Bredeney House / Alexander Brenner Architekten

Architects: Alexander Brenner Architekten
Area: 2,375 m²
Year: 2015
Photography: Zooey Braun
City: Essen
Country: Germany

Bredeney House, designed by Alexander Brenner Architects in 2017, is located in the Brucker-Holt District of Essen, which was developed in the 190s. The house references the district’s original villas, featuring an open, semi-public front garden and generous driveway. The design aims to provide a timeless, modest urban component, integrating seamlessly with its surroundings.

Bredeney house / alexander brenner architekten

The Brucker-Holt District in Essen took its present form in the 1960s. Built on former agricultural land, the area featured flat, sedate villas on large properties, all with generous front gardens and no enclosing hedges or fences. Over time, high evergreen hedges and fences were added.

Bredeney house / alexander brenner architekten

The Bredeney House incorporates a generous driveway and an open, semi-public front garden, echoing the original 190s houses. The house is separated from public space only by its elevation.

Bredeney house / alexander brenner architekten

The large, horizontal building follows the modest design of earlier district homes and opposes the arbitrary nature of modern “villa architecture,” It aims to be a timeless urban component, blending naturally into the landscape.

The interior layout reflects the residents’ wishes and follows the existing topography. A hall connects the 4-meter-high ground level, which includes the kitchen, dining, and living areas, to a wing with private rooms. The parents’ area is half a storey above the living level, while the children’s rooms and guest rooms are half a level below.

Bredeney house / alexander brenner architekten

All living spaces open towards the garden through their inner corners, with an oblong terrace crossing the eastern section. A simple cubic garden pavilion with transparent sides facing the house and garden terminates the terrace, adding an architectural focal point to the outdoor area.

Bredeney house / alexander brenner architekten
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Address: Brucker Holt, Essen 45133, Germany

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