7 Best Mailboxes for Sale on the Market Today | Buyer’s Guide

When we talk about mailboxes, it’s like we are taken back to the times of beautiful, ornate mail-posts standing next to equally beautiful houses.

But as time would have it, the styles of these sweet mailboxes have drastically changed, and so has our perception of them.

Modern designs have renovated the looks of these boxes to make them highly functional for all users, as well as considerably secure against vandalism and weather-onslaughts.

And if you think, with all of this happening, mailboxes have lost their appeal, then you need to go through the following guide to know about the kind of gems we have for you right here!

Best Mailboxes For Sale

Finding the right mailbox can be a challenge, with so many different styles, materials, and features to choose from. To help make your decision easier, here is the list of the 7 best mailboxes for sale, each selected for its combination of quality, functionality, and affordability.

1. Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Locking Security Mailbox – Best in Security

The Mail Manager Mailbox by Mail Boss comes with a locking security system that provides complete security against mail theft. It is further made foolproof by a 12-inch wafer lock which comes with 3 laser-cut keys. The mailbox has a minimal yet exceedingly functional, sharp design that makes for excellent curb appeal.


The Mail Manager offers top-notch security for your belongings that arrive in your mail. The brand’s signature “anti-pry” locking security mechanism is worked with a 12-inch wafer lock which gives you the benefit of 3 laser keys.

The mailbox itself is constructed using premium-grade heavy-gauge galvanized steel which makes it incredibly resistant to corrosion and the onslaughts of weather.

Design-wise, the mailbox is very neat and precise, scoring high on functionality than ornamentation. The box comes with four lag bolts,a drill bit, and the installation template along with detailed instructions for installation.

The box can hold small bundles and mail packages. The device is approved by the USPS for residential use.

The only gripe that we had was that the finishing for the edges on this box is not done in the best possible way. Water seeps through the gaps which could be a major issue during rains.

Color: Black | Mounting Type: Post Mount | Material: Galvanized Steel | Lockable: Yes

2. The Charleston Mailbox and Post System – Best in Design

The Charleston Mailbox is manufactured by the company, Addresses of Distinction, a family-owned business that is known for its elegant and functional designs as well as the superior quality of its products. This mailbox comes with reflective gold address numbers of solid brass which gives it a beautiful, traditional overall design, making it stand apart from the other mailboxes in the neighborhood.


The thing that had won us over about this mailbox is its brass lettering. As soon as you order your mailbox, the company offers to do your address letters in solid brass or reflective gold. Each box includes a decorative bracket accent, a tiny aluminum red flag, and a pineapple finial.

Each box can hold up to five 2-inch numbers made in Williamsburg brass, for that matter.

The box itself is crafted from black, powder-coated aluminum. This makes the unit highly durable and resistant to rust and corrosion.

One of the things about the brand that we liked is that the manufacturer or seller will make a respectful customary call after your purchase to confirm the correct house number for your order. This is a nice, personal touch on their part.

However, the only thing that could be an issue is the setup. Assembling this thing takes a good bit of figuring out. The screws and other hardware parts may seem to be all over the place once the package arrives.

Color: Black | Mounting Type: Post Mount | Material: Powder-Coated Aluminum | Lockable: No

3. Architectural Mailboxes 6200-B10 Mailbox – Best in Durability

The 6200-B10 mailbox from the brand, Architectural Mailboxes comes with a secure and functional overall design that lets you install it easily into a pilaster or column.

The outer part of the box is designed as a singular piece that provides maximum protection against moisture. The mailbox is spacious enough to hold small parcels and bundles easily.


The mailbox is crafted out of 16, and 18-gauge galvanized steel with an entirely powder-coated surface. This makes it a significantly enduring structure and highly resistant to rust and corrosion.

The biggest benefit and the thing we like the most about this mailbox the most is that the door of the unit comes with rubber seals on its edges. This is something that most mailboxes lack. The purpose of these seals is that they keep the insides of the box protected against moisture and prevent rainwater from seeping in. This is a big pro for the box as it helps keep your mail safe from water damage.

Other than that, we also like the fact that all of the hardware is made from stainless steel and other corrosion-proof materials.

However, amongst the disadvantages, there lies a design flaw in the mailbox, which may let thieves pry it open. For the price it comes at, it’s a bummer that it’s not a security mailbox.

Color: Black | Mounting Type: Post Mount | Material: Galvanized Steel | Lockable: Yes

4. Gibraltar Extra-Large Capacity Steel Mail Box

The steel mailbox from Gibraltar scores the absolute highest points when it comes to space capacity. The extra capacity of this mailbox makes it ideal for use at both office and home locations where you could expect large packages. Looks-wise, it holds a traditional curved-top design that is accentuated with a minimalistic appeal.


This Gibraltar mailbox model, in our opinion, is a smart option for all sorts of locations, be it residential or commercial, especially so, if you’ve got a home business and get a lot of large packages in your mail. It can fit several packages, padded envelopes, and small boxes.

