12 Best Bidet Converter Kits for Smart Bathrooms

The Bio Bidet Converter Kit is the best choice because of its ABS construction, stainless steel nozzle, and features like a built-in nightlight and automatic deodorizer. Another option, the TOTO Bidet Converter Kit, has adjustable settings, a SoftClose seat, and a PREMIST feature.

Not sure whether to invest in a bidet converter kit? Then water and toilet paper are the two most prominent reasons. 

A bidet conversion kit for toilets helps easily convert a regular toilet into a bidet seat without spending much money or undertaking major bathroom renovations.

A bidet is a hygienic bathroom fixture that allows individuals to cleanse their private parts after toilet use. And a bidet converter kit offers a more thorough cleaning experience than toilet paper.

This article dives into everything there is to know about bidet converter kits along with the reviews of the top 12 options. 

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What Is A Bidet Converter Kit?

Bidet converter kits are available in three main types, all designed to assist in personal hygiene after using the toilet. The simplest version is a handheld sprayer that operates on the principle of water pressure.

However, there are also bidet attachments for toilet seats, divided into non-electric and electric varieties. The non-electric bidet seats provide basic cleansing, while the superior features of electric bidet seats provide enhanced comfort, including water heating and a warm-air dry function.

Users state that these bidet converter kits provide a cleaner and fresher feeling than regular toilet paper usage. Moreover, these kits are considered more comfortable for individuals dealing with irritable bowel syndrome and new mothers alike, thus offering health benefits.

Bidet Vs. Converter Kit

While traditional bidets serve to reduce rectal itch and hemorrhoid pain, they can be expensive and require considerable bathroom space. Fortunately, bidet converter kits, also known as add-on bidets, provide an economical and space-saving solution. Not only do they offer similar relief from discomfort as full bidets, but they can also be easily installed, even in smaller bathrooms, making them a practical and affordable option for all.

Bidet Converter Kits

Bidet converter kits offer many of the same advantages as a full-sized bidet but also offer some additional ones. 

Full Bidets

Standard bidets are standalone bathroom fixtures usually made of porcelain that provide a space where you can sit after using the toilet to clean yourself. 

Best Bidet Converter Kits

1. Bio Bidet Converter Kit – Best Smart Toilet Seat With Remote Control

When it comes to toilet fixtures, Bio Bidet is one of the best brands in the industry, and this converter kit is among its top offerings. It features an ABS construction along with a stainless steel nozzle that provides outstanding durability, ensuring it can last for a considerably long time. 

In addition to that, it comes with several wash settings that provide an unmatched bathroom experience, such as a freshwater spray, vortex wash, front wash, and rear wash. These allow you to customize the type of cleansing required easily and quickly. 

The seat is also heated and features a built-in night light, which makes using the toilet effortless, even in low light. These are accompanied by adjustable temperature controls and a whisper-close lid, which further add to the user experience. 

After you use the toilet, the built-in warm air dryer helps save time on drying, while the automatic deodorizer keeps the bathroom smelling fresh. The Bio Bidet converter kit also allows adjusting the nozzle positions, making it easy to direct hot, warm, or cold water exactly where needed with its wireless remote.

Material: ABS, Stainless steel nozzle | Electric: Yes | Operation Mode: Automatic | Special Feature: Remote control

2. TOTO Bidet Converter Kit – Best Self-Cleaning Bidet Converter Kit With PREMIST Feature

Featuring adjustable temperature and pressure settings, the TOTO bidet converter kit is an impressive option that can provide a refreshingly clean bathroom experience. The adjustable settings are present along with a dual-action spray that has an oscillating option for maximum cleanliness.

Aside from that, this kit comes with a SoftClose heated bidet seat that enhances your comfort while using the toilet. And to get rid of foul odor, this bidet toilet seat comes with an air deodorizer with powerful filters that performs the function of an air freshener. 

The standout feature of the TOTO bidet converter kit, however, is the PREMIST feature, which utilizes the incoming water supply to keep the toilet bowl moist. This prevents the waste from sticking and is great for ensuring proper hygiene. Also, the self-cleaning wand automatically cleans the toilet internally and externally before and after the toilet is used. 

