33 Brilliant Home Fence Gate Design Ideas to Protect Your Home in Style

Building a home is a process and each part involves immense labor of love, even if it is just the fences. Yes, even the tiny wooden picket line around your backyard matters. So, in case you do not want to take the easy way out and go for whatever is cheap, here are some ideas for fences that will make your house look like your home and make those snooty neighbors of yours jealous while at it.

Home Fence Gate Design Ideas

  1. A little wild, a little bright

A little wild, a little bright green live fence

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually easier and cheaper to have fences that will make anyone’s jaw drop. Consider this one for example: a line of wild shrubberies that run all the way round your property. They will add a warm green tone to your abode and, when they flower, will put the painter’s palette to shame.

  1. White picket fence

White picket fence

Or you could go the traditional way and opt for the white picket fence. These fences are understated yet beautiful. They are also easy to maintain and take care of.

  1. Colorful wrought iron fences

Colorful wrought iron fences

Who said wrought iron fences are boring? Prove everyone wrong by painting your iron fences in whimsical shades in the world. Better yet, let your child have a go at it.

  1. A swiveling little fence gate

A swiveling little fence gate

Picture this: a pebbly way that runs from your door to a sweet little wood fence gate that swivels on either side. Add a garden on either side and you will have neighbors swooning all over at the sight of this rustic piece of gorgeousness.

  1. A lovely line of trees bordering your fence gate

A lovely line of trees bordering your fence gate

A line of tall, stately trees that run around your peaceful home, small nestled between them, a small fence with a small fence gate. They swish when the wind blows and turn bright orange in fall and catch bits of rain and snow on their lovely leaves. Paints quite a pretty picture, doesn’t it?

  1. A stark white garden gate

 A stark white garden gate

The bright alabaster tone of the gate contrasts with the lush green garden beyond and the brightly coloured flowers in full bloom, a fence gate to remember for sure. Everyone who claims white is boring will bite their tongue at this.

  1. Doors upcycled into colorful fence

 Door upcycled into colorful wooden fence

A wise person once thought that anything can be a fence. Even lines of cycles or brightly painted flower pots resting on top stacks of rocks. The quirkier it is, the better, fence gates and fence ideas go in any direction and proper upcycling of a good material is certainly a sustainable approach that we would like to see more often. Whether you choose to color your fence in one tone or sprinkle it all like they’re all fence gates when in reality there is none, your choice only!

  1. Shiny steel fence and metal gate

Shiny steel fence and metal gate

Simple yet effective. These are also very low maintenance and will complement both stately and homely abodes, this setup can also be realized as a sliding fence, or sliding gate.

  1. Simply slats form wood fence

Simply slats form wood fence

Simple wooden slats will sometimes look way cooler than its very expensive counterparts. Paint them black and grey for a sauve look or go for a lot of colors, enjoy the building process, enjoy your new fence.

  1. Frosted fences

Frosted fences

Frosted glass fences are a really cool way to go. They look chic and artsy and will offer a peek into your lovely gardens without really revealing too much. You may also mix and match stained and frosted glass panels to make it look even more sophisticated.

  1. A kingdom of hearts

A kingdom of hearts

Or spades. Or cats. Or any shapes really. Add quirkiness to any dull old fence by fixing cut outs and shapes on them. Or drill pretty shapes into the wood itself. With enough imagination, you might turn a boring old fence into something right out of Alice’s Wonderland.

  1. A wall of green

A wall of green

Line the sturdy yet dull walls of your fence with creepers and moss till it looks like a solid wall of green, a delightful garden that continues on your walls. You can also put specific potted creepers on top of the fence so they may spill over and create wild patterns on it, green plants can create wonders.

  1. Rainbow Pastel Colorful Fence

Rainbow pastel colorful wooden fence

Two words: paint everything. Every colour you can imagine and have tucked away in your shed, paint away!

Above a splendid and delicate solution emphasized by pastel colors highlight a rainbow wood fence, the smart choice of colors brings joy into the picture without overburdening the image with very strong colors.

  1. A rocky fence or stone fence

A rocky fence or stone fence

Stacks of rocks arranged and cemented together to form your fence will add character and stateliness to your terrain. This easily looks like something that would stand around the castle from Beauty and the Beast. Stone fences or rock fences have a rustic vibe that may fit certain scenarios like a glove, the most important thing to pay attention too is the scale of the stones used.