The mailbox is crafted out of heavy-duty, galvanized steel that is further given a powder-coated finish that makes it an immense formidable, and enduring unit. The “ribbed” texture of the unit further contributes to the overall strength and durability of that object.

One of the things that we liked about this mailbox is that the door latch on it can be adjusted to get a looser or a tighter grip. This provides easy access to your mail as well as makes for easy adjustments for larger packages.

The mailbox also comes fully assembled, which is a great time and effort-saving benefit for the users.

One problem that we have about it is that the door-hinge may become a bit lose after a point of time.

Color: Black | Mounting Type: ST200B00 | Material: Galvanized Steel | Lockable: No

5. Gibraltar Medium Capacity Steel Mailbox

The Gibraltar Medium Capacity Steel Mailbox comes with all the space for accommodating your parcels. The galvanized steel construction not only protects your mail from the onslaughts of sun and rain, but it also makes it exceedingly enduring against heavy shocks and impacts that can be caused by vandalism. It is made entirely in the USA and mounts onto any all kinds of Gibraltar posts including the BP000B01.


We simply love the construction of this mailbox. The mailbox is constructed of galvanized steel that along with the usual powder-coating, the surface also comes with a coating of zinc. This significantly ups its scores in the formidable department. The kind of protection provided by this mailbox enures assures complete safety and security of your belongings against the onslaught of violent weather and substantial injury sustained by vandalism. The unit is entirely resistant to rust and corrosion as well.

And although the mailbox is known to have a medium capacity, the box is spacious enough to accommodate larger packages, smaller boxes, padded envelopes, and magazines.

The box comes fully assembled and could be easily installed.

However, you do have to purchase the hardware separately, and the hinges can be a tad bit loose on it.

Color: White | Mounting Type: Post Mount | Material: Galvanized Steel | Lockable: No

6. Gibraltar Large Capacity Plastic Mailbox

Similar to the steel mailboxes from Gibraltar, this plastic mailbox from the brand provides you with a functional combination of good looks with ample space for all your mail. Made with superior-grade, weather-resistant plastic, the box poses no risk of rust or corrosion, unlike metal ones. Also, when it comes to customization, you wouldn’t need to be concerned about compromising with your address letters.


What we liked best about this mailbox is its enduring design overall. Even when it is made of plastic, it performs exceptionally well to protect your mail from vandalism and inclement weather. The high-quality plastic body can absorb high impacts without running a dent, for that matter. And there is no risk of rusting, staining, or corrosion due to prolonged exposure to the rain and sun as it is plastic.

We also noticed that the finishes of the door edges and main compartment are done correctly to ensure that the door doesn’t fall open when not in use.

The mailbox is spacious enough to capacitate smaller bundles, packages, and boxes as well as padded envelopes.

The arrived-mail indicator is also included in the package, and the entire thing comes fully assembled to save substantially on time and effort that may be otherwise required to assemble it.

The mailbox includes ample blank spaces on its door and the sides for your address letters, providing you all the scope to customize it in whichever way you like.

However, it may be a tad bit expensive for a plastic mailbox.

Color: Black | Mounting Type: Post Mount | Material: Polymer | Lockable: No

7. Architectural Mailboxes Villa Rubbed Bronze Wall Mount Mailbox

Last up on our list is a charmingly beautiful wall-mount mailbox done in bronze accents by Architectural Mailboxes. This is a large-capacity mailbox that can accommodate larger packages, padded envelopes, and boxes with ease. The unit is built for enduring extreme impacts, being made of die-cast aluminum and then given a powder coating for high durability.


The design of this mailbox is, hands-down, the most important and beautiful aspect of the mailbox. It is designed with a functional combination of a straight-edged minimalist appeal and a pretty motif pattern, which gives it a traditional charm.

The mailbox is made of die-cast aluminum (with steel hinges) which is known for its extreme durability. And the thing that we highly admire in its overall construct is that the powder-coating finish is not only done on the outside but also generously done on the inside, which increases the formidable of the overall structure.

It poses absolutely no threat of rust and absorbs the heaviest impacts.

We appreciate the fact that the unit includes all mounting hardware such as screws and plastic for brick and other masonry installation.

However, these brilliant features do come with a price that may be quite high on the budget for most.

Color: Rubbed Bronze | Mounting Type: Wall Mount | Material: Aluminum | Lockable: No

Best Mailboxes Comparison Table

Product Color Mounting Type Material Lockable
Mail Boss 7506 Black Post Mount Galvanized Steel Yes
The Charleston Mailbox and Post System Black Post Mount Powder-Coated Aluminum No
Oasis Classic Black Post Mount Galvanized Steel Yes
Gibraltar Mailboxes Stanley Black ST200B00 Galvanized Steel No
Gibraltar Mailboxes Elite White Post Mount Galvanized Steel No
Gibraltar Mailboxes Patriot Black Post Mount Polymer No
ARCHITECTURAL MAILBOXES Rubbed Bronze Wall Mount Aluminum No

Buying Guide For The Best Mailboxes

When choosing the best mailbox for your home, there are several factors to consider, including material, height, customizable designs, security locks, installation maintenance, and budget. This section will discuss these factors in detail to help you make an informed decision.

