10 Best Window Insulation Kits [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

When cold weather strikes, doors, and windows become the major entry points through which cold air can come in. But there is a way to stop that! 

While cold wind and draft coming inside can cause the temperature to go down, it can also lead to hot air escaping from inside. This means that the heater has to work more to keep the area warm, leading to rising electricity bills. 

In this case, a window insulation kit can be your best bet, as it can take care of all the cracks and gaps near the edges. We saw a drastic drop in electricity bills after using insulation films and sheets, which is when we decided to share our experience with you. 

So, we curated this guide with the 10 best window insulation kits on the market today. We have also made it a point to include the pros and cons of each unit for your benefit. 

Dive in to know more! 

Best Window Insulation Kits

Here is the list of the 10 best window Insulation kits that you can use to keep your home warm and reduce your energy costs.

1. Duck Brand Indoor Insulator Kit 286216 – Best for Multiple Windows

Do you have several windows to insulate all at once? Then the Duck Brand Indoor Insulator Kit 286216 will be the perfect choice as it provides 10 films in one pack and is extremely efficient. You can use it to cover all your windows and ensure that the entire house stays warm and cozy.

If you live in a place with harsh winters, then the house has to be insulated properly to prevent the cold wind from coming in. And this product will go a long way in bringing down the energy costs by ensuring no gaps are left around windows of all kinds. 

It includes 10 crystal clear sheets, which will shrink to seal the windows properly and keep the cold out. Moreover, attaching them to the windows is really easy, thanks to the double-sided tape provided with the pack. All you will need is a dryer, and you can easily fix the sheets on the windows. 

Moreover, it will fit 3 x 5 feet windows, and you can use it for smaller-sized windows too. Just cut off the extra portion, and you should face no other issues.   

While the plastic sheets are thick and we have no complaints about that, the tape may not be strong enough to hold them in place for a long time. You might have to reapply the tapes after a month when you see that these films are coming off from the sides. 

Clear/Transparent: Clear | Size: 62″ x 420″ | Quantity Per Pack: 10 Sheets | Window Size: 3ft x 5ft | No. of Windows: 10

2. 3M Interior Sealing Tape ‎2110NA – Best for Sealing Gaps

Up next is one of our top recommendations, which stands out for its efficient sealing ability. The 3M Interior Sealing Tape ‎2110NA is an excellent weatherproofing option and is preferred by many who live in very cold climates. Read on to know all about its brilliant adhesive qualities.

If you have old windows, you might have gaps or cracks in between, which can be easily sealed with this tape. It is a great option to use inside the house for all kinds of doors and windows and measures 30 inches long, which will easily cover a large area. 

Plus, the tape is flexible and can be put around curves and angles without trimming. It will save a lot of time as you just have to pull the tape from one end and border the door or window area. Another advantage is that the product prevents the inside heat from escaping while it keeps cold drafts outside. This results in reduced energy costs, and you will see a reduction in your bills. 

What’s more, it shrinks and fits tightly around clear glass without obstructing the view in any way.  

This tape has a very strong adhesive, which can make it difficult to remove. If you are using the tale on any painted surface, be careful as it can remove patches of the paint too. But we would not hold this factor as a big drawback as the adhesive ensures that it stays put for a long. 

Clear/Transparent: Transparent | Size: 30″ | Quantity Per Pack: 1 Roll | Window Size: N/A | No. of Windows: N/A

3. Duck MAX Window Kit 284351 – Best for Painted Surfaces

Up next is a heavy-duty option that will help insulate windows and doors while they can be removed easily when needed. The Duck MAX Window Kit 284351 is easy to install, and you will not need any professional help with it. We attached it just before winter, and it worked well throughout the season.

While the previous option did not work well with painted surfaces, this one can be applied to any kind of surface. We applied it on aluminum, finished wood, painted as well, and vinyl frames, and it stayed on well. Plus, the color of the wall did not come off when we removed it, and we were very happy with that factor. 

Next, this item is designed to be versatile, and it can fit around windows of all sizes easily. There are different sizes available, and you can cut them before application to achieve the perfect shape. The shrink film attaches to the windowpane and provides protection from cold drafts without obstructing your view. You can use a hairdryer to smoothen any wrinkles that might appear on the top. 

Plus, each pack can cover 3 windows and should take care of a single room. But we will again suggest that you measure the size of a window and then cut the film accordingly if needed.  

While the paint will not be chipped when you remove tapes from the corners, it might leave a sticky residue that can become semi-permanent if not cleaned immediately. But this will not be a problem for you now that you know about it. Use a strong solution to clean the top, and you will have a clean surface in no time. 