Additionally, the side panel makes it very easy to control and adjust various settings, such as the water pressure and temperature. And the auto energy saver feature helps in energy conservation, reducing your power bills. 

Material: Plastic | Electric: Yes | Operation Mode: Automatic | Special Feature: PREMIST

3. SmartBidet Bidet Converter Kit – Best Energy-Saving Kit

Another excellent bidet converter kit worth considering comes from the SmartBidet brand and offers multi-wash functions to cater to different requirements. The kit has an oscillation feature and a self-cleaning nozzle that makes it easy for both men and women to use. 

In addition, there are five pressure levels that you can choose from and three water temperature levels. Depending on your comfort levels, you can adjust how strong or gentle the spray is and the water temperature. So, regardless of the weather and season, using the SmartBidet converter kit won’t cause discomfort. 

Like the water pressure and temperature, the nozzle of this kit can be adjusted effortlessly, and there are five positions to which it can be adjusted. Because of this, you get the most effective cleaning and can reduce toilet paper use considerably.

Another feature that helps the SmartBidet converter kit stand out from the competition is its energy-saving mode. This allows the kit to use minimal energy, helping you save on power bills. And it has a soft closing lid that can help reduce disturbances and extend the life of the kit. 

Material: Plastic | Electric: Yes | Operation Mode: Automatic | Special Feature: Energy-saving mode

4. Bio Bidet Bidet Converter Kit – Best Heated Bidet Seat With Warm Air Dryer

We’ve mentioned one Bio Bidet product in this guide, and this is another option from the same brand worth checking out. This one has multiple settings for front and rear wash and a freshwater spray for optimal cleansing. 

It also features an adjustable heated seat and adjustable temperature controls that allow you to control how cold or hot the water is easily. This makes this bidet converter kit an ideal option regardless of where you live and the weather conditions. 

But the temperature is not the only thing you can adjust, as this kit also allows adjusting the nozzle positions and water pressure easily. For this purpose, it comes with a side panel that is easily accessible while using the toilet. 

The whisper-close lid is another highlight worth mentioning, as it reduces the impact of the lid on the seat, preventing damage and helping the kit last longer. Then there is the built-in warm air dryer, which makes drying yourself after using the bidet very easy. 

Lastly, installing the Bio Bidet Elongated bidet kit is easy and does not take much time. 

Material: Plastic | Electric: Yes | Operation Mode: Automatic | Special Feature: Warm air dryer

5. LUXE Bidet Converter Kit – Best Self Cleaning Converter Kit With Guard Gate

Now we’ll be reviewing the LUXE Bidet Neo converter kit, which features dual wash modes that include a rear wash and a feminine wash. The rear wash offers a powerful spray, while the feminine wash releases a softer spray for more gentle cleaning. This makes the bidet well-suited for pregnant women and new mothers.

The water temperature is also adjustable, and you can adjust the water to make it warm during winter and cold during summer with minimal effort. For hot water, this LUXE bidet kit can be connected to the bathroom sink. 

Additionally, this electronic bidet toilet seat has a guard gate to maintain the highest hygiene levels. The guard gate keeps the nozzles protected since they retract behind it after you finish cleaning, which makes this one of the best bidet converter kits available. 

Also worth mentioning is that this kit comes with all the tools and parts needed for installation. It can be easily installed on and removed from all standard two-piece toilets. This makes the LUXE Bidet converter kit an extremely versatile option. 

See the full review of the Luxe Bidet Neo 320 here.

Material: Plastic | Electric: No | Operation Mode: Automatic | Special Feature: Guard gate

6. Bio Bidet SlimEdge Bidet Converter Kit – Best Durable Bidet Converter Kit With Splash Guard

Yet another option from Bio Bidet, this bidet attachment features dual bidet nozzles and a freshwater spray for proper cleaning. It has an EasyGrip control knob that allows adjusting the water pressure without effort, allowing you to personalize the washing experience as required.

The construction of this converter kit is also impressive – components, such as the valve and inlet are made of brass, while the hose is made of braided metal. The frame is reinforced using metal, which makes the kit exceptionally durable and helps provide it with a slim and modern design. 

Apart from these, the dual nozzles are retractable, which means they remain protected from water and waste. A splash guard is also present that prevents the water splashing from reaching other parts, helping maintain a high level of hygiene. 

