12 Best Surge Protectors to Protect Your Devices Today

Whether you want to protect your gear from electrical failures or you’re looking for options to add more outlets, you’ll eventually require a surge protector to suit your needs.

You ask why? Well! Even if you aren’t living in the desert or in an area that is prone to thunderstorms, your refrigerator or lamp can experience power spikes and surges.

And a surge protector helps to protect your gear from the damage of electrical fluctuations. But, the level of protection that it provides will depend on the unit and its essential features.

We understand that it can get pretty overwhelming to find the right unit, especially when you’re presented with a range of options and features to choose from. To make things a little easier, we’ve curated some of the best surge protectors that will help you make a better decision.

Best Surge Protectors

Best surge protector

With so many surge protectors available in the market, it can be challenging to choose the right one. So, without further ado, here’s the list of the 12 best surge protectors.

1. AmazonBasics 6-Outlet Surge Protector – Best for Budget-Conscious Buyers

If you’re looking for an affordable surge protector with quality performance, you should consider AmazonBasics’ 6-Outlet Surge Protector. It gets the job done pretty well and has a three-line surge-protection rating of 200-joule that reflects the brilliant safety mechanism. This surge protector can protect a range of devices, from small appliances to mobile phones.

Amazon Basics Rectangular 6-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip, 6-Foot...
  • IN THE BOX: Surge protector power strip in White...
  • OUTLETS: Includes 6 outlets with 1 transformer...


The minimalist and sleek design of this product makes it one of the best-selling surge protectors that are available on Amazon. It’s an ideal choice for travelers as well as students, which is why we opted for this piece after checking out a ton of other models. This 6-outlet surge protector is like the perfect companion in college, especially when we have to charge a lot of devices at once.

We can conveniently store this product because of its compact size, making it relatively simple to carry it around. It weighs about a pound, so without giving it a second thought, we can easily take it for our camping trip.

Plus, it features a red ‘protected’ LED indicator that helps to ensure the device is properly grounded. The indicator also protects the devices against sudden power spikes and surges. The best part, the AWG cord is about 6 feet long, and we can mount this device on the wall with its two keyhole slots.

Moreover, it has an eco-friendly built-in power switch, which is incredibly functional for cutting off power to all plugged devices with a single switch. This eco-friendly component works to eliminate phantom loads effectively, and its affordable pricing with superior quality materials makes it an excellent surge protector.

  • Eco-friendly power-off switch
  • Wall-mountable
  • LED indicator ensures proper grounding
  • UL certified along with a 1-year warranty
  • Joule rating is low compared to other devices
  • Less space between the power plugs
Number of Outlets: 6 | Joule Rating(s): 790 Joules | Clamping Voltage: 500V | Maximum Spike Current: 12,000 amps | Cord Length: 6 feet | Warranty: 1-year limited warranty

2. APC P11VT3 11-Outlet Surge Protector – Best for Multiple Outlet Needs

APC is a renowned manufacturing company of uninterruptible power supplies and electronics-protecting products. This 11-outlet SurgeArrest comes with an excellent outlet layout, sturdy construction, and a few other essential features that make it one of the best products. It incorporates a rotating cord retainer along with a removable cable guide.

APC Surge Protector with Telephone, DSL and Coaxial Protection,...
  • 3020 joule surge protector power strip
  • 11 total power surge protector outlets with...


We wanted an ideal lightweight surge protector with many different outlets for protecting our various devices, and this model met our needs perfectly. Some of the bonuses that are offered by this model include three LED indicators and a conveniently placed circuit breaker reset.

This appliance is designed to protect the devices even when a surge knocks down the power of the entire unit. It offers suitable protection for our electronics, professional computers, and connected devices, along with surge protection for all the data lines.

When it comes to the safety mechanism, this device takes care of such issues. It has a  wiring fault indicator that lights up when there is faulty ground or overload.

It offers the right amount of durability with its protection rating of 3020 joules which is excellent compared to the other products within this price range. Nonetheless, this appliance is a complete package given its 11 outlets and a solid set of features.