Clear/Transparent: Clear | Size: 62″ x 126″ | Quantity Per Pack: 1 Film | Window Size: 3ft x 5ft | No. of Windows: 3

4. Frost King V73/9H Kit – Best for Long-Lasting Insulation

Another great option for ensuring that electricity costs go down is the Frost King V73/9H Kit. It is a crystal clear option that can be attached easily at home without needing any professional help. We were able to get protection for the entire winter season, thanks to this.

First of all, this option can be used on multiple surfaces including standard windows, basement and picture windows, and patio doors. It can also be applied on varnished wood with double-sided tape when needed. The tape will not leave any residue when taken off if you are careful while removing it. 

Moving on, the film is very durable, and one can easily use it for a long time. You can either get it removed after the winters are over, or you could leave it in place for more than a year in case the weather demands it. 

Plus, it is very easy to install, and you will only need a hairdryer for the purpose. Switch on the dryer and move it on top of the film so that it shrinks and wraps around each pane. There are 9 of these wraps provided together, and hence, you should be able to cover most of your windows with 1 pack. 

We noticed that this product did not work well with metal window frames and we were slightly disappointed. Because of the cold winds outside, moisture accumulates on the metal surface, and the film comes off. But again, most window frames are not made of metal, and hence, it should not be a problem in general. 

Clear/Transparent: Clear | Size: 42″ x 62″ | Quantity Per Pack: 9 Sheets | Window Size: N/A | No. of Windows: 9

5. LBG Products Insulation Panels – Best for AC Panel Replacement

Do you have a broken panel beside the air conditioner, and are you looking for a replacement? Lots of cold air can be lost through these gaps, and that can increase energy bills. That is where the LBG Products Insulation Panels come in. These are the perfect alternative to broken panels and will provide the same level of protection.

The panels are a great addition to the house as they act as a sealant that offers lots of protection. These will keep dust and pollen away and will prevent heat waves from entering the room. They also keep bugs and pollen outside and work well for anybody who has a pollen allergy. 

Not only that, these units preserve the cold air inside because of the solid foam that is attached on both sides. They also prevent noise from escaping the room in case there are a lot of sounds indoors. The foam material can absorb vibrations, too, and will keep the ambiance of your house comfortable. 

Moreover, these panels are easy to install and come with adhesive on the sides. You will just have to press them against the wall and attach them to it. We were very happy to see that they leave no residue and come with a very strong adhesive.  

We were able to attach these easily beside our window AC, but our friends found the process to be slightly challenging. So, if you have a standard-sized panel area, then you will not face any difficulty in attaching them. But if the sizes are different, then you will have to cut them accordingly to fit well. 

Clear/Transparent: N/A | Size: 17” x 9” x 7/8” | Quantity Per Pack: 2 Foams | Window Size: 5000 – 22000 BTU Window AC | No. of Windows: 1

6. Jeacent Insulation Medium ACC41CSB-2

Now that we have reached the middle of this list, it is time to introduce the Jeacent Insulation Medium ACC41CSB-2. It is known to provide double insulation and will bring down your heating costs by a great deal. Read on to learn more about its bells and whistles.

The insulation cover measures 25 x 18 x 3.5 inches and will easily fit window ACs with 7,000 – 12,000 BTU. It is made with a poly lining, which is stitched to an outer cover to provide ample protection from cold winds coming in through the AC. 

Moreover, since it is not used for the entire season, there could be insect infestation inside. But this option will cover the AC entirely, leaving no gaps for insects or bugs to get into the vents. 

Next, the installation process is very easy, and it comes with elastic straps on the sides that can be stretched over the unit. You will not need to cut or shape it, and that saves a lot of time. 

Not only that, it is machine washable, and you can use it for many years. Wash it well after the season is over and store it in a dry place.  

We felt that the packaging could improve a lot as the product came in plain clear plastic. There was no information provided, and the brand name was also not written. We were initially confused if we had received the right product, but on taking it out, we were happy with the quality.

Clear/Transparent: N/A | Size: 25″ x 18″ x 3.5″ | Quantity Per Pack: 1 Cover | Window Size: 7000 – 12000 BTU Window AC | No. of Windows: 1

7. Gulrear Window Vent Kit

Next, we have a portable kit that will ensure that every window is sealed tight, preventing any hot air from entering when you have switched on the portable AC. The Gulrear Window Vent Kit is a brilliant option to pick and is well known for its design and durability.

This product is made of PVC material, which is very lightweight and easily portable. We have been using it for more than a year now, and it has been functioning very well. Not only is the material easy to install, but you can remove it without leaving any marks. Since this feature is needed with a portable AC, it is a very important consideration. 

