Cezara Holiday Home / Kun Studio

Architects: KUN Studio
Area: 550 m²
Year: 2023
Photography: Sanjay Borra
Lead Architects: Arya Kaushik, Saagar Tulshan, Shreyansh Sett
Structural Designers: ASA Global
Contracting: Minute Engineering
City: Hyderabad
Country: India

The Cezara Holiday Home, a residential building designed by KUN Studio in Hyderabad, India, showcases climate-responsive architecture integrating with the local flora to promote green living. This architectural project, completed in 2023, presents a blend of open communal spaces and intimate private areas, emphasizing sustainable building practices and innovative design solutions to create a space that serves as a home and anticipates future uses such as an event venue and film set.

Cezara holiday home / kun studio

The Cezara Holiday Home, designed by KUN Studio, serves as a model for environmentally conscious architecture within Hyderabad’s bustling urban setting. The design of the home was inspired by the existing neem and mango trees, with the architecture built around these natural landmarks to maintain a deep connection to the environment. This design approach results in a dwelling that not only respects but also incorporates the landscape into its very structure.

The home features a series of open spaces and courtyards, which are strategically designed to foster a sense of community and open interaction among its occupants. These areas are distinguished by a construction style that prioritizes simplicity and a connection to primal architectural elements, resembling a large block of stone resting on a brick base. The walls delineate spaces without confining them, supporting a substantial roof that is versatile enough to suit the varied functions of the spaces beneath it. Public zones within the house are more voluminous compared to the more intimate private areas, emphasizing the home’s communal spirit.

Cezara holiday home / kun studio

The roof, painted a light grey, contrasts with the greenery of the tree canopies, drawing attention to them. Architectural features like inverted beams and strategically hidden columns allow for uninterrupted views of the robust brick walls supporting the expansive roof, enhancing the visual interaction between different architectural planes. The central swimming pool adds a reflective element to the design, mirroring the overhead trees and capturing the shifting play of sunlight through the foliage.

Cezara holiday home / kun studio

KUN Studio’s overarching design philosophy emphasizes the coexistence of natural and built environments, acknowledging that while new constructions can disrupt existing ecosystems temporarily, a thoughtful integration of the two can enhance the overall environment. This philosophy is evident in the choice of materials like exposed brick and concrete, which are favored for their minimal environmental footprint and excellent insulation properties. These materials contribute to the home’s overall energy efficiency by optimizing natural light and ventilation.

Envisioned to serve multiple purposes, including hosting events and as a film location, Cezara is designed to adapt to various future requirements, ensuring its relevance and functionality for years to come. It stands as a beacon of sustainable design, promoting an architectural ethos that deeply respects and incorporates the natural environment, thereby setting a standard for future projects in environmental stewardship and innovative spatial design.

Cezara holiday home / kun studio
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Address: Hyderabad, India

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