  • Multiple LED indicators help to troubleshoot electrical problems
  • Flat end pivoting cord is excellent for placement
  • Good layout but tight for a mix of different power bricks
  • Clamping voltage is higher than what’s generally required
Number of Outlets: 11 | Joule Rating(s): 3020 Joules | Clamping Voltage: 330V | Maximum Spike Current: 180,000 amps | Cord Length: 8 feet | Warranty: Lifetime warranty

3. Bestek 8-Outlet Surge Protector – Best for Fast Charging Features

Bestek is known for manufacturing a range of power products, and surge protectors are one of them. It has a 600-joule rating and provides protection for both workstations and at home. If you want a high-end surge protector that is equipped with fast charging technologies, then you should check out this model. Let’s take a closer look at some of its exciting features.

BESTEK 8 AC Outlet, 5 Feet Extension Cord Power Strip with 3 USB-A...
  • 8 AC Outlets + 4 Smart USB Ports: This power strip...
  • Advanced Multi-protection Safety Features: The...


We were looking for a surge protector power strip that would eliminate all the issues related to charging a lot of devices at home. Most of the wall sockets come with just two charging outlets, but we could eliminate this problem after getting this model. The AC outlets are widely spaced for charging bulky and large plugs. Besides the eight main outlets, it also has four separate ports for USB charging.

Plus, this unit can supply a charge of a maximum of 5.2 amps, so we generally ensure that the devices that we are charging can meet the basic requirements. It also has a built-in EMI filter that works to eliminate all the unwanted line noise.

When it comes to overload protection, it has a 15 A integrated circuit breaker along with a light on/off switch. This safety mechanism also helps to prevent any fire outbreaks. Moreover, we were pleasantly surprised with its shockproof technology that has been incorporated with a safety shutter.

And we don’t need to worry about this surge protector slipping off from the table because it comes with rubber feet that keep it in place, ensuring that the charging devices aren’t damaged.

  • UL authenticated power cord
  • Power surge, overload, and lightning strike protection
  • Widely spaced AC outlets
  • Features hanging slots
  • Power switch LED is incredibly bright
Number of Outlets: 8 + 4 USB | Joule Rating(s): 600 Joules | Clamping Voltage: 500V | Maximum Spike Current: 15,000 amps | Cord Length: 6 feet | Warranty: 18-month warranty

4. Belkin BE108000-08-CM 8-Outlet – Best for Maximum Device Protection

If you’re looking for a surge protector that can provide maximum protection to all sensitive electronic devices, you should consider the Belkin BE108000-08-CM. With an energy rating of 2500 joules and quality construction, we can vouch for the efficiency of this product. It has a total of 8 surge-protected outlets and 3-line AC protection. Let’s take a closer look at its features.

Belkin 8-Outlet Surge Protector w/ 8 AC Outlets & 8ft Long Flat Plug,...
  • MULTI-OUTLET SURGE PROTECTOR: Power everything on...


We loved the minimalist design of this product, and it’s also one of the top sellers on Amazon so we could trust its performance. Before we operate this unit, we need to unwind the 8-foot-long power cord. It helps to ensure that the unit can deliver optimal, safe AC power to all the connected devices. After we checked that it has a 2500 joules rating, we were satisfied with the protection level that it offers.

Moreover, it can filter through all the EMI/RFI noise of up to 68 dB. The eight protected outlets can comfortably accommodate all the oversized power adapters, and there has been no cramping even when all the outlets are being used.

It comes with an incredibly smart circuit design that can correctly detect and accommodate the power requirements of all our electronic items. However, we usually avoid plugging in more than 2 to 3 high-energy appliances to prevent damaging the surge protector.

Plus, it should be kept away from moisture-locked areas this way we have been ensuring that maximum precaution is taken to make it function for years to come. Overall, it’s a value-added product and has been covered with a lifetime warranty.

  • 2500-joule energy rating
  • Good response time
  • Minimalist design with widely spaced power outlets
  • Energy requirements of the electronic devices should be checked before plugging it
Number of Outlets: 8 | Joule Rating(s): 2500 Joules | Clamping Voltage: 330V | Maximum Spike Current: 135,000 amps | Cord Length: 8 feet | Warranty: Lifetime warranty

5. ON Smart Solution Surge Protector – Best for Compact Design & Flexibility

This surge protector by ON Smart Solution is a quick fix to all of your charging problems. It comes with 4 AC outlets along with 4 USB ports that offer maximum flexibility while protecting multiple devices. The 6-foot long cord ensures that you can easily locate the unit next to the equipment even if the wall socket is far away. Let’s read on to find out more about this unit.

