the table, you will see how it is worth every penny. The edges are well sealed, so there’s no chance that dust or insects would enter your room by any chance. The magnets are held in place by the magic tape and do not shift easily. 

Moreover, we loved how smoothly the function of the magnet. They are hidden and out of sight but sewn securely in the reinforced edges of the mesh. It closes and opens automatically without making any sound. So, your young ones can easily go in and out without any trouble. 

Additionally, you would love how efficient the mesh is. The grid is dense and allows you to enjoy life comfortably. Apply it on your kitchen door or balcony and live completely insect-free. And when you’re not using it, just roll it up. 

If you are installing it on a French door, be careful to install it correctly. Take proper care to put the mesh facing the outside direction. If not done correctly, the door will not have enough space to swing open. 

Material: Fiberglass Mesh | Color: Fiberglass | Size: 72×80″ | No. of Magnets: n/a

6. Sentry Screens Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

Wouldn’t you hate it if your mesh door gets blown by the wind? With the Sentry Screens Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door, this problem will be solved entirely. Over the years, they have taken customer feedback quite seriously and worked on this product considerably.

Once you install this item, rest assured that your home will be bug-free for a long time. Instead of regular polyester, the manufacturer has used high-quality fiberglass that makes this item more sturdy than many that are available on the market. 

And with strong magnetic strips, the doors close fast and seal tight. This gives the frame good strength, and no amount of strong winds can blow it down. The magnets are US military-approved and are used by them in many of their base camps. So, we can assure you that there is no compromise with the product quality.

Moreover, what makes this item convenient to use is that it does not keep flapping if there are strong winds or every time you walk past it. It has six weights of 20 kg each installed on two ends of the mesh to prevent unwanted movements. This is what ensures that the curtain is always in a vertical position. 

We would have loved it better if the mesh was a little denser. It is true that air passes better through this relatively less dense mesh. However, there’s always a chance that small bugs might enter through it. 

Material: Fiberglass Mesh | Color: Black | Size: 28×80″ | No. of Magnets: 26

7. Aloudy AL-SD-BK-3999 Magnetic Screen Door

The final entry on our list is the Aloudy AL-SD-BK-3999 Magnetic Screen Door. This item has, over the years, won the hearts of many users across the globe. And with the kind of performance it delivers, we cannot say we are surprised.

Until you start using this item, you would not know how strong Velcro can be. The one used in this strip is highly durable and strong and sticks firmly to your door. You can attach the strips on the top and the side of a wooden frame to put the mesh. This is one of those few items that can be used for a wooden door. 

Additionally, you do not need any prior experience in installing screen doors to get this item in place. You also do not require any special tools for this. All you need to do is clean the surface you are putting it on and press the mesh into the frame. 

After you are done installing it, your family members can easily walk through it. Even when your hands are occupied, it won’t be a problem. At other times, the mesh will prevent dust and insects from entering your room. 

After weeks of using it, we noticed that the adhesion became a bit weak. So, it is better that you keep some adhesive handy in case it starts coming off. You can, however, call customer service to ask for a replacement. 

Material: Full Velcro | Color: Black | Size: 39×99″ | No. of Magnets: 26

Best Magnetic Screen Doors Comparison Table

Product Material Color Size No. of Magnets
Flux Phenom Polyester Mesh Black 38×82″ 26
Apalus Polyester Mesh Black 36×83″ 28
MAGZO Fiberglass Mesh Gray 38×99″ n/a
Homearda Fiberglass Mesh Fiberglass 36×82″ 26
Mkicesky Fiberglass Mesh Fiberglass 72×80″ n/a
Sentry Screens Fiberglass Mesh Black 28×80″ 26
Aloudy Full Velcro Black 39×99″ 26

Buying Guide for the Best Magnetic Screen Door

When selecting a magnetic screen door, there are several important factors to consider. Firstly, make sure that the door is made of high-quality material and is strong enough to stay in place when opened and closed.

Additionally, it should be designed for your specific doorway size and type. It’s also important to ensure that the screen provides good visibility and air circulation, as well as protection from insects.

Finally, check the manufacturer’s warranty and customer service policies before making a purchase. By carefully considering all of these factors, you can be sure to choose the best magnetic screen door for your home.