This bidet converter kit can be used with round and elongated bidet toilet seats, so compatibility is not an issue. It just needs to be connected to a freshwater source and is ready to use, and the installation instructions are provided clearly and concisely to help you out. 

Material: Plastic | Electric: No | Operation Mode: Automatic | Special Feature: Splash guard

7. BidetMate Bidet Converter Kit – Best Adjustable Converter Kit With Self-Cleaning Nozzles

BidetMate is a leading manufacturer of bidets and bidet converter kits, offering world-class products like this one. Several features make this a worthy choice, the first being the wide range of wash functions, including feminine wash, pulse wash, child wash, and massage wash.

You can switch between these using the easily adjustable settings, which also allow you to control other features, like the heated seat and the dryer. Also, while bidets and converter kits help reduce toilet paper use, this one goes further with its energy-saving mode. Thanks to this, better cleaning is possible without an increase in electricity consumption.

As for the nozzle, this is made of stainless steel and is capable of self-cleaning after each wash. This means the durable bidet can help reduce the effort required in cleaning and maintenance. The soft closing seat further adds to this durability and reduces disturbances caused by the lid slamming on the toilet seat.  

Another important feature of this bidet is that it comes with a three-year warranty, which means any problems with the bidet will be resolved with minimum hassle. 

Material: ABS | Electric: Yes | Operation Mode: Automatic | Special Feature: Self-cleaning nozzles

8. Brondell Bidet Converter Kit – Best Round Toilet Bidet Seat With Hybrid Heating Technology

With a stainless steel nozzle and multiple wash modes, including strong wash and soft wash, the Brondell bidet converter kit is an amazing option. The two wash modes can be used with warm water for the best cleaning and most comfortable experience.

This is possible thanks to its advanced hybrid heating technology, which allows you to use a warm water cycle. In addition, front and rear wash features can be used with an oscillating or pulsating spray, as required. The Brondell bidet converter kit also comes with a LiteTouch remote nightlight, making it easy to use even in a dimly lit bathroom.

To make maintenance easier, this bidet attachment has a self-cleaning nozzle. This nozzle has a stainless steel covering that ensures better hygiene and unbeatable durability. Furthermore, there are five adjustable nozzle positions to which you can adjust the nozzle, along with five water pressure and temperature settings.  

The bidet converter kit can be attached easily using DIY methods and does not require hiring a plumber. All settings can be customized easily using the provided remote control. 

Material: Stainless steel | Electric: Yes | Operation Mode: Automatic | Special Feature: Hybrid heating technology

9. Arofa Bidet Sprayer – Best Handheld Bidet Sprayer With Water Pressure Control

The Arofa bidet sprayer is one of the highest-rated electric bidet converter kits on the market, with good reason. It features a one-hand ergonomic design that significantly reduces the effort required in cleaning your front and back while ensuring better hygiene than toilet paper. 

Additionally, the sprayer is highly versatile and can be used as a hygienic sprayer, sprayer washer, baby bathing shower, pet shower, etc. This makes it a fantastic option for those with mobility problems due to surgery, conditions like arthritis, or injuries.  

Like most other options mentioned here, this bidet attachment features easy installation. You just need to connect the sprayer holder to the tank, and there is no need for drilling or using any tools. And thanks to its design, it is the perfect option for those with smaller bathrooms who want to save space. 

The water pressure can be adjusted from a gentle spray to a powerful jet spray. And the gentle spray can be used for feminine cleansing or baby showers, while the jet spray can be handy for cleaning the floor or similar purposes. 

Material: Stainless steel | Electric: No | Operation Mode: Manual | Special Feature: Wall mount installation

10. Brondell Non-Electric Bidet Seat – Best Slim Profile Bidet Attachment For Elongated Toilets

Those looking for an economical option that does not compromise on hygiene can take a look at this Brondell non-electric bidet seat. It is a superb option for all, made of high-quality parts and featuring dual nozzles that make both front and rear washing easy.

Other than that, there is a gentle closing seat that makes no sound while closing and also minimizes impact on the existing toilet seat. The lid is also sturdy while being comfortable enough to sit on. Installation is also easy and can be completed in less than an hour without a plumber’s help. 