ONSMART USB Surge Protector Power Strip, 4 Multi Outlets with 4 USB...
  • USE ALL OF YOUR DEVICES AT ONCE: No, you are not...
  • OUTSTANDING USB PERFORMANCE: Get our power strip...


This compact surge protector is thoughtfully designed to ensure ultimate convenience with its four power outlets and two USB ports. The surge protection of this unit is rated at 600 joules, and it provides maximum safety to all electrical devices. We can quickly charge our tablets, phones, and laptops by just using a single surge protector.

The USB ports have a 2.4 maximum output when we are using a single port. And we usually tally the power requirements of the electronic devices to avoid hampering the efficiency of the equipment.

It has a double insulation design that provides protection from a range of different issues such as overheating, short circuits, overcurrent, and overvoltage. These protection mechanism helps to prevent any fire outbreaks or damage to the devices.

Moreover, the indicator light has the right amount of illumination, and it doesn’t disturb our sleep even if it is used when the room is dark. This unit is made with superior quality materials, and it has an elegant design, but it gets cramped up if we use large plugs. All in all, this is a brilliant product given its quality performance and reasonable price tag.

  • 6-foot long power cord
  • Lightweight and minimalist design
  • 4-USB charging ports
  • Provides maximum protection to all electronic items
  • Plugs are not widely spaced for charging bulky items
Number of Outlets: 4 + 4 USB | Joule Rating(s): 1080 Joules | Clamping Voltage: 500V | Maximum Spike Current: 30,000 amps | Cord Length: 6 feet | Warranty: 2-year warranty

6. GE Power 14092 6-Outlet Surge Protector

GE is one of the premier manufacturing companies when it comes to surge protection devices. It features six standard AC outlets that provide you with sufficient options for all your electronic devices. For overload protection, it’s equipped with an indicator light and a circuit breaker that lets you know in a glance that your devices are protected.

GE 6-Outlet Surge Protector, 10 Ft Extension Cord, Power Strip, 800...
  • Expand Your Power – 6 grounded and protected...
  • Versatile Cord – Extra-long 10ft. power cord...


When we were looking for a surge protector, the first brand that we had in mind is GE, mainly for its quality and efficient functioning. This unit features six outlets that are sufficient for our charging requirements. And for better safety of the devices, it comes with an integrated circuit breaker that helps to prevent fire outbreaks in the event of an overload.

Plus, this unit comes with a 10-foot-long power cord that makes it relatively easy to charge the devices by keeping them close to the equipment. It provides an 800 joules protection rating that is pretty sufficient for charging six devices. The best part, the twist-to-close safety outlets help to seal off the outlets when we are not using them and help to avoid shock.

We can place this unit very conveniently by either keeping it on the table or mounting it on the wall for easy operation. It’s UL listed and has been covered with a lifetime warranty that ensures that we are getting a good return on the investment that we have made. Overall, it has a reliable and durable construction with excellent efficiency.

  • The 10-foot power cord provides added versatility
  • 800 joules protection rating
  • Keyhole slots for convenient mounting
  • Integrated circuit breaker
  • Outlets are not suitable for holding large plugs
Number of Outlets: 6 | Joule Rating(s): 800 Joules | Clamping Voltage: 400V | Maximum Spike Current: 10,000 amps | Cord Length: 8 feet | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty

7. APC P6W 6-Outlet Wall Storage Protector

This wall storage protector comes with a 1080 joules energy rating and 6 outlets. It’s a side-facing wall socket, and it includes catastrophic event protection to ensure that your electronic devices are well protected. The advanced features in this model come well-equipped to offer you a brilliant surge protection device.

APC Wall Outlet Multi Plug Extender, P6W, (6) AC Multi Plug Outlet,...
  • 1080 Joule surge protection energy rating
  • 6-outlet wall mount surge protector


We ordered this item after going through a lot of reviews from customers who were pretty satisfied with their purchase. This unit can protect about six electronic devices from power surges and spikes. It features a SurgeArrest fail-safe, which disconnects the equipment from the power supply once it identifies any damaging surges.

The protection mechanisms help to enhance the lifespan of the device and protect it from any overload damage. Moreover, the LED light is another essential feature in this model that allows us to understand the operation status of this unit easily. When it comes to noise reduction, this system can filter the radio and electromagnetic frequencies that create line noise.

