11 Best Mailboxes for Sale on the Market Today | Buyer’s Guide

When we talk about mailboxes, it’s like we are taken back to the times of beautiful, ornate mail-posts standing next to equally beautiful houses.

But as time would have it, the styles of these sweet mailboxes have drastically changed, and so has our perception about them.

Modern designs have renovated the looks of these boxes to make them highly functional for all users, as well as considerably secure against vandalism and weather-onslaughts.

And if you think, with all of this happening, mailboxes have lost their appeal, then you need to go through the following guide to know about the kind of gems we have for you right here!

Best Mailboxes For Sale

Best mailboxes for sale

1. Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Locking Security Mailbox

The Mail Manager Mailbox by Mail Boss comes with a locking security system which provides complete security against mail-theft. It is further made foolproof by 12-inch wafer lock which comes with 3 laser cut keys. The mailbox has a minimal yet exceedingly functional, sharp design that makes for excellent curb appeal.

Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Curbside Locking Security Mailbox,...
  • USPS Approved full-service residential locking...
  • QUALITY: 14- and 16-gauge galvanized welded steel...


The Mail Manager offers top-notch security for your belongings that arrive in your mail. The brand’s signature “anti-pry” locking security mechanism is worked with a 12-inch wafer lock which gives you the benefit of 3 laser keys.

The mailbox itself is constructed using premium-grade heavy-gauge galvanized steel which makes it incredibly resistant to corrosion and the onslaughts of weather.


Design-wise, the mailbox is very neat and precise, scoring high on functionality than ornamentation. The box comes with four lag bolts, drill bit, and the installation template along with detailed instructions for installation.

The box can hold small bundles and mail packages. The device is approved by the USPS for residential use.

The only gripe that we had was that the finishings for the edges on this box is not done in the best possible way. Water seeps through the gaps which could be a major issue during rains.

  • Comes with an enduring safety-lock mechanism with the 12-disk wafer lock provides complete protection against mail-theft and ID-theft
  • Extremely formidable galvanized steel built protects mails against inclement weather
  • USPS-approved for residential use
  • Neat and functional design
  • Rain-water may seep in

2. The Charleston Mailbox and Post System

The Charleston Mailbox is manufactured by the company, Addresses of Distinction, a family-owned business that is known for its elegant and functional designs as well as the superior quality of its products. This mailbox comes with reflective gold address numbers of solid brass which gives it a beautiful, traditional overall design, making it stand apart from the other mailboxes in the neighborhood.

ADDRESSES OF DISTINCTION Charleston Large Mailbox & Post System –...


The thing that had absolutely won us over about this mailbox is its brass lettering. As soon as you order your mailbox, the company offers to do your address letters in solid brass or reflective gold. Each box includes a decorative bracket accent, a tiny aluminum red flag, and a pineapple finial.

Each box can hold up to five 2-inch numbers made in Williamsburg brass, for that matter.

The box itself is crafted from black, powder-coated aluminum. This makes the unit highly durable and resistant against rust and corrosion.


One of the things about the brand that we really liked is that the manufacturer or seller will make a respectful customary call after your purchase to confirm the correct house number for your order. This is a nice, personal touch on their part.

However, the only thing that could be an issue is the setup. Assembling this thing takes a good bit of figuring out. The screws and other hardware parts may seem to be all over the place once the package arrives.

  • Stunningly beautiful black and gold accents
  • Immensely durable, rust and corrosion-proof body
  • Postmaster General-Approved
  • Great service by the brand
  • Assembly can be a hassle

3. Architectural Mailboxes 6200-B10 Mailbox

The 6200-B10 mailbox from the brand, Architectural Mailboxes comes with a secure and functional overall design that lets you install it easily into a pilaster or column.

The outer part of the box is designed as a singular piece that provides maximum protection against moisture. The mailbox is spacious enough to hold small parcels and bundles easily.

Architectural Mailboxes 6200B-10 Oasis Classic Locking Post Mount...
  • Postmaster General approved and patented design...
  • Body constructed of heavy 16 and 18 gauge...


The mailbox is crafted out of 16, and 18 gauge galvanized steel with an entirely powder-coated surface. This makes it a significantly enduring structure and highly resistant against rust and corrosion.

