19 Best Door and Window Alarms of 2020 Reviewed | Buyer’s Guide


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The safety and security of your home is one thing that you should never compromise with under any circumstances. 

Because, Heck! You never know when the next absolute weird ball might come flying through the window!

And as you can’t be waiting like the medieval knight armed with your sword and guarding the door for the next intruder to step in, technology has conveniently created alarm systems for you.

Being some of the most important gadgets ever, home security sensors for doors and windows evolve by the day to bring you more advanced models that increase the level of security for your home, providing you watertight protection 24×7.

However, with so much to choose from, it can get a bit confusing about where to invest in.

And that is why we have brought you an extensive guide of some of the best alarm systems for your doors and windows that are out there in the market right now along with a buyers’ guide that’ll help you select the perfect one!  

Best Door and Window Alarms

  1. Nest Detect Sensor

The Nest Detect sensor-ed home alarm system come equipped with all the benefits of specific tracking and alarming attributes you. This motion sensor system can detect movements within 16 in any space. And one of its winning features is the ‘Dog Pass’ system which enables safe movement for your pets without getting triggered.

Nest cam ?H1100WES Motion Detector.
  • Nest Motion Detector requires Nest Guard (sold...
  • Nest Detect knows when a door or window opens or...


We liked the fact that the alarm is pretty easy to install. All you have to do is stick it on your walls or your door, and you are good to go. The motion sensor on the device is sensitive enough to pick up even the slightest of movements in the vicinity, as long as that’s happening within 16 feet in the room.

And here’s what we really think is cool about this device: even with such a high degree of sensitivity, it does allow a “Dog Pass” feature which allows your dog or other pets to move around freely without setting the alarm off.

We really like the integrated Pathlight that comes with the system. It allows you to see in the dark and keep off the track of the motion sensor of the alarm.

Moreover, the device also includes a Nest Quite Open that lets you open doors without triggering the alarm.

However, we wish that the Nest Guard wasn’t sold separately for that matter, as it’s pretty inconvenient to buy the thing you know would be required anyway.

  • Amazingly sensitive sensor to detect even the slightest movements in the room
  • Allows pet movement and opening doors without triggering the alarm
  • Simple, one-touch operable modes make it extremely easy to use
  • You have to buy the Nest Detect Guard separately 
  1. SimpliSafe Entry Sensor

The SimpliSafe Entry Sensor has been one of the top-selling motion-detecting home alarms ever. It is strategically designed to provide extra security for the doors and windows of your house. The door sensors are magnetic that makes it extremely easy for you to install them.

SimpliSafe Extra Entry Sensors (Pack of 2)
  • Simplisafe Extra Entry Sensors (Pack of 2)
  • Defend Your Windows and Doors


The SimplySafe is a decent motioned detecting sensor-ed alarm for your home. It is magnetic, and the sensor in the device detects any movement whenever the magnet moves two inches away from the device. 

Whenever a door or window is opened, the Base Station will sound a door-chime, even when the system is off, to let you know if someone is entering. This way, it knows whenever the doors and windows are opened, even if it is disabled.

This is one of the crucial aspects of this alarm system, and what we liked best about it.

We admire how easy it is to install the device. The alarm system comes with a magnetic component that could be installed on the doors and windows, along with a sensor that goes on the frame. The magnet can be put up to 2 inches from the sensor that allows it to fit all doors and windows of all types.

The SimpliSafe sensors come equipped with pre-applied adhesive tape and batteries that further simplify the process of installation.

The sensor comes with a code that you’d have to enter to activate the device.

  • Alerts you if someone is trying to enter through the door or window even when disabled 
  • Magnetic component suits all frame types
  • Incredibly easy to install
  • Crown molding could be an issue 
  1. Ring Alarm Contact Sensor

The Ring Alarm Contact Sensor will send you mobile alerts if the doors and windows of your are opened in your absence. This is one of the reasons why this alarm is highly favored by many.

All you have to do to enable the system to perform is connect it to the Ring Alarm Security and supervise your home even when you’re away!

Ring Alarm Contact Sensor 2-pack (1st Gen)
  • Requires the Ring alarm base station
  • Get instant mobile alerts when doors or windows...