Since it features a surge energy rating of about 1080 joules, we can trust the efficiency of this appliance for plugging in small devices. In the end, there is no compromise on the quality of this product, and APC delivers what it promises to its customers. It also comes with a lifetime warranty that helps to protect the functionality of this unit, if it’s maintained correctly.

  • Features a fail-safe mode
  • Sturdy construction and unique design
  • Noise filtering mechanism
  • Indication lights are very bright
Number of Outlets: 6 | Joule Rating(s): 1080 Joules | Clamping Voltage: 330V | Maximum Spike Current: 30,000 amps | Cord Length: N/A | Warranty: Lifetime warranty

8. Accell Powramid Surge Protector

The Accell Powramid Surge Protector and Power Center consists of six adapter-spaced power outlets that eliminate cramping and accommodate plugs of varied sizes. This device can provide a maximum of 1080 joules of protection, making it suitable for supplying power to different equipment. It has been designed with some of the best protection mechanisms to ensure smooth functioning.

Accell Powramid USB Surge Protector - 2 USB Charging Ports (2.1A), 6...
  • Get Connected: The Powramid's unique, patented...
  • Charge All Your Devices: The Powramid is equipped...


When we were looking for a quality surge protector, our main search criterion was to opt for a product that offers safe surge protection. It was suggested to us by one of our friends, who had been using this model for about eight months now.

The feature that makes this model stand out amongst the rest is the Power Stop technology and fireproof X3 MOV technology that provides the ultimate protection to the plugged-in devices. Most surge protectors generally continue to supply power even when it doesn’t offer any surge protection; this exposes the connection to sudden power surges.

But in this model, such issues are exempted from the Power Stop technology that stops sending power to the connected device, once the absorption reaches the maximum capacity. Moreover, the adapter-friendly design provides easy access to multiple power outlets.

It also features a rubber foot that prevents any scratches when we place it on any furniture. Overall, this is a brilliant surge protector given its affordable price tag and circular design.

  • Adapter-friendly design
  • Carefully designed details
  • Features Power Stop technology and fireproof X3 MOV technology
  • Colored indicator for easy awareness
  • Can be hard to fit in the large plugs
Number of Outlets: 6 +2 USB | Joule Rating(s): 1080 Joules | Clamping Voltage: 400V | Maximum Spike Current: 36,000 amps | Cord Length: 6 feet | Warranty: 5-year limited warranty

9. Tripp Lite TLPI208TELTV

If you’re looking for a surge protector that is designed to accommodate multiple electronic devices, then you should check out this item. It comes with approximately 12 outlets and consists of built-in coax jacks and RJ11 that help to protect your home or office electronics from line noise and dangerous power spikes and surges. Let’s find out about its features in the following section.

Tripp Lite TLP1208TELTV 12 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip, 8ft...
  • Protect any electronic device from power surges &...
  • Premium surge protection with built in tel/dsl and...


This unit was suggested to us by one of our colleagues, who was using it for office purposes. It offers AC protection with its twelve charging outlets, while the built-in gold coax and RJ11 jacks help to prevent surges from damaging the electronic equipment. It also includes a 12-foot cable making it relatively easier to plug in the surge protector.

Plus, it features an automatic shutdown mechanism when there are any short circuits or grounding issues. This helps to provide maximum protection to the equipment with its 2880 joules rating. We can mount this unit conveniently against the wall to avoid cramping up the table with the different plugs.

The outlets are located pretty close to one another, making it pretty challenging to fit in the large plugs all at once. It also has a lifetime warranty that covers the equipment that is damaged by any power surge.

  • Features diagnostic LEDs
  • 12 ports specifically for power bricks
  • RJ11 and coaxial jacks provide data line protection
  • Durable and fire-resistant unit
  • Hard to plug large electronic devices
  • No USB ports
Number of Outlets: 12 | Joule Rating(s): 1440 Joules | Clamping Voltage: 150V | Maximum Spike Current: 96,000 amps | Cord Length: 8 feet | Warranty: Lifetime warranty

10. Tripp Lite TLPI008TEL Protector

If you want to protect your electronic devices from power surges and spikes, this model by Tripp Lite will suit your needs perfectly. It has about ten outlets along with a set of RJ11 jacks that works to protect your devices from different electrical issues. Plus, it conforms to the UL safety standards, and it has a high joule rating. Let’s take a closer look at this appliance.