When purchasing a magnetic screen door, it is important to consider the size of the door to ensure a proper fit. Measure the dimensions of your door frame and compare them to the size of the screen door you are purchasing.

If the screen door is too small, it will not fit properly and won’t provide the protection you need. If it is too large, it will not fit snugly and will not provide the desired protection.


When selecting a magnetic screen door, it is important to consider the fabric of the screen. Screen material comes in a variety of styles, including mesh, fiberglass, and aluminum.

Mesh is the most common and is available in various sizes and strengths. Fiberglass is also popular and lightweight, durable, and easy to install. Aluminum is extremely durable and is often used for commercial applications.

Type of Magnet

It is true that most of the hinged doors that you see swing both inwards and outwards. However, the best screen door comes with a middle vertical opening.

So, it is crucial to determine how the magnetic strips are placed to determine how the screen door will function. We recommend that you go for a product that comes with larger bar magnets instead of small ones.

And the only problem with the small round magnets is the installation difficulty. When testing the products, we noticed that these variants are more challenging to align. And you have to be careful at all times.

These magnets are pretty small and can be easily swallowed by kids or pets, leading to accidents.


When installing a magnetic screen door, it is important to consider the installation process. Some magnetic screen doors require the use of a special installation tool.

Additionally, it is essential to make sure the door frame is secure and the door is properly aligned with the frame. If the door is not installed correctly, it can cause gaps and drafts, reducing the effectiveness of the screen door.

Area of Use

You can use a magnetic screen door in your home or office. But depending on where you are using it, choose the material wisely.  For example, if you have naughty cats in the house and you are getting one installed there, it is best to go with a fiberglass variant.

They are a lot stronger than the polyester ones and won’t get easily sliced through if clawed.  Also, if you stay in an area where there are plenty of squirrels and raccoons, it’s best to go with fiberglass mesh as they won’t be able to chew on it.

What are the benefits of using a magnetic screen door?

Magnetic screen doors provide many benefits, including keeping insects and bugs out of your home while allowing fresh air to flow in, and preventing pets from running in and out of the house.

How do magnetic screen doors work?

Magnetic screen doors work by using magnets to create a seal around the door frame. The magnets in the screen door attract each other when the door is closed, creating a tight seal that keeps insects and bugs out.

What are the best magnetic screen doors on the market?

There are many high-quality magnetic screen doors available on the market. Some popular options include the Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door, the Magzo Magnetic Screen Door Fit, and the Apalus Magnetic Screen Door.

Can magnetic screen doors be used with sliding doors?

Yes, magnetic screen doors can be used with sliding doors. Some models are specifically designed for use with sliding doors, while others can be adapted for use with sliding doors.

Are magnetic screen doors easy to install?

Yes, magnetic screen doors are typically easy to install. Most models come with all the necessary hardware and can be installed without any special tools or expertise.

Can magnetic screen doors be used with pets?

Yes, magnetic screen doors can be used with pets. Some models even include a pet door, making it easy for your furry friends to go in and out of the house as they please.


From the above 8 best magnetic screen doors, here are the top three expert recommendations:

Flux Phenom ‎1 Magnetic Screen Door Closure is an ideal option for those who prioritize easy installation, durability, and a fine mesh quality. This screen door is perfect for large families with kids and pets, as it is designed to handle high traffic and withstand considerable wear and tear.

Apalus ‎BF003 Magnetic Screen Door is a good option for individuals who want a highly efficient magnet and a versatile screen door. It works well for single doors, campers, and sliding doors, and is also pet-friendly. However, the installation process can be challenging for some users.

MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door Fit Door is the right choice for those seeking a fireproof, durable, and easy-to-install screen door. This fiberglass option offers a smooth, noiseless magnetic function and is wind-resistant, ensuring long-lasting performance. However, customer service could be improved for this product.

We genuinely appreciate your time and interest in our recommendations. We are eager to hear your thoughts and insights on our selections. Did our list resonate with your preferences, or would you like us to consider adding or removing any items?

Do you have any questions or concerns for us? Please don’t hesitate to share your opinions in the comments section below.

Our dedicated team is always here to listen and respond to your feedback as promptly as possible. Your satisfaction and understanding are our top priorities, and we truly value your perspective.

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