When we tested out this particular alarm, we noticed that it remains hyperactive for as long as there is an object moving at a distance, even after it has notified the user of its presence. We guess this is how the sensors keep a track on the waves created by the movement around it.

The system connects to a Z-wave wireless connection portal, creating a reliable and smart security system that remains active all day long without any instance of the system entering a sleep mode.

As soon as you connect the device to your handset after installing the Ring’s app, it starts sending you notifications of a security breach if anyone tries to break into your house, entering through the doors or windows. 

As far as we could tell, the app is on fleek when it comes to reception, instantly receiving alerts from the main component installed in your house.

However, the only issue could the updates that you have to frequently manage for the app to work correctly.

Installing the device is easy, and it can go on all styles of doors and windows.

  • Alerts if you have a security breach through mobile alerts
  • Keeps an active security cover all if the time 
  • Immensely sensitive motion-detecting sensors 
  • Easy to install 
  • Managing frequent updates on the app can be frustrating 
  1. Noopel Door Window Alarm

The Noopel door and window alarm is an incredibly efficient motion detector security system that alerts you, ringing out a piercing sound at 120 dB, whenever it picks up any movement in the vicinity.

This is also one of the most affordable home alarm systems, which makes it a decent purchase that gives you the value for your money.

Door Window Alarm 2 Pack Noopel Home Security Wireless Magnetic Sensor...
  • Magnetic door window alarm sensor 120db alerts a...
  • Prevent children going out the house without...


The Noopel door and window alarm system is pretty easy to install. It comes with a double-sided tape, which makes it easier for you to mount the device on any door or window.

The in-built alarm system rings at 120 dB to notify you of anyone entering your home through your door or window.

The loud alarm is enough to alert everyone, even in a room of substantial dimensions.

The system also provides an integrated low-battery light that indicates when the device needs a change of batteries. This helps you keep your alarm system running at all times, without having to compromise with the security of your home, even for a single day.

This is overall a pretty basic alarm system that comes with a simple on and off switch for activating or disabling the system.

However, the only gripe we had with it was that it doesn’t come with a volume button. The sound is really piercing, and you’ll scramble for your life to turn it off when it goes off.

  • The device is easy to install and maintain 
  • Rings loud enough to alert everyone in the house 
  • A very affordable alarm system 
  • Comes with a warranty of one year 
  • Low-power light indicates when the device runs out of battery 
  • Doesn’t come with a volume switch 
  1. ADT Door And Window Sensor

The ADT Door and Window sensors is a multifunctional home security system which can connect to other monitoring tools and provide other installation options.

The ADT alarm system can alert you of any security breach through mobile notifications, and stands to be one of the most dependable security systems in the market.

Samsung Electronics F DW-1 ADT Door and Window, Help Secure Your Home...
  • Know when doors and windows are opened or closed
  • Receive alerts If doors or windows are opened...


We were pretty impressed with the ADT home security system when we tested it out. We love the fact that it offers multiple installation options to you so that you can install it on any kind of door or window. The high-tech sensors in the device could be paired up and connected with other home security monitoring tools as well as any home automation system that you have.

Together, it can create a smart and tight security system that detects any suspicious movements and goes off to notify you of it.

The device comes with a mobile security benefit. All you have to do is install the ADT Plus mobile app to connect the security cameras to your phone and activate the device to keep an eye on what goes on in your absence.

The device will notify you through mobile alerts if any security breach occurs. 

  • Provides all-round security in your home by connecting with other home monitoring systems 
  • Enables you to watch over your home even when you are elsewhere 
  • Alerts you of any suspicious movements through instant mobile texts  
  • Requires professional installation 
  • Could be expensive  
  1. Lifeshield Door And Window Sensor

The LifeShield sensors for doors and windows work pretty much like the ADT sensors. These can connect other home security gadgets to provide you with an all-round security shield.

These send you mobile notifications anytime your door or window is opened, keeping you updated on your home’s security.

ADT DIY 18-Piece Easy, Smart Home Security System - Optional 24/7...
  • Help protect what matters most: The system comes...
  • Security notifications: Choose the frequency of...