Tripp Lite TLP1008TEL 10 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip, 8ft Cord,...
  • Protect any electronic device from power surges &...
  • Powerful AC surge suppression with TEL/DSL...


This device is one of the smartest choices that we have made for protecting all our valuable electrical devices. It defends our electronics from disruptive line noise and damaging surges. Plus, the brand claims to provide premium protection that is especially guaranteed by ensuring that the devices that are damaged by power surges will be replaced.

With a variety of features and warranty specifications, we can trust the quality of this device. It has been certified to meet UL standards, and it’s covered with a 2395-joule protection rating that provides a high degree of protection. Moreover, the RFI/EMI noise filter helps to protect the equipment from outside interference.

We have been using this device in our home office for about six months now, and there are no complaints about its efficiency. It is an ideal choice for small to large electronic devices because it provides extra space for bulky AC adapters.

The best part, it has an auto shut-down feature that helps to protect the devices even when the surge protector fails to take up the load. Overall, we believe that it’s a reasonable investment, especially considering the amount of protection it provides to electronic devices.

  • Features outlet safety covers
  • Protection rating of 2395-joules
  • Sufficient space for plugging in large adapters
  • LED indicators
  • Adapters need to be pulled hard for removing it from the outlets
Number of Outlets: 10 | Joule Rating(s): 1440 Joules | Clamping Voltage: 150V | Maximum Spike Current: 96,000 amps | Cord Length: 8 feet | Warranty: Lifetime warranty

11. TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip

This surge protector by TP-Link Kasa is a complete package with its three USB charging ports, and six switched smart outlets. What makes this unit stand out amongst the rest is its protection system. It doesn’t just have a sleek design, but it’s also equipped with advanced features. Let’s read on to find out more about this modern surge protector.

Kasa Smart Plug Power Strip HS300, Surge Protector with 6 Individually...
  • 6 smart outlets: Independently control 6 smart...
  • Surge protection: ETL certified surge protection...


We are generally very selective about the appliances that we purchase for our home. After checking out the product descriptions of this unit, we were ready to give it a try. It has a sturdy construction and minimalist design that makes it fit in comfortably with the modern decor of our home.

On the other hand, unlike the other surge protectors, this unit comes with an integrated, well-designed app. It provides a range of convenient services. For instance, it offers a variety of voice control scheduling and assistant support.

The app has been perfectly organized with its excellent user interface along with graphical reinforcement of different actions and behaviors. We can use the app to control the entire operation of all the outlets.

But, what makes it challenging is the need to schedule the features individually for every individual outlet. When it comes to the USB charging ports, it can provide a maximum of 2.4A at 5 volts each or up to 4A across the three ports simultaneously.

Plus, each AC outlet provides 500 volts of protection, which is pretty good for heavy usage. Overall, this surge protection power strip comes with a high price tag because it makes no compromise in quality, performance, scheduling features, design, and app-based control system.

  • Has energy monitoring abilities
  • Features an in-built app for easy control
  • All six outlets can be independently controlled
  • Works with Cortana, Google Assistant, and Alexa
  • A bit pricey compared to the other units
Number of Outlets: 6 +3 USB | Joule Rating(s): 1080 Joules | Clamping Voltage: 500V | Maximum Spike Current: 18,000 amps | Cord Length: 6.5 feet | Warranty: 2-year warranty

12. Belkin 12-outlet PivotPlug

This is an affordable surge protector that allows the continual flow of power even after the protection has been exhausted. It‘s designed to protect all those sensitive electrical devices that might get damaged if powered down abruptly. Even though it’s an expensive product, it delivers quality performance with its low clamping voltage and high joules rating.

Belkin Surge Protector Power Strip w/ 8 Rotating & 4 Standard Outlets...
  • MULTI-OUTLET SURGE PROTECTOR: Turn 1 outlet into...


We have a lot of gaming computers and tablets, and a surge protector was one of the essential items that we required for protecting all the electrical equipment. After reading a ton of reviews, we finalized this product. It has an incredible joules rating of about 4320, which is pretty high when compared to the other models.

Also, it has a low clamping voltage of 330 volts which ensures the proper protection of the plugged-in devices. It has 12 standard-spaced outlets that make it easier to place the large AC adapters without having to face any challenges.