1. Material

A mailbox must be sturdy enough to prevent deterioration so look for material that should be durable and weather-resistant. Common materials include powder-coated galvanized steel, aluminum, and plastic. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, so consider the climate and environment where the mailbox will be installed to determine the most suitable option.

2. Height

The height of the mailbox should meet the United States Postal Service criteria. A mailbox should be 6 to 15 inches above the ground. This height allows mail carriers to easily access the mailbox without stepping into the street or bending excessively. When selecting a post-style mailbox, make sure the post is long enough to achieve the recommended height.

3. Customizable designs

A mailbox can complement your home’s exterior with customizable designs, colors, and finishes. Consider options like laser-cut address numbers or decorative posts that match the style of your home. 

4. Security locks

A lockable mailbox provides an extra layer of security for your mail and small packages. Look for mailboxes with a locking mechanism and a door on the back, allowing you to retrieve the mail without exposing yourself to street traffic.

A locking mailbox feature must meet usps’ applicable functional requirements and have a slot for incoming mail that was at least 10 inches wide by 1 ¾ inches tall. So if you’re online shopping for your mailbox, consider the box’s features.

5. Installation and Maintenance

Some mailboxes require professional installation, while others can be installed with basic tools and skills. Consider the complexity of installation and ongoing maintenance when selecting a mailbox. For instance, a mailbox and post combo may need occasional repainting or replacement of the wood post, while a wall-mounted mailbox may require less upkeep.

6. Budget

Mailboxes are available at various price points, from budget-friendly options to more expensive, high-quality models. Consider your budget and the features you need in a mailbox, such as capacity, secure mailbox, and aesthetics. Keep in mind that additional costs, like purchasing a post for a post-mounted mailbox or professional installation fees, may apply.

In conclusion, understanding the different types of mailboxes and the factors to consider when purchasing one will ensure that you choose mailboxes that are suitable for your needs. With this information, you can confidently select a mailbox that will securely hold your mail and complement your home’s exterior.

Are expensive mailboxes worth the extra cost?

Expensive mailboxes may offer additional features or higher-quality materials, but the best mailbox for you will ultimately depend on your individual needs and budget.

Can I install a mailbox myself?

Yes, you can install a mailbox yourself. Many mailboxes come with installation instructions, and there are also online tutorials and videos available to help guide you through the process.

Are there any regulations for residential mailboxes?

Yes, there are regulations for residential mailboxes set by the United States Postal Service (USPS). These regulations include guidelines for mailbox placement, size, and construction materials. Before purchasing a mailbox, be sure to check the USPS regulations to ensure that your mailbox meets its standards.

How can I make my mailbox more secure?

You can make your mailbox more secure by installing a locking mechanism, or by choosing a mailbox that is designed with security features such as a locking door or tamper-proof construction. You may also want to consider installing a mailbox with a secure mounting system to prevent theft or tampering.


After examining the features, design aspects, and durability of the top 7 mailboxes in the market, it is clear that an ideal mailbox should have a perfect blend of security, aesthetics, and functionality.

It should not only protect your mail from theft, vandalism, and harsh weather but also enhance the curb appeal of your property. Based on these factors, here are the top three expert recommendations from the mailboxes we tested.

The Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Locking Security Mailbox is an ideal option for those who prioritize security. Its anti-pry locking mechanism, heavy-gauge galvanized steel construction, and USPS-approved status offer maximum protection against theft and inclement weather.

However, the mailbox edges may allow water to seep in, which could be an issue during heavy rainfall.

The Charleston Mailbox and Post System is a good option for homeowners who appreciate elegance and design. Its stunning black and gold accents combined with a durable, powder-coated aluminum body make it both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Although Postmaster General approved it, it is worth noting that the assembly of the system can be a bit challenging.

Finally, the Architectural Mailbox 6200-B10 Mailbox is the right choice if you are looking for a spacious mailbox with additional protection from the elements.

Its galvanized steel construction, rubber seals on the door, and corrosion-resistant hardware make it an enduring and weather-resistant choice. However, this mailbox may not provide optimal security against theft due to a design flaw.

To sum up, selecting the best mailbox for your needs should consider factors like security, design, weather resistance, and capacity. Based on our analysis, the Mail Boss 7506 Mail Manager Locking Security Mailbox, Charleston Mailbox and Post System, and Architectural Mailboxes 6200-B10 Mailbox stand out as strong contenders in their respective categories. Make an informed decision to ensure your mailbox caters to your needs and enhances the appearance of your property.

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