The LifeShield motion sensors work with the brand’s Life Operating Unit or L.O.U. What this technology does is connect the LifeSheild sensor on your door to the rest of the home security gadgets to create an extensive shield of security to provide around the clock protection.

The sensors pick up the slightest movements in the area and automatically notifies you through mobile alerts if you’re away.

The device connects to LifeShield Monitoring Centers for 24/7 professional surveillance. You can even watch situations back home live anywhere as soon as you install the required applications in your smartphone and pair up the device with it.

And, for us, one of the best things that the LifeSheild sensors brought to the table was their compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa, that enables you to voice-control certain aspects of security! 

However, since the gadget is app dependant, you can expect a lot of updates for the same. And you’d have to manage them accordingly to keep your app running smoothly.

The sensors install easily within a few minutes.

  • Connects with other home security appliances to provide all-round protection and surveillance
  • Enables you to watch over you home from anywhere by connecting to your Smart device
  • Alerts you instantly through text messages if anyone tries to break and enter
  • Compatible with Amazon’s Alexa
  • Could be expensive
  • App updates could be a hassle
  1. Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor

The Aeotec Recessed door sensors are some of the most powerful motion-detecting sensors out there. These go on your door frames comparatively much more discreetly than other sensors.

But the winning point is obviously the power-efficiency of the device that cuts down significantly on your power bills.

Aeotec Recessed Door Sensor Gen5, Invisible Z-Wave Plus security and...
  • Z-Wave security sensor designed to monitor when...
  • Invisibly installed within door / door frame.


This was hands down one of the best motion sensors that we tested so far. The sensors stay almost invisible but are powerful enough to provide broadband surveillance in your home by pairing up with Z-wave smart home hubs and devices within 492-feet from the sensor.

The sensors are, in fact, compatible with certified Z-Wave gateways including HomeSeer, Fibaro, SmartThings, Vera, and Indigo 7.

The Z-Wave technology enables the door sensor to alert you ten times faster than what other motion detector sensors perform. And it uses 50% less power to do so, owing to Aeotec’s Gen5 energy-efficient technology that’s powerful enough to detect the slightest movements at the door. This saves substantially on your power bills, all the while providing all-round surveillance security for your home against intruders.

The battery life of the device lasts for a year, and you get to have the battery along with the pack, for that matter.

The sensors come with a magnetic component that is pretty easy to install on the doorframes or within the doors.

It is extremely small and doesn’t compromise with the aesthetics of the room in any way.

  • Stays almost invisible, but it’s powerful enough to keep your home within 24 hours of surveillance every day
  • Uses 50% less power than transmit alerts way faster than most other home security sensors 
  • It is a Z-Wave certified gadget that can connect with other Z-Wave gateways 
  • Installation doesn’t seem to be a problem  
  • Can take a while to understand and process the configuration 
  1. Eve Door and Window Sensor

The door and window sensors from Eve is a battery-operated motion detector alarm system that could be connected to Apple Homekit, to provide extensive home security protection. The device will automatically send you mobile notifications if it picks any sort of suspicious movement at the door or window. 

Eve Door & Window - Wireless contact sensor with Apple HomeKit...
  • Know your home: Eve Door & Window understands...
  • Gain insights: view statistics on time & duration...


The sensors work really well in picking up any kind of movement in the vicinity. You can connect with the Apple Homekit to always remain updated on the security status of your home. The device will record the movements at your doors and windows in your absence. It will then alert you via text notification on your phone if any security breach occurs.

The mechanism seems fine and uncomplicated. The sensor comes with a self-adhesive tape, and it is quite easy to install anywhere in the house. It does fit all kinds of frames, door and window frames.

The best thing about this model, however, is that it can connect to Siri, iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. You can keep an eye out on the security of your home by commanding the security hub. You can easily get all your security updates at just a push of a button. You can set scenes within moments via Siri, your Control Center, your iPod Touch or your Apple Watch. 