Moreover, it includes both grounded and protected indicator lights that help us understand the status of the operation. Plus, it includes a telephone line and coaxial pass-through protection. We had to stretch our budget a little to purchase this product, but we are satisfied with its quality and performance.

  • The energy rating of 4320 joules
  • Protected by a lifetime warranty
  • Includes eight rotating and four stationery outlets
  • Eight-foot cord offers better versatility
  • A little bulkier than other units
Number of Outlets: 12 | Joule Rating(s): 4320 Joules | Clamping Voltage: 330V | Maximum Spike Current: 300,000 amps | Cord Length: 8 feet | Warranty: Lifetime warranty

Best Surge Protectors Comparison Table

Product Number of Outlets Joule Rating Clamping Voltage Maximum Spike Current Cord Length Warranty
AmazonBasics 6-Outlet Surge Protector 6 790 Joules 500V 12,000 amps 6 feet 1-year limited warranty
APC P11VT3 11-Outlet Surge Protector 11 3020 Joules 330V 180,000 amps 8 feet Lifetime warranty
Bestek 8-Outlet Surge Protector 8 + 4 USB 600 Joules 500V 15,000 amps 6 feet 18-month warranty
Belkin BE108000-08-CM 8-Outlet 8 2500 Joules 330V 135,000 amps 8 feet Lifetime warranty
ON Smart Solution Surge Protector 4 + 4 USB 1080 Joules 500V 30,000 amps 6 feet 2-year warranty
GE Power 14092 6-Outlet Surge Protector 6 800 Joules 400V 10,000 amps 8 feet Limited lifetime warranty
APC P6W 6-Outlet Wall Storage Protector 6 1080 Joules 330V 30,000 amps N/A Lifetime warranty
Accell Powramid Surge Protector 6 +2 USB 1080 Joules 400V 36,000 amps 6 feet 5-year limited warranty
Tripp Lite TLPI208TELTV 12 1440 Joules 150V 96,000 amps 8 feet Lifetime warranty
Tripp Lite TLPI008TEL Protector 10 1440 Joules 150V 96,000 amps 8 feet Lifetime warranty
TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Power Strip 6 +3 USB 1080 Joules 500V 18,000 amps 6.5 feet 2-year warranty
Belkin 12-outlet PivotPlug 12 4320 Joules 330V 300,000 amps 8 feet Lifetime warranty

Buying Guide For The Best Surge Protector

All types of surge protectors are designed to guard your devices against power surges and spikes. However, the features might be a bit different in each of them.

So, here’s a list of different factors that you need to consider before purchasing a surge protector:

1. Types of surge protectors

  1. Power-strip surge protectors- It comes with a long cord that gives you the flexibility to position the unit close to your equipment. They typically have about 6 to 12 power outlets, and some of them have mounting holes making it easier to hang the unit.
  2. Point-of-energy surge protectors- It’s designed to protect the entire family from any electrical surges.
  3. Wall-mount surge protectors- These are mobile models; it doesn’t come with a cord. You need to plug them directly into a power outlet and fit it snugly against the wall. It’s ideal for homes that can’t accommodate power-strip surge protectors. And they have around 2 to 6 outlets.

2. Connection types

Some surge protectors that have been designed for home offices and home entertainment systems have connections that provide protection even to the other systems.

There are three types of connection systems – Ethernet, phone cord, and coaxial (coax) cable connections. You can opt to trust either of these connections to protect your devices, such as modems, telephones, and computer networking devices.

3. Ratings

When you’re looking for a surge protector, you’ll come across a range of ratings and indications. Here’s what they determine:

When you’re looking for a surge protector, you’ll come across a range of ratings and indications. Here’s what they determine:

  1. UL standards 

Underwriters Laboratories had earlier created a safety standard that is called the 1449 Voltage Protection Rating (VPR). The ratings indicate the total amount of voltage your surge protector will allow through the connected devices. And lower the number, the better will be the level of protection.

  1. Joule rating 

It helps to determine how much energy the unit can take before it starts failing. It’s another essential factor that you need to consider while selecting a surge protector- the higher the rating, the better protection it will provide.

For heavy equipment like computers and TVs, you need a unit with a rating of 2,000 joules or more, while routers, power tools, and printers will require a rating between 1,000 and 2,000 joules. But, for charging small electronics like lamps or clocks, anything up to a maximum of 1,000 joules is perfect.