  1. Rough raw wood fence

Rough wooden fence

Column after column of roughly hewn would just chilling around. Maybe they are even painted quirky shades of yellow, blue and red. Maybe they just bear all the shades of sepia to dark hot coffee. These kinds of wood fences have a unique aesthetic of their own.

  1. A marriage of brick and steel

A solid brick wall with a tall and shiny steel door will add a hint of stateliness to any estate and keep out any unwanted visitors. Simple, chic and effective.

  1. Artsy metal panels

 Artsy metal panels

You could also go for panel after panel of metal that have been etched with beautiful shapes and designs. These kinds of sheets serve two purposes. They offer security and keep away trespassers and they also add an artistic feel to the place while at it so you don’t need to choose between pretty and secure in this case.

  1. Bamboo structures

 Bamboo structures

Panels of woven bamboo frames add a very hip and cheeky look to your place. You can also doodle on them for better effect. These kind of fences tend to instil warmth and comfort in people so they might also be a good idea if you are opening a business like a cafe’. Drape fairy lights over them for a forever Christmas kind of feel.

  1. Wooden split rails

These add a charming rustic feel to your home without even trying much. It’s an added bonus if you have a garden because the green of your garden will go splendidly with this one.

  1. Iron and rock

 Iron and rock

Rough rock walls coupled with a good old steel gate. This one is very understated yet extremely classy.

  1. Gabion walls

 Gabion walls

This one is a little hard to create but worth every hour you spend painfully stacking stones. Arrange colorful and unique pebbles into shapes and stacks and keep going till this gorgeousness surrounds the entirety of your beloved home. The greater the time you spend making intricate patterns, the more you will appreciate it later.

  1. Curious little garden door

 Curious little garden door

This keeps those pesky little rodents and pests out but is still vibrant and pretty and adds beauty to your home. Paint the door many colours and stack rocks around for a beautiful effect.

  1. Surf board fence

 Surf board fence

Always remember this bit of advice when planning and decorating your home: contrast adds character. If you live in a neighbourhood where everyone around you has white picket fences, paint yours blue. Or go for a whimsically painted wrought iron one instead.

  1. A splash of red

 A splash of red

When in doubt, go for red. No, really. In the midst of all those dull fences in your neighbourhood, even a simple picket fence that has been painted red will draw everyone’s eye without fail.

  1. Go vintage

 25 1

Vintage is all the rage these days. So the more rugged your fence, the more fancy it will look. Rusty metal panels and stained wood will help you achieve this vibrant look.

  1. Chic and sophisticated

 Chic and sophisticated

Going for an intimidating “do not mess with me look”? Well, tall concrete walls and heavy steel security gates will do that while making you look sophisticated and cool. With this, unannounced guests and nosy neighbours will be a thing of the past.

  1. Remote controlled gaiety

 Remote controlled gaiety

Who said security gates need to look harsh and off putting all the time? You can go for security and gaiety by going for colourful security doors that also come with cool features like remote access etc.

  1. Pallet fences

 Pallet fences

From sepia to coffee brown woody tones, this one will add a refreshing feel of the countryside to your home. The contrasting green of your backyard will easily make this look drool-worthy.

  1. Bike door

 Bike door

Make your fences more effective by adding a simple bike door. Simple and easy to access.

  1. Wood fence gate

A plain wood fence gate. Nothing more, nothing less. You will be surprised at how much this one seems to complement pretty much anything in its area while managing to stand out and look cool.

  1. Sliding fence

 Sliding fence

The slatted ones that slide not only look great but are also secure and private. It adds taste to security and can add character to any home.

  1. Slatted Wood Fence

 Slatted wood fence

Woody cedar tones that remind you of the countryside and warm air. If your house is all steel and grim, this is will add a dash of lively eccentricity to it.

  1. Horizontal white Slats

 Horizontal white slats

You can never go wrong when you go simple. Go for a simple horizontal slat fence that is painted plain white. This is low maintenance and cheap and will save you a lot of headache.

They say that your home is where your heart truly is. This is why it is important for every part of your lovely abode to look lively and well-loved. And since your fences are the first thing anyone sees, they too must create that very impression, whether you start a DIY quest or use a professional in the field, this issue must be addressed. Hopefully, the fence gate ideas on this list will give you an idea on how to achieve just that and go on to help you create your perfect home sweet home.

What do you think about these fence gate ideas? We would love to hear from you in the comment section below !

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