Brownstone Bar / Kokaistudios

Brownstone Bar / Kokaistudios

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Brownstone bar / kokaistudios

The ‘Brownstone’ is a cocktail lounge located in the Surpass Court of Yonjia Lu 570, emerging epicenter of Shanghai night life. It was developed as a prototype for a venue of new concept in co-operation with ‘Blue Horizon Hospitality Group’ (Blue Frog).

Brownstone bar / kokaistudios

The project combines a simple and efficient layout, partly suggested by the limited dimensions of the venue, with the complex and redundant interplay of textures and custom-made elements concurring to define the sophisticated atmosphere and the strong identity of the place, a one-of-a-kind experience lousily inspired, in the intentions of the client, to the decadent turn-of-the-Century French ‘Salons’.

Brownstone bar / kokaistudios

The bar is divided in a central part, developed around the bar counter and a fully equipped DJ booth, furnished with wooden finished built-in counters and high seats, and two lounge areas around it, raised platforms finished in dark wood and furnished with low armchairs and sofas. Raw natural materials, wood or stone floor finishes and red bricks walls are combined with precious custom-made surfaces used as highlights: modular metallic open ceiling, translucent metal and acrylic back-lit lattice panels screening the windows at the background and the bar shelves. The ‘peacock feather’ is a recurrent theme in both the design of the screens’ pattern and the loose furniture color palette.

Project Details:
Location: Shanghai, China
Type: Commercial Public Hotels & Restaurants
Architects: Kokaistudios
Floor area: 130 sqm
Design period: June-August 2010
Completion project: December 2010
Interior Design Team: Andrea Destefanis, Pietro Peyron, Carmen Lee
Client: Blue Horizon Hospitality Group
Photographer: Charlie Xia & Kokaistudios


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