  • Connects to the Apple HomeKit 
  • Could be voice-controlled and managed through Siri 
  • You could easily view statistics and on time and duration of the security records 
  • Easy to install 
  • Could be an expensive purchase 
  1. Fosmon Wireless Door Entry Alert

The Fosmon Wireless entry alerts include 52 door alarm sounds along with four volume options that allow you to control the ringtone and loudness of the device. Fosmon is a reputable brand that is known to deliver premium-quality home security systems that ensure complete protection to each area in your house.

Fosmon WaveLink 51004HOM Wireless Door Open Chime (500 Feet, 52 Tunes,...
  • [52 UNIQUE CHIMES] 52 unique ringtones and chimes...


The Fosmon Wireless WaveLink door entry alert system could be plugged into an outlet which detects open windows and doors. The device picks motion within 400 feet of it. This is more than enough distance to cover all of the doors and windows on a single floor of a standard residence.

You can actually expand the system by pairing the device up with 10 wireless doorbell receivers. Connect them to one magnetic door entry security sensor or to 10 contact sensors to one sensors.

One of the best features of the device is the integrated LED light which it uses to alert people with auditory impairment. This is really an admirable feature and a commendable thoughtful gesture on the brand’s part.

The alert offers you 52 door alarm sounds and four options for adjusting the volumes. You can easily coordinate the different sounds to be your alarms sound for different spaces, rooms, and parts of your house to locate the source of intrusion better. The spaces could include your garage, living room, outhouse, etc.

Installation is not difficult but could be tricky as it needs to be adequately positioned to pick the motions. If there’s a barrier in front of the device, then it might not work as well.

  • Detects movements as far as 400 feet in the room 
  • Integrated LED light helps alert those who are audibly impaired 
  • Offers 52 alert tones and four volume settings 
  • Offers lifetime warranty  
  • Installation could be tricky 
  1. Insteon Door and Window Sensor

The Insteon sensors for doors and windows bring all-round security for your homes, allowing it to connect it to other smart home devices or door sensors. These sensors attach effortlessly to doors, window frames, and cabinets.

Insteon carries a warranty of 2 years that is substantially more than what most brands offer.

Insteon Wireless Hidden Door Sensor, Automatically Turn Lights On/Off,...
  • Automatically control lights and appliances when...
  • Wireless up to 150 feet


The Insteon alerts work efficiently to provide a broad spectrum of security. The alert system covers a range of up to 150 feet from the nearest access point or RF Insteon device. It can be connected to other smart home devices or door sensors or other Insteon security systems.

An interesting feature about this alarm system is that it automatically control lights and smart home appliance when you pair them up with the Insteon Hub. This allows you to have all the control and convenience to run your devices at the same time wirelessly.

The system controls multiple windows and doors. It does so by syncing the additional security door sensors for creating a more secure place for you.

The Insteon system alerts you through SmartPhone alerts to notify of any security breach. This enables you to always monitor your homes even when you’re away.

The one thing that we had an issue with is that the sensor and the main unit are individually packaged and priced, which makes it a costly affair.

There were also certain issues with the installments, which we hope the brand rectifies soon.

  • Covers a range of up to 150 feet which is substantial
  • Allows you to pair with other smart home devices
  • Controls the lights and smart home appliances when paired with the Insteon Hub
  • Will send mobile alerts in case of a security breach
  • The individual packs can be expensive
  • Installation can be a bit difficult
  1. WSD Cam Wireless Anti-theft Remote Control Door and Window Security Alarms

The WSD camera and wireless anti-theft system for your doors and windows could be controlled with a remote control that comes with the pack. The system offers four main modes of security and alarm: arm, disarm, panic, and doorbell. It is easy to install and doesn’t require you to buy any additional accessories.

Wsdcam 113dB Wireless Anti-Theft Vibration Motorcycle Bicycle Alarm...
  • Vibration triggered alarm suitable for Bikes,...
  • 7 level adjustable sensitivity from gently touch...


The WSD system runs quite smoothly on two AAA batteries, and the remote uses a 12-volt battery to operate. The alarm is magnetically triggered when there’s any movement at the doors or windows. The system also lets you pair it up with other alarms and remotes, for that matter, so that you can have an extensive cover of surveillance security at your home.

The camera works fin and captures everything at the slightest movement in your absence.