The biggest benefit and the thing we like the most about this mailbox the most is that the door of the unit comes with rubber seals on its edges. This is something that most mailboxes lack. The purpose of these seals is that they keep the insides of the box protected against moisture and prevents rainwater from seeping it. This is a big pro for the box as it helps keep your mails safe from water damage.


Other than that, we also like the fact that all of the hardware is made from stainless steel and other corrosion-proof materials.

However, amongst the disadvantages, there lies a design flaw of the mailbox, which may let thieves pry it open. For the price it comes at, it’s a bummer that it’s not a security mailbox.

  • Spacious design fits larger mails and packages
  • 16 and 18 galvanized steel makes it a highly durable unit
  • Powder-coated exterior ensures heavy protection against rust and corrosion
  • Rubber seals on the door keep rainwater from seeping in
  • Postmaster General-Approved
  • Expensive
  • Not a security mailbox

4. Gibraltar Extra-Large Capacity Steel Mail Box

The steel mailbox from Gibraltar scores the absolute highest points when it comes to space capacity. The extra-capacity of this mailbox makes it ideal for use at both office and home locations where you could expect large packages. Looks-wise, it holds a traditional curved-top design that is accentuated with a minimalistic appeal.

Gibraltar Mailboxes Stanley Extra-Large Capacity Galvanized Steel...
  • Engineered with rust-resistant galvanized steel...
  • Black powder-coated finish provides resistance...


This Gibraltar mailbox model, in our opinion, is a smart option for all sorts of location, be it residential or commercial, and especially so, if you’ve got a home business and get a lot of large packages in your mail. It can fit several packages, padded envelopes, and small boxes.

The mailbox is crafted out of heavy-duty, galvanized steel that is further given a powder-coated finish that makes it an immense formidable and enduring unit. The “ribbed” texture of the unit further contributes to the overall strength and durability of that object.


One of the things that we really liked about this mailbox is that the door latch on it can be adjusted to get a looser or a tighter grip. This actually provides easy access to your mails as well as makes for easy adjustments for larger packages.

The mailbox also comes fully-assembled, which is a great time and effort-saving benefit for the users.

One problem that we have about it is that the door-hinge may become a bit loose after a point of time.

  • Extra-large space holds boxes, multiple packages, and padded envelopes
  • Pretty durably built using galvanized steel
  • Black-powder coating makes for a rust-proof body
  • Ribbed texture adds to its strength and durability
  • Hinges can become loose after a point of time

5. Whitehall Streetside Deluxe Mailbox

If you’re looking for an absolutely old-school yet charmingly attractive looking mailbox that will get you that 221B Baker Street appeal, then this one’s for you.

This Streetside Deluxe Mailbox brings in the classic charm of a very dated English accent with personalized side plaques for easy customization.

This is one mailbox that will make for a scorching curbside appeal!

No products found.


This is one of the most stylish and elegant mailboxes on our list for legit reasons. The mailbox comes with a frame that is 20% larger than most ones. This creates space for packages of all kinds, big or small.

Along with very attractive template for your address, the mailbox comes with customizable side plaques and post. The top line of each side plaque is able to accommodate up to 3” numbers. And the bottom line of the same can hold up to sixteen 1.25 “ characters.

The unit is made of high-quality aluminum that is further given a strong “Alumni-Shield” powder-coat. This makes the surfaces of the box resistant to rust, corrosion, and tarnishing, making durable enough to withstand the onslaught of the weather for a substantially extended period of time.

However, this could be a fairly expensive buy for you.

  • Brilliant designs look classically English and make for a great curb appeal
  • Offers spacious side plaques for fitting bold letters for your address
  • Made of high-grade anti-corrosive aluminum
  • The brand’s “Alumni-Shield” patented powder-coat finish protects it from rust, corrosion, and tarnishing
  • Approved by Postmaster General
  • 20% larger than most mailbox frames
  • Pretty expensive

6. Gibraltar Large Capacity Steel Mailbox

The mailboxes from Gibraltar are known for its incredibly spacious capacity and highly durable designs. And this large capacity steel mailbox from the brand actually needs no written clarification about the kind of space that it offers.

With brushed nickel-accents and magnetic closure, this mailbox looks as beautiful as the performance it delivers in protecting your mail from weather and theft.