The Broncell non-electric bidet seat is compatible with all types of elongated bidet toilet seats, and its design makes it perfect for almost any type of bathroom. It has a textured chrome dial accent that helps enhance the aesthetics of your bathroom very effectively. 

Speaking of design, this bidet attachment from Brondell also has a very slim profile that helps save space, so it is also a great pick for smaller bathrooms. This sleek design is possible since the bidet attachment does not run on electricity. 

Material: Plastic | Electric: No | Operation Mode: Automatic | Special Feature: Space-saving design

11. GenieBidet Bidet Attachment – Best Ultra Thin Converter Kit With Ambient Temperature Control

Several features make the GenieBidet bidet attachment a worthwhile option, such as an adjustable soft to strong water spray, separate nozzles for rear and feminine cleansing, and ambient temperature. The water spray can be easily adjusted just by twisting the knob.

Additionally, the GenieBidet bidet attachment is designed in such a manner that there is no gap between your existing toilet seat and the toilet bowl rim. This also has a practical advantage, as it will prevent you from feeling as if you are slipping off the bidet toilet seat. 

You get ambient water temperature from both nozzles, which provide thorough and refreshing cleaning, and this fixture comes with a ceramic valve and solid brass T-connector. The nozzles are also self-cleaning, which means little effort is required in maintenance, and you even get a portable bidet in the package. 

As for the brass adapter and ceramic valve, these make it incredibly sturdy, so you can rest assured it won’t get damaged easily. And the adapter can easily fit into all types of toilet valves. Installation is tool-free, as you just need to screw it onto the toilet. 

Material: Plastic | Electric: No | Operation Mode: Automatic | Special Feature: Hybrid T connector

12. Greenco Bidet Attachment – Best Rust-Proof Kit With Sliding Mounting Paddles

Next, we bring you the Greenco Bidet Attachment, which is built using high-quality, rust-proof plastic. This construction makes it an exceptionally durable option.

Installing this bidet attachment is easy as all instructions and accessories required are provided with it. The components provided include a main water supply adapter, hosepipe, adapter washers, and a rubber washer. There are also sliding mounting paddles that allow the attachment to be easily adjusted to different types of toilets.

For adjusting the water pressure and the retractable nozzle, the bidet attachment comes with a control dial that is easily accessible. Thus, you can choose how strong the water pressure should be for proper cleaning without discomfort. The retractable nozzle also has a self-cleaning feature, which helps keep the bidet attachment clean. 

And all this comes at a very affordable price, making the Greenco Bidet Attachment a great value-for-money option. 

Material: Plastic | Electric: No | Operation Mode: Automatic | Special Feature: Sliding mounting paddles

Top Bidet Converter Kits Table

Top Bidet Converter Kits Material Electric Operation Mode Special Feature
Bio Bidet Converter Kit ABS, Stainless steel nozzle Yes Automatic Remote control
TOTO Bidet Converter Kit Plastic Yes Automatic PREMIST
SmartBidet Bidet Converter Kit Plastic Yes Automatic Energy-saving mode
Bio Bidet Elongated Bidet Converter Kit Plastic Yes Automatic Warm air dryer
LUXE Bidet Bidet Converter Kit Plastic No Automatic Guard gate
Bio Bidet SlimEdge Bidet Converter Kit Plastic No Automatic Splash guard
BidetMate Bidet Converter Kit ABS Yes Automatic Self-cleaning nozzles
Brondell Bidet Converter Kit Stainless steel Yes Automatic Hybrid heating technology
Arofa Bidet Sprayer Stainless steel No Manual Wall mount installation
Brondell Non-Electric Bidet Seat Plastic No Automatic Space-saving design
GenieBidet Bidet Attachment Plastic No Automatic Hybrid T connector
Greenco Bidet Attachment Plastic No Automatic Sliding mounting paddles

Bidet Converter Kits Buying Guide

When looking for the best bidet attachment, several factors must be considered to ensure you find the most suitable one. And this buying guide mentions the most important ones.

1. Compatibility 

Before deciding on a new bidet seat, check its compatibility with your existing toilet. Most bidet converter kits are compatible with standard two-piece toilets, but this may not be true for all options. Additionally, some bidet conversion kits are designed only for specific types of toilets, such as wall-mounted or one-piece ones. 