Plus, it can be used in homes as well as offices where you want to prevent hot air from entering and cold air from leaving the room. Its sealing capacity is strong, and the gap between the adjustable plates and the fixing plate is covered with sealing tape. It makes the unit airtight and works at reducing your energy bills to a great extent. 

Moving on, the hose is 5.1 inches thick and comes with an adapter. There are screws and sealing tape provided in the pack itself so that you can start working immediately. 

The instructions provided for the installation process were not clear, and we took a lot of time to work them out. While the drawings provided turned out to be very complicated, the video that is given helped us out. Otherwise, we will recommend calling up customer care for help, and they will guide you through the process. 

Clear/Transparent: N/A | Size: Adjustable, 20″ – 55″ | Quantity Per Pack: 1 Set | Window Size: ≤55″ (Width) | No. of Windows: 1

8. Foozet Indoor Air Conditioner Cover

Do you want to protect your air conditioner during cold weather? The Frozen Indoor Air Conditioner Cover will help you by doing just that. It will also prevent cold wind from entering through the vents of the air conditioner, providing you with a cozy and comfortable atmosphere indoors.

This product is known for its tough poly lining, which is stitched to the outer cover for quick and easy installation. There are elastic bands attached on all sides, and it is very easy to install them when needed. The covers will fit window ACs ranging from 3,000 to 7,000 BTU, and that includes mostly all models used at home. 

Moving on, you must already know that wind can bring in dirt and soot, which can leave your room dusty. They can enter through the vents of your AC, and that is where these covers come in. They will block out all the dirt from outside, providing you with a clean and hygienic place, and they will also keep the outer surface of the AC clean. 

Plus, there are 4 size options that you can choose from. While this one fits a specific range of ACs, there are other sizes offered by the same brand, and you can make a choice based on your requirements

The only problem with this cover is that it is not washable and you will have to be careful with it. It can be cleaned with a wet cloth and soap, and you can then air dry it. But since it is not machine washable, we had to spend more time keeping it clean. 

Clear/Transparent: N/A | Size: 21″ x 15″ x 3.5″ | Quantity Per Pack: 1 Cover | Window Size: 3000 – 7000 BTU Window AC | No. of Windows: 1

9. Forestchill Window Foam Panel Kit

One of our final recommendations is the Forestchill Window Foam Panel Kit, which will help in covering gaps between the ACs and windows. It is made of premium quality materials and will last long. We loved the improved comfort along with the energy efficiency that is offered by this product.

First of all, it has a foam body that is sturdy and durable and will prevent cold air from leaving the room. Hence, it improves comfort while reducing electricity bills to a great extent by preventing hot air from entering the house when the AC is switched on.

This kit also allows the room to stay cooler for a long time, even after you turn the AC off. It is basically a pack of 2 foam panels that need to be placed on both sides of the window AC, and it comes with a self-adhesive channel. We could fix it quite easily without chipping off any paint from the window frames.

Plus, these panels can act as covers for a foam panel that is already in place. However, if you wish or if the original panel has been damaged, then these can be used to replace the old ones.  

Some customers have complained that they have not received the tape along with the covers. So, we recommend that you check the product immediately after receiving it, and in case the adhesive is missing, call customer care and place a complaint. They will help with replacements, and you should not face any further problems. 

Clear/Transparent: N/A | Size: 17″ x 9″ x 7/8″ | Quantity Per Pack: 2 Foams | Window Size: 5000 – 22000 BTU Window AC | No. of Windows: 1

10. Norbrand Window Insulation Film Kit

If you have aluminum window frames, then the Norbrand Window Insulation Film Kit will be a great choice to make. It can be used for sliding doors and windows and will keep the room insulated. We felt that it is a very convenient option to choose and it can be used all around the house.

First of all, this comes with a loop-hook tape, which is reusable and very convenient to use. It makes the installation process a lot simpler, and you can use it as an alternative to double-sided tape. 

Plus, it leaves no residue and will not make the window frames dirty. You can use it on multiple surfaces, including aluminum frames, metal window frames, and painted wooden ones. This can be used in bathrooms too, and the moisture will not affect it at all. 

Moreover, it measures 59 x 79 inches in size and will fit large windows. But if you have a different-sized or a different-shaped window, then it can be cut and adjusted accordingly. However, measure and cut before application so that there are no remaining gaps when you finally attach it.   

While the product worked very well, we would have preferred if the price was lower. This is a pack of 1 and will only cover a single window. So, if you need to cover all the windows in the house, you will need to spend a lot more which may not be possible for every average homeowner. 