The alarm rings at 105 decibels. This is a mid-range noise which alerts everyone in the house without causing much discomfort.

The four modes of the alarm are pretty efficient to provide you with all the security that you need. Since the system is remote-controlled, you can manage the different functions and aspects of the device easily from any room, without having to operate anything from a central hub or system controller.

The installation process is pretty easy as well. The device comes with an uncomplicated, “peel and stick” installation which dismisses the need for any professional help.

  • The device doesn’t create any noise pollution ringing at 105 decibels, and yet it’s loud enough to alert everyone in the house
  • The system could be entirely remote-controlled so that you could operate and manage the unit without having to access its central controller
  • Installing the device is easy
  • Pretty affordable
  • Batteries aren’t included in the system 
  1. SABRE Wireless Home Security Door and Window Burglar Alarm

The Sabre wireless burglar alarm system for your doors and windows provides complete security for your homes. It alerts you of any intrusion by ringing sharply at 120 decibels.

It is easy to install and a pretty affordable option of home security that you can avail right away!

SABRE Wireless Home Security Door Window Burglar Alarm with Magnetic...
  • MAXIMUM SECURITY – fortify your existing...


Sabre is one brand that has been known to create quality home security systems at a pretty affordable range, making them accessible and available to a broader public.

This Sabre home security system performs quite well, for the price it comes at. It emits a clear, sharp ringing noise 120 decibels that is loud enough to be heard from as far as 750 feet or 230 meters away. This is enough to awaken the entire neighborhood, let alone just the members of the house.

The system comes with 3 adjustable, user-friendly settings, namely, off, alarm and chime. These alert you when your children or guests arrive at or leave your place.

The installation requires no wiring or drilling. Also, the sensor mounts at either side of the alarm, providing an easier setup. It comes with pre-installed batteries and also provides battery status update as well as a low battery test button.

However, the system doesn’t come with a volume button.

  • Rings at 120 decibels sharp sound that could be heard from approx 750 feet
  • Comes with 3 adjustable settings that notify when anyone, including guests and children, comes or goes out of the house
  • It is easy to install and comes with pre-installed batteries
  • It is a pretty affordable home-security option
  • Doesn’t have a volume button
  1. Secrui Door Chime Sensor

The Secrui Door Chime Sensor can pick up movements within 500 feet of multiple windows or doors at any given point in time. It alerts with a loud and clear 110 decibels and comes with 5 adjustable settings for managing the volume of the device.

It is easy to install and is a much more affordable alternative than most high-end systems, yet, bringing some of the same features for you.

Door Chime with 2 Sensors, Wireless Door Alarm Contact Sensor Doobell...
  • 【Wide Working Range & Expandable】SECRUI...
  • 【32 Chimes with 5 Volume Levels】32 unique...


The Secrui Door Chime is a wireless alarm system that can easily detect movements within 500 feet of installation of the monitor and the sensors. The wireless receiver of the system could be paired up with 20 magnetic sensors, and each door sensor can add even more sensors.

The alarm sounds at 110 decibels, which is loud enough to be heard at a great distance, and yet, it doesn’t create a disturbing effect with any piercing ringing.

The device offers you 32 chimes to choose from. These could be used for different spaces in the house such as the garage, different rooms, different spaces, or the outhouse so that you could locate the source of intrusion better.

The system also comes with 5 adjustable volume settings. This is a pretty useful thing that ensures a comfortable level of alarm sounds for all.

Moreover, the system also comes with an LED-indicator that when coupled with the wireless door, chime could provide additional assistance to those who are audibly impaired.

However, the installation of the system may require professional assistance. But the brand does offer an 18 months warranty and a money-back guarantee along with 24×7 online assistance for complete customer satisfaction.

  • Rings loud and clear at 110 decibels
  • Detects movements at 500 feet of installation
  • Could be connected with other sensors to create a more secure environment
  • Comes with an LED-indicator for additional assistance and 5 volume levels
  • Offers an 18 months warranty and a money-back guarantee
  • Installation requires professional assistance
  1. Ecolink Door and Window Sensor

The home security sensors from Ecolink feature Rare Earth Magnets that enable installation of i a slot of up to ⅝ inch gap, making it immensely easy to install them on substantially heavy doors and windows. It connects to Z-wave Smart home hubs to create an extensive shield of security from intruders.

