Casa Relámpago Bar / Estudio Tecalli

Architects: Estudio Tecalli
Area: 120 m²
Year: 2023
Photography: Amy Bello
Lead Architect: Roberto Martinez Valderrrama
Interiorism: Orlando Moran Cedillo
Furniture: Javier Castañeda
City: San Pedro Cholula
State: Puebla
Country: Mexico

Located in the historic San Pedro Cholula, the “Casa Relámpago” Bar designed by Estudio Tecalli embraces its proximity to the Great Pyramid of Cholula, integrating seamlessly into the aesthetic and urban landscape shaped by this archaeological marvel. The design, articulated by Lead Architect Roberto Martinez Valderrrama, leverages local materials and traditional techniques, featuring regional red bricks and a distinctive vaulted structure that characterizes the building’s form. Inside, the use of polished concrete, framed with golden aluminum and complemented by natural wood furnishings, highlights a sophisticated blend of contemporary and traditional design elements. The strategic use of architectural features to manage seasonal sunlight exemplifies the thoughtful integration of environmental considerations, ensuring the bar not only stands as a modern space but also harmonizes with its historical context, reflecting the rich architectural legacy of the Valley of Puebla.

“Casa Relámpago” Bar is situated in the historic city of San Pedro Cholula, Mexico, near the Great Pyramid of Cholula. This location profoundly influences the urban and aesthetic norms of the vicinity. Positioned at the start of a zone combining commercial and tourist activities with the historic center, the establishment integrates these diverse elements seamlessly.

The property features an irregular shape and is located at a corner on a block populated with restaurants and bars, offering an excellent view of the “Los Remedios” Catholic church, a significant landmark in the Valley of Puebla.

The design of “Casa Relámpago” Bar centers around three foundational concepts: the predominant use of regional red bricks shaping both the interior and exterior along with the construction process and structural framework; a vault spanning most of the project at varying elevations; and distinctive decorative elements such as polished concrete floors with golden aluminum profiles, concrete slabs interspersed within these floors, and natural wood furniture that both contrasts with and complements the building’s other materials.

A major design challenge involved the integration of a rectangular base with a vault that traverses the property horizontally, framing the view towards the pyramid. The facade incorporates inverted slopes in the windows and access door to manage sunlight exposure seasonally, showcasing the craftsmanship of local workers from Cholula.

Black checkered ironwork is utilized for the windows, and oak wood is employed to enhance the staircase and main bar, as well as other furniture items like chairs and tables. “Casa Relámpago” Bar serves as a declaration of the blend of modernity with the historical essence of the city and the broader architectural heritage of the Puebla Valley and Mexico.

Casa relámpago bar / estudio tecalli
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Address: Ferrocarril 707, San Pablo Tecamac, 72760 Cholula de Rivadavia, Pue., Mexico

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