Gibraltar Mailboxes High Grove Large Capacity Galvanized Steel Light...
  • Large capacity offers generous space for boxes,...
  • Made from heavy-duty galvanized steel for extra...


This Gibraltar mailbox model indeed comes packed with some exceedingly functional designs the keeps your mail safe and sound during the times you are unable to check them.

The mailbox, for one, is spacious enough to comfortably accommodate larger parcels, padded envelopes, magazines, and medium-sized boxes.

Constructed with galvanized steel that makes it highly durable, the unit is further given a powder-coat finish which helps resist rust and corrosion. This also helps to prolong the life of the mailbox, making it an enduring unit all over.


We love the magnetic latch and closure on the box which keeps the door shut securely when the unit is not in use. This prevents the door from falling open as it often happens if the hinges of the mailbox become loose over time.

We also like the brushed-nickel accents of the mailbox that makes it attractive and catchy to the common eye.

Another benefit that it offers is that it comes fully-assembled and can be easily installed onto a number of Gibraltar posts including the BP000B01.

But, the mailbox is not all that customizable, especially because of the two raised strips on the side that keeps you from putting up any sort of decorative elements.

  • Significantly spacious
  • Enduring galvanized steel construction with anti-corrosive powder-finish
  • Comes with a magnetic latch and closure
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Installs onto most kinds of Gibraltar posts
  • Not very customizable

7. Gibraltar Olde Towne Medium Capacity Mailbox

Similar to the Whitehall Deluxe that we have just reviewed for you, the Olde Towne mailbox from Gibraltar too, is designed to have a highly attractive vintage appeal about itself. However, unlike the former, this one is of medium capacity. But that doesn’t take the true appeal of this mailbox which can create a spectacular mail-statement in your neighborhood!

Gibraltar Mailboxes Olde Towne Medium Capacity Cast Aluminum Black,...
  • Medium capacity provides enough space for small...
  • Cast aluminum construction provides strength and...


The best part of this mailbox for us is that even if it is known to offer a medium capacity, it can efficiently hold a large number of packages. This one right here is pretty sweet and simple mailbox model right here that can capacitate small boxes, magazines and other kinds of parcel deliveries easily.

The unit comes with a formidable cast aluminum construction along with black-powder finish. The immensely powerful combination of both makes this mailbox a highly durable unit that resists corrosion, rust, and tarnish for significant periods of time.

The weather-protective design of this mailbox helps protect your mail rainwater damage, and the secure layout of the unit does make it difficult for anyone to pry it open from outside.

However, assembling the unit could take a good bit of time and effort. What we have also noticed is that the base of the entire thing remains wobbly even when you make doubly sure to tighten all parts of it.

  • Looks marvelous owing to its vintage designs
  • Accommodates a large number of things, including smaller boxes and magazines
  • Constructed using heavy-duty aluminum cast aluminum
  • Weather-protective layout design keeps the insides of the box clean and dry for your belongings
  • Assembling could take time and effort
  • Base of the post remains wobbly

8. Step2 541200 Mailbox

This next one that we have on our list today is a clear deviation from antique looks on the mailbox. The Mailmaster from Step2 is a uniquely designed mailbox that comes with some incredibly revolutionary features. All in all, this is one mailbox that mostly catches some eyes owing to its marvelous designs, but at the same time, does serve its purpose of keeping your mails secure, for that matter.

Step2 541299 MailMaster Plus Mailbox, Black
  • Convenient newspaper holder keeps papers clean and...
  • Package Weight: 7.303 kilograms


It really goes without saying that we were excited to test this mailbox model out, and fortunately, for us, it didn’t fail to impress us for the most part.

The Step2 mailbox comes with a singular construction and is made of weather-resistant, heavy-duty plastic. The unit has front and rear doors that are magnetic that keeps the doors closed and prevents your belongings from falling out.

The insides of this mailbox are spacious for the dimensions of the overall unit, if not the most spacious ones like the other larger models. These can easily accommodate small bundles and packages.

One of the coolest features on this mailbox is the integrated newspaper delivery compartment. This efficiently holds your newspaper separately from the main area while maintaining more space inside the unit for mails. It keeps your newspaper dry and protected nonetheless.

