Chalet Papillon / RobitailleCurtis

Architects: RobitailleCurtis
Year: 2024
Photographs: Adrien Williams
Mechanical Engineering: MRA
General Contractor: Bois et Nature
Principal In Charge: Andrew Curtis
Project Manager: Anne Charbit
Landscape: Sophie Robitaille, Teressa Peill
Structural Engineering: BCA
City: Wentworth North
Country: Canada

Nestled in a steep, wooded site, this two-story residence optimizes its challenging terrain with minimal environmental impact. Designed with strategic positioning and natural materials, the home features expansive lake views and a cohesive integration with its surroundings. Its interior is defined by light, airy spaces with custom-built features that enhance its connection to the natural world. Covered porches and a pathway leading to the lake further extend the living spaces outdoors, making this residence an ideal retreat for relaxation and entertainment amidst nature.

Chalet papillon / robitaillecurtis

Designed to minimize environmental impact, the house was strategically positioned parallel to the site contours on a steep, narrow, densely wooded area, minimizing site disturbance and deforestation. This residence is perched atop a steep section of exposed granite ledge, effectively integrating with the rugged terrain.

The house features a two-storey, long, slender volume angled to maximize views of the surrounding lake and landscape. An adjacent, perpendicular entry bar leads from the parking court, enhancing access and functionality. The east end of the house projects dramatically as a balcony, elevated more than 85 feet above the water, providing expansive lake views. Its exterior, clad in pre-weathered cedar, harmonizes with the grey tones of nearby tree bark, while a standing-seam metal roof continues this natural color palette, offering a cohesive and unobtrusive appearance.

Chalet papillon / robitaillecurtis

Internally, the house utilizes light materials and minimalist detailing to create a spacious feel within an efficient floor plan. White walls, concrete floors, and pale timber enhance the interior’s bright, airy ambiance. The upper level houses the primary living spaces in an open-plan layout, enriched with natural light.

A pitched, wood-lined ceiling mirrors the roof’s exterior shape, drawing attention to the stunning views at the house’s terminus. Along the southwest facade, extensive glazing provides panoramic winter vistas of the water, complemented by custom-built plywood seating that links the kitchen to the living area.

Tall picture windows on the north facade frame tree views and maximize daylight, especially over the staircase leading to the lower level. At night, the interior ambiance is enhanced by slender, linear lighting fixtures that illuminate the wooden ceiling. The primary bedroom, located at the rear of the main volume, is strategically placed near the bathroom by the entrance, as requested by the clients.

The lower level includes three bunk bedrooms, each with queen-sized beds, a bathroom, and ancillary spaces, all arranged to facilitate comfortable accommodation for up to 12 people. This level also includes a cozy living/playroom, all benefiting from large windows and ample closet space.

Both levels connect to covered, screened porches that allow for outdoor dining and relaxation regardless of weather conditions. These porches serve as seamless extensions of the indoor living spaces, enhancing interaction with the natural surroundings. A carefully designed path from the lower porch winds through the trees to the water’s edge, emphasizing the home’s integration with the landscape and providing a serene setting for family gatherings and weekend retreats.

Chalet papillon / robitaillecurtis
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Address: Wentworth North, Quebec, Canada

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