  1. Surge protection 

 Surges don’t take place instantaneously; it can take a while. And the response time gives you a clear idea of how many nanoseconds the device will take before it springs back into action.

  1. Clamping voltage 

It’s also known as the suppressed voltage. And it shows the point at which the surge protector will gear into action for protecting your equipment. Unlike the joules rating, you should opt for a lower number here to ensure a better level of protection.

4. Other considerations

  1. Timers – Some surge protectors are equipped with a timer that can be used to program the device accordingly. You can use this added feature to operate the appliance during any given time of the day.
  2. GFCI protection – If your surge protector comes with GFCI protection, then it can detect a short circuit before shutting down the power automatically. This feature helps to save your facility from the dangers of a fire outbreak.
  3. Energy savers – You’ll find a few surge protectors that help you save energy by directly turning off all the connected devices that are drawing power even on standby.
  4. Remote control – We often tend to place surge connectors in areas where it can be a hassle to operate them effectively. In such instances, the remote control comes of great use, especially if you opt to mount it on the wall for smooth operation.

Surge protector safety

  1. Avoid exceeding the electrical rating of your surge protector.
  2. You should use the surge protector in dry locations.
  3. Don’t plug the surge protector into another similar appliance or power strip or extension cord.
  4. Don’t use this appliance with any water-associated products.
  5. If you’re getting a surge protector that comes with a power cord, ensure that you unwind it before turning on the power switch.
  6. Your children and pets should not touch the electrical cord.
  7. When you’re using the surge protector with electrical appliances and power tools, you should ensure that it correctly matches the amperage and current requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can surge protectors save electronics from lightning strikes?

Surge protectors can protect your electronic devices from power surges caused by lightning strikes, but they cannot protect them from a direct lightning strike. In the event of a lightning storm, it’s recommended that you unplug your electronic devices to prevent damage.

What should I look for when buying a surge protector?

When buying a surge protector, you should consider the number of outlets, the joule rating, the clamping voltage, the response time, and the warranty. You should also ensure that the surge protector is certified by a reputable agency such as UL.

Can a power strip be used as a surge protector?

Not all power strips are surge protectors. Surge protectors have additional protection features such as MOVs and fuses, which power strips lack. It’s important to look for a power strip that specifically states that it has surge protection if that’s what you need.

How long do surge protectors last?

Surge protectors have a finite lifespan and can wear out over time. The lifespan of a surge protector depends on several factors, including the quality of the device and the amount of voltage it has absorbed. Most manufacturers recommend replacing surge protectors every 2-3 years.

How many joules should a surge protector have?

The joule rating of a surge protector indicates how much energy it can absorb before it fails. For most household electronics, a surge protector with at least 1000 joules of protection is recommended. For sensitive equipment such as computers, a surge protector with a higher joule rating is recommended.


Thank you for taking the time to read our article on the best surge protectors! We deeply appreciate your interest in finding the right surge protector to keep your electronic devices safe and secure from sudden power spikes. It’s been an exciting journey testing these different products and exploring their features and capabilities.

Out of these 12 best surge protectors, here are the top three expert recommendations:

  1. AmazonBasics 6-Outlet Surge Protector: Best for Budget-Conscious Buyers If you need an affordable surge protector that doesn’t compromise on performance, the AmazonBasics 6-Outlet Surge Protector is an ideal option. With its sleek design and adequate 200-joule surge protection, this device is perfect for safeguarding a range of appliances and mobile devices.
  2. APC P11VT3 11-Outlet Surge Protector: Best for Multiple Outlet Needs For those needing a surge protector with a larger number of outlets, the APC P11VT3 11-Outlet Surge Protector is a good option. With a sturdy construction and well-designed outlet layout, you can protect various devices without worrying about space or tight socket placements.
  3. Bestek 8-Outlet Surge Protector: Best for Fast Charging and High-End Features If you’re seeking a surge protector with cutting-edge charging technologies and high-end features, the Bestek 8-Outlet Surge Protector is the right choice. With its 600-joule rating, the protector ensures the safety of both workstations and home devices while offering fast charging capabilities.

We hope these recommendations help you find the perfect surge protector for your needs. As you charge and protect your valuable devices, remember that investing in a high-quality surge protector can provide peace of mind and excellent performance for years to come. Have a great time using your electronics safely while knowing they are well protected from potential power surges. Happy charging!

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