It also includes numbers with adhesives that could be stuck on to a black background for your address.

You’ll need to purchase a 4×4 inch post for mounting the thing as this piece of mounting hardware is not provided.

  • Looks unique with its unconventional designs
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy plastic construction does protect your mail from inclement weather
  • Offers front and rear access to the inside and post cover
  • U.S Postal Service-Approved
  • Includes the required hardware
  • Available in black, walnut, spruce and stone-gray
  • Post needs to be purchased separately
  • A little more space for mails would have been better

9. Gibraltar Medium Capacity Steel Mailbox

The Gibraltar Medium Capacity Steel Mailbox comes with all the space for accommodating your parcels. The galvanized steel construction not only protects your mail from the onslaughts of sun and rain, but it also makes it exceedingly enduring against heavy shocks and impacts that can be caused by vandalism. It is made entirely in the USA and mounts onto any all kinds of Gibraltar posts including the BP000B01.

Gibraltar Mailboxes Elite Medium Capacity Galvanized Steel White,...
  • Medium capacity fits small boxes, magazines, and...
  • Rust-resistant galvanized steel construction...


We simply love the construction of this mailbox. The mailbox is constructed of galvanized steel that along with the usual powder-coating, the surface also comes with a coating of zinc. This significantly ups its scores in the formidable department. The kind of protection provided by this mailbox enures assures complete safety and security of your belongings against the onslaught of violent weather and substantial injury sustained by vandalism. The unit is entirely resistant to rust and corrosion as well.


And although the mailbox is known to have medium capacity, the box is spacious enough to accommodate larger packages, smaller boxes, padded envelopes, and magazines.

The box comes fully assembled and could be easily installed.

However, you do have to purchase the hardware separately, and the hinges can be a tad bit loose on it.

  • Spacious enough to hold packages, magazines, and smaller bundles
  • Additional zinc-coating makes the unit incredibly durable and resistant against rust and corrosion
  • Can withstand heavy blows and impacts
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Hinges could become loose over time

10. Gibraltar Large Capacity Plastic Mailbox

Similar to the steel mailboxes from Gibraltar, this plastic mailbox from the brand provides you with the functional combination of good looks with ample space for all your mails. Made with superior-grade, weather-resistant plastic, the box poses no risk of rust or corrosion, unlike metal ones. Also, when it comes to customization, you wouldn’t need to be concerned about compromising with your address letters.

Gibraltar Mailboxes Patriot Large Capacity Rust-Proof Plastic Black,...
  • Large capacity fits larger boxes, padded...
  • Rust-proof plastic construction is highly durable...


What we liked best about this mailbox is its enduring design overall. Even when it is made of plastic, it performs exceptionally well to protect your mails from vandalism and inclement weather. The high-quality plastic body can, in fact, absorb high impacts without running a dent, for that matter. And there is no risk of rusting, staining or corrosion due to prolonged exposure to the rain and sun as it is plastic.

We also noticed that the finishes of the door-edges and main compartment are done correctly to ensure that the door doesn’t fall open when not in use.

The mailbox is spacious enough to capacitate smaller bundles, packages, and boxes as well as padded envelopes.


The arrived-mail indicator is also included in the package, and the entire thing comes fully assembled to save substantially on time and effort that may be otherwise required to assemble it.

The mailbox includes ample blank spaces on its door and on the sides for your address letters, providing you all the scope to customize it whichever way you like.

However, it may be a tad bit expensive for a plastic mailbox.

  • Made of durable, weather-resistant plastic body poses no risk of rust or corrosion
  • Can absorb heavy impacts
  • Amply customizable spaces for address letters
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Can hold a number of things
  • Non-Locking
  • Expensive for a plastic mailbox

11. Architectural Mailboxes Villa Rubbed Bronze Wall Mount Mailbox11. Architectural Mailboxes Villa Rubbed Bronze Wall Mount Mailbox

Last up on our list is a charmingly beautiful wall-mount mailbox done in bronze accents by Architectural Mailboxes. This is a large capacity mailbox that can accommodate larger packages, padded envelopes, and boxes with ease. The unit is built for enduring extreme impacts, being made of die-cast aluminum and then given a powder-coating for high durability.