Ecolink Intelligent Technology Z-Wave Easy Install, Battery Operated,...
  • Features industry leading Rare Earth Magnets that...
  • Easy installation by simply pulling the battery...


This smart Ecolink sensor for your doors and windows connects to Z-wave Smart gateways and is compatible with Samsung’s SmartThings and other Z-wave smart hubs, creating an interconnected safe and secure place for you to live in.

We like how the system offers two color options that blend in with the color and tone of your home’s door and window. 

The Rare Earth Magnets feature is one of the leading installation options in the industry that allows a gap measure of ⅝ inches. This makes it ideal for installing the device on commercial or double-hung windows. 

The system also includes a tampering sensor that actually alerts you if somebody disables or removes the door sensor. We absolutely love this feature as ups the level of security in the house, keeping it doubly protected from miscreants.

The company guarantees a battery life of up to 5 years on the device, which is brilliant. The installation, too, is simple and only requires for you to pull the battery tab and follow the directions thereafter.

  • Connect to Z-wave smart home hubs to create all-round security
  • Tampering sensor automatically alerts the user if the door sensor is disabled or removed
  • Rare Earth Magnets makes it ideal for commercial or double-hung windows
  • Offers 5-years on the battery life
  • Could glitch initially after installation
  1. GE Choice Alert Wireless Alarm System Doors and Window Sensors

The GE Choice Alert Wireless Alert System offers weather-resistant sensors for the doors and windows of your house, providing all-round surveillance security. The system also offers you a visual alert feature that allows to determine the safety of your home discreetly.

GE provides an affordable range of quality wireless alarm systems, and Choice Alert is undeniably one of the best of the lot.

GE Choice Alert Wireless Alarm System Window/Door Sensor
  • Provides a layer of security for any door or...
  • Easy to set up and use - no wiring


The GE Choice Alert security system is a pretty durable unit, construction-wise and justifiably called weather-resistant for that matter. The two-piece magnetic component in the security sensors can detect movements of up to 150 feet, which is a substantial and standard area for a decent home security system to cover.

These sensors are strategically designed to connect and function smoothly with the Choice Alert Wireless Control Center, creating a foolproof security network for your home.

The device also offers the immense benefit of a visual alert feature. This lets you supervise and determine the security status of your space quickly and discreetly, making sure that there are no potential threats or suspicious activities happening around or in your residence.

One of the greatest advantages to the system is that it offers you a range of accessories which you could use to create a custom home security system.

However, at times you may experience a weak signal from the unit, and that could be a hassle to get along with.

  • Detects movement within 150 feet
  • Gives you the benefit of discreet supervision via the visual alert feature
  • Set-up is pretty easy
  • Durable, weather-proof system
  • Signal reception may be weak at times
  1. Doberman Security Door and Window Mini Alarm

The Mini Alarm security system from Doberman offers two sets of sensors for your doors and windows. These sensors actually work independently and don’t require a central hub or system. The sensor alarm works as a part of these independent sensors itself.

DOBERMAN SECURITY Door & Window Mini-Alarm – Compact Design Fits on...
  • MAGNETIC TRIGGER TECHNOLOGY – Loud 100 dB alarm...
  • STURDY, COMPACT DESIGN - Detects entry and fits on...


The independent security sensors from Doberman require four button cell batteries (LR44/AG13) and works on a magnetic trigger technology. These emit an alarm sound of 100 decibels which is quite substantial for their size actually. The miniature alarm unit is part of the security sensors, and these do not require to be connected to a central controller.

Installing these are immensely easy. The gadgets come with a superior adhesive backing which sticks firmly on to the surface of the wall of the door or window frames. So, you need not whip out your gearbox for some installation or call in the professionals for putting these up.

The device already comes pre-loaded with batteries and could be programmed to emit an alarm or a chime sound.

We like the overall design of the device. It is compact and considerably sturdy to be used anywhere, including the office or the garage, any sort of workspace entrance or in the outhouse. These are pretty affordable as well. 

There is no volume button on the device however, which is a big disadvantage.