2. Adjustable Water Pressure

The water pressure determines the effectiveness of bidet seats and your comfort levels. That is why the best bidet conversion kits offer adjustable water pressure settings. These allow you to control the water pressure for the best experience. But you should consider how easy it is to adjust these settings before picking an option.

3. Temperature Control

When searching for the best bidet converter kit, you should check whether it allows adjusting the water temperature as needed. While some bidet attachments only use cold water, others can be connected to the hot water supply in your home, allowing you to use hot water in colder weather. 

4. Nozzle Adjustability 

A bidet converter kit that has adjustable nozzles can provide a better experience since it allows adjusting the nozzles to direct the water spray as needed. Some options also provide oscillating or pulsating spray modes that further enhance cleansing effectiveness. 

5. Ease Of Installation 

Generally, most bidet toilet seats are designed for DIY installation and can be installed easily without professional assistance. They come with all the instructions and components required for the installation for this purpose. But some options may require electrical connections, which may require slightly more time and effort.

Is the demand for bidets increasing in America?

Bidets and converter kits have become increasingly popular in the United States over the past few years. One of the main reasons for this was the shortage of toilet paper during the pandemic.

Are bidet converter kits more affordable than standalone bidets?

Standalone bidets can be extremely pricey, costing several thousand dollars. In contrast, bidet converter kits can be purchased easily without spending too much money.

Do all bidet converter kits spray warm water?

Most bidet converter kits allow you to adjust the water pressure and can be connected to the hot water supply of your home to spray hot water. However, this function may not be present in the cheapest options. 

Do you need toilet paper after using a standalone bidet or converter kit?

Using toilet paper to wipe yourself after using a bidet is not required, especially if the bidet has a compressed air dryer. But you may want to use a towel to dry yourself. 

How can bidet converter kits promote better health and hygiene?

Compared to toilet paper, bidet converter kits eliminate germs more effectively. Additionally, they can help prevent diseases like Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) and yeast infections.

Is installing a bidet converter kit difficult? 

Most bidet converter kits come with all the instructions and accessories needed for installation, which can be completed quickly without hiring a plumber. 

Does a bidet converter kit make a good Christmas gift?

A bidet convert kit is a suitable gift for environmentally conscious friends and can help them reduce toilet paper consumption. 

Is using a bidet a messy experience?

Bidets only direct water where required, so the chances of spraying waste and water around are minimal. 

What is the best way to use a bidet for a woman?

Women can use bidets like men by directing the stream to the area that has to be cleaned. 

Do you need to clean your bidet converter kit with a special cleaner?

A regular toilet bowl cleaner can be used to clean your bidet attachment if it is kept away from the bidet toilet seat. 

Can you save money by using a bidet converter kit?

Since bidet converter kits help reduce toilet paper use, they reduce expenses in the long run and save money.

Are bidet converter kits good for the environment?

By reducing toilet paper use, bidet converter kits help reduce waste and reduce the impact on the environment. 

Is electricity required for a bidet converter kit?

Many kits do not require electricity, but high-end options with luxury features like heated seats may need it. An electric bidet can heat the water and regulate water pressure and temperature, some kits can also feature a heated and soft-close seat, dual self-cleaning nozzles, air deodorizer, and even a warm air dryer.

Is Spending On An Add-On Bidet Worthwhile?

The several advantages that add-on bidets have over toilet paper make them a good investment. They can be installed easily and affordably without plumbing changes and toilet seat replacements. Also, they ensure better hygiene while reducing the effort involved in cleaning and helping reduce the risk of diseases.


A bidet converter kit is the best solution to reduce toilet paper expenses while improving hygiene. They can help you enjoy the benefits of a full bidet without spending much money which also makes it a smart bathroom gift. The products reviewed in this guide deliver an unmatched cleaning experience, but you should consider the factors mentioned in the buying guide when searching for the best bidet toilet seat.

As for the top pick, nothing beats the Bio Bidet Converter Kit, with its ABS construction, built-in nightlight, and automatic deodorizer. But the TOTO Converter Kit, with its SoftClose heated seat and adjustable settings, is also a convenient option.

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