ARCHITECTURAL MAILBOXES 2541RZ-10 Villa Rubbed Bronze Wall Mount...
  • Mailbox is 18.7 in. W x 11.2 in. H x 5 in. D
  • Constructed of die cast aluminum and then fully...


The design of this mailbox is, hands-down, the most important and beautiful aspect of the mailbox. It is designed with a functional combination of a straight-edged minimalist appeal and a pretty motif pattern, which gives it a traditional charm.

The mailbox is made of die-cast aluminum (with steel hinges) which is known for its extreme durability. And the thing that we highly admire its overall construct is that the powder-coating finish is not only done on the outside but also generously done on the inside, which increases the formidable of the overall structure.

51hti hjoll

It poses absolutely no threat of rust and absorbs the heaviest impacts.

We appreciate the fact that the unit includes all mounting hardware such as screws and plastic for brick and other masonry installation.

However, these brilliant features do come with a price that may be quite high on the budget for most.

  • Easily installable wall-mount design
  • Looks beautiful on any kind of outer-wall decor
  • Extremely durable die-cast aluminum built construction
  • Come with all the necessary hardware for installation
  • Roof lifts for easy mail access and retrieval
  • Pretty expensive

Best mailboxes for sale 2

Best Mailbox Buyer’s Guide

Given the variety of choices out there, it could be pretty tough to choose just the right kind of mailbox for your residence.

Here’s a buyers’ guide that will help you choose the right one for yourself.

Types of mailboxes

1. Post-mounted

These are free-standing and are usually placed at the end of the driveway or could be kept along the curb. These could be easily accessed by the user if they are on a vehicle, in which case they could just drop the mail in without leaving their vehicle.

These mailboxes add a traditional appeal to your home and offer a wide range to choose from. However, installing these could be difficult, and you need to make sure that the base is not wobbly.

2. Wall-mounted

These types of mailboxes go directly on the outer wall of your house. These are a popular choice for urban settings or a close-knit community where the residences are closer together, and mail delivery is done on foot.

These units allow easy access and retrieval of mail. The possible awning or overhang design further protects your mail from weather onslaughts.

3. Mail Slots

Slots can really simplify the process of delivering and retrieving mail. Once a more popular system for houses, these are used comparatively less these days. It’s an ideal method for all mail-deliveries on foot. It provides a dated char to your home decor.

4. Column-mounted

This a more formal version to the post-mounted design. Column-mounted mailboxes do make an attractive style statement and also lasts longer, for that matter.

These mailboxes have better chances of resisting plow damage during the snowy months.

5. Mail Vaults

These are ideal for the parcels and packages that arrive when you are out of town. These provide an extra bit of security. They may also feature a vacation stopper so that you don’t get packages delivered while on vacations.

6. Multi-Family

The multi-family mailboxes come in a wide range of styles and varieties. Many buildings, apartment and official complexes use these wall-recessed mailboxes. These have the directories built right in them.

Factors to consider

1. Material 

Mailboxes will always remain outside of your homes and are regularly exposed to the changing weather. They may also be subjected to vandalism by miscreants.

Make sure the material you choose for your mailbox is durable enough to withstand high impacts, such as those made of galvanized steel or cast-aluminum. Additionally, a powder-coat or zin-coat will make them resistant to rust and corrosion.

2. Customizable designs

There is indeed no lack of designs and styles when it comes to mailboxes. However, do make sure whatever style you pick offers you the benefit of complete customizability. This way, you can properly have your address letters displayed across it and also have the options for other decorative choices.

3. Security locks

Mailboxes with security locks are a good choice over most other types any day. However, they might come with the hassle of activating or deactivating password-protected locks every time you go to retrieve mail. It is an ideal option for all those who travel frequently throughout the year.

4. Easy assembly and installation

Certain styles such as post or wall mounts may come fully assembled and could be comparatively easy to install. But other models may not always offer the same benefits. Always make sure to check whether a certain model comes assembled or if it’s going to need professional help setting it up.


And this is it for our extensive review segment and guide on mailboxes. I hope we were able to give you a detailed insight into the different types and mechanisms of standard mailboxes, and that it had been a useful read for you.

Till next time!

Best mailboxes for sale

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