Quick Guide to the Best, Cheap Brooklyn Neighborhoods for Renters

Brooklyn is becoming more and more popular every year. It offers business opportunities, tasty food, a top-quality education system, and an amazing cultural scene. For this reason, housing costs are on the constant rise. The opportunity creates itself, and luxury homes and buildings are being built at a fast pace. The median rent is going higher and higher, which can become a real problem and drive away families on a budget. If you have ever wished to move to Brooklyn yourself, you might be concerned with this information. With this in mind, we will talk today about the best, cheapest Brooklyn neighborhoods for renters.

Here is your opportunity to find out that there is another option. A cheaper one that still gives you the same chance to live a happy and prosperous life with your loved ones.

Moving on a budget

Before we start talking about the best, cheap Brooklyn neighborhoods for renters, let’s talk about your budget. If you are planning to move to Brooklyn, you are already spending a lot of money on your relocation. The first step would be to cut down your expenses when moving. For example, find local moving experts in the Brooklyn area. The best way to move to Brooklyn is to find local professionals. They already know the city, which makes your transition more comfortable.

Affordable packaging material

Another way of saving money when relocating is to find affordable packing supplies in Brooklyn. Our advice is to always search for discounts. There is no reason to be all fancy when packing your belongings. It is much more important that you put your money to good use. Use free stuff when you can learn to work with what you have, and the entire process will be a piece of cake.

Best, Cheap Brooklyn Neighborhoods for Renters

To be able to talk about the best, cheapest Brooklyn neighborhoods for renters, we came up with a list of the least expensive neighborhoods. Today, we will talk about:

  • Crown Heights
  • Windsor Terrace
  • Flatbush
  • Sunset Park

Each of these locations is an opportunity waiting to be discovered. Before you sell your home and move to Brooklyn, let’s look at where you can go.

Crown Heights

If you are searching for a perfect balance between families and younger people, Crown Heights is the place for you. It is just a 30-minute commute away from Manhattan. The 2, 3, 4, and 5 trains connect directly to the A and C trains, and this will make your life easier.

Caribbean carnival at crown heights
One of the reasons why people come in great numbers to Crown Heights is the Caribbean carnival

Median rent is around $2,600 per month, which is cheaper than Clinton Hill or Prospect Heights. Nevertheless, Crown Heights is an equally convenient choice for your family. The reason why this wonderful community is on the list of best, cheap Brooklyn neighborhoods for renters is its diversity and positive vibe. Crown Heights had its rough times in the past, but the crime rate has notably dropped in the past ten years. This neighborhood is now home to a mix of Caribbean and Jewish-Orthodox communities. There are many carnivals and parades in Crown Heights that draw in many people during the year.

Windsor Terrace

Our list of best, cheap Brooklyn neighborhoods for renters now takes you right between Prospect Park and Greenwood Cemetery. Here is where you will find this attractive family-oriented block. On the other hand, if you are a young individual eager to relax and have some fun, take a step into one of the easy-going bars and restaurants, such as Butterfunk Kitchen or The Double Windsor.

Median rent is around $2,500, and an excellent thing about Windsor Terrace is that it has the vibe of Park Slope but without overly expensive rents.

Prospect park station
F and G lines take you directly to midtown Manhattan in under an hour

One of the cons might be the commute, although we can’t really say that we can treat it as such. With transit lines F and G, it is relatively easy to commute within Brooklyn. However, if you wish to get to midtown Manhattan, it might take about 1 hour.


Here is where you will find a great combination of low prices and economic and social diversity. Flatbush has become home to many new residents in the past decade. A diverse range of cultures including Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Central American, Caribbean, West Indian, Jewish, Indian, and Asian are living together in one happy community.

One of the best things about this neighborhood is the Flatbush Food Co-op, a grocery line that offers everything you need. They have been in business since 1976, and so far they have always delivered exceptional service and high-quality products.

Victorian house in flatbush

Caption: Old-style Victorian houses in Flatbush are a beautiful place to live

The median rent is $2,150 per month, which is reasonably priced. Whether you are a fan of old Victorian homes, brick townhouses, or prewar apartment buildings, you will find your place.

Just like Crown Heights, Flatbush had its crime problems. Nevertheless, the crime rate dropped by a whopping 85% in the past two decades, and it became a safe community for raising your family.

Sunset Park

We are coming to the end of our list of the best, cheap Brooklyn neighborhoods for renters. We have saved one of the best neighborhoods for last. Sunset Park offers affordable median rents that go as low as $2,000 per month. In return, you get to enjoy a beautiful view of Manhattan and become a part of an old-school neighborhood. The exquisite taste of authentic Asian and Latin American cuisine will charm you into moving to Sunset Park.

Bridge in sunset park
Sunset Park is a great place to enjoy a sunny day with your loved ones

It is an excellent choice for people commuting to Downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn, accessed by the N and R trains. For the past couple of years, many young people have been moving in, mostly because of the Industry City complex on the waterfront. Plus, there’s an amazing chain of shops and stores that offers a variety of products.

Pack your bags, Brooklyn awaits!

We sincerely hope that you liked our list of the best, cheap Brooklyn neighborhoods for renters. If you are attracted to these diverse and friendly communities, go ahead and become a part of them. Still, know that there are many great choices, and this list is just a nudge to push you in the right direction. You are the one who needs to decide where your place under the Sun will be!

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