Clear/Transparent: Clear | Size: 59″ x 79″ | Quantity Per Pack: 1 Film | Window Size: up to 57″ x 77″ | No. of Windows: 1

Best Window Insulation Kit Comparison Table

Product Clear/Transparent Size Quantiy Per Pack Window Size No. of Windows
Duck Brand Indoor Insulator Kit 286216 Clear 62″ x 420″ 10 Sheets 3ft x 5ft 10
3M Interior Sealing Tape ‎2110NA Transparent 30″ 1 Roll N/A N/A
Duck MAX Window Kit 284351 Clear 62″ x 126″ 1 Film 3ft x 5ft 3
Frost King V73/9H Kit Clear 42″ x 62″ 9 Sheets N/A 9
LBG Products Insulation Panels N/A 17” x 9” x 7/8” 2 Foams 5000 – 22000 BTU Window AC 1
Jeacent Insulation Medium ACC41CSB-2 N/A 25″ x 18″ x 3.5″ 1 Cover 7000 – 12000 BTU Window AC 1
gulrear Window Vent Kit N/A Adjustable, 20″ – 55″ 1 Set ≤55″ (Width) 1
Foozet Indoor Air Conditioner Cover N/A 21″ x 15″ x 3.5″ 1 Cover 3000 – 7000 BTU Window AC 1
Forestchill Window Foam Panel Kit N/A 17″ x 9″ x 7/8″ 2 Foams 5000 – 22000 BTU Window AC 1
Norbrand Window Insulation Film Kit Clear 59″ x 79″ 1 Film up to 57″ x 77″ 1

Buying Guide For The Best Window Insulation Kit

Now that you have a clear idea about the types of insulation kits available in the market, it is time to move ahead. It is essential that you know a little more about the important factors related to choosing, which include the materials, size, and purpose, to name a few. Read on to learn about them.


The most common material used for making an insulation cover is foam, and it is used to generally cover up gaps between window ACs and the window frame. This will prevent the cold air from leaving the room and will keep hot air from entering. 

On the other hand, there are covers with premium quality poly lining, which works well to cover up ACs during winter. These prevent cold wind from entering through the AC vents into the house and will keep rooms warm and cozy. 

You will also find plastic PVC panels that can be attached to windows, and they work well with portable ACS. While the major function is similar, they work differently and come with a space in the middle through which you can direct your AC hose outside. 


Deciding on the purpose of purchasing insulation kits is very necessary before actually purchasing one. There are some products that will cover the gap between ACs and window frames. Then there are those that will replace old panels besides ACs and can be used as an alternative option.

 You will also find options that will cover up the AC and keep it free from dirt in cold weather. These prevent cold air from entering the room as well and will lead to a decrease in electricity bills. 


Always measure the size of your window and then opt for a cover. It has to fit a window well otherwise, the purpose will be defeated. In case it is bigger than your window, place it on the window and measure it well. Cut along the sides and then apply it. There should not be any gaps around the corners, and that would protect the space well. 

Soundproof Properties

Window insulation kits primarily serve thermal insulation purposes, but they can also help reduce noise intrusion. These kits function by creating a barrier of insulating material between the window pane and the interior of your house. This material, usually plastic or another type of film, is able to dampen sound waves due to its density and the air space it creates, becoming a sound barrier that translates into the reduced transmission of noise from outside to inside your home. Do note that while they do help with minimizing noise, window insulation kits can’t completely block substantial noise disturbances.

For a more in-depth and effective noise reduction, a specialized approach like soundproofing your windows might be necessary.

Are window insulation kits effective?

Yes, window insulation kits can be effective in reducing energy loss and improving the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling system.

What are the best window insulation kits?

The best window insulation kits typically consist of a plastic film that is applied to the interior side of a window, foam insulation strips, and/or a plastic weather seal.

Are window insulation kits easy to install?

Yes, window insulation kits are typically easy to install and require only a few basic tools. Most kits come with detailed instructions for installation.

How long do window insulation kits last?

The lifespan of window insulation kits can vary depending on the type of insulation and the environmental conditions. Generally, they will last anywhere from 5 to 15 years.


Investing in the proper window insulation kits can help keep your home warm in the colder months, reduce energy costs, and seal gaps to keep drafts out.

From the above 10 best window insulation kits, here are the top three expert recommendations:

The Duck Brand Indoor Insulator Kit 286216 is an ideal option for those who have multiple windows that need insulating. This kit includes 10 films that are easy to install and efficiently keep your home protected from harsh weather.

The 3M Interior Sealing Tape ‎2110NA is a good option for sealing gaps in older windows or between doors. The tape’s adhesive is strong enough to cover large areas, and it’s flexible enough to work around curves and angles.

Finally, the Duck MAX Window Kit 284351 is the right choice for painted surfaces, as it provides heavy-duty insulation without damaging the paint. It’s easy to install and versatile, making it perfect for a variety of window styles and sizes.

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