  • Works independently without needing a central controller
  • The mini alarm id part of the actual sensors and emit a 100-decibel alarm sound
  • Incredibly easy to set-up
  • Sturdy, versatile design makes it ideal for use anywhere
  • Affordable
  • Doesn’t have a volume control
  • May glitch initially  
  1. Frontpoint Door and Window Sensor

Frontpoint offers an awesome range of door and window sensors that are incredibly easy to set up and notify you of any security breach instantly through their mobile app. The sensors are compatible with any part and furniture of your place and guarantee you a battery life of 6 years for a smooth performance. 

Frontpoint Wireless/Cellular Home Security System - Standard Package
  • Receive up to $300 rebate when you sign up for...
  • Every Frontpoint system comes with 100% wireless...


The Frontpoint sensors could be placed literally anywhere in your home. It is compatible with anything on hinges, and that opens and closes. These can include doors, windows, and even cabinets along with many such fixtures in your home.

As soon as the sensors pick any sort of movement at your door or windows, they will send security alerts on your phone through the Frontpoint mobile that you have to install along with the rest of the setup.

The unit also comes with a separate high-decibel alarm that goes off instantly when the security of your home is tampered with. However, it is not too loud to cause any physical discomfort as such

The battery life of the device should supposedly last for up to 6 years. This is an incredibly long period of time for the unit to last and is, in fact, more than what most other door sensors offer.

However, there are no additional customizable features such as the kind of alarm or chime you’d prefer or even an adjustable volume setting on the device.

  • Very easy to install
  • Pretty affordable
  • Includes separate high-decibel alarm system
  • Compatible with a broad range of fixtures regarding the installation
  • Incredibly long battery life
  • Transmits security alerts on your phone via the brand’s mobile app
  • Doesn’t include any customizable feature
  • Doesn’t have volume control
  • Users will have to tackle mobile updates
  1. Visonic MCT-340 E Wireless Temperature Door and Window Sensor

The wireless window and door sensors from Visonic reports temperature and works with magnetic connectivity. These pair up with the Samsung SmartThings Hub to bring you extensive security. It is very easy to install and move and offers a battery-life expectancy of minimum 3 years. It is an affordable home security sensor kit, and the sensors are small enough to blend in with the rest of your home decor, no matter where you put them.

Visonic MCT-340 E Wireless Door Window Temperature Sensor 2.4ghz...
  • Monitor your windows and doors | Requires Samsung...
  • Thermometer feature reports temperature | Battery...


The Visonic MCT-340E is a decent door and window sensor kit that works with the Samsung SmartThings hub. It works quite smoothly, pairing up with other devices for home security. 

The installation is pretty easy. The device comes with a 3m mounting tape that helps you easily put up the sensor easily and securely anywhere you want. 

One of the things that we really liked about this sensor is that it is small and thin enough to remain discreet in your living space, blending in with the rest of your home decor quite easily.

These wireless magnetic sensor also enables an installation where the magnet gap might be over 1”. This makes it ideal for commercial windows.

These working efficiency of these sensors are affected by the temperature. The operable temperatures of the device fall between 0 degrees Celsius and 55 degrees Celsius, which is a substantial range of extreme high and low temps.

However, the sensors may take their own time getting used to your home environment to perform.

  • Versatile design of the sensors makes them discreet and enables them to blend in with your home aesthetes
  • Installation is easy and offers easy set up even on 1” gap
  • The sensors offer an operable temperature range 0-55 degrees that is substantial enough to withstand extreme weather conditions 
  • It is an affordable alternative 
  • May take its time to get used to your home atmosphere to work properly 
  1. GE Deluxe Wireless Door Alarm

Last up on your list is another model from GE. It is a basic and incredibly user-friendly home alarm security system that offers a four-digit activation procedure. The alarm sounds sharply at 120 decibels. It is easy to install and is a very affordable model from the brand.

GE Deluxe Wireless Door, 120 Decibel, Alarm or Entry Chime, Indoor...
  • Deluxe door alarm perfect for homes, apartments,...
  • Easy to use four-digit keypad for programming your...


The GE Deluxe Wireless Door Alarm comes with a four-digit keypad. You are supposed to put a four-digit custom pin to operate and control the device with. The device rings at 120 decibels, loud enough to alert everyone in the house.

The system offers two modes for home security: home and away. These are both chime and alarm modes for when you’re home or away and also for instant or delayed alarm requirements. 

The alarm system provides complete security to your home, even when you are away. 

The device is easy to install. It comes with a mounting plate and a double-sided adhesive tape and screws for installing it. The alarm system detects the faintest movements at the door, going off instantly to notify you of any potential intrusion. 

The four-digit programmable keypad offers easily-access buttons, making for an uncomplicated overall security process.

This home alarm system is battery-powered requiring 3 AAA batteries. There is no need for extra wiring to install the device.

However, the device has no off button, volume control, or indicator light.

  • Immensely easy and user-friendly to operate
  • Installs easily to install
  • Requires no extra wiring
  • Offers two modes for alarm and chime, for when you’re home or away
  • Password-protected keypad alarm rings at 120 decibels
  • Has no off button, volume settings or indicator light 

Door and Window Alarms Buyers’ Guide

Finding the right home security system for your doors and windows could be a challenging task, that requires you to understand how different sensors work and their essential attributes.

That is why we’re attaching the following buyers’ guide for you to know what to look for while buying a home security system for your house. 

What are the different kinds of sensors for doors and windows?

  1. Recessed contact sensors- These are usually installed within the frames of doors and windows. These make the less noticeable and pretty discreet to the common eye. However, the efficiency of these sensors doesn’t depend on their size, and they perform really well.
  2. Surface contact sensors- Surface sensors are the most affordable options for door sensors. These feature magnetic components which are used to install the sensors on the surface of the door or window.
  3. Vented-window sensors- These sensors use dual magnets to operate on windows. You can open the armed window a few inches to let the passage of fresh air. However, if the window is opened any further than that, the alarm is triggered. 
  4. Vanishing sensors- These types of sensors are very thin and almost invisible to the common eye. These are designed in a way that allows them to blend in with the home decor. However, like the recessed contact sensors, these work quite well, irrespective of their shape and size.

What features should you consider while getting a security sensor for your home?

  1. Smart Security System Connectivity

The ideal security sensors usually have an integrated or built-in smart technology that allows you to connect them with the central monitored security. This creates an interconnected home security system that helps you receive mobile notifications on your smart devices in the event of any security breach.

It also helps you to watch over your home’s security status by pairing up the unit’s surveillance camera system. You could also monitor your space through other smart security devices using a single Z-Wave hub. Some can also connect to Siri and Alexa, for that matter.

  1. Wireless installation  

Always look for easy set-up and installation for your home security sensors. Wireless sensors are easy to put up and maintain. Most will require no drilling or additional alteration to your home space. These are cost-effective and easy to uninstall, as well. These mostly come with a minor screw slot, magnets or adhesive-backing for installation.

Door alarms could be a hassle to install for most, due to minimum installation spaces within the frame. However, there are many incredible models of door alarms available on online portals such as AbsoluteAutomation, which are designed for all types of doors and windows. To know more, check out the given link right now.  

  1. Remote controlled system

By all means, you should be able to control your security sensors with ease and from anywhere in the house. Remote controlled security systems, or the ones that could be paired up with your smart devices offers greater ease of operation than what’s offered by older manual kills.

A remote access allows you to conveniently switch the sensor to activate or deactivate or test the battery of the device.

You’d also be able to manage the volume and other features with a remote control without having to approach the central controller time and again.

  1. Customizable and advanced features

Most modern security sensors for doors and windows come with advanced, customizable features that simplify the use and operations of these devices for you even more. They also increase the level of security for your home by providing features like mobile alerts which reach you even when you’re away from home or tampering sensors that alert you if somebody disables your door sensor.

Certain brands also offer customizable models that you can manage and upgrade according to your preference using additional accessories from the brand.


And with that, we have arrived at the very end of this extensive guide about some of the best window and door alarms that you can avail right away!

We hope we were able to provide you with an insight into the mechanism of these home security systems.

Stay safe. Take care